Ep. 51: Dr. Willie Jolley on Why A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback

In this episode, David sits down with Dr. Willie Jolley, Speaker, Author, Singer, and TV and Radio Personality, to discuss why a setback is nothing but a setup for a comeback.

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Dr. Willie’s Bio:
Dr. Willie Jolley is a world-renowned Hall of Fame speaker, award-winning singer, best-selling author, and popular television and radio personality. He has been named “One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World” & “Motivational / Inspirational Speaker of The Year” by the 175,000 members of Toastmasters International. Dr. Jolley has been inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame and named, “A Legend of the Speaking Industry.”

Dr. Jolley is the host of the #1 Motivational Radio Show in America on SiriusXM and the Wake Up & Win daily radio program on Get up Mornings with Erica Campbell on Radio One stations across America. He is also the host of the Willie Jolley podcast on iHeart Radio and Spotify. Dr. Jolley is the author of several international best-selling books including, It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life, A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback, Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks, An Attitude of Excellence, and his popular marriage book, Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last!, that he wrote with his wife of over 30 years, Dee Taylor-Jolley.

Dr. Jolley’s clients include many Fortune 100 companies including Walmart, Verizon, Johnson and Johnson, P&G, and General Motors. Many know him as the speaker who helped Ford Motors go from the brink of bankruptcy to be able to reject a government bailout and go on to billion-dollar profits!

Dr. Jolley is now leading the field in terms of virtual programs due to years of being in front of television cameras and being able to engage and connect with people, even in this new virtual environment. Many people globally are connecting to his daily video messages to help people to get through these crisis times!

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Website: https://williejolley.com/
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YouTube: https://youtube.com/williejolley
Clubhouse: https://joinclubhouse.com/@williejolley

Key Quotes:
1. “A setback is not the end of the road. It’s a bend in the road.”
2. “You must act on your goals and dreams.”
3. “The greater the impact, the greater the income.”
4. “Money is a tool.”
5. “If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big.”
6. “Your best is still yet to come.”
7. “The most important decision you’ll ever make in your life is who you marry.”
8. “We cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good we can do.”

Links Mentioned In The Episode:
“A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback” by Dr. Willie Jolley: https://amzn.to/2YsAJGu
“Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last” by Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley: https://amzn.to/3agKsCB

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Show Transcript

David Horsager: Welcome to the trusted leader show it’s David Horsager I have a special guests today he has run his own company for a long time he’s got the doctor in front of his name.

David Horsager: He is you got a media kind of empire he’s got a business is reaching people around the world he’s got a nonprofit for those in prison or that could.

David Horsager: go there i’m so grateful to call him friend he’s a hall of fame speaker he’s a best selling author international and internationally and his name is Dr Willie jolly thanks for being on Dr Willie Jolley.

Dr. Willie Jolley: My dear friend, David is so much of a privilege and a pleasure, I treat our treasure a joy beyond measure for me to be on with you and to be part of the trusted leader show.

Dr. Willie Jolley: is just outstanding so for those who know me know I start the same way, whether it’s on my xm show whether it’s in my speeches on my daily radio show, I have only just a minute.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Only 60 seconds, and it is forced upon me I can’t refuse it I didn’t seek it I didn’t choose it but it’s up to me to use it.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I must suffer if I lose it give account if I abuse it it’s just a tiny little minute, but i’ll return it, these are wrapped up so i’m grateful for this minute this moment this opportunity to be on with my friend, David horse.

David Horsager: Well we’re I am absolutely grateful there’s a whole lot we’re going to dig into here but.

David Horsager: I want to ask you i’m going to start right out because you know you’ve got a lot of depth and yet people you’d say your motivational speaker in some ways to you know.

Dr. Willie Jolley: People can say that brand you know that i’ve learned.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Except that brand.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Because.

Dr. Willie Jolley: People put it put it put us all under this umbrella motivational speaker, if you are a person who speaks and encourages and uplifts and inspires and informs people but i’m okay with that i’m good.

David Horsager: How do you get that let’s just jump right in and a couple things here.

David Horsager: How do you, you know.

David Horsager: We can say there’s there is people that kind of just to be positive, this kind of thing that’s good, but how do you actually help someone.

David Horsager: transform from kind of a you to have a positive outlook that this doesn’t just happen in a moment, necessarily or a or a speech, but how do you actually help someone become positive.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Well, you know that was one of my challenges, when I started in this business community is the speakers were motivational and they would motivate people.

