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-David S., SVP of Culture, Fortune 100








  • Customization
  • Research
  • Call with key stakeholders
  • Data-driven with Enterprise Trust Index™
  • Up to 90 minutes
  • 1/2 Day
  • Full Day
  • Ambassador Program
    • 10-Week Follow-up
    • Research
    • Productivity
    • Trust Edge Brief
    • Discussion Guide
    • Quick Plan Guides
  • Reinforcement Program
  • Online Trust Edge 2-Day Experience

What makes David so different?

David Horsager is the leading expert on trust and how it’s built into everything from individuals and organizations to global governments. His work has been featured in prominent publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

David has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies like Verizon and FedEx to the New York Yankees and  U.S. Congress. He helps leaders and organizations become most trusted in their industry through research, speaking, consulting and human capital development.

As bestselling author of The Trust Edge™ and The Daily Edge™ he has taken the platform across the United States and on 6 continents. He invented the Enterprise Trust Index™ and leads the charge in one of the nation’s foremost trust studies—The Trust Outlook™.





David Horsager is CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute where the mission is to develop trusted leaders and organizations and the hope is to make a dent in the global trust crisis.

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The Trust Edge™ was developed by David Horsager, author of multiple bestselling books The Trust Edge and The Daily Edge. David has researched trust for decades and oversees the largest national study on trust: The Trust Outlook™. He has shared the Trust Edge™ message on six continents from Verizon and FedEx to the New York Yankees and Department of Homeland Security.

What makes David so different?

  • Global Trust Expert
  • Bestselling Author
  • Researcher
  • Authentic

Over and over David connects with audiences in a way very few do. He is a highest rated speaker who is willing to do the work. The Trust Edge team works at the highest-caliber to make sure your event is a success from pre-event to live presentation to post-event!

David's message is:

  • Research based yet simple and actionable
  • Full of business insight and unforgettable storytelling
  • All about your audience…not David
  • Dynamic and engaging stage presence
  • Top-notch: Over 1,000 keynote presentations on six continents
  • David has presented for:
    • CEO meetings
    • Senior Executive Meetings
    • Board Meetings
    • Leadership Retreats
    • Annual Meetings
    • Sales Meetings
    • Dealer Meetings
    • Association Meetings
    • National & International Conferences
    • HR Executive Conferences
    • User Conferences
    • Innovation Conferences
    • Technology Conferences
    • International, National, and State Government Events
    • Education Conferences
    • If your meeting is not listed above, please contact us so we can share exactly how we customize David's message for your audience and event. 651-340-6555 | Info@TrustEdge.com

"We were over-the-top ecstatic with David as our kick off speaker. Everyone raved and raved about him throughout the event. He was fabulous to work with and made all of the pre-conference
planning smooth, convenient and fun!


What’s my investment?

How much is your event costing you? How much cost is wasted on a bad speaker?

How do you find someone who makes your job easier…instead of harder?

We know a bad speaker can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted time, lost respect, and venue expenses.

But an exceptional thought leader can captivate your audience, 'wow!' potential customers, and can give you thousands of dollars in return on investment. We know that it can be difficult to find someone who delivers results, aligns with senior executive objectives, communicates a powerful message and exceeds expectations.

To learn about the investment for David and all that goes with it,
please contact our office (651-340-6555)



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