Ep. 14: Dave Mortensen on The 4 P’s For Developing a Healthy Culture

In this episode, David sits down with Dave Mortensen, President and Co-Founder of Self Esteem Brands, to discuss the 4 P’s for developing a healthy culture.

Dave’s Bio:
From cleaning exercise equipment to selling memberships to co-founding the world’s fastest-growing fitness club franchise, Dave Mortensen has done just about everything you can do in the fitness industry. That wide-ranging experience has helped him become one of the world’s leading experts on “Making Healthy Happen.” His heartfelt practice of emotional intelligence has earned Dave a reputation, amongst his co-workers and throughout the entire fitness industry, as a thoughtful and generous leader. And it’s just part of the reason he was recently named an “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young.

As the President and Co-founder of Self Esteem Brands, Dave leads a global collection of franchises intent upon improving the health and wellness of millions of people worldwide.

In the early days of Anytime Fitness, Mortensen helped spur the company’s growth by overseeing the development and implementation of its integrated security, surveillance, usage-tracking and reciprocity systems. These days, he’s heavily involved in Anytime Fitness’ evolution from a gym that emphasizes simple convenience to one that offers round-the-clock coaching services, utilizing the latest technology to provide members with support, nutritional information, and a wide array of new fitness training programs. Mortensen also continues to play an important role in leading the expansion of Anytime Fitness worldwide, frequently travelling to consult with master franchisees all over the globe.

The first Anytime Fitness gym opened its doors in Cambridge, MN in May of 2002. In the years since, Anytime Fitness has quickly become an international powerhouse — with nearly 5,000 gyms located in all 50 states and nearly 40 countries on all seven continents, serving nearly 4 million members.

Under Mortensen’s leadership, Anytime Fitness has earned numerous industry accolades, including “One of America’s Most Promising Companies,” “Top Global Franchise,” “Fastest-Growing Fitness Club,” a “Top Franchise for Minorities,” ”IFA Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and “The Best Place to Work in Minnesota” — four years in a row.

In addition to Anytime Fitness, Self Esteem Brands serves as the parent company to three other rapidly-growing franchises: Waxing the City – with nearly 200 studios dedicated to providing the finest waxing experience imaginable; The Bar Method – a popular, low-impact fitness franchise with more than 100 studios across 30 states and Canada; and Basecamp Fitness – a high-intensity, class-based fitness concept.

Dave’s Links:
Self Esteem Brands: https://www.sebrands.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaveMortensenAF
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davemortensenaf/?hl=en
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmortensenaf/
“Love Work” by Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen with Mark Conklin: https://amzn.to/3beKjRC

Key Quotes:
1. “Relationships come first.”
2. “The worst voice in the meeting is the one not speaking.”
3. “You have to be naturally available.”
4. “Authenticity is really, really key.”
5. “The key thing in culture is living it.”
6. “Culture is a verb.”
7. “We take our business seriously, we don’t take ourselves too serious.”
8. “The best wins in eating healthy are incremental wins.”
9. “The best investment you can make is within yourself.”
10. “Love your kids.”
11. “You can’t ever try and prejudge where you’re going to land.”
12. “You have to be intentional about what you’re doing each and every day.”
13. “Less stifling, more giving.”

Links Mentioned In The Episode:
“Off Balance On Purpose” by Dan Thurmon: https://amzn.to/3bbF1Gb
“Trusted Leader” by David Horsager: https://www.trustedleaderbook.com/
“Love Work” by Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen with Mark Conklin: https://amzn.to/3beKjRC

Buy David’s NEW book Trusted Leader: https://www.trustedleaderbook.com/

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Show Transcript

David Horsager: Welcome to the trusted leader show it’s David Horsager. I have a special guest. He’s a friend. We’ve known each other for a long time. He is an amazing story. Dave Mortensen

David Horsager: President of Anytime Fitness and self esteem brands. Thanks for being with us today.

davemortensen: David. It’s my pleasure. I’m always glad to be with you.

