Ep. 76: Ginger Johnson on 3 Effective Ways To Connect Virtually

In this episode, David sits down with Ginger Johnson, Human Connection Expert, Speaker, and Author, to discuss 3 effective ways to connect virtually.

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Ginger’s Bio:
Most biographies for speakers are full of credentials, awards, accomplishments and other unexciting information.

Let’s say this for now: Everything in life is Powered By Connection. And Connection is Ginger’s jam. It’s the art, science and energy that makes the world go ’round.

She works with great leaders, teams and organizations to do their best work by tapping into the incredible possibilities meaningful connection creates.

If you want to learn more about her, she invites you to visit gingerjohnson.com If you’re really curious, you’ll likely Google her anyway, finding her TEDx talk, book, events and programs, YouTube channel, and various and sundry other information all promoting and teaching human connection.

For now, she thanks you for your time and attention. Let’s get to it.

Ginger’s Links:
Website: https://gingerjohnson.com/
“Connectivity Canon” by Ginger Johnson: https://gingerjohnson.com/product/connectivity-canon/
Ginger’s Blog Post on Connecting Over Dinner: https://gingerjohnson.com/connecting-over-dinner/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gingerjohnsonconnector/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gingerjohnson
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCILGZjxOFhI1cbnbP7_scIw

Key Quotes:
1. “When we are where we want to be geographically we have a deeper richer meaning to ourselves and our work.”
2. “Color has everything to do with our engagement as well as our disengagement.”
3. “We are starved for those interactions that warm us up.”
4. “Ask intentional questions.”
5. “Travel is a portal into who people are.”
6. “Simple still requires work.”
7. “Think of the people you work with as direct supports not direct reports.”
8. “Connection, like trust, happens one at a time. One step, one effort, one move.”
9. “Write like you speak.”
10. “Self-talk is really powerful.”
11. “There’s nothing small about anybody’s life.”
12. “Objective is suspending judgement.”
13. “Objective is the curious.”
14. “We’re only distracted if we let ourselves be.”
15. “Set the tone as the leader.”
16. “When given the opportunity, and teed up in a safe space with grace, everybody rises to the challenge.”
17. “Use and instead of but.”
18. “Fun leaders are so grounded.”

Links Mentioned In The Episode:
Ginger’s Blog Post on Connecting Over Dinner: https://gingerjohnson.com/connecting-over-dinner/

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Show Transcript

[david_horsager]: Welcome to the trusted Leader show it’s David Horsager, I have a special

[david_horsager]: guest. She’s got real snows in the background. If you’re watching this, most

[david_horsager]: of you are listening. Her name is Ginger Johnson. Welcome Ginger.

[ginger_johnson]: Hey, David. so so happy to be here, Thank you.

[david_horsager]: I’m glad to have you. You grew up in Minnesota. You went to college in

[david_horsager]: Minnesota, but for years you’ve been. you’ve lived a lot of different

[david_horsager]: places. and today you are in Mazula Montana. That’s where you call home

[david_horsager]: these days, and I see snow in the background

[ginger_johnson]: Yes, it feels so good. That’s a connecting point right there. you know this,

[ginger_johnson]: David. when we are where we want to be geographically, whether it’s

[ginger_johnson]: permanent or traveling, we have a deeper richer meaning to ourselves and our

[ginger_johnson]: work. It’s it’s like. Yeah, why would I not do this?

[david_horsager]: Exactly Well, this is. this is going to be fun.

[ginger_johnson]: Yes,

[david_horsager]: Give us a couple. just a couple of little inside tips things nobody knows.

[david_horsager]: Maybe start with that cool. Not everybody can see your cool haircut. and uh,

[david_horsager]: we are going to get into you as really a chief connector. Connection is the

[david_horsager]: the sixth pillar of trust in our research and our work. You’re an expert on

[david_horsager]: connection. We’re going

[ginger_johnson]: Yes,

[david_horsager]: to jump into that in a moment, but get personal for for a second, and maybe

[david_horsager]: jump into the mohawk.

[ginger_johnson]: it, it came about organically I, I don’t like to fuss with my hair For some

[ginger_johnson]: people, it’s just hair, Which that’s I. That’s my camp. Some people it

[ginger_johnson]: matters a lot more, but I, it just more. though. Over the years it’s been

[ginger_johnson]: long. it’s really cur. It’s really curly naturally and it’s custom colored

[ginger_johnson]: by the way. If you’re watching, it’s like Mother nature. so

[david_horsager]: It looks very cool. I’ll tell you what y. it’s it’s it. it is connecting,

[david_horsager]: right you, I. I like this. Well, you know, as a friend you said this before

[david_horsager]: you said. It’s like, uh, like being pregnant on your head.

[ginger_johnson]: yeah, yeah, people are compelled to comment on it. Do the drive by

[ginger_johnson]: compliment or the whatever. It’s a little long on the side, So if you’re

[ginger_johnson]: watching, you know it. you don’t quite see the skin, but we’re getting there

[ginger_johnson]: and it’s become kind of a signature look and I and I like it. It’s nice and

[ginger_johnson]: cool in the summer, although you know, bundle up in the winter.

[david_horsager]: Yeah, well,

[ginger_johnson]: Yeah,

[david_horsager]: you’ve got some amazing clients about. uh, you know your connection work.

[david_horsager]: Ive we know each,

[ginger_johnson]: Mhm.