Dr. Willie Jolley: But they didn’t tell you how well, I have a background in psychology my my undergrad degree is in psychology sociology.

Dr. Willie Jolley: My master’s degree was in counseling and then my doctorate is in faith driven achievement.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And so I wanted to tell you, not just to be positive, but how to be positive, what were the steps that it would take because it’s really not complete it’s almost it’s almost a point of the doctor telling you where you got a broken arm and it’s leaving.

David Horsager: So let’s let’s and we don’t you know let’s jump into this quick and we could go a lot of places we need about 50 shows with you but.

David Horsager: we’re going to show people where to find more and all the great books you’ve written and I want to jump into some of those things but let’s talk about this, what what’s the framework for being genuinely positive.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Well, the framework is that your actions you must start on a daily new way of acting in order to get the.

Dr. Willie Jolley: end result of being positive so he was a be positive well here’s some of the things I recommend one of the things you do is.

Dr. Willie Jolley: My daily routine i’ll give you my daily routine I wake up in the morning and my eyes open up and the first thing out of my mouth David is Thank you.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Come on, somebody Thank you I I speak it out of my mouth, thank you for another day.

Dr. Willie Jolley: When I speak, thank you, then I roll out of bed go to the bathroom come back and take some time to get on my knees I literally get on my knees and say God, thank you.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I want to thank you for this, but I also want to ask that you put a hedge around me and my family today that you would keep us some hurt harm and danger I I I send out a prayer.

Dr. Willie Jolley: For my family for my friends that I get up and take some action some sort of physical activity, because when you take action and physical activity in the morning or whenever you work.

Dr. Willie Jolley: out but I work on it gives it releases endorphins into your bloodstream which are a natural way to give you a up or you don’t have to take a.

Dr. Willie Jolley: join a smoke a joint are either you can get an endorphin that’s right in your bloodstream so I work out and I get that endorphin release my pressure and that then David I do something else that that’s a little strange I say good morning.

Dr. Willie Jolley: to at least 10 people every morning I literally when i’m on my way to the gym or i’m on my way to get a cup of coffee i’m on the road speaking.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And coming from my hotel room to the boardroom or the arena, when I was on to get motivated to I would say good morning to 10 people now some of the people I say good morning to David which say good morning back.

Dr. Willie Jolley: But some would say what’s good about it, some would say someone say nothing but I still say good morning to 10 people why.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Because I wasn’t saying it for them, I was saying it for me because faith cometh by hearing and every time I would hear good morning I would be conditioning into my brain.

Dr. Willie Jolley: This is a good morning and if I said that 10 times I have condition in my brain this a good morning i’m on my way now or good afternoon good morning good afternoon i’m on my way to a good evening good.

Dr. Willie Jolley: morning Good afternoon, good evening I had a good day I repeat that day seven times, I had a good week I repeat that week.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Four times, I had a good month I repeat that month 12 times, I had a good year to start with me just say good morning I say, I say to everybody listening, whether it’s daytime evening time midnight I don’t care what time you’re listening to this good morning.

Dr. Willie Jolley: When you say you speak it okay.

David Horsager: Speaking it confirm something it definitely does writing things down does it speaking it out loud does it.

David Horsager: I think there’s something interesting Leeson i’ve started a practice my wife and I, and that is in the morning, if.

David Horsager: You know, often we get up at the same time and go to bed together there’s times i’m flying and all these other things, but often we’re together.

David Horsager: And and kind of jump up a doing some of the same time, so our first thing generally as a habit is in bed hold hands and share things we’re grateful for.

David Horsager: morning great.

David Horsager: At night before you go to bed go to bed hold hands share what we’re grateful for.

David Horsager: That day because everybody knows there’s plenty of challenges, we can focus on and it’s not that we don’t have to do we sweep them under the carpet or have to not deal with the.

David Horsager: tragedies of the world, you could say we’re in a blind to them.

David Horsager: In his trust work we’re dealing with a lot of challenges with companies and organizations and corruption issues and everything else but.

David Horsager: For us as individuals were better when we do that, so I love it needs to think on your knees on the physical action Point number three what’s your physical action of choice what’s normally.

Dr. Willie Jolley: bike right right.

