The Great Wall of Trust | Trust in Business

New research on cognitive and affective trust in Chinese business was released today from Harvard Business School.

“Cognitive trust is trust from the head; it’s a very rational way of assessing ability and reliability,” says Chua. “Affective trust is trust that comes from the ‘heart.’ This type of trust involves considerable emotional investments.”


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A Quick Trust Reminder | The Trust Edge


Trust, not money, is the currency of business and life. In a climate of trust, people are more creative, motivated, productive, and willing to sacrifice for the team. What happens when a business gains The Trust Edge? Every aspect of business becomes profitable. You must realize the impact of trust and implement the 8 Pillars to gain The Trust Edge

By earning The Trust Edge, you will gain a significant advantage that extends far beyond the bottom line. Our hope is that this foundation of trust will become a part of who you are. To receive a list of 18 ways to build trust, email us at and put “Tips” in the subject line.


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Earth Security | Trusted Company of the Month

Earth Security takes specific actions to communicate the importance and the expectation of a trust-based environment. It is a major part of the hiring process and the performance management process. The company understands that trust happens when words and commitments are equal with actions and delivery. For them trust is not a nebulous “feeling.” It is quite simply the result of consistent, positive behaviors practiced over time and therefore completely manageable. Trust is the core of their business strategy.

 Anthony Diekemper, the CEO of Earth Security said, “Trust is what we call ‘the sweet grease.’ It is our number one priority in all aspects of our business. You think trust does not affect the bottom line? Leaders who think their only job is to make money are just missing the bigger picture. As executives, we have an obligation to manage with fiscal responsibility, but the way you optimize the financial performance of the company is to have highly engaged employees. They work harder, give more of their discretionary energy, and are happier to be in your company. The foundation of engagement is always trust.”


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Peyton Manning Demands Less Money | Trust in Sports

How do you think the Colts organization feels about their star after he turned down a highest-paid NFL player offer and demanded being paid less?

“It was like watching a man walk into the IRS office and insist on a tax increase,” said Mike Lopresti of USA Today. 

How can you sacrifice today for the betterment of your organization, team, or family?

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The Trust of Cirque du Soleil | The Trust Edge

On a recent trip to NYC, Lisa and I had the opportunity to see a Cirque performance –Zakarna—at the legendary Radio City Music Hall. Cirque shows are known for being amazingly creative—but what makes the show? Real people delivering precisely the same movement, dance, flip, trapeze, or rolling jump and catch every single show. Consistent timing builds trust.  Every time one person jumps into the air or balances on top of a ladder while another catches or holds what seems impossibility—all to the audience’s wide eyes and gaping mouths. All of the trust pillars were reflected in the show, but consistency and competency shown most brightly.  To be a trusted brand, performer or person; be like Cirque.

  • Consider your timing:
    • Are you catching your customer every time?
    • Are you following up quickly or waiting until customers have flipped by?
    • Are you quick to respond to interest, questions or market changes?
  • Consider competency:
    • Are you staying fit as a performer? One study I just read revealed that people trust the knowledge of a salesperson or lead more that looks healthy and fit.
    • Are you staying fresh and competent in your field to be an expert on your product and how it affects the changing world?
    • Are you staying mentally fit by reading good things, having a mentor, or listening to good books or podcasts.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Growing Trust and Credibility | The Trust Edge

Richard Olsen, consultant and author of 12+ books, gives his perspective on the impact of trust.

“Trust is a concomitant of credibility, and you get credibility by delivering what you say.”

Name an apsect of your life where you can grow in credibility? How could you begin to do this?


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The Wright Brothers, Apple, & Martin Luther King, Jr. | Trust In Leadership

Learn “why” the Wright Brothers, Apple, and Martin Luther King, Jr. have had booming success, while Gateway, Dell & TiVo have underachieved.  Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” reveals the answer.

“There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or authority, but those who lead inspire us. Whether they are individuals or organizations, we follow those who lead, not becauase we have to, but because we want to.”

Why do you do what you do? Why does your organization do what it does? And, what role does this play in your marketing and leadership?


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Minnesota Vikings’ Leslie Frazier Making Order Out of Chaos | Trust in Sports

Whether you’re a fan of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings or not, you have to admit that Leslie Frazier was impressive in his ability to unify and focus his team amidst the chaos of the 2010 season.

“I think our players respect me. I think they trust me. And that’s how you get people unified toward one common goal.” Read this Pioneer Press article to get more leadership insight from Frazier and the shoulders that he stands upon.


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