Growing Pains from Resource Distribution | Trust Trends 2014 Series

Through ongoing globalization, the world’s resources are slowly balancing, but not without growing pains.

Through ongoing globalization, the world’s resources are slowly balancing, but not without experiencing some standard growing pains. In America, legislation is providing further equality to homosexuals, non-whites are becoming the majority, and women are breaking through the glass ceiling. Globally, the middle class is expanding quickly, economies are weaving tighter, and resources are balancing.  Racial tensions, party polarity, brain drain, and demands for middle class privileges and representation are resulting as major growing pains.

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The Greatest Example of Trust Rebuilt! | Trust in Leadership

Perhaps the greatest example of trust being rebuilt globally is Rwanda. Only two decades after the genocide of 1994, when nearly a million Tutsi’s were atrociously killed, often by Hutu neighbors, trust is being rebuilt in a genuine way. Just a boy at the time, my Rwandan friend, Father Remy, hid in a neighbor’s shed for three months with his younger brother while his mother, father and little sister were beaten to death in their home. This morning, before flying back home, Father Remy shared the details of Rwanda’s path to forgiveness, reconciliation and trust with my family over a long breakfast. He offered four steps and a few keys to reconciliation and trust.

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Volatile & Vulnerable Global Context | Trust Trends 2014 Series

The three-speed global economy is volatile, and a deficiency of trusted leadership makes the entire world vulnerable.

The global context is marked by volatility and vulnerability. The global population is rising quickly, resources are growing scarce, new technology is causing constant disruption, employment rates are on the downswing, and tensions remain. The three-speed global economy is volatile, and it’s not a good time for a crisis of leadership. A deficiency of trusted leadership makes the entire world vulnerable.


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Answer to the Trust Crisis | Trust Trends 2014 Series

In 2014, eight key global trends reveal that the world is in a trust crisis, and developing the eight-pillar framework of The Trust Edge is the way out. From the Cyprus bank fiasco and Edward Snowden’s leaks to the Syria chemical weapons attack and horsemeat scandals, stories of distrust are overflowing from the news. These trust breaches are combining with trends of rapid change to leave the world in a volatile state. Worse yet, leaders are leaving our world vulnerable.

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Four Guys and Shindig | Trust & Accountability

People sometimes ask me how I stay grounded and on track amidst such busy travel and life schedule. While I certainly can be better, several things come to mind. Strong family, faith, and friendships are at the top of the list. Though I am passionate about The Trust Edge message I don’t get my life from it. One of the most important part of my life has been four guys and Shindig.

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10 Step Process for Instituting Trusted Change | Trust in Leadership

One of the most important roles of leadership involves instituting change that sticks. It’s no easy process, and it will always look unique to the situation, but here’s a simple 10 step model we use each time. Note the pillars from the 8 pillar framework of trust that are most important in each step.


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Avoid Hefty Contracts | Building Trust with Gen Y Series

Stay away from hefty long-term contracts. (9 of 9 in series)

Millennials are just as committed as boomers, but it looks a whole lot different. Whereas boomers and prior generations were committed to companies, Gen Y is committed to meaningful missions. They get passionate about social issues and think of organizations as platforms to carry out their purpose/mission. According to Marcus and Jane Buckingham, millennials are expected to have at least seven positions during their careers.

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Set High Ethical Standards | Building Trust with Gen Y Series

Set and expect high ethical standards. (8 of 9 in series)

The 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer found that only 17.5% of people around the globe trust their business and government leaders.  The sad truth is that Gen Y expects ethical mishaps from many of their leaders and they’re probably personally influenced by grimy college experiences and superficial reality television shows. There is great opportunity for improvement, and Gen Y wants it.

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Provide the Newest Technology | Building Trust with Gen Y Series

Provide the newest technology.  (7 of 9 in series)

The lives of Gen Y mark the dawn of post-humanism.  Gadgets are like an extension of a millennial, allowing them to work better and faster. And, they’ve projected and marketed avatars of themselves through social media for a decade. They become quickly frustrated using techniques and tools that are outdated, because they know better technology will allow them to work smarter, not harder, and get better results. Provide the latest technology that makes sense, provide opportunities to sell you on the value of other technology, and seriously consider the impact. You might be surprised at how many resources they’re aware of, and how they can help.

Get Out and Enjoy the Frigid Weather | The Trust Edge

We’ve endured and even enjoyed one frigid winter in Minnesota this year. From –55 F windchill to plenty of snow, I’ve found the best way to survive the winter is to embrace it. Our family loves to skate, ski, snowmobile, and sled. Take a look a Isaiah’s new jump. 


It is easy to stay inside and complain about the weather. I takes work to put on snow clothes and get outside. But, when you do, you feel better every time. It is easy to complain about not getting a good nights sleep. It takes work to go to bed on time, stop drinking caffeine, or shut off the TV. It is easy to complain, but it takes work to do what you can do about the situation.

For many things about which we complain, the worst part is taking the first step. Next time you want to complain, ask yourself, “What one step could I take to do something about that?”

Now get out and enjoy the weather.

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