David Horsager: Okay, yes, what do you do a year in DC What do you do when it’s winter.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I ride in the winter to dive right in the winter and long as it’s not less than 40 degrees or ice on the ground, but I also have a gym membership, so how going to the gym.

Dr. Willie Jolley: gym is about 10 minutes from my home and so either bike ride or go to the gym I sometimes do do a little bit of both on same day and I sometimes I ride my bike to the gym but bike riding is my is my exercise of choice, but then I go to the gym as well, and I will do the work out there.

David Horsager: I think leaders, you know one thing we found is they have routines.

David Horsager: It they take the choices and questions out of it okay.

David Horsager: I do this I think i’m on my knees, I do some physical action I say good morning 10 people i’m sure there’s more in your life that you’re doing regularly let’s come to that, but let’s.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Say i’d say, because this is a you know i’m a man of faith yeah I fast one day a week have been for many.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Many years fast one day a week and in that day i’m grateful i’m giving gratitude i’m thinking God, and so I do, that every week and have been doing it probably no, no, no couple decades now.

David Horsager: Fantastic I know I love it.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Let me tell you why David, let me tell you why because I believe that that the Bible is not just a book of do’s and don’ts or Nice book of of.

Dr. Willie Jolley: theological concepts it’s also a success manual and and Jesus said to the disciples when they could not heal somebody the reason you couldn’t do that, and you didn’t have that ability, because you didn’t have the power, the power.

Dr. Willie Jolley: comes from fasting and prayer you.

Dr. Willie Jolley: fast and pray and you can get power, I want power to move mountains, I want power to help people I want power to impact people who globally, I want power to transform.

Dr. Willie Jolley: impossible situations into possible situations and you look at somebody who was a broke busted nightclub singer that’s my story.

David Horsager: Like I might even have you sing for a second here but let’s.

David Horsager: let’s jump there because let’s get to know you a bit before we go to the next section of some things I really want you to help us think about and that is.

David Horsager: You know, one of your most famous books and you’ve got a whole lot of international bestsellers but is the whole setback is a setup for a comeback.

David Horsager: yeah and this tell us you know what about the setbacks what were some of the setbacks, you had that you came back from or had to overcome.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Whether the number one, one that I came back from I was a nightclub singer.

Dr. Willie Jolley: If you were able to see some people can’t see it, because they are on the radio, but in my office i’ve got awards behind me, those are the Washington area music associates awards.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Best jazz singer best entertainer best performer I was a nightclub singer I St jingles for pizza hut and make any crazy.

Dr. Willie Jolley: during the day, but I made my real living singing in nightclubs and I had become the number one nightclub.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Act in Washington DC things were going great well, one that I went to the nightclub the club owners, they want to talk to you.

Dr. Willie Jolley: After night show when when it and then I told the guys in the band whoa we bout to get a raise when I went to his office that night he said you were great to people loved you.

Dr. Willie Jolley: that’s why it’s hard for me to tell you what I gotta tell you we love you guys, but we got to make more money we got to get a better return on investment.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And only way to do that with a full nightclub is the lower cost than the biggest cost there’s something else filling in nightclubs.

Dr. Willie Jolley: We bought a karaoke machine I say what for what about my bills and I learned that night, nobody really cares about you and your bills with you and people you oh.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I was decimated, I was this chest, I was destroyed almost but someone gave me a motivational cassette and on episode was a guy named Charlie tremendous Jones who said.

Dr. Willie Jolley: He was one of my dear friend, he said in five years you’ll be the same person, you are today, except the two things people you meet who inspire you to books you read that empowered.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I started reading books and going to seminars and my thinking change, I took a job with the Washington DC public school system as a drug prevention coordinator.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Talking and little kids about staying away from drugs, it was during that year, David that I started giving little speeches to kids.

Dr. Willie Jolley: For the little kids and teachers to say, could you come to my teachers group someone they would take any kind of my church someone in the Church was a can you kind of my company.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Then les brown heard about this motivational speaker, who was speaking and singing and he invited me to be on tour with him and Gladys knight.

Dr. Willie Jolley: called the music and motivation dream team tour and that allowed me to be introduced to some media people because of the lesson Gladys.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I got a little radio show it got popular get syndicated now i’m on sirius xm as the number one self help show in the country on sirius xm radio.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And then that led to a book publisher here in me on the radio saying I love your ideas have you ever thought about writing a book I said no, he said, let me make you an offer, I said I just thought about it.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I wrote my first book It only takes a minute.

