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I was talking to one of the great event planners in our industry. Kris Young hires only the best keynote speakers for the biggest and best corporate productions. I asked her, “Who do you like to work with the most?” She mentioned a few names. I said, “Why do you like them?” She gave a few great reasons that follow:

  1. Humility. The great speakers are humble, open, willing and teachable. They listen to the needs of the client. They help brainstorm how they can best be used and even offer ideas of other speakers who may be a better fit. Kris said, “It’s not about them it is about the client.” Arrogance, pride, and big egos don’t work over the long term for speakers or for leaders.
  2. They deliver. They do what they say they will do. It is the same in every business isn’t it? Those that deliver beyond expectations get plenty of business.
  3. They are easy to work with.

Whether you are a speaker, a leader or both these truths are worth being reminded of. Humility is the beginning of learning and of being likeable. Who wants to be around a know-it-all? And yet one may be likable, but without valuable results business declines. If one is hard to deal with trust goes down while time and costs go up.

It is true that you have great responsibilities as a leader, but it is not all about you. Be humble, reliable and easy to work with and watch your relationships and business grow.

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