David Horsager: Well, you are one of those leaders, it’s, it’s just an amazing story from

David Horsager: You know, cleaning

David Horsager: Athletic equipment to now kind of presiding over this fastest growing fitness.

David Horsager: Brand in Anytime Fitness almost

David Horsager: 5000 franchises around the world, plus a host of other

David Horsager: things you’re doing. Can you just give us a two.

David Horsager: To three minutes I

David Horsager: On the story of

David Horsager: where you came from and where you are now.

davemortensen: You know my story’s a pretty gritty story I you know what I was raised by two. Just amazing parents

davemortensen: Hardworking individuals. My dad was a truck driver. My mom was a factory worker and they, you know, they both were 100% parents and you know lucky to still have them in my life today and still being

davemortensen: Someone who still makes an impact in my life. Right. But from that point, you know, I

davemortensen: came at a college and said I needed to do something. And believe it or not, I dropped out of college. Whoa. What a story, there’s no advice here do not drop out of college, I’d love to redo that one.

davemortensen: dropped out of college purely financial reasons and a lot of different things going on my life and I you know what I knew I wanted to be in the health and wellness industry.

davemortensen: So I went around looking for jobs I end up taking a job for $4 an hour at a front desk at a health club and my story was kind of written from there within a year I was an assistant

davemortensen: Manager and leading my way up there shortly thereafter met my business partner who has been my business partner for over 30 years and through that we’ve been a part of each other’s families and

davemortensen: revelations of life and through those experiences. We started out as consultants traveling all across the

davemortensen: US, Canada, Australia is working with independent health clubs after our experience of running gyms.

davemortensen: And from that experience. We decided something needed to change in the industry, you know, at that time, fitness was a destination place. And really we needed to make this more available to all consumers and all communities.

davemortensen: And we came, came up with this concept of Anytime Fitness and from that point, it’s just grown exponentially. You know, as you know, in

davemortensen: You know, close to 5000 facilities and 30 plus countries and and all seven continents. It’s been a crazy ride and this last year has been crazier than ever, but

davemortensen: You know, it’s still relishes what we started about oh 809 and that’s really believing in our purpose. And I know you’re really driven by that.

davemortensen: Our purpose is really doing proved the self esteem of the world and we believe you only can do that one person at a time and that’s been something that’s driven our other brands with self esteem brands with of course base camp, but as the bar method in wax in the city.

David Horsager: That’s amazing. So I didn’t know this by the way you know I’ve done work on every all 50 states.

David Horsager: six continents, but the seven continents. So you get an Anytime Fitness in Antarctica.

davemortensen: Well, I tell you, Dave. A year ago, this past December we launched on a boat called the Magellan in Antarctica and a lot of people say, why did you open as

davemortensen: A fitness center or

davemortensen: Like anyone would say because we want to do. And we wanted to be able to be the first franchises swimming all seven continents, because we really do believe in the benefits of health.

davemortensen: And we felt can’t be true to ourselves if we’re not dropping every community possible. So yeah, we put it on a boat and spent a 10 days out on on the ocean, it was

David Horsager: Incredible. That is, that’s fantastic. Well, that

David Horsager: I believe in it. I’ve been a member of Anytime Fitness and I know you got a lot of other brands.

David Horsager: But tell me about specifically this one as far as it relates to coming to this last

David Horsager: Year of code and the challenge we talked about

David Horsager: You know, trust out, you know, trust is especially it’s

David Horsager: Built the fastest in crisis, how we respond in crisis, we can lose or gain a

David Horsager: Whole lot of trust. But what what are some takeaways from the last year.

davemortensen: Was last year, the biggest takeaway. I’m seeing this through business leaders all across

davemortensen: The US and even in our other countries as well is that we’ve really realized that who are core people that surround us you know our relationships come first and how we combine our efforts and align our efforts and the way we think.

davemortensen: You’ve seen everyone take an initiative List of this big and really narrowed down to the key essential things that you need a hyper focus on tell you I think most businesses are delivering deeper on the fact that they’ve aligned their teams on this focal point and the real

davemortensen: Opportunity here is in every businesses go, what are the key things that we did to stay so focused during this period of time and bring this into 2021 and beyond.

davemortensen: And make sure we don’t lose that type of hyper focus and just genuine alignment between the organizations we put all our noise aside, Dave.

davemortensen: Mm hmm. Right.

davemortensen: We’ll start to do that.

