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Is A-Rod’s suspension fair? According to a current USA Today poll, 86% of the public thinks it is fair.

Why is it that the majority of the public finds Alex Rodriguez guilty despite the fact that he has yet to be put on trial?

When allegations are made, specifically in sports, the public trusts the media even though the media isn’t always trustworthy. But because of the consistent guilty verdicts in professional sports over the last 10 years, there is no doubt or question that the court of public opinion has made an obvious decision.

As America’s past time, a small decision to use steroids in baseball is not small. Every decision made effects the bigger picture.  These decisions condition the public to have a distrusting perception of not only the individual and their family, but of their team, the MLB, and the reputation of professional sports and American business.


Trust Tip Tuesday from A-Rod:

#1: Ronald Reagan is known for this quote, “Trust, but verify.”

Generalizations exist for a reason. Continue to search for truth before drawing conclusions.

#2: In decision making don’t be nearsighted. Every decision made affects the bigger picture., alex rodriguez baseball, yankee alex rodriguez, history of baseball, history on baseball, major baseball player,

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