Four Guys and Shindig | Trust & Accountability

People sometimes ask me how I stay grounded and on track amidst such busy travel and life schedule. While I certainly can be better, several things come to mind. Strong family, faith, and friendships are at the top of the list. Though I am passionate about The Trust Edge message I don’t get my life from it. One of the most important part of my life has been four guys and Shindig.

Over twenty years ago I met Scott, Jason, and Joe while attending the same college. Junior year we started meeting together on Thursday nights, whether we had exams the next day or not. We took the apartment phone off the hook to avoid interruptions, and we really protected that time. We asked each other deep and challenging questions, encouraged each other, and held each other to be accountable to high standards.

We four guys still meet annually for something we call Shindig. I just got back from this year’s Shindig, which was, once again, deeply encouraging, challenging and refreshing. Yes, we might have some fun skiing or snowmobiling at the beautiful cabin we often go to in northern Minnesota, but more than that, for four days we share through a series of questions. Each guy usually shares for about 3 hours on everything from family to faith to fitness to finances. We ask each other how we could be better leaders, husbands and friends. We challenge each other to use finances and resources for what we really believe in. We pray for each other. What happens? Better marriages, families, leaders, and companies. Several of us have started organizations because of the encouragement of this group. All of us have changed the way we live for the better!

One of the most important parts of my life are these guys sharpening and encouraging me. You can see a few accountability questions HERE.

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