David Horsager: I think its interest that’s really interesting because early on in the pandemic. I was on a

David Horsager: Call with McChrystal General McChrystal and he was talking about how in these times.

David Horsager: You don’t have a one year vision. You don’t have a nine month six month vision. You got an air out. What’s the

David Horsager: What’s the flagpole. The flag. The plan this week.

David Horsager: In fact, he talked about when he was, you know, leading the whole

David Horsager: Europe, they’re trying to find Osama bin Laden. They’re trying to find, you know, and there’s like they couldn’t they couldn’t get ahead on the

David Horsager: What they needed to know. And so he got every morning every single day said we’re having a meeting every day across Europe and Africa 2200 people are on this call at 680 600 and everybody’s on the call anybody can share. We need it. The newest data every 24 hours that you’re finding

David Horsager: And they took 30 minutes and after that they made the game plan for the day. So it was it was this hyper focus on this thing. You know, so

David Horsager: That’s that’s interesting because I think in these times. And that’s I think that’s something we can take with us changes not going away hyper focus is value long term here, you know, so

davemortensen: You said a key thing about that meeting to one of the things that we always talk about

davemortensen: Is making sure that everyone can share, you know, one of the most important things in a meeting that we always say is that the you know the worst voice in the meeting is a one not speaking

davemortensen: Right. We all know that we have one mouth and two ears. So we need to be doing a lot of listening.

davemortensen: But even more importantly your point of view your POV is so important inside the organization as a leader, the more POV. We can get across the delineation of our in our business deep into the field, the better decision making. We can make as an organization, so

David Horsager: Don’t do that.

David Horsager: How do you listen to that. It’s like

David Horsager: You got people I know.

David Horsager: I mean, that’s terrible copy was built on that this idea where they, a lot of those cool little

David Horsager: sayings. Thanks a lot. J and all that, that they came from frontline minimum wage workers because they had a way of do in those days when caribou is growing so

David Horsager: Much back in the 2000 and when they became two number two to to Starbucks. And then, of course,

David Horsager: Things change again because they didn’t keep up in certain ways and and but but those they had this way of listening to the front lines.

David Horsager: How do you, how do you do it. I mean, I think a lot of leaders struggles with this THEY SAY IT’S IMPORTANT TO HEAR FROM EVERYBODY but they don’t really

davemortensen: Well, there’s two ways to do it formally organically and you need to do both, you know, I’ll start with a formal process.

davemortensen: The formal process. You got to make sure that you make your organization readily available from the field up and we believe in.

davemortensen: When you look at an org chart flip that thing upside down. I hate the triangle. I just wanted upside down the leader should be on the bottom of that triangle, and we should be looking up because this is where all the work happens

davemortensen: Is that the top of that triangle. So now or at the bottom. They say, but we put it to the top. And the reason is, is because we have to make sure that we’re always asking from level to level two level would you hear

davemortensen: From your peers. Would you hear from the field. What did you hear from the people making the difference in the impact of what you do so.

davemortensen: Having a formal process to make sure you’re gaining that information and making sure all voices are being both spoken heard are key and in the formal process. So that’s one. Number two is

davemortensen: You have to be naturally available availability to your team and to anyone in your organization. I’ll give an example. When I sit down in any call that I make with anyone. One of the things I do and I’ll do it today is given my cell phone number.

davemortensen: You know my cell phone number is available on my email. It’s available everywhere. Now I’m going to tell people

David Horsager: I thought I was special.

davemortensen: Nobody give that to everybody, because you know what, here’s the deal just text me, call me ask a question.

davemortensen: Being available for people is very key. If you want to be able to make a change in people’s lives and having that role down in your organization to make sure that they are available is also very important.