[david_horsager]: and I’m just um, just really love your work and I love how it fits with the

[david_horsager]: work we do with trust, but let’s jump into connection. People are wondering

[david_horsager]: some real questions today and we can go all over in this time. but people

[david_horsager]: are really wondering how do I connect? Virtually how do we stay connected in

[david_horsager]: this virtual environment? Can you give us some some tips? Youre leader

[david_horsager]: trying to lead a team. You don’t get to see your people all the time. What

[david_horsager]: do you do?

[ginger_johnson]: Yeah, excellent question. David. let me give you three really useful points

[ginger_johnson]: right here on virtual online. connecting number one. Make sure that you have

[ginger_johnson]: enough space. Let’s talk about the physical first, and then we’ll get into

[ginger_johnson]: the mental and some of the emotional physical space. Like I’m literally

[ginger_johnson]: standing in front of a picture window. I have space around me to move around

[ginger_johnson]: when you are online. Give as much of yourself in. Show as much of yourself

[ginger_johnson]: as possible, so if you can show from the waist up, that’s so much better.

[ginger_johnson]: because when we’re in person, we see the whole person. So that’s the first

[ginger_johnson]: one physical space show up in a bright solid color as much as possible. That

[ginger_johnson]: is easy. Like I’m wearing red. today. I often wear turquoise or yellow or

[ginger_johnson]: something like that, so that’s a physical piece of how to connect better.

[ginger_johnson]: Because that color like I got the art background, Uh, color has everything

[ginger_johnson]: to do with our engagement and and as well our disengagement. Okay, so that’s

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[ginger_johnson]: a. That’s a physical piece. Another piece. Emotional peace is start a few

[ginger_johnson]: minutes before you’re actually going to start. Like give people open the

[ginger_johnson]: foyer. You know, let people in, David. Just like when we have people over at

[ginger_johnson]: our home. We don’t like. Let’ stay out there until dinner is served, and

[ginger_johnson]: then I’ll let you in. Oh no, no,

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[ginger_johnson]: let people in because we are starved for. even in a ▁quote

[ginger_johnson]: regular world, we’re starve for those interactions that warm us up. It’s the

[ginger_johnson]: on ramp, so give yourself three to five, eight minutes to like Hey,

[ginger_johnson]: everybody, and then have something you want to ask people. One of my

[ginger_johnson]: greatest points I would offer David is when you’re welcoming people into an

[ginger_johnson]: online room as well as a physical room is as what people are grateful for.

[ginger_johnson]: In that moment it can be anything because Gret. You know this, trust it

[ginger_johnson]: gratitude connection at huge. That’s the bed rock when we are grateful. We

[ginger_johnson]: trust when we are grateful we connect all those things. So that’s one of the

[ginger_johnson]: Um pieces. A third piece is

[david_horsager]: So before we gets to number three, I just want to comment. This is really

[david_horsager]: great and what this does? By the way, I, I love where this takes people.

[david_horsager]: because grateful takes people up. right. we started. Uh, we start every one

[david_horsager]: of our weekly meetings as a staff and we’re in person these days, but our

[david_horsager]: number one first question around the boardroom table is what are you

[david_horsager]: grateful or ex? What are you celebrating personally?

[ginger_johnson]: Mhm.

[david_horsager]: And what are you celebrating from last week at work? So what what? what do

[david_horsager]: we celer? It takes us up like. Oh, hell, I just had this happen with my kids

[david_horsager]: or this, and it’s quick our team can whip around it. It’s not some big

[david_horsager]: lungth, and Um, and then the other is. what are you grateful for it? We

[david_horsager]: like. what? what? What are we celebrating at work? And it just brings people

[david_horsager]: toward moving up and forward And it doesn’t mean we don’t have to see the

[david_horsager]: blind spots or deal with mitigating risks or close gaps, And

[ginger_johnson]: right,

[david_horsager]: doesn’t mean we’re certainly not incredibly imperfect here at the institute,

[david_horsager]: but it brings us forward, so I love that. so number one, look at the

[david_horsager]: physical space. I just learned something right there, number two, the

[david_horsager]: emotional space and start by asking a question. Love it next.

[ginger_johnson]: and the third we’ll build on these two is as you let people in. as you show

[ginger_johnson]: up more fully physically. ask different questions, ask intentional

[ginger_johnson]: questions. So I just gave a a dinnery experience for a board of directors in

[ginger_johnson]: Nashville, David and Um, I was brought in to provide you know they’re going

[ginger_johnson]: to eat dinner anyway. So let’s have a a different experience So we get into

[ginger_johnson]: the board meeting better, so we communicate better. So have intentional

[ginger_johnson]: questions. Have questions that are slightly unexpected that are personal

[ginger_johnson]: enough not intimate here. I’ll give you my one, am, my go to is tell the

[ginger_johnson]: story with a certain number of people. You can delineate those people, or

[ginger_johnson]: you can go the whole room. Tell the story of your first paycheck job like.

[ginger_johnson]: Oh, Everybody’s got one of those the stories that come out with that David

[ginger_johnson]: are so fun. they are automatically connecting points they are offering And

[ginger_johnson]: what you’re doing by asking those intentional questions Is you’re helping

[ginger_johnson]: people then immediately, just like you do with your meetings, you set the

[ginger_johnson]: bar higher immediately, So everything that dominos after that is way more

[ginger_johnson]: intentional. Those conversations around that question seemingly innocuious

[ginger_johnson]: yet it’s very strategic because then I get into the headspe’s like, Oh, this

[ginger_johnson]: is something that’s real. It’s not like. if youre an animal. What? What

[ginger_johnson]: would you be like That doesn’t go anywhere?

[david_horsager]: Yeah,

[ginger_johnson]: Who cares? See a draft.

[david_horsager]: Mhm.