Dr. Willie Jolley: To change your life became a national bestseller then, as you just said, the book that put me on the map.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Globally, a setback is a setup for come up with a comeback setback setup for a comeback became a global bestseller.

Dr. Willie Jolley: then turn setbacks into greenbacks than an attitude of excellence, then chicken soup for the Christian so then make love make money, make it last the book I did with my wife.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And in 1999 I was named one of the s&p five speakers in the world by toastmasters 2005 indicators and speaker hall of fame 2013 name a legend speaking industry all because David.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I had a setback, so I want to say to people everybody who’s listening as we’ve gone through this time of.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Intense setbacks pandemic economic downturn massive job laws racial strife ecological disruption all sorts of setback, I want to say to you that a setback, is not the end of the road.

Dr. Willie Jolley: it’s a bend in the road and i’m encouraged you to take that Ben to go with it and to grow with it and come out on the other side with new opportunities and possibilities.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Now broke busted nightclub singer.

Dr. Willie Jolley: who became one of the top speakers according to toastmasters in the world, because I had faith, I had the ability to focus on my goals and dreams and I have follow through I took action, you must acronym goals and dreams and do it consistently and without fail, things will start to change.

David Horsager: What do you know you got your doctorate later on.

David Horsager: Yes, did you why did you do that, because you had a very successful yet a media business you got the production business you got all these things happening tell me about the thinking of that because that wasn’t too long ago.

Dr. Willie Jolley: yeah you’re absolutely right, I got my doctorate in 2013 and it was actually 30 years David since I got my masters, so I got my masters in 2019 83 and then I got my my doctorate in 2013.

Dr. Willie Jolley: What made me go back to school, David was i’ve been talking about going back to school, since I was.

Dr. Willie Jolley: You know finishing my masters, but then I got married, then I started speaking, then I built this business and I couldn’t take time off to go back and go to school, but yet something inside of me said, is this the best you can be.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I knew the answer was no, and so I had to man up and not just talk about what you could do to continue to better your best but do it, so I had to shut my business down for you, David.

Dr. Willie Jolley: and go back to school and it was hard, it was humbling to look to sit in the library night party in 25 years and i’m in my 50s at that point.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Right, so I said it was worth it, though.

David Horsager: i’ve noticed something about you and I think this is, this is the greats in our industry and you’re certainly one of them.

David Horsager: But is they could keep learning their continued learners they’re not talking about what they talked about 25 years ago or 50 years ago, so I think a lot of people say what did you learn from that that’s not the question I have for you and say what are you learning today what.

David Horsager: Are you learning now.

Dr. Willie Jolley: You know i’m learning every day I journal okay I journal David and I said at night and.

Dr. Willie Jolley: pull out my Journal and I read him on what I learned today and i’m learning something new every day i’m learning something new every day i’m learning about.

Dr. Willie Jolley: People about i’m a student i’m a curious person I think that’s why my xm show is kind of blown up because i’m asking those curious questions.

Dr. Willie Jolley: i’m always curious what made you do this, why did you do this, how did you go from there to here, and so what i’m learning now David is how to think about my next.

Dr. Willie Jolley: iteration my next evolution, because I started as a youth speaker, while I thought is nightclub singer, but when I started speaking started his youth speaker I only.

Dr. Willie Jolley: was speaking to you, and then I expanded to colleges and then to education, groups and then the corporate leaders and it just to continue to grow and every time I would get you know somewhat comfortable I say there’s another level.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And now i’m working on my next level and what’s the next number.

David Horsager: One in a sentence or two.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Media media and ministry Okay, but not your traditional Lino Bible thumping ministry, the word ministry or minister to Minister to someone is.

Dr. Willie Jolley: A word that many people are confused about because they think you have to be an evangelical and try and get everybody to convert to your way of thinking.

Dr. Willie Jolley: But the word Minister means to serve the great story that Jesus taught on.

Dr. Willie Jolley: The Good Samaritan this guy’s going down the road he gets robbed he gets left in a ditch.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And a priest goes by a rabbit rabbit goes by, so he must be drunk he must be integrated, but as Samaritan the lowest of the low the outcasts sees this man hurt.