David Horsager: That’s huge. I mean you got 5000 franchise. You got three other

David Horsager: You know,

David Horsager: Franchise businesses and giving yourself on everybody. I think is


David Horsager: You know, I want to jump to to your, your, the four P’s Damien how you develop culture there and we just a quick rundown and

David Horsager: Share the book you wrote on it too. So everybody hears it, but I think this is, you know, as we frame up culture we talk about how do we create high performing cultures on trust. Culture is critical. Trust is critical, but it’s it’s a high trust culture that matters. And I think you’ve done

David Horsager: That better than many

David Horsager: I’ve looked

davemortensen: Deeply at I APPRECIATE THAT. Dave and I think one of the key things before I even go into the PS, I’ll say authenticity is really, really key. I know so many people that want to build

davemortensen: Out a plan for culture and they write it out and put a lot of great words together and they use their marketing department. They all do this and they drive this like here’s who we are and then they posted on the wall.

David Horsager: Yeah, but

davemortensen: The thing in culture is living it living it and believing it and sustaining it three organization. It’s actionable. You have to make it a verb and

davemortensen: You know, culture is a verb, make it a verb in your business. And it’s amazing what will what will resonate across the organization for us, it was about building a culture of love work.

davemortensen: And and and that’s the name of our book, of course, but love work was all about loving what we do. But it’s not just about loving work. It’s really about loving life.

davemortensen: And if you look at our P’s. We believe it’s it as prevalent in your personal life as your business life first P, of course, being people

davemortensen: And and we all talk about people, but I’ll give you the key component to it.

davemortensen: If you want to deliver on on healthy relationships you have to care more than just about what they’re doing for your business.

davemortensen: You have to care about what they are doing in their life, and you have to invest 50% of that time and development on what they are doing in helping build themselves to be a better person.

davemortensen: Inside and outside your organization. The other 50 is what are they doing on the practical purpose in your business.

davemortensen: But if you don’t focus on the energies around what they’re doing, personally, a lot of people get scared to go in that world. I’ll tell you you’re missing a big boat. You have to, you have to put that out then as it

davemortensen: entices city and care into those individuals.

davemortensen: The next is driving our, our second P which is purpose and we talked about that for us. It’s really simple improving the self esteem of the world.

davemortensen: And every brand has its own level of purpose. So what is supporting that would be an example in Anytime Fitness. It’s let’s make healthy happen and we believe by delivering on that we’re driving and developing our purpose around building self esteem of the world.

davemortensen: And then of course profits and I’ll tell you, Dave. If we change something in the book we rewrite the book we change the word prophet, giving you a little nugget.

davemortensen: And for anyway. It’s not really about driving profits. We know profits are a necessity.

davemortensen: But if I get changed that word around it would be really performance.

davemortensen: Because performance is a p, we believe that goes much deeper into the aspect of your business than just profits performance drives those profits. So that is really a keyboard. And last but not least,

davemortensen: I’ve said this to you. Many times, but really enjoying what you do and we use the word PLAY. And play really means this, we take our business. Seriously, we don’t take ourselves too serious.

davemortensen: You know we meet so many people that are so serious about

davemortensen: Who they are, they’re very intentional. I love that about everyone

davemortensen: But relax a little bit because people want to see your core person. They want to see who you are when you laugh. They want to see you when you cry.

davemortensen: And being that core person is what really brings out creativity, collaboration community inside of your business. And that’s how we drive our purpose and we rebalance that every year.