[ginger_johnson]: if you talk about. Oh yeah, M shoe store. You got a shoe store. One too, or

[ginger_johnson]: my uncle, or right, my my grandma or something. It goes in a completely.

[ginger_johnson]: It. It’s so much more constructive. It’s so much more meaningful. It

[ginger_johnson]: definitely helps establish trust because you’re sharing a story that’s

[ginger_johnson]: personal. There’s a difference between personal instment, but ask

[ginger_johnson]: intentional questions from the Ge. go,

[david_horsager]: I love this. So we got a question for number two. Which is what are you

[david_horsager]: grateful for Yet? You got exactly. You got a second question. Tell a story

[david_horsager]: of a pi. Do you have one more question? By the way that connects? That could

[david_horsager]: connect in the? Yeah?

[ginger_johnson]: oh, um. I do. One is more personal. Um, what I would see here? What’s

[ginger_johnson]: another? good one? Okay? Sure, yeah, I’ve got a whole lity of them. Um one

[ginger_johnson]: is. there’s a pile of airline tickets in front of you on the table. You pick

[ginger_johnson]: one of those up. You can go anywhere. Where would that be? travel? as you

[ginger_johnson]: and I both know, even before we started recording the show, Travel is a

[ginger_johnson]: portal into who people are. Where do you want to go? I just want. I want to

[ginger_johnson]: stay cation. I’m stay here. I’m turning my phone off. I’m getting the

[ginger_johnson]: movies. I am making cookies. whatever, or it’s Oh, I’m flying off to Gree.

[ginger_johnson]: so I’m going to Duby, or I’m going to Wisconsin. Whatever it is, travel

[david_horsager]: Yep,

[ginger_johnson]: tells a different story about who we are and because we connect so

[ginger_johnson]: differently like I’m sure that the people li i. if you’re listening right

[ginger_johnson]: now, you’ve got your own travel stories and you’ve got your own magic with

[ginger_johnson]: those. whatever

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[ginger_johnson]: that spectrum of magic is from, Oh, from Holy, gets to amazing Grace on that

[ginger_johnson]: one, yet

[david_horsager]: Yes,

[ginger_johnson]: travel next, so that that’s another one. Like where would you go tomorrow?

[ginger_johnson]: You could go anywhere,

[david_horsager]: I, I love it. I, and you could. P. I. I’m just jumping around other things

[david_horsager]: that connect people like. What would you read? What book would you pick up?

[david_horsager]: What would you? you know? Those are? those are. so. Yeah, knowing people

[david_horsager]: connecting more, I got to. I got to jump one more place on this before I get

[david_horsager]: to the next question. And that is you know. I’ve got. I’m just thinking

[david_horsager]: personally, got a massive pharmaceutical company we’re working with. They’re

[david_horsager]: all over the world. Some of the leaders might be in Europe, where all their

[david_horsager]: people are in the States or Japan, or And you know, And and they’re

[ginger_johnson]: right.

[david_horsager]: feeling they, They haven’t gotten together for two years. They, hardly. in

[david_horsager]: many cases they’ve had turnover and they, they’ve never met their boss in

[david_horsager]: person and they’re feeling a an incredible lack of connection, which is is

[david_horsager]: is making it hard to hold people accountable. It’s it’s making it hard to

[david_horsager]: really get. Give clarity on priorities. What would you say to that leader

[david_horsager]: that’s trying to connect with this person they are leading? They’re in

[david_horsager]: another country. There’s a lot of gaps, even communication wise. What are?

[david_horsager]: Is there any simple uh

[david_horsager]: ways?

[ginger_johnson]: Yes, Yes, there are, and I’d love that you use the word simple. There is

[ginger_johnson]: some some ease to simplicity. However simple still requires work which we

[ginger_johnson]: know. so I want to make sure that super up front one of the best ways and

[ginger_johnson]: I’ve worked with some great farmer companies, too. They’re lucky to have

[ginger_johnson]: you, David.

[david_horsager]: H,

[ginger_johnson]: when you think about global teams, which is what you’re setting the stage

[ginger_johnson]: for,

[ginger_johnson]: Intentionally schedule a certain amount of time each week. Invest and

[ginger_johnson]: invest’s not to spend

[ginger_johnson]: in one on ones with your people with your team.

[ginger_johnson]: There’s somebody and I forget the resource right now. I think it might be a

[ginger_johnson]: great game of business. Think of the people you work with as direct

[ginger_johnson]: supports, not direct reports. There’s a difference between support and

[ginger_johnson]: report. And so when you set up, say you’re the c, e o or Cw, Suitet or

[ginger_johnson]: director, whatever it is, And you feeling that dis connection, then set up

[ginger_johnson]: intentional appointments and don’t make them fifteen minutes. Make them a

[ginger_johnson]: half an hour. Make them forty five. whatever that is like, Hey, I want to

[ginger_johnson]: let’s let’s get to know each other better. This isn’t kumba. y. At the same

[ginger_johnson]: time Coumba Ya has some value. So what is the Ya? You’re trying to cumba

[ginger_johnson]: with your team? What do you want to know? You can gaify some of it too.

[ginger_johnson]: Because, because we like well, tell us about the ▁x Yise, He, take a picture

[ginger_johnson]: of you hosting a mug in your backyard. You could put a a montage together of

[ginger_johnson]: the different people and then challenge your team. Say hey, I want to get to

[ginger_johnson]: know all of you. Here’s my schedule. sign up over the next six months, and I

[ginger_johnson]: know that these of these teams are enormous. I get that this is still doable

[ginger_johnson]: because connection like trust happens one at a time. one step, one effort

[ginger_johnson]: would move. So that’s that’s one way to do it. Also, I, whenever I fly

[ginger_johnson]: David, I grab the flight magazine and I, I read the The walkidy walk from

[ginger_johnson]: the airline. I say that with respect, the the head person who’s writing the

[david_horsager]: hm.

