Southwest Airlines | Trusted Company of the Month

As one of America’s most beloved companies, Southwest Airlines (SWA) has posted consistent profits an amazing 35 years in a row in an industry where fuel costs, security concerns, and customer dissatisfaction have forced major competitors into bankruptcy.

While the airline industry, as a whole, has found itself rated below the IRS in customer satisfaction, SWA has consistently been ranked in customer and employee satisfaction and corporate reputation. SWA has been #1 in on-time arrivals, departures, and overall quality. A primary reason for their enduring success has been the trust they’ve established with their employees and their customers.

In the spring of 2008 it came out that SWA missed several mandatory maintenance checks, operating dozens of their planes in violation of several federal laws. Facing a major fine by the FAA, the company’s response was to ground the aircraft and release the personnel they deemed responsible. For most corporations this would spell a public relations nightmare! But for the most part, passengers failed to react at all. Why would they give Southwest a pass on what seems to be an egregious error? The public offered them an extra amount of grace because of the exceptional level of trust Southwest had achieved.


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Earth Security | Trusted Company of the Month

Earth Security takes specific actions to communicate the importance and the expectation of a trust-based environment. It is a major part of the hiring process and the performance management process. The company understands that trust happens when words and commitments are equal with actions and delivery. For them trust is not a nebulous “feeling.” It is quite simply the result of consistent, positive behaviors practiced over time and therefore completely manageable. Trust is the core of their business strategy.

 Anthony Diekemper, the CEO of Earth Security said, “Trust is what we call ‘the sweet grease.’ It is our number one priority in all aspects of our business. You think trust does not affect the bottom line? Leaders who think their only job is to make money are just missing the bigger picture. As executives, we have an obligation to manage with fiscal responsibility, but the way you optimize the financial performance of the company is to have highly engaged employees. They work harder, give more of their discretionary energy, and are happier to be in your company. The foundation of engagement is always trust.”


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Jennie-O Turkey Store | Trusted Company of the Month

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans purchase more than 45 million turkeys to be cooked and eaten on Thanksgiving. Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc. is a Minnesota based company that has gained the creditability of being an environmentally responsible organization. They are committed to encouraging healthy living, which is why they have partnered with NBC’s The Biggest Loser. The company has developed a trusted relationship with turkey farmers and customers alike. In light of Thanksgiving, we have chosen Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc. to be the Trusted Company of the Month.


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