David Horsager: And I know you actually do live it. I know you give up a

David Horsager: Percentage of every dollar to that developing your people, even on their home you know their, their personal lives and you shout that purpose, whether it’s through your

David Horsager: annual meetings and training and I mean there are very few people, I think that when on training as much as you do communicating how you know training people to be successful in building their franchise and everything.

David Horsager: Else. Let’s get personal though, let’s jump into, you know, I know you’re healthy and seek to be healthy at home and in

David Horsager: Life what habits. We see trusted leaders that we talked about and try to become our, our have certain routines and certain habits.

davemortensen: Well, some of yours.

davemortensen: One of the questions you’re gonna ask me is, what is the book you’re reading. So when you say routines and habits and the most off balance person you’ll ever meet. So I’m reading this book right now with Dan Thurman, right.

davemortensen: Sure, it’s really about how do you take a person who’s got a lot going on in their world. And it’s out of balance feels out of balance all the time and bringing it to balance and I’ll tell you how I do it.

davemortensen: And it’s sometimes it’s hot and cold. In fact I reestablish it. In fact, I’m working on reestablishing and even for 2021 yet everyone started on January 1 I’m still working on mine. So I’m a little behind the eight ball, but it’s really about the

davemortensen: The four things that I believe in which is Sam and I’ve talked about this before. So my balance in life starts with spiritual

davemortensen: And for anyone that’s listening. It’s where where your belief in faith is and what your higher being, is above you. Right. So mine is very, very spiritual and understanding that connection to that.

davemortensen: Of course, the next one is emotional and emotional to me is really about

davemortensen: The relationships I have around me. You know, so emotion is all about my connections and the relationships with my family, my kids, my friends.

davemortensen: Everybody in the world of my life. So understanding those relational connections. The, the, the next one of course is mental. How am I feeding my brain.

davemortensen: People forget you need to be feeding that thing 24 seven if you want to continue to harness it and develop it, but then you have to evaluate do it differently.

davemortensen: You can learn in so many different areas. So I like to find different ways to take in information in one year. It might be in podcast one year, it might

davemortensen: Be more reading one year just might be just listening to mentors that I believe in, or I’m connected to. So there’s a lot of different ways to do it.

davemortensen: And last but not least, to really create my balance in life. It’s my physical health and really making sure that I have a consistency in my exercise in my life.

davemortensen: You know, walking the walk is very, very important for us. And that’s something that is also not only in exercise, but also in the way I eat as well.

David Horsager: What are some routines there you know you

David Horsager: All of these are so critical, but you’re

David Horsager: In the US, anytime at least is in the fitness space, what do

David Horsager: You what do you

David Horsager: What are you intentional eating.

David Horsager: And what are you intentional about doing exercise wise that helps you. I think we talked about a lot here at the institute input equals output. Doesn’t matter if it’s your body or

David Horsager: You know I know for me I gotta try to get five vegetables a day in and almost

David Horsager: Almost two gallons of water. Those are tipping point. But if I do those other things fall into place. Plus, I can handle some ice cream once in a while, you know, so it’s like, what, what, what are the things that you try to do that helped you as far as that that physical on the on

David Horsager: The food. Some of a struggle with that. I was 15 pounds heavier one

David Horsager: Point and I still

David Horsager: Am challenged

davemortensen: Every day it’s work.

David Horsager: But what do you do

davemortensen: The food side because it’s my challenge as well. In fact, I want everyone to be listening, saying, Listen, I’m not a foodie.

davemortensen: I’m not a person who is like

davemortensen: Perfect on the way I eat every day and I struggle in every day. So it’s really taking a little bit out and adding a little positive it’s incremental. I think the best wins and eating healthy

davemortensen: Are incremental wins. Because if you try and do a transformative change. And I see people do this all the time where they just go, Okay, I’ve knocked out everything I love and now I’m eating everything I hate

davemortensen: And I’m giving

davemortensen: Her help, but they’re miserable day they’re miserable in it. Take incremental wins you know take something out if it’s that you know

davemortensen: One time in my life I broke 200 pounds and it was horrible for me and it was when I was drinking what was called and sorry caribou. But I’m going to call you out on this, it’s this thing called a Carmel high rise and I fell in love with that and I simply

davemortensen: Accept out of my diet right and I added a healthy thing into that diet. So it’s knowing when you need to take things out and add things. And the other thing for me is because I was born in an era where you ate everything on your plate.

davemortensen: You know, like everything in, in the US, we all know consumption consumption is such a big deal, just eat a little bit less in what you’re eating.