[ginger_johnson]: editorial Welcome to you know, United or Alaska, and they, they seem like

[ginger_johnson]: they’re really real people. So the other tip I’ll I’ll leave with This one

[ginger_johnson]: is right like you speak

[ginger_johnson]: like I’ve

[ginger_johnson]: read books. I like your books. I like him. I have them, because I can hear

[ginger_johnson]: your voice to me that engenders not just trust. It helps the message sink in

[ginger_johnson]: better, and in fact, I’ve been to one of your workshops from one of your

[ginger_johnson]: fabulous facilitators like Oh, this feels real. So speak real. conjunct.

[ginger_johnson]: your words like Hi, Are the copy editors? You need to make sure it sounds

[ginger_johnson]: like you’re having a real conversation online or off.

[david_horsager]: this is a really big tip for online. In fact, I heard something brilliant.

[david_horsager]: People seemed to kind of come to some of the same things here. I heard

[david_horsager]: someone, I believe on a maintage. We both together,

[david_horsager]: Aaron King, I believe,

[ginger_johnson]: Oh yes,

[david_horsager]: just jumped in my head. I don’t know her personally,

[ginger_johnson]: Mhm,

[david_horsager]: but she said something she said. If people would just write like they talk,

[david_horsager]: people would want to look at their social media, but instead they say

[david_horsager]: instead they say silly things. Um. and and I’ll be real authentic here. I

[david_horsager]: never liked it. We had our art team and I’ve got a great team. but they

[david_horsager]: would say, Uh, David is honored to speak at wherever today, and I’m like,

[david_horsager]: Uh, I would never say that that. I’m like like I, you know, like, but, but

[david_horsager]: you know there is something about people knowing where you are and whatever

[david_horsager]: we don’t post, hardly as much just because I don’t like. you know. I don’t

[david_horsager]: like doing social media. you know, so that’s kind of get run through. but

[david_horsager]: um, but it’s like you know if I do, I might say something like boy, I

[david_horsager]: learned this well, I was speaking all right. I saw. Have you ever thought of

[david_horsager]: this or uh, you know I, That was interesting and maybe I can bring other

[david_horsager]: people along with me. That just gives an interest a value to them. Not like.

[david_horsager]: Oh, about me. it’s just I. when we start to think of writing even on social

[david_horsager]: media, more like David. Um would say it would speak, it just became much

[david_horsager]: more me, like I was more great, proud of it, and more like Okay, This is on

[david_horsager]: brand. Not that kind of whatever you know, Social speak. Um,

[ginger_johnson]: Yes, and I’ taken my errands classes too. Absolutely you can. you can couch

[ginger_johnson]: your message by starting with the audience and everybody. Frankly, I rarely

[ginger_johnson]: wa the shouldd, but think about that seriously, Because you can get to what

[ginger_johnson]: you offer and if it’s truly an offer, the right person will pick it up. Make

[ginger_johnson]: sure it relates to that audience first. That’s the connection that to trust

[ginger_johnson]: youring tot a hundred percent with you,

[david_horsager]: love it. So I got to get to this because this is interesting. You wrote an

[david_horsager]: article on it. Everybody can learn more Ginger Johnson, Dot com, Ginger

[david_horsager]: Johnson. make it snappy, Ginger. All right, Gingered. I’m sure somebody said

[david_horsager]: that, but that

[david_horsager]: that

[ginger_johnson]: Nicke.

[david_horsager]: you are

[david_horsager]: uh, ginger, Ginger Johnson, Dot com, And um, we’ll see all this in the show

[david_horsager]: notes, and where you can find out a whole lot more of the about this Chief

[david_horsager]: connector and friend of mine, but I want to jump in to the activate the

[david_horsager]: power.

[ginger_johnson]: Yes,

[david_horsager]: Tell us about it.

[ginger_johnson]: like you, David. I’ve written some books and we need to have a cup of coffee

[ginger_johnson]: and find out why you’ve exactly written books. I could hedge, you be. I

[ginger_johnson]: wrote the book because I wanted it to be a tool. It’s actually my second

[ginger_johnson]: book. It’s the connectivity canon, And as I was writing it, I got it. You

[ginger_johnson]: get in. I get into flow. I love to write. Get into flow, and things start

[ginger_johnson]: coming out like. Why? why is this easy for me Or why does this feel easy for

[ginger_johnson]: me? Which is the whole reason I wrote this people’. like you’re so good at

[ginger_johnson]: this. How do you know everybody when you walk in the room like I’m listening

[ginger_johnson]: Different like the ears changed up like a potato head dog like. Oh, they’re

[ginger_johnson]: saying something. There’s something that they want that I can teach them And

[ginger_johnson]: so, as I was writing the canon,

[ginger_johnson]: I realized David that there, there, some themes were coming up over and over

[ginger_johnson]: again. I’m a positive person, just like you. Are they comeing on our

[ginger_johnson]: poorers, So we’re either people or we’re not, and that’s very obvious. Right

[ginger_johnson]: up front, Positive is the first part of power. You must be in the positive

[ginger_johnson]: space, Because if you’re in the positive space, you don’t have room for the

[ginger_johnson]: negative. Either, Right, positive is trusting Positive is silver linings.

[ginger_johnson]: Positive is the snowstorm and I’ve got all the cocoa and goodies I need, and

[ginger_johnson]: I’m inside the object.