Dr. Willie Jolley: and takes them and and puts vantages on them and put them on as animal and takes them to the end that says to the innkeeper.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Take care of him here’s the money i’ve got now take care of this man and i’ll come back soon, and if you have to spend more money than what i’ve left.

Dr. Willie Jolley: i’ll pay you whatever he said that he’s a friend of you know, have you is your cousin no do you why are you doing he he’s my neighbor.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I never met him before that’s ministry David and that’s what I want to do, I want to inspire people, whether they’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish I don’t care what they are, they need help do they need encouragement to they need up that what’s what i’m here to do.

David Horsager: And what does that look like in the next in the next phase of your life that’s your media that’s on xm that’s on TV tell me about it.

Dr. Willie Jolley: yeah that that’s the Willie jolly jolly media but it’s a here’s the thing David here’s what i’m thinking is what i’m thinking and what you hear this clear.

Dr. Willie Jolley: is not just the next meeting part of my nice it’s the next hundred years.

Dr. Willie Jolley: that’s what that’s what i’m thinking now where do I see this in 100 years because I learned that the great ones will plant trees and take 80 years to grow.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And then the 80s when they do it that’s my goal, so my goal is David is that 100 years from now, some child walk into a room.

Dr. Willie Jolley: and see a picture of me and my wife on the on the mall and run on a ban on a fireplace and run up to it and kiss that pictures they Thank you great great great great granddaddy and thank you great great great great grandma for what you did.

Dr. Willie Jolley: 100 years ago to make it possible for me to have a business or home a family.

Dr. Willie Jolley: A financial legacy that’s my goal so that’s what i’m thinking right now that’s where i’m going right now, and so we’re building this I can pass the keys at some.

Dr. Willie Jolley: point in time to my son he’s an attorney and he can pass it to his children, and then we keep passing it, I give you something and encouraged me daily life, hopefully, encourage you.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I interview, the best of the brightest on my xm show and I encourage everybody to listen to my xm show, I had a guy named David horse and he was fantastic.

Dr. Willie Jolley: It was fantastic.

Dr. Willie Jolley: All right, but.

Dr. Willie Jolley: But I interview, the best of the brightest and then it goes podcast and you can get it on the Willie jolly wealthy his podcast but one of the people I interviewed but it didn’t go to park and we just had a conversation.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Because I was planning to pass the interview he’s the president of the Dale Carnegie Institute.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I said to him, I said tell me about the deal Carnegie Institute, he said, we got 4500 franchisees around the world.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And they pay us a very significant fee to be franchisees I said that’s fantastic and he was telling me about it and I just did the numbers in my head so that’s a lot of money, I said so where can I buy stuff he said you can’t.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I said, you can pass that he said no it’s a private company it’s a private company, yes, I said, who owns the company, he said, the family.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Conflict I said how long have they own it since 1910 120 hundred and 21 years or 110 years at that point 110 years old, and I said they’ve been getting money for 110 years every year he said absolutely so.

David Horsager: By the way, here’s my question on that, by the way.

David Horsager: Our family has a little different belief on on being given money isn’t the healthiest my my parents just.

David Horsager: Had a sold half of the farm and i’ve been having fun given money away to things, but do you think it’s best for those generations future generations to be given.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Money best that they have a trust that the money is in a trust and that the trust gives them.

Dr. Willie Jolley: A renewable expense in exchange for what is written in the trust that they must get an education, because you give money to people who are on education, it will kill them.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And so, they have to get an education and certain benchmarks, they must pit in order to get that payment is there okay it’s there but it’s, it must be met it’s not just let me, let me give it to you because you have my last name no you gotta do something, because that’s how we grow.

David Horsager: you’re talking yeah I know I love it, I was just talking to somebody said basically know wealth passes past three generations almost.

Dr. Willie Jolley: ever.

David Horsager: that’s fine that and then, of course, you have.

David Horsager: Carnegie am you have Rockefeller.

David Horsager: Seven generations now, I think.

David Horsager: And there are some people that are doing it right, I guess, so I just wanted to touch on absolutely right yeah.

Dr. Willie Jolley: We put it in a trust.

David Horsager: I know that I love that I love your legacy, the impact you’ve made are making and are going to make let’s.

David Horsager: let’s touch on something that we don’t always get to touch on but i’m passionate about, and that is, you know marriage, you know.