David Horsager: Those are what uh

David Horsager: But there’s people starving in somewhere. So you got to eat it. That’s what I heard.

davemortensen: You know, I did too. But, you know, it was funny that in an error when

davemortensen: We were starving to know what the food and everything else.

davemortensen: It’s just a matter of being or putting less on your plate.

David Horsager: Because that’s what what’s it. What’s it. What’s the exercise.

David Horsager: regime that you can do a minute.

David Horsager: That’s sticking consistent for

David Horsager: People can be challenged especially busy executives and leaders like

David Horsager: You and what what what are you doing, it’s working.

davemortensen: You know, it’s, I tell everyone, it’s the same thing that we’re works for me that you know when you teach someone how to read a book What Do You okay, how much time. Can you commit the day to reading

davemortensen: Do the same thing with exercise I have found when I work out every day. I am more consistent than I, if I say I’m going to work out three days a week, because you know what happens with three days a week, you

David Horsager: Know,

davemortensen: I got three days out of seven by the end of the week. All of a sudden, I’m going. I haven’t done any

David Horsager: I could not agree with this point more

David Horsager: We are, you know, I started getting cut you here.

David Horsager: It’s like it’s cycle you

davemortensen: Have to put things

David Horsager: In natural cycles.

David Horsager: So when people say to me, as an example, they’re going to meet bi weekly no chance you have to have everything as at there has to be daily

David Horsager: Weekly every Monday morning monthly every first of

David Horsager: Quarterly.

davemortensen: Or annually.

davemortensen: It’s the only

David Horsager: When you think of

David Horsager: Strategic or actions, our habits. They have to be in a cycle that works not this

David Horsager: every six weeks we’ll do this.

David Horsager: Or every other month

David Horsager: every other Tuesday, which Tuesday is that I’m skipping three days a week, whichever ones that I feel like, you know, so that that’s fascinating to me that you

David Horsager: Said that great point.

davemortensen: My in my best place. It’s really between 35 and 40 minutes. My rule of thumb is, I got to work out at least 35 minutes and I cannot work past 45 minutes

David Horsager: Because when you do it.

davemortensen: What’s out

David Horsager: When you do it usually

davemortensen: My best best moments in my life, or when I do it in the morning. Lately it’s been in the afternoons.

davemortensen: Just because I’ve had some change go through life that I’ve had to do that with the kids and everything else going on with schools.

davemortensen: I’ve changed my workout, but I will go back to mornings. And the only reason for me is because one. I hate working out in the mornings and I love getting things checked off on my list. And I know if I do in the mornings I will have it jack

David Horsager: Yeah. Well, I think it’s got to help. At least I think it would help to work where you work at the big

David Horsager: Beautiful. Anytime Fitness offices that have an amazing

David Horsager: Workout centers where you’re trying all the newest equipment. I, I love your facility that’s got to be a

David Horsager: Really cool benefit. Right.

davemortensen: I have an advantage to, you know, exercise, that’s for sure.