[david_horsager]: How do you do it? Oh, weve got to jump in here, Because how do we get? So

[david_horsager]: for good reasons, somebody else has. Um, you know, incobed. They’re in a

[david_horsager]: tiny apartment that.

[ginger_johnson]: Yes,

[david_horsager]: Uh,

[david_horsager]: Mom is trying to lead these kids and she’s doing her job. The husband has

[david_horsager]: coveed, maybe, or your partner has co. whatever they, And, and they’re stuck

[david_horsager]: in this department. This is happening. That’s happening. Their parents just

[david_horsager]: passed away. I mean there, there’s real stuff going on and

[ginger_johnson]: right,

[david_horsager]: and and and the the dog’s sick. What? what do we? You know? How do we? You

[david_horsager]: know? What are some ways we can bring this

[ginger_johnson]: yes,

[david_horsager]: Um positive

[ginger_johnson]: Yes, Yes, you’re right, cause this is not just a cowgon ad.

[david_horsager]: for those that it’s not natural for for

[ginger_johnson]: Yes,

[david_horsager]: you and I? it’s natural right.

[ginger_johnson]: y,

[david_horsager]: It’s it’s natural to start there.

[ginger_johnson]: yes,

[david_horsager]: And and it’s not always fair because we had good for me. I think of my

[david_horsager]: upbring and a whole lot of things that built that in me. That wasn’t because

[david_horsager]: of me. And yet I see what happened to someone else and it’s not their fault

[david_horsager]: that that happened to them. And yet they have to carry a different way thin

[david_horsager]: me, and I’m frustrated. they’re not positive.

[ginger_johnson]: right, right right, you’re absolutely right. I’m glad you stoped the bus and

[ginger_johnson]: said, Hang on. Let’s back up. The Pa. must start with the Y in mind. set.

[ginger_johnson]: the Why is your purpose? it’s your vision. It’s literally shutting your eyes

[ginger_johnson]: if you’re listening right now, close your eyes. take a deep breath and say

[ginger_johnson]: Okay, Why am I doing this thing? What? What is this work? I’ve chosen to

[ginger_johnson]: engage in? What is this spousal arrangement? This these children. The the

[ginger_johnson]: dog, the whatever it is, in every kind of configuration. Why are we doing

[ginger_johnson]: this thing? Why am I waking up and jumping into this? That’s a really really

[ginger_johnson]: big question. That’s learning to trust yourself for the vision. That’s the

[ginger_johnson]: stuff that gets us through the slog and the slew and the muck and a lot of

[ginger_johnson]: people. You’re right. There’s no disrespect to that. There’s whoof. Yeah,

[ginger_johnson]: this is one unprecedented time at the same time. No matter when you’re

[ginger_johnson]: listening to this, there will always. that’s called life welcome. It was not

[ginger_johnson]: an easy pass. It was like this is life. So to pause in those moments or to

[ginger_johnson]: pause the beginning your day. Meditate. whatever meditation doesn’t have to

[ginger_johnson]: be sitting with your legs crossed. It’s pausing in a ▁quiet space in a

[ginger_johnson]: closet in the corner of the kitchen, outside on your stoop or on your

[ginger_johnson]: balcony.

[ginger_johnson]: O, Okay self, remind me, taugh, self talk, I think is really powerful. Uh,

[ginger_johnson]: and and rescenter, why are we doing this? We’ve both had you know. in our

[ginger_johnson]: conversation day we talk about like we, the tough stuff and getting through

[ginger_johnson]: in it while it might feel very frivolous or white collar like. actually, it

[ginger_johnson]: still matters. There’s nothing small about anybody’s life, So to

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[ginger_johnson]: reframe and get back into the why we’re doing this thing and then give

[ginger_johnson]: yourself the permission. That’s a whole other topic we can talk about

[ginger_johnson]: another time. The permission

[david_horsager]: Mhm, mhm,

[ginger_johnson]: slips to let go of what still is congesting the traffic of your life. Once

[ginger_johnson]: you’ve got that ye re established. Okay, I marry this person ’cause I love

[ginger_johnson]: them. I mean still on that space is is still a relationship I’m willing to

[ginger_johnson]: invest in. Yes, then the mindse that’s where the power starts to come in. If

[ginger_johnson]: I’m going to say yes to this that I’m choosing the choice. I am choosing

[david_horsager]: mhm,

[ginger_johnson]: to be in the positive mindset. What is that that means? looking for the

[ginger_johnson]: positive, looking for the Y in the road? as I toll in my book too, and I

[ginger_johnson]: teach myth model. When we reach those wise, it’s not a yes or no. it’s it’s

[ginger_johnson]: a stay or go, David. So we stay

[david_horsager]: Mm.

[ginger_johnson]: the course or we go in a different direction So you’re right. we need to tea

[david_horsager]: Yep,

[ginger_johnson]: up. This is not just some piece of fluff.

[david_horsager]: yeah, and I I want to get to the others, but I I love this because I know

[david_horsager]: you and you are. um, a fullj. You’re You bring positive and you exude it and

[david_horsager]: it’s so fun, but you also are real And that’s what I love about this. It’s

[david_horsager]: not just some kind of coumb. By Aw, it’s like and the and the w. by the way

[david_horsager]: for people is is a y in the road. It’s not just just having the y. the

[david_horsager]: purpose. A couple

[ginger_johnson]: Yes,

[david_horsager]: of ideas come to mind that I want to link together of what you already said.

