How to Improve Conference Calls | Trust in Business

Have you noticed that the further from face-to-face we get the more challenging it is to build trust? Here’s a favorite from 2014 that illustrates.

Tips for improved productivity and trust with your calls:

  • Consider if it’d be more efficient to use group emailing or video-conferencing instead.
  • Use a reliable system, like your phone company’s service or
  • Test the connection with a colleague prior to the scheduled meeting time.
  • Record the call so anyone that experience techical difficulties can listen to the part they missed while not slowing down the rest.
  • If it’s a longer call, have someone take bullet-pointed notes to email to everyone after the call is over.
  • At the beginning of the call, try to make quick introductions, if possible.
  • Email an agenda so others know what to expect or to bring clarity for yourself. 
  • Keep each part of the call as short as possible.
  • Pause occasionally and ask if everyone is on the same page.
  • Remember to use the mute button while making excess noise.
  • Avoid speaker phone to avoid extra noice to the others.
  • Think about getting a headset, so you can use your hands to type or write notes.
  • Create a questions section so you don’t interrupt flow but also don’t forget important point of clarification.
  • Wrap-up the call with a summary and assignments for the next steps.
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