David Horsager: Well, that is awesome. How, what are you doing to get better in life. Now, any one of these for simple things. What do you, what are you working on now.

davemortensen: Right now, for me it’s emotional really, it needs to be. I’m going to deepen the spiritual side. But today, right now it’s emotional it’s

davemortensen: Really because of all the adversity that we’ve seen over the last year.

davemortensen: Really deepening the relationships. Our relationships have absolutely changed.

davemortensen: And I don’t just mean at home because at home. Sometimes we deepen those. But those are different to because we’re with them so much more than we were before.

davemortensen: They’ve eroded some of that strength you had when you had that time away, but it’s the same thing and deepening the relationships like you and I

davemortensen: Being able to connect and go to lunch and all the things that you do is we got to change our habits and our routines to deepen some of those relationships.

davemortensen: How are we intentionally doing that is making those connections happen. So it’s just being more intentional about connecting with all the, all the people that surround me. Hmm.

David Horsager: I love it.

David Horsager: What do you

David Horsager: Just for you, you know, play is one of the four P’s, what do

David Horsager: You love to do to play or how do you bring played

To work.

davemortensen: Well, there’s there’s couple things is forced play on people, because you know this year has been a year of people have worked so hard.

davemortensen: And you know what, I am a firm believer, the best investment you can make is within yourself.

davemortensen: I always believe if you want to be a giver. I mean, some of the greatest givers in the world. And my first advice is, what do you do for you.

davemortensen: You know, it’s the first question I have problems, everyone. What do you do for you.

davemortensen: For me it’s spontaneity. I love spot as fun right so I love to do enjoyment that you didn’t expect to do it could be waking up in the morning and kids go and let’s go skiing.

davemortensen: It could be, you know what, I’m going to go on a trip. And I’m going to go travel there zombie or golf or some friends, whatever those things are that gets you away. It’s always something for me being active because I’m an active person. I love to be

davemortensen: Active love that. What I advise for people for play is just take time to do it be intentional about it and in foster it in your business.

davemortensen: You know, ask people, What are you doing for fun, that’s such a great question to ask people, and everyone looks at you like, Oh, why are you asking me that you know what

davemortensen: I actually care that you are enjoying life to its fullest beyond what you do here at our business or anything that I’m connecting to

David Horsager: love it so much. Here we’ve got Sam. We’ve got the four P’s who’ve got the

David Horsager: Everyday in let’s see we got

David Horsager: I here’s some takeaways so far.

David Horsager: What did you hear from the front line. How can I be more available authenticity, if you don’t live at the four P’s don’t even matter, matter people purpose performance and play. I love my favorite so far. Culture is

davemortensen: A verb.

David Horsager: I love it.

David Horsager: So let’s say and this key.

David Horsager: About hyper focus

David Horsager: Hey, we got to get to the lightning round. So here we go.

David Horsager: We have so much more we could talk

David Horsager: About but in our last three minutes together. Here we go.

David Horsager: Let’s I saw the went Dan thurman’s book I’m friends with Dan love that one. Any other favorite resource your book right now.

davemortensen: You know, right now. Yeah, yours and I’m waiting to read the full thing that’s

davemortensen: The next book that

David Horsager: Made you all right, trust me leader.

davemortensen: In that everybody read the book because you will gain a lot from that.

David Horsager: Well, thank you.

David Horsager: Something you can’t live without.

davemortensen: Oh geez, I really cannot live without my kids.

davemortensen: You know, I’d say.

davemortensen: Love your kids. Yeah.

David Horsager: Love it, even when you don’t right

David Horsager: Even when you don’t feel like

davemortensen: I know, even when you don’t like them love them.

davemortensen: And take time with them as a collective group, but also take time with them individually. If you have multiple kids.

David Horsager: I remember that about you date need to the kids individually love it best advice you’ve ever been given.

davemortensen: Ever been given. Oh. Oh, you don’t want no this day, I gotta figure out how to say this.

davemortensen: Best advice. I was make it really quick. Um, my dad came home from truck driving one day and I woke up in the morning I was all intentional about, but I was going to be. And I told him what I was going to be any basically said no, you’ll never do that. I wanted to be a truck driver.

davemortensen: And and now I won’t tell you how he worded it to me because it was pretty black and white. It was pretty No you’re not.

davemortensen: Let’s leave it at that.

davemortensen: Why, that was the best advice for me at the time and moment in my life is you can’t ever try and prejudge where you’re going to land.

davemortensen: You have to be intentional about what you do in each and every day and allow life to bring it to you.

davemortensen: Yes, you need to plan for those things. But you have to be ready to ship with those plans and you know what if you’re intentional about what you do, day to day and living the life to your fullest. Guess what.

davemortensen: Your future will be bright. You just got to make sure that you’re living it and not spending so much time trying to live in the summit when you haven’t even started the client.