[david_horsager]: Um, but you said pause. maybe pause and breathe in a moment. That can help

[david_horsager]: us think positive. Uh, for me, exercise can help me. Movement can help me be

[david_horsager]: Uh, more positive. letting things go. But one thing you said already, Uh

[david_horsager]: earlier, being grateful so at least it calls it. see the good. Uh, my wife,

[david_horsager]: leasta

[ginger_johnson]: yes, yes,

[david_horsager]: see the good. and sometimes we’re like Oh the K. something in the morning

[david_horsager]: like we’re This is frustrating and that’s happened or what? The kid? What

[david_horsager]: kind of choice do they don? Watch us as amazing parents that we are

[david_horsager]: you. But, but we’ll hold hands in bed, Uh, before we get up or before we

[david_horsager]: sleep, and we’ll just say Okay. What are you grateful for? We? gra. we got

[david_horsager]: to stop that talk and it’s not that we don’t want to see the negative and

[david_horsager]: deal with it? Um, but we got to pause and just start naming the good if we

[david_horsager]: really get. if’. Frustrated about something. There’s holding hands and

[david_horsager]: saying, Oh yeah, but I’m grateful for this. I’m grateful that that does

[david_horsager]: shift toward positive for us. So it’s one idea that piggybas on what you’re

[david_horsager]: doing, so the pe is positive. Oh,

[ginger_johnson]: Oh is objective. I debated between open minded and objective, David and

[ginger_johnson]: objective quickly rose to the top. You can have a whole room of people and I

[ginger_johnson]: do this when I’ giving keynote’s main stages like raise your hand. If you

[ginger_johnson]: think you’re open minded, what’s going to happen? Everybody can raise her

[ginger_johnson]: hand or stand up. You can see this comage should fish and barrel. And then

[ginger_johnson]: if I say okay, keep your hand raised or stay standing. If you’ll join me for

[ginger_johnson]: some raw octopus pizza. Like what happens? Most people sit down now. That

[ginger_johnson]: might seem slightly ridiculous and know I’m not going to serve that up,

[ginger_johnson]: because I don’t particularly care for octopus. But the point is that

[ginger_johnson]: objective is suspending judgment.

[ginger_johnson]: Open minded is a self prescribed. Yeah, I’m open mind ever is going to say

[ginger_johnson]: Theyre open minded. Well, what are you

[david_horsager]: y.

[ginger_johnson]: open to Is the qualifier If you’re objective, Your suspending judgment again

[ginger_johnson]: if you’re in that ▁zone, you literally can’t be judgmental. The objective is

[ginger_johnson]: the curious. In fact, a concept. I teach that some of my leaders absolutely

[ginger_johnson]: love is hypercurious, David. When we are hypercurious, that objectivity just

[ginger_johnson]: goes bonkers. Like whoh? there I go. The whole sandbox is mine because I

[ginger_johnson]: think. Oh, then what’s possible in this and you start to chase the chain of

[ginger_johnson]: the open ended journalistic questions. I call the pros and the who? What?

[ginger_johnson]: Why we wehow, And which? and then just like you and Lisa like, Oh, yeah, the

[ginger_johnson]: frame completely switches. The stuff is still there. yet that stuff is also

[ginger_johnson]: different, too. We inherently change the stuff because we change ourselves

[ginger_johnson]: so objective, suspending judgment. What’s really going on here? That’s what

[ginger_johnson]: objective is about?

[david_horsager]: hm. I love it, and we got the great seven questions. Okay, here we go, pa Pa

[david_horsager]: power with a w.

[ginger_johnson]: Oh,

[ginger_johnson]: While the number one trait desired by Boards for C, E Os is reliability,

[ginger_johnson]: reliability relies on willingness. Willing is the W. You’ve got to be

[ginger_johnson]: willing, David. I know you know that you’ve got to be willing to trust.

[ginger_johnson]: You’ve gotta be willing to connect. You’ve gotta be willing to walk through

[ginger_johnson]: that door or to get on the screen to do the thing to get to the. the, the

[ginger_johnson]: objectives, the goals, the accomplishments, to enjoy a great sunset with

[ginger_johnson]: family. Whatever that is,

[ginger_johnson]: that willingness is the the propulsion. I would say that iss the most

[ginger_johnson]: important piece of power when we are willing. We literally we are open.

[ginger_johnson]: Where our our physicality is open. our physiology is open, and we say all

[ginger_johnson]: right, this is what I chosen again, founded in the Y, and the mindset that

[ginger_johnson]: willingness really gets goes from from from momentum and traraction to

[ginger_johnson]: turning into a fly wheel, which that self

[david_horsager]: Hm.

[ginger_johnson]: perpetuation,

[david_horsager]: I love it. I love something you said a while ago. Connection happens one at

[david_horsager]: a time. Now we’ve got po, p. o w, positive. objective and willing. You’ve

[david_horsager]: given us so much in just twenty, Uh, some minutes. Boom, so let’s go here

[david_horsager]: because let’s get a little bit personal on. everybody has dinner parties.

[david_horsager]: Everybody’s trying to connect with people at home. You wrote a great article

[david_horsager]: on connection over dinner. and maybe that’s just with our own family. But

[david_horsager]: what are some ideas we got? There’s technology. there’s interruptions.

[david_horsager]: There’s this is one of the things My pet peeve is Actually people, not not

[david_horsager]: the people, but if people wear a smart watch and don’t have it shut off. You

[david_horsager]: know what I mean. Oh, I got to. Oh, I got Buz buzz buzz like I’ve got an old

[david_horsager]: fashioned one. but partly I, just that when every every time they jerk when

[david_horsager]: the their arm buzzes it, it just is like. Oh, my goodness, am I here or

[david_horsager]: what? So how do we do it in this new world? How do we kind of have? Give us

[david_horsager]: some tips for connecting over dinner?

