10 Step Process for Instituting Trusted Change | Trust in Leadership

One of the most important roles of leadership involves instituting change that sticks. It’s no easy process, and it will always look unique to the situation, but here’s a simple 10 step model we use each time. Note the pillars from the 8 pillar framework of trust that are most important in each step.


1. Build a unified and trusted spearhead team. (Connection, Character, and Commitment) 



2. Establish a clear and pressing need for change. (Clarity) 



3. Formulate a clear and unifying vision. (Clarity) 



4. Build a specific and actionable strategy. (Clarity and Consistency) 



5. Enable and equip all shareholders to implement change. (Competency) 



6. Act on strategy daily. (Contribution) 



7. Share the vision often. (Clarity and Consistency) 



8. Celebrate and recognize improvement, big and small. (Compassion) 



9. Deepen change by systemizing processes and offering ongoing training. (Competency) 



10. Review progress, ensure ongoing integrity, and assess need for future change. (Commitment and Character) 
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