The #1 Reason People Want To Work For An Organization

The #1 reason people want to work for an organization last year, by the way, was ahead of everything. Ahead of being paid more, ahead of more autonomy, ahead of a more fun work environment they want to trust their leadership. If you’re in sales, which you are. It was the number one commonality desire in sales. They just wanna trust the people they buy from more than anything else. And this has been true forever.

People say to me, wow, that trust message is so timely. It’s timeless. You think about it. Sales person, it’s not a commodity, it’s the only reason you buy from them is trust. Leader, the only reason you follow ’em is trust. Teacher, your kids don’t respect the teacher, it’s ’cause they don’t trust the teacher. It’s always a trust issue. NPS is great but referring is not the core issue. Trust is the core issue, and if you solve the trust issue, you start to get referred more. That was the #1 reason people want to work for an organization.

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