The Value of Appreciation

The Value of Appreciation

The Value of Appreciation. I will say this, how many of you just feel so over appreciated? You’ve just had too much thanks. And yet, the greatest need of every person in all humanity, William James, philosopher said, after basic needs are met, is the need to be appreciated. One of the pieces of research we find every time in the annual study is: people are most frustrated for not being noticed for notable work.

I’m not saying appreciate people for breathing, by the way. My son, ten years old, came home, had a trophy in his hand, I can still see him right in front of me, takes it and threw it in the garbage. He wasn’t mad, he just threw it in the garbage. I said, “Isaiah, what happened?” He said, “Oh no, don’t worry dad. I didn’t earn that one. They gave one to everybody.” You’re the coolest kid. The problem is there’s people doing great things all around you, and we don’t notice that.


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