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On a recent trip to NYC, Lisa and I had the opportunity to see a Cirque performance –Zakarna—at the legendary Radio City Music Hall. Cirque shows are known for being amazingly creative—but what makes the show? Real people delivering precisely the same movement, dance, flip, trapeze, or rolling jump and catch every single show. Consistent timing builds trust.  Every time one person jumps into the air or balances on top of a ladder while another catches or holds what seems impossibility—all to the audience’s wide eyes and gaping mouths. All of the trust pillars were reflected in the show, but consistency and competency shown most brightly.  To be a trusted brand, performer or person; be like Cirque.

  • Consider your timing:
    • Are you catching your customer every time?
    • Are you following up quickly or waiting until customers have flipped by?
    • Are you quick to respond to interest, questions or market changes?
  • Consider competency:
    • Are you staying fit as a performer? One study I just read revealed that people trust the knowledge of a salesperson or lead more that looks healthy and fit.
    • Are you staying fresh and competent in your field to be an expert on your product and how it affects the changing world?
    • Are you staying mentally fit by reading good things, having a mentor, or listening to good books or podcasts.

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