David Horsager: You’re still passionate about building this culture, you’ve got an amazing family you do volunteer work you help people. I’ve seen your mentor and love and give, give, give, you’ve built. Anytime Fitness waxing. The city base camp, the

David Horsager: Bar method.

David Horsager: One thing left on the bucket list for Dave


davemortensen: Oh, there will never be one thing left right now. I’ll tell you the thing that I’m working on. And this is what I think most leaders need to be working on in life is learning to

davemortensen: Cherish empowerment and understand how to deliver and execute on empowerment

davemortensen: Empowerment to me is something we do not do enough of as leaders and we don’t do enough as parents, and we don’t do enough as individuals and it’s empowering individuals that surround you and giving them the gift of decision making and

davemortensen: I want them to feed that now how you deliver it, and how you follow up with it and how you creatively foster it in your in your organization is important but you stifle people every day in my ultimate gift right now to myself as less stifling and more giving

David Horsager: More giving

David Horsager: That is work I there’s so much we can dig into on empowerment, how we do it, how we how we

David Horsager: Work right for leaders to give. But let’s just

davemortensen: A bucket list.

David Horsager: That’s the bucket list.

David Horsager: Let’s do more of it. Well, it is it is just a privilege to be with you. Where can people find out more about Dave Mortensen Anytime Fitness in the

David Horsager: Self esteem brand.

davemortensen: Obviously you can go to any one of our brands but self esteem brands calm is, of course, one that you can obviously establish connect and go to my LinkedIn profile day Mortensen AF.

davemortensen: Or Twitter either one of those and reach out to me and then I told you I’d give it to you, Dave. I will at 612-991-3939 if you have a question, just text me

David Horsager: I’m pretty lucky to get a whole

David Horsager: Thank you. Well, we’re going to put it in the show notes trusted leader show.com we’ll put how to find him and Dave Mortensen the first time ever.

David Horsager: They born since personal mobile number no leaders done that on the show.

David Horsager: To this point, thank you for that. Hey, final question.

David Horsager: It’s the trusted leader show

David Horsager: Who’s the leader you trust and why

davemortensen: Is a gentleman by the name of Steve Ramat all on there’s many, many people you connect with

davemortensen: A PARTNER IN OUR brands is a brand called work financial if you ever look them up work financial a very, very large portfolio franchise or is

davemortensen: There an investor in in self esteem brands and there is a gentleman that has sat on our board for years has been a leader of brands called like

davemortensen: Branded and others. But the reason I’ve been a big fan of Steve Rahman Allah is because he again.

davemortensen: He’s authentic and when I first met this gentleman as much as if you’ve ever worked the private equity there about the financial influence. The first thing he said is Dave continue to live.

davemortensen: your guys’s culture in your purpose, and I’ll and you know what these prophets will happen. So you just very athletic and the way he leads. He just is. He’s very

David Horsager: I love it.

David Horsager: Wow. Lots here and lots more. We could talk about

David Horsager: Thank you. Thank you for the gift of your time always thank you for the gift of your friendship. Thank you for being an example of a trusted leader and brand and organization and just it’s

David Horsager: It’s a privilege to be on with you and a privilege to know you and you’ll see everything in the show notes. Like I said, trusted leader show.com anyone who wants to connect or has questions.

David Horsager: Thank you for joining us on the trusted leader show. Until next time, stay trusted.

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