This Single Truth is the Same in EVERY Science | The Trust Edge

Staying fresh and relevant is critical for excellence at whatever field you are in. Hear from Dave on the importance of being competent!
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The Single Secret To Growing Revenue and Lowering Cost | The Trust Edge

Every time you find a culture of trust, there are lower costs, higher returns, less overhead and greater impact. This 2 minute video is a great example of what all of my research revealed as far as costs going down when trust goes up!

This does not mean I believe we ought to trust everyone. But where trust increases…












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CSPAN | Trusted Company of the Month

The Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network, nearly 30 years old, isn’t the television station to tune into for political fluff. Nor does it fill the airwaves with the new style of media journalism that some describe as mere editorial opinion disguised as news. Viewers wont find competitive taglines or shouts of clever advertising jargon. That vein of political entertainment is found on the other television news channels. Yet C-SPAN and its staff have garnered a long list of awards. They operate on the premise that citizens inherently want to trust that the information being broadcasted is unfiltered and unedited, spoken directly to them from the house floor, without the color commentary. C-SPAN has achieved exemplary trust through their famous brand of transparency and clarity.


trust in media, trust in politics, trusted company, Trusted Company of the month, CSPAN

2 Things Successful People Do During Their 1st Hour Of Work | The Trust Edge

Learning good habits is easier said than done. How can I be more productive when I already have so much to do?

Kevin Purdy highlights 2 things that the most successful people do with the 1st hour of everyday. “… it’s a fine strategy for leaving the office with the feeling that, even on the most over-booked days, you got at least one real thing done.”


How to be More Effective at Work, Increased Productivity, Leadership, Self Leadership, Smaller Inbox Strategies for Being Productive, Too Many Emails, The Trust Edge, Trust in Business

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The C-Myth: Does Coffee Make Me Smarter And More Energetic? | The Trust Edge

Do you ever feel like you need just one more cup of coffee or 5 hour energy to keep yourself going? Researchers at Johns Hopkins would kindly ask you to reconsider the impact it has on your emotional intelligence (EQ), which can be affected even from 1 cup of coffee.


The Trust Edge, Coffee, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Mood, Sleep, Withdrawal

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7 Ways to Foster Loyalty | The Trust Edge

Read what Deborah Shane advises and build the commitment pillar to your trust edge advantage. Trust is built through care and genuiness, and it takes time.

“People are way more savvy today and pic up on wrong or suspect intentions and motives. Sure we all have something to sell, but let people know you have their back and ‘get’ their pain.”


Small Business Trends, The Trust Edge, Build Company Loyalty, Genuineness, Trust and Loyalty

Old Marketing is DEAD | The Trust Edge

Twentieth-century marketing techniques are dying off, research shows, while buyers are turning their trust-searching ears to word-of-mouth and customer reviews.

Bill Lee from the Harvard Business Review blog explains that the role of social media is to help by “…expanding the buyer’s network of peers who can provide trustworthy information and advice based on their own experience with the product or service.


Harvard Business School, Marketing and trust, The Trust Edge, Customer Reviews, Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Review Blog, Trust and Customer Reviews, Trust in Social Media, Word-of-Mouth

Importance of Trust in Democracy in the 21st Century | Trust in Government

Ivan Krastev reveals the hidden side to the evolution of democracy.

To the concept of openness and transparency in the 21st century, he quotes a fellow Bulgarian thinker that said, “There is a big shadow where there is much light.”


2012 Election, The Trust Edge, Bulgarian Politics, Democracy and Trust, Ivan Krastev, Trust in American Politics, Trust in Democracy, Trust in Politics

High Point University | Trusted Company of the Month

When Nido Qubein took over as president of High Point University, he decided to change the way most colleges view students. Inexpensive sturdy wooden couches in resident halls and lounges were replaced with high-grade leather ones. Older televisions were replaced by the newest flat-screens. The list of upgrades goes on and on, and High Point University is a gorgeous facility today. Many universities might worry that the students would abuse the nicer amenities. Qubein told me, “We have seen the opposite. If you respect people, they will step up. Trust is fundamental to all we do.” The payoff: more students, greater visibility, a better work environment, higher retention and productivity, and a place where pride abounds among students, faculty, and staff.


High Point University, Trust in Education, Trusted Company of the month, The Trust Edge, Nido Qubein, David Horsager

McDonalds | Trusted Company of the Month

McDonald’s is trusted because of their consistency. They deliver the same product everywhere, everyday. Regardless of whether we love the French fries of the Golden Arches, or protest their nutritional content, we know who they are and what to expect. They give us the same thing every time. Consistency is the only way to build a brand or reputation. A brilliant marketing idea is interesting, but the product is not trusted unless it is consistent. Predictability and reliability are the cornerstones of this pillar.  



McDonald’s, Trusted Company of the month, consistency, deliver, Consumer Trust, Building Trust


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