[ginger_johnson]: Yeah, great question. First of all, I’m sure you’ve heard of you. Put the

[ginger_johnson]: the cell phone pile somewhere in the first one. like if you’re at a

[ginger_johnson]: restaurant, the first one who picks

[david_horsager]: Yep,

[ginger_johnson]: up has to pay. Okay if you’re going to do a punishment. Do something that

[ginger_johnson]: you really don’t want to do. It’s like Yeah, I Bt dinner for everybody. No,

[ginger_johnson]: No donate to something that you hate. Anyway, it hates us. You know what’m

[ginger_johnson]: saying? How

[david_horsager]: yeah, yeah,

[ginger_johnson]: do you? you set the premise, you set the tone. We’re only distracted if we

[ginger_johnson]: let ourselves be. So for example, your your team with the farmer company you

[ginger_johnson]: mentioned. There’s no

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[ginger_johnson]: Shananagans once we’re getting into business, and this business happens to

[ginger_johnson]: have some very profound impacts, so don’t allow or let me rephrase that, so

[ginger_johnson]: as positive, set the bar, set the tone be the example for saying there is no

[ginger_johnson]: distraction. So put your things over there. put them in the other room.

[ginger_johnson]: whatever it is. Collect them. If you need to do that, then do that. Nobody’s

[ginger_johnson]: going to die if you’re not wearing your smart phone or your watch or

[ginger_johnson]: whatever those do, hickies are, we mean. You remember the days where you

[ginger_johnson]: still grab the phone from the wall, right like

[david_horsager]: I know,

[ginger_johnson]: we didn’t wonder

[david_horsager]: and

[ginger_johnson]: who ising while we’re all running errands. Um, so

[david_horsager]: exactly.

[ginger_johnson]: set one as the leader and a leader By the way is not position

[ginger_johnson]: descriptive. You can lead in every single way, shape or form age, make model

[ginger_johnson]: size, color position, whatever it is, Be the leader in your own mind, Say,

[ginger_johnson]: I’m not going to let myself get distracted. This is a choice, so I’m going

[ginger_johnson]: to do this if you are the leader. If you’re the organizer, then set that

[ginger_johnson]: tone of you know no cellphs. And you say it. it’s kind of like being on an

[ginger_johnson]: airplane, you, or leave your seat. Beelt fasted. Well, we all hear the

[ginger_johnson]: people uncicking And I always think. What are you trying to prove or why are

[ginger_johnson]: you doing that? Like what is that accomplished? It doesn’t accomplish

[ginger_johnson]: anything, so being

[ginger_johnson]: benevolent, being being a a kind leader and still being firm First of all,

[ginger_johnson]: when they know you’re serious, they will follow suit. You know this. that’s

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[ginger_johnson]: trust. That’s also stronger connection. Like okay, Well, David’s telling me

[ginger_johnson]: I have to do this and then all of a sudden what David’s given me is that is

[ginger_johnson]: that invite to say, Ginger. I want you here and this matters so I’m goingnna

[ginger_johnson]: help you be focused. So that’s one thing at at dinner parties. Like I just

[ginger_johnson]: gave the A board of directors at a Um, advanced Practitioner board retreat

[ginger_johnson]: before their board meeting and I had teeed up with those question. Some of

[ginger_johnson]: those questions. Why do I want them to intentionally talk about to get

[ginger_johnson]: different kinds of juices flowing so they connect with each other in a a new

[ginger_johnson]: more meaningful way? Once you start doing that as a habit as a pattern, then

[ginger_johnson]: it starts to take off by itself. And then hey, how about this pass the baton

[ginger_johnson]: once in a while. who is your right hand? Who’s another person that we rarely

[ginger_johnson]: hear from, which is a whole other conversation. For another time, there’s

[ginger_johnson]: different ways to make sure everybody contributes and participates in a way

[ginger_johnson]: that matters and is meaningful. So Passington, you know you said Ginger. I

[ginger_johnson]: want you to do this this time like. Oh, okay, Well, give me a couple guard

[ginger_johnson]: rails. You think okay, this is you. I’m trusting you. Go for it. Make it

[ginger_johnson]: yours Okay. when given the opportunity, I think Everybody listening, David.

[ginger_johnson]: I think you know this. I know I know this. When given the opportunity and

[ginger_johnson]: teeed up in a safe space with grace, everybody rises to the challenge.

[david_horsager]: Hm, Mhm, Hm,

[ginger_johnson]: That’s powerful.

[david_horsager]: I love it past the baton. Let

[ginger_johnson]: Yeah,

[david_horsager]: people rise to the challenge. Let people lead love some of so that you can

[david_horsager]: use power right in the dinner party. All these

[david_horsager]: things work together, So wow, droping a lot here. Yes, go ahead,

[ginger_johnson]: y. absolutely. There’s

[ginger_johnson]: let me one little tiny proscript when you’re in those moments and you see it

[ginger_johnson]: going sideways Because it’s not always going to go forward When you see it

[ginger_johnson]: going sideways and the positively starts to you know. Detour to the

[ginger_johnson]: negative. Then it’s your responsibility to bring in bond back and what you

[ginger_johnson]: can do. A couple symbols, whether you watching or listening. Um, if you’re

[ginger_johnson]: watching, you can see this if you’re listening. Make your hands in the sign

[ginger_johnson]: of the Universal tea syndrome the time out,

[ginger_johnson]: and bring it on back yet. So if we’re talking and I start to go down a

[ginger_johnson]: rabbit trail, David, you can hold up. Make that tea symbol where your tips

[ginger_johnson]: of one hand hit the inside of the the middle of your other hand and say hang

[ginger_johnson]: on ginger. Now that thing you are talking about earlier, you can just get

[ginger_johnson]: rid of the stuff that started turning negative and go back to what the point

[ginger_johnson]: was or where

[david_horsager]: h.

