9 Ways to Scare the Socks Off Your Millennial’s This Halloween | Trust in Business

“This Halloween, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Gen U (un-retired) are excited to scare the living daylights out of their office newbies. In addition to spiders in cups, popping out of break-room cupboards, and dressing like federal auditors, our team has compiled a list of the nine top ways to make millennials scream and shake in terror.

By 2025, approximately 75 percent of the world’s workforce will consist of millennials (Gen Y), according to a study from the BPW Foundation. Companies that survive past 2025 will be those that develop the trust of the millennial workforce, while maintaining the trust of previous generations. Companies that disregard the mind-frame and work-style of Gen Y will scare away top talent and consumer dollars. Here are the nine sneakiest, creepiest and freakiest ways to scare millennials.”

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Magnetic vs. Repellant Traits | The Trust Edge



Want to build connection? Be grateful. Gratefulness goes a long way in shaping who we are. Gratefulness is the foundation for being a magnetic person. Being magnetic doesn’t mean you have to be outgoing or charismatic. Being magnetic begins at selflessness, compassion and gratefulness.


Seth Godin: The Trust Brand | The Trust Edge

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HOW? HOW? HOW? | The Trust Edge

No Labels: Building Trust and Finding Common Ground | The Trust Edge

The United States government persistently ends up in a grid lock on very important issues, and certain members of Congress have had enough. A new voice is rising up out of Washington. No Labels is a non-profit working alongside Democrats and Republicans to bring harmony back to the halls of Congress. Eighty-six congressmen and congresswomen have joined together to ask the right questions. They are learning about those across the aisle from them and are finding that they have something in common.  Although they say their one goal is to forge solutions to America’s problems, they are coming to the conclusion that nothing will move forward unless trust is established.

In politics more often than not, politicians don’t get past the surface label of Democrat or Republican. Because of this they miss out on the depth of understanding that could allow them to see opinions, needs and challenges of the American people. No Labels has formed a group that is helping congress discover that opposing parties have more commonalities than they otherwise thought. The status quo is being challenged and parties are becoming aware of the lack of trust within the U.S. government. 

Sheep Riding: Commitment in Business | Commitment


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