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Need a new suit? I have a recommendation after my amazing experience with Sam at Mohan’s Tailors. Mohan’s does not have a storefront presence. A referral or seeing a specific ad is the only way to know it exists. After going through security at One Grand Central place we took the elevator up to Mohan’s. We were greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. Almost 3 hours later we walked out having ordered three tailored suits and feeling like we got a great deal—and we still feel that way! What happened between Noon and 3 O’clock on that Monday?  A smile, a genuine handshake and welcome, a cup of water, an expert guiding my wife and I as we flipped through fabrics, textures and colors.


Sam’s recipe for trust was not brain science but few retailers have it.

  1. Service: We felt special, listened to and understood. He didn’t keep pushing the most expensive product. He seemed to encourage what he thought we would most like and I would look best in.
  2. Quality: We could feel the fabrics, see the quality, experience a professional fitting, and hear opinions from experts (Sam and his team clearly know suits and how to make them look good on people—maybe even me).
  3. Environment:  The feel of the space, layout, décor, woodwork, and fitting room said, “We care about you and about our product.”
  4. Customer: He took an interest in the customer beyond the suit. When I found out that I do a fair bit of public speaking he pulled up our site on the computer and started playing videos and showing his staff.  He even told the tailor to make sure I have more room in to raise my hand up in a way that wouldn’t make the suit arm pull after seeing me on tape.


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