David Horsager: you’re passionate about marriage, these days, and the the you know, making an impact there for for many tell me about where that passion came from and what you’re kind of doing about creating healthy marriages and then i’ve got a follow up question.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Sure, so here is our program my wife and I have been married as of this recording 36 years haven’t had an argument in 33 years and we wrote a book.

Dr. Willie Jolley: That talks about what we’ve learned from wise mentors who have been married 40 5060 years, as well as what we’ve learned in our journey, the book is called make love.

Dr. Willie Jolley: make money, make it last 10 secrets to shape a great marriage and we do a weekly television program online on Facebook live instagram live and linkedin live Monday night at 9pm.

Dr. Willie Jolley: it’s called make love big money maker last broadcast when we do a half hour every week.

Dr. Willie Jolley: On some issue of marriage, we found in marriages break up for one of three reasons, David for sex money or communication or lack thereof, of the three, and so we realized that many people have little.

Dr. Willie Jolley: This little hairline fractures in there and something in their marriage and they don’t deal with it and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger becomes a chasm.

Dr. Willie Jolley: It becomes the grand Canyon, and so what we decided to do was to try and do what god’s given us an assignment to do was to save a million marriages.

Dr. Willie Jolley: and enhance a million marriage and then we just did it the best we could, but the book now is doing terrific all over the world, and so and we’re proud it’s under our.

Dr. Willie Jolley: printing imprint jolly publishing so that is something we created.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And the book is totally under the auspices, but we want to just inspire people to stay married and to find a way to be happily married and enjoy each other for years and years, and not get bored with each other, but enjoy the process.

David Horsager: I was mentioning to you before my parents just celebrated their 62nd I believe this summer, my my in laws 50th.

David Horsager: anniversary proud of both of their marriages and commitments and all that and my wife 20 little over 24 years so.

David Horsager: I want to ask you this, what give us two tips from the we can do tomorrow morning every relationship every marriage married person listening to things they can actually apply to.

David Horsager: Do you have to have a better marriage.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Two things that we recommend having to keep your marriage fresh it is one have a weekly date night.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Have a weekly date night now people say, well, I don’t have any money you don’t need money when we had that we started, we learned this from a couple who told us have a weekly date night.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And we started doing it every Thursday night, even when i’m traveling when I was traveling I can smalls my wife can travel with me.

Dr. Willie Jolley: i’d call in we’d watch when I was hoping we’d watch hill street blues and La la or whatever was out on Thursday night we get some jiffy pop popcorn yeah I don’t even know about a you too young for that David okay that’s.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Your faith financing for jiffy pop you put it on the stove you pop it up and and that was a day and we sit on the couch watch TV and the two things you cannot talk about on your date night.

Dr. Willie Jolley: The kids and the bills, because you didn’t happen when you were dating so you date and that’s why, having a weekly date night number two.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Is i’m giving three because they are important, is say I love you every day.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Even if you don’t feel like saying speaking because you conditioning yourself and your spouse and then third hold hands when you hold hands you’re not just holding hands.

Dr. Willie Jolley: you’re holding hearts I love what you said about it, the gel hold hands and debate and talk about today Those are the things we recommend if you do those it will have a profound impact on your marriage simple just tried it works.

David Horsager: you’ve I love it you, but when the same token you’ve interviewed a lot of successful people.

David Horsager: yeah grateful to be on there that was fun, but you’ve got some amazing people give us a couple takeaways from those that you’ve interviewed as far as just life and maybe even business success.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Sure sure a bill Marriott he said, if you want to be successful in business, make sure you take good care of the people who work in your business hmm treat them really well, because then they will treat your customers really well.

Dr. Willie Jolley: General Colin Powell said perpetual optimism is a force multiplier if you are a small band of small army of.

Dr. Willie Jolley: A team of 10 people but you’re perpetually optimistic and you’re positive, you will perform like 100 people because it grows your impact and then les Brown said, whatever you focus on longest become stronger.

Dr. Willie Jolley: So grow yourself and you’ll grow your income your grow your wealth, remember that the greater the impact, the greater the income.

David Horsager: yeah I love it, what do you, what do you, what do you what are you learning from these these what’s your favorite resource, I know.

David Horsager: We know this input equals output, so you got to put good stuff and you’ve got a lot of output happening from all your shows and books and writings and readings and tearing what are you putting in.

