Army Rangers’ Insight: Listen & Learn | Trust in Leadership

Watch Army Ranger Stanley McChrystal offer insight into leadership. He discusses listening, learning, the rapid shift of his teams demographics, and changes in technology.

My favorite quote is “A leader isn’t good because they are right. They are good because they are willing to learn and to trust.”

Trust, now more than ever, is foundational to effective leadership. Take a minute and think about the people that you lead. Do you really know what makes them tick? Do they trust you? Do they feel connected to a team that has a shared purpose?


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How Do You Feel When People Deliver? | The Trust Edge

How do you feel when people deliver? When you get what you want or even BETTER? You feel GREAT! Fabulous! Super! We worked with Sheepish Design on our new website ( and they put in more hours than they ever expected to deliver an exceptional tool and trusted social media plan. They stayed on budget and delivered on their promises of quality. Because it has been uncommon to get this kind of service in the online marketing industry we are even more thrilled.  What will we do?

  1. Tell others
  2. Come back
  3. Pay more….next time.

On the other hand we just worked with a firm on another project that did not deliver what they promised.  What would most do?

  1. Tell others
  2. Never come back.

To be trusted…Deliver beyond expectations.

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Great Speakers, Great Leaders | Trust in Leadership

I was talking to one of the great event planners in our industry. Kris Young hires only the best keynote speakers for the biggest and best corporate productions. I asked her, “Who do you like to work with the most?” She mentioned a few names. I said, “Why do you like them?” She gave a few great reasons that follow:

  1. Humility. The great speakers are humble, open, willing and teachable. They listen to the needs of the client. They help brainstorm how they can best be used and even offer ideas of other speakers who may be a better fit. Kris said, “It’s not about them it is about the client.” Arrogance, pride, and big egos don’t work over the long term for speakers or for leaders.
  2. They deliver. They do what they say they will do. It is the same in every business isn’t it? Those that deliver beyond expectations get plenty of business.
  3. They are easy to work with.

Whether you are a speaker, a leader or both these truths are worth being reminded of. Humility is the beginning of learning and of being likeable. Who wants to be around a know-it-all? And yet one may be likable, but without valuable results business declines. If one is hard to deal with trust goes down while time and costs go up.

It is true that you have great responsibilities as a leader, but it is not all about you. Be humble, reliable and easy to work with and watch your relationships and business grow.

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Share It! | The Trust Edge

If vision is not shared consistently your team will lose it. Experts say if vision is not shared at least every 30 days your team will not know it and will lose inspiration. If vision really does motivate, unify, and encourage people to step up, it must be a central part of how a leader leads on a daily basis.

It is interesting how people “step up to the plate” when given a little vision. When one of my daughters was only two and a half years old we let her help set the china on the dining room table and we have all wood floors! You might think we were crazy but you should have seen her. She stepped up so proudly and carefully carrying and placing every place setting. Now, you have to be alright with a drop. But the truth is she has never dropped a single plate or glass. Why? Part of it might be that we shared some vision and gave her a little responsibility. My son does not carry this success story, but isn’t a broken plate or even a few worth the opportunity to learn responsibility and grasp a vision. To see people step up is a leader’s motivation.

I can remember growing up on the farm and my dad lived out his advice of “always give a child as much responsibility as he or she can handle.” Of course, learning how much one can handle ensures mistakes will be made. I can remember spreading fertilizer when I was about ten years old and running the tractor into our car. Another time I drove too close to the ditch with the dump truck containing a thousand gallons of water and chemical and tipping it. I was twelve years old at the time. Did Dad get angry, never. I knew he believed the best of me. I knew I had made a big mistake. I wanted to do my best for a leader that would believe in me and give me great opportunities.

There are really two types of vision. Giving individual vision for how great a single person can be. And there is the bigger vision. The vision of the organization or team or family. Share both often. You will inspire, encourage, and unify.

How can you share more vision with your team, organization, or family? A few ideas follow:

  1. Simplify the vision of your organization so that people can remember it.
  2. Every chance you speak tie back to the vision.
  3. Get the vision in front of people whether on desks, the refrigerator, screen savers, framed pictures, t-shirts, mugs, above the urinals or stall doors, or weekly emails.


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Know your Vision | The Trust Edge

There is an ancient proverb that says, “Without vision people perish.” The truth is, without vision people, families, and organizations fail. But with vision, people step up. With vision people are inspired and unified. Vision motivates, encourages and inspires. People with great vision are often great leaders and they have great influence.

You likely remember the story of the two brick layers. When asked what they do for a living one answered, “I lay bricks.” The other answered, “I build cathedrals.” And the second one lays his bricks differently because he knows what he REALLY does. Do you know what you really do? When you grasp it you will do it differently. You don’t sell insurance, you provide people with freedom and peace of mind. You don’t farm you provide people with sustenance and health. You are not a Taxi driver, you provide people with transportation, help and freedom. You are not just a banker you offer protection and you enable people to live out their dreams. Most people do MORE than they think, and when they understand all they really do the make an even greater impact.


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