[ginger_johnson]: the conversation really is going to flourish. you know, D. Ginger, when you

[ginger_johnson]: were talking about this thing, Uh, tell me more. tell me more. it’s a

[ginger_johnson]: phenomenal phrase.

[david_horsager]: mhm.

[ginger_johnson]: Tell me more about that. Let’s keep going on that

[ginger_johnson]: you can

[david_horsager]: Yep,

[ginger_johnson]: phys. You do that. I raise my hand if I’m in a room or I’m an interview or

[ginger_johnson]: something like that, and people like, Oh, Oh, you have something. So that’s

[ginger_johnson]: that’s like a kind interruption tactic too, cause all of a sudden people are

[ginger_johnson]: wondering. Should I be doing this? It just stops. pauses. It’s kind you’re

[ginger_johnson]: not being read like I used to be a radio host. I wish I could raised my hand

[ginger_johnson]: on the radio so those arequial tactics to help bring it on back more in that

[ginger_johnson]: vein of connection, trust, power and and progress,

[david_horsager]: loads of uh, just little tips. and with the phrase of tell me more and you

[david_horsager]: know

[david_horsager]: just

[david_horsager]: a lot here. I’ so grateful for you. Where can we find out more? You’ve got a

[david_horsager]: couple great books. We’re going to put all this in the show, Not trusted

[david_horsager]: Leader show Dot com.

[david_horsager]: Where where do you want us to come? Where can we connect with you? First?

[ginger_johnson]: So good, David. Thank you. I’m so honored to be here. Uh, Ginger Johnckson

[ginger_johnson]: Dot com. That was a joke for those who listening to earlier, Geninger

[ginger_johnson]: Johnson, dot Com is where the nexus is. You can go there. You can connect

[ginger_johnson]: with me. You can set up an appointment. If you’ve got a stage, you’re

[ginger_johnson]: looking to have somebody great. If David’s already been there. Go to him

[ginger_johnson]: first. If you’re looking for another great person, I’d love to be there. The

[ginger_johnson]: book is on there. It’s a brand new site working with your friends and mine

[ginger_johnson]: from video narrative, Um, and speaker real. Everything starts there. I’m

[david_horsager]: Yept, before I get to the final question. So Ginger Chason dot com, but the

[ginger_johnson]: very active on Linkton, Would love to hear from some leaders. What was

[ginger_johnson]: useful would love to find out from you. Ah, oh mighty listener. But that’s

[ginger_johnson]: that’s where it’s all going down the book and the whole nine yards.

[david_horsager]: final question before you get the final question. one more connection. Tip.

[david_horsager]: you can put from anything you’ve written or said, one. ▁ote statement or tip

[ginger_johnson]: Yes, I got it.

[ginger_johnson]: Watch your language, and this isn’t your eighth grade English teacher

[ginger_johnson]: telling you this. Go for the positive, One of the best piece of advice I’ve

[ginger_johnson]: ever gotten in my life. Jack Anderson from the Ace Hardware Corporation.

[ginger_johnson]: Interesting, his lasting startars with Andy is to use. and instead of butt,

[ginger_johnson]: replace your aunt, and you change your world. Andne is additive, but to

[david_horsager]: Mhm.

[ginger_johnson]: subtractive, dismiss of discounting leaders. think about the end. It’s the

[ginger_johnson]: classic improv, Yes, and start with Anne, The Magic Vand is a life changer

[ginger_johnson]: challenge yourself. Have somebody you do this with any time somebody says,

[ginger_johnson]: But catch him. do a hand. Do some sort of something like. Oh right changes

[ginger_johnson]: everything.

[david_horsager]: Absolutely,

[david_horsager]: here we are

[ginger_johnson]: Okay

[david_horsager]: landing the plane that we could. we could fly to another. We could

[ginger_johnson]: or

[david_horsager]: fly to another city of connection. We could make another connection. Right,

[ginger_johnson]: yes’s, so many great people

[david_horsager]: this is not a connecting flight. We have to land this one final question.

[david_horsager]: Final question is’ the trusted leader Show, who’s the leader you trust And

[david_horsager]: why,

[ginger_johnson]: I’m going to pick to day from the whole army of people. I’m grateful to know

[ginger_johnson]: Terry Cardin, Terry Carton has started multiple businesses. She’s a software

[ginger_johnson]: engineer. She serves associations. I look at Cherry as a trusted leader

[ginger_johnson]: because she’s a hundred per cent real. Just like you were talking earlier.

[ginger_johnson]: She iss truly what Authentic says In the dictionary. She’s having fun. She’s

[ginger_johnson]: living in the life. She’s doing the thing she’s digging in. She never loses

[ginger_johnson]: her sense of humor. She always has her sense of empathy and humanity

[ginger_johnson]: and I, she’s so much fun to be with. I think that fun leaders are so

[ginger_johnson]: grounded, And so Terry is Terry’s leader. Absolutely trust, Ah, I adore and

[ginger_johnson]: I encourage anybody who wants to look at somebody like her to look her up

[ginger_johnson]: for sure.

[david_horsager]: Fantastic Ginger. thank you so much for being here. Thanks for being my

[david_horsager]: friend. That’s been the trusted leader Show this time until next time

[david_horsager]: stay trusted.

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