The Wright Brothers, Apple, & Martin Luther King, Jr. | Trust In Leadership

Learn “why” the Wright Brothers, Apple, and Martin Luther King, Jr. have had booming success, while Gateway, Dell & TiVo have underachieved.  Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” reveals the answer.

“There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or authority, but those who lead inspire us. Whether they are individuals or organizations, we follow those who lead, not becauase we have to, but because we want to.”

Why do you do what you do? Why does your organization do what it does? And, what role does this play in your marketing and leadership?


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Chaos or Competency | The Trust Edge

While in India I was struck by the seeming chaos on the roads. My Indian friend said, “There is only one rule for the road in India…there are no rules.” Another favorite comment of his was, “You need only 3 things to be a good driver in India. Good brakes, good horn, and good luck.” Horns were constantly honking. At one moment a family on motorcycle (no helmets and baby in lap of the mother riding side-saddle) could be passing a bus with 100 people in it and 50 people riding on top, next to a camel cart pulling a ton of wheat, a cow wandering in to the mix and 2 Rick-shaws coming straight at oncoming traffic (see video for a glimpse). Why does it all work? Competency. The native drivers know the subtleties.  There are very few accidents—unless a foreigner decides to try get in the driver’s seat. Drivers have become so skilled at understanding the unwritten rules of the road, the difference in how long a horn is held down, the size of vehicles and priorities each deserves, when it is okay to whip between oncoming traffic, and a host of other intricacies. Indian drivers are amazingly competent?  How do you stay fresh, relevant and capable in your area of expertise? To build the 4th pillar of trust consider:

  1. Reading a good book
  2. Finding a mentor
  3. Teaching a class
  4. Attending a seminar
  5. Going back to school
  6. Asking more questions

To see more ideas see page 123 in The Trust Edge.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Ben Franklin


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Minnesota Vikings’ Leslie Frazier Making Order Out of Chaos | Trust in Sports

Whether you’re a fan of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings or not, you have to admit that Leslie Frazier was impressive in his ability to unify and focus his team amidst the chaos of the 2010 season.

“I think our players respect me. I think they trust me. And that’s how you get people unified toward one common goal.” Read this Pioneer Press article to get more leadership insight from Frazier and the shoulders that he stands upon.


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Army Rangers’ Insight: Listen & Learn | Trust in Leadership

Watch Army Ranger Stanley McChrystal offer insight into leadership. He discusses listening, learning, the rapid shift of his teams demographics, and changes in technology.

My favorite quote is “A leader isn’t good because they are right. They are good because they are willing to learn and to trust.”

Trust, now more than ever, is foundational to effective leadership. Take a minute and think about the people that you lead. Do you really know what makes them tick? Do they trust you? Do they feel connected to a team that has a shared purpose?


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Opportunity International | Trusted Company of the Month

It can be safely assumed that loaning money to complete strangers involves a significant risk. After all, how do you know if they would pay it back? So lending money in the developing world, across language and cultural barriers, to the working poor, would be much too risky, right? Wrong. This is the business model behind Opportunity International, one of the first nonprofit organizations to recognize the benefits of providing small business loans as capital to those working their way out of poverty. A resounding success, Opportunity is a shining example of what happens when trust is extended.

Opportunity International has empowered the poor in Third World nations to lift themselves out of poverty. By thoughtfully extending trust to groups of women entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the welfare of their families, Opportunity has positively impacted individuals, families, and communities across the globe.   

To learn more about Opportunity International, watch the video below or click on the logo to link to their website.

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“Delhi Belly” | The Trust Edge

Input always leads to output.  What you put in comes out in some way whether it is effort, thoughts, or impure water.  The last few days of my India trip were not fun as I ate or drank the wrong thing—and the output was ugly. Basic Psychology says that our thoughts become our desires, which become our actions.  An ancient Proverbs says, “As a man thinks so is he.” That is why what we think about is so important. To a large degree we become our thoughts. Fill your mind with great ideas, thoughts, news, podcasts, and books.

Consider one new input you will put into your mind over the next months that can change outcomes.

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FedEx | Trusted Company of the Month

FedEx began in 1973 with the simple guarantee of overnight delivery anywhere in the United States. Because of their strong track record over the years, we have come to trust FedEx. When we send something, we can believe in their consistency. Other companies promise the same thing, and some with a lower fee, but people are willing to pay for FedEx, the company that has earned their trust. Under the banner of consistency, FedEx has grown into a global empire, spanning more than 220 countries and handling more than three million packages every day.

“This is a guarantee. If we don’t get there-we don’t get paid.”

-Fred Smith, founder of FedEx

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Minnesota Gas line explosion! Will it impact trust? | The Trust Edge

Will today’s gas line explosion impact trust?

One of our team was driving by and saw this as it happened at 8:45am today.

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How Do You Feel When People Deliver? | The Trust Edge

How do you feel when people deliver? When you get what you want or even BETTER? You feel GREAT! Fabulous! Super! We worked with Sheepish Design on our new website ( and they put in more hours than they ever expected to deliver an exceptional tool and trusted social media plan. They stayed on budget and delivered on their promises of quality. Because it has been uncommon to get this kind of service in the online marketing industry we are even more thrilled.  What will we do?

  1. Tell others
  2. Come back
  3. Pay more….next time.

On the other hand we just worked with a firm on another project that did not deliver what they promised.  What would most do?

  1. Tell others
  2. Never come back.

To be trusted…Deliver beyond expectations.

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