2 Truths From the Farm

Watch this video to learn 2 truths from the farm from David’s childhood. You can learn many skills on a farm but it can also teach many life lessons. Here are Davids two truths from the farm.

People often ask me what I learned from the farm as far as as all this trust stuff, and you know, I think of two truths from the farm. One, healthy things grow, and sick things die. And this is just a truth I grew up with. Healthy cows grow; sick ones die. Healthy churches grow; sick ones become divided.

Healthy marriages grow; sick ones become divorced. Healthy relationships divide, healthy organizations divide. Healthy things tend to grow in some way, financially, reach, impact, in some way, and so this is why it’s so important to create a healthy culture in an organization.

The other thing we say on the farm is you’ve gotta do the work, you know? That pile of stuff doesn’t just shovel itself. Those corn tassels just don’t fly themselves away. You gotta do the work. You gotta hoe the garden. You gotta fertilize, you gotta cultivate, you gotta do the work. It doesn’t happen on its own, but to bear fruit, you gotta do the work. And this thing these days of oh, I just wanna have a fit body in 21 days, and be rich in 21 days, and do this fast, and that fast you can have it, kind of a quick, motivational talk, and that might be nice, but to be trusted by being trustworthy takes doing the work.

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