Dr. Willie Jolley: yeah you know i’m reading I don’t read as much as my wife, even though i’ve got the radio show and i’m doing a new guest every week.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I try and read that book, but my wife is reading about two books, a week, but I read my guest book books and then I I i’ve made a habit over the years, David of doing something I use it every to faith Facebook.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And then, a business book, I read a faith Facebook as a business book because I realized I gotta stay balanced because i’m here for two reasons, to make a difference.

Dr. Willie Jolley: and make a profit and if I get out of balance in any one of those i’m not able to do the other well if I get out of balance and making a difference and i’m all about the money when I want you to make a lot of money, but then money becomes your God money is a tool.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Okay it’s a tool and, of course, the more that tool, you have, the more you can impact not just your faith based places like churches.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And nonprofits and charities, but you can give your children and your family some some opportunities, but if you focus only on the.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Money you’ll get out of balance, but if you only on the faith you’re not able to to have the money to keep it going so each one has to be valid I gotta have impact and income and if I say that’s it if I do that brother i’m going to think i’m gonna do our right.

David Horsager: We say the same exact thing impacting income it’s interesting because.

David Horsager: yeah the first board I was on 20 years ago, more than that maybe now they had this great impact orphanages around the world need come back from Ghana or wherever it’s like.

David Horsager: But we don’t think about the money, no we’ll just we just think about the work and two years later that organization wasn’t around at all, because they.

Dr. Willie Jolley: say they will be around.

David Horsager: You know, you said something a moment ago about being curious, and I know you are and that’s one of the things that keeps you being such a great learner.

David Horsager: What I find you know great people they’re curious and they asked some of the right questions, what are some of your favorite questions to ask.

Dr. Willie Jolley: yeah I got some great questions here’s one that I asked almost every body I interviewed.

Dr. Willie Jolley: One is, why is it important to be wealthy.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Okay, why is it important to be wealthy and and and it’s interesting that the common answer, because it gives you options it gives you options on your health care, far too many people die of for a small.

Dr. Willie Jolley: health issue that they did not have money to fix I had a friend who are, who was like a Big Brother to me, who was one of the he was the bass player for the temptations temptations a great group.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And he but he was a musician he has his money was up and down up and then he didn’t have health care any data, something that would cost $5 in a in a prescription I just a small infection.

Dr. Willie Jolley: will give you money, I have gives you option healthcare, where you send your children to school, what kind of home, you have where you live okay that’s fine second.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Is I asked every guess, one of the you guys you gotta do this if you want to be a success and I get such as such amazing.

Dr. Willie Jolley: answers from every guess what is it so let’s say I asked myself Willie jolly, what are the goddess you got to do this if you’re going to be a successful.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Well, here mastering you guys and everybody has their own you gotta dream big you gotta dream big is your dream, you might have a dream big second you gotta you gotta you gotta.

Dr. Willie Jolley: be good.

Dr. Willie Jolley: You know I love this quote it’s on my Wall, we cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good, we can do do good be good tried to be a leader and another you gotta is make sure you prioritize.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Keep your priorities in check, my pride, is a very clear God first family second.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Business third everything else after that.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I don’t get it out of I don’t get it twisted, as they say.

David Horsager: you’ve got a lot of quotes you quote a lot of people you’ve got a lot of sayings and tips and takeaways what’s it what’s your favorite quote I think oh this favorite quote, or at least a favorite quote or saying.

Dr. Willie Jolley: My favorite quote is your best is still yet to come simple I don’t know every end of every show you heard me say when you want my show, at the end of every segment I say.

Dr. Willie Jolley: The best is yet to come and, at the end of the show I say your best is still yet to come on my daily radio show which is syndicated and my my video version is about to be picked up I just had a conversation.

Dr. Willie Jolley: With a major major sponsor who’s who wants to sponsor this in a digital format, so if you go to win with really calm.

Dr. Willie Jolley: You can sign up for my newsletter we I sent out a daily one minute messages also on instagram and linkedin and Facebook and YouTube I barely one minute message in at the end of that I say your best is yet to come that Dave you need to know why I said.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Because I told you i’m a man of faith and I love this story that’s in my new book my new book is coming out about about faith in action.

Dr. Willie Jolley: His story about a woman who was terminal.

Dr. Willie Jolley: So she asked the pastor to come over and she said pastor here’s what I want you to do here, the scriptures I want him to songs I want here’s what I want very clear detail.

Dr. Willie Jolley: She said at the end when they have the repast I want you to make sure, and when what most, most importantly, he said when y’all have the casket make sure that they see in my in my hand my fork is in my right hand.

Dr. Willie Jolley: He said, why do you need a fork in your hand because at the at the repairs, I wanted to keep in mind that when we had to church socials they’d always say to you.

Dr. Willie Jolley: keep you for after the entree after whatever the dinner dessert is on the way the good, the best is on the way, and so I want people to know that, even though i’m dying here on this side of the River my best is, on the other side of the River.

David Horsager: or for bad.

David Horsager: News, yet again we can’t stop that.

David Horsager: You know I love it there’s so much here let’s give them this and we’ll put it all in the show notes we’ve got all your how to find you but tell us out loud, how do we find out what are the key places, because people should be listening to your xm show it’s phenomenal.

David Horsager: Yes, where where do we find out about Willie jolly where we sign up one more time, where do we sign up for.

Dr. Willie Jolley: With with Willie calm when with fully that that’s the site we created a has all my websites I got about nine or 10 websites.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I got a faith based jolly good news my my nonprofit is there, my motivational side for young people, business site.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Marriage site, all of them, and when with Willie calm so go to win with willie.com sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get updates on.

Dr. Willie Jolley: My marriage show you just get lots of information to help you grow your.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Your your personal life your professional life, your family like your financial life your faith walk and will help you grow your future that’s what i’m here to do man just do the best I can, and when my time comes to go.

Dr. Willie Jolley: My plan is that even the undertaker will be sad to see me go that’s my.

David Horsager: hey we can close much, much better than that, but we have one final question.

David Horsager: john the trusted leader show who is a leader you trust and why.

Dr. Willie Jolley: yeah I trust you know this is going to be somebody I trust my pastor my pastor his name is john Kennedy Jenkins senior.

Dr. Willie Jolley: he’s the pastor of the first Baptist church of glenarden in in Maryland and he’s also the chairman of the board of the National Association of evangelicals.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I trust this man because he’s a man of integrity, a man of character, he will not do something, just because it’s convenient or it’s.

Dr. Willie Jolley: it’s easy he’ll he’ll take the heart of.

Dr. Willie Jolley: choice and it’s always scriptural so I trust him and then, believe it or not, I trust and i’ve learned a lot from general Colin Powell, we had lunch, one of the things about general how about he’ll tell you know.

Dr. Willie Jolley: And I say Jennifer I need you to do is in no way I won’t do that I can’t do that, and he helped me learn how to tell people that never works.

Dr. Willie Jolley: You know, and do it and those two people that come to mind that I trust my wife, I trust my wife implicitly.

Dr. Willie Jolley: I trust her she’s bright she’s brilliant she’s beautiful and I know she’s got my back that, let me tell you something that this is for all married people.

Dr. Willie Jolley: The most important decision you’ll ever make in your life folks is, will you marry, because every important there’ll be there’ll be the decision maker.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Next to your faith, the most important decision actually faith but that that decision will be directly impactful for whether you have 90% of your misery and 90% of your joy will come from that decision so choose well.

David Horsager: Choose well and be well.

David Horsager: You know, not just about them, but B2B someone you want to be married to write.

Dr. Willie Jolley: To you either man, you are talking right now saying I got it coordinate book.

Dr. Willie Jolley: That who you are as much more important than who you married because you will marry the right person and if they’re not they will become the right person because of who you are.

David Horsager: yeah I can think of an example of my head right now that has has done that well there is more, we could say.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Thank you for inspiring women like will send around a kitchen table.

Dr. Willie Jolley: Talk and that’s what I wanted when I come to Minnesota I gotta hang out with you and we got a break some bread.

David Horsager: And come on come see the family, see the kids come jump on a horse weekend.

David Horsager: There yeah we can get you on a tractor or a horse or.

David Horsager: But, but thank you, thank you hey, thank you for being a friend and for touching me and, by the way, this is one thing I always say on the show, but thanks for not just being trusted but trust worthy.

David Horsager: To a lot more to be worthy of it than just a period so.

David Horsager: hey everybody check out the show notes for everything about when with jolly calm and everything else and Dr jolly thanks for making me better thanks for sharing with the audience here today until next time everyone stay trusted.

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