Ep. 74: Jason Hewlett on The Power Of The Promise

In this episode, David sits down with Jason Hewlett, Leadership Expert, Author, and Hall of Fame Speaker, to discuss the power of The Promise.

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Jason’s Bio:
Having delivered thousands of presentations over 2 decades, Jason Hewlett is the only speaker in the world teaching leadership in a performance of uncanny musical and comedy impressions, utilizing the legends of stage. “The Promise” is a keynote speech that feels like a show, with proven processes and immediately implementable takeaways to transform your business and leadership skills.

Jason is the author of the Facebook post entitled, “I Saw My Wife at Target Today”, which has been seen by more than 100 million people. A recent, and one of the youngest inductees in the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, his talks inspire leadership from the perspective of a Promise, while giving attendees an engaging, entertaining, and educational experience all in one.

Jason’s Links:
Website: https://jasonhewlett.com/
“The Promise Of The One” by Jason Hewlett: https://amzn.to/3IXq2OB
Jason’s Blog: https://jasonhewlett.com/blog/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonhewlett/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonhewlettentertainer/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonhewlett/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jasonrhewlett
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jason.hewlett

Key Quotes:
1. “Every leader has signature moves.”
2. “A promise is essentially whatever you say you’re going to do and you do.”
3. “How do you stand out in a sit down world?”
4. “A promise is the highest level of engagement we commit to any experience.”
5. “When we set a goal it’s a deadline but when we make a promise it becomes a behavior.”
6. “Goals are particulars. Promises are proclamations.”
7. “There are people that do incredible things each and every day.”
8. “If we’re incongruent it will be noticed because our integrity is our harmony.”
9. “We can become a great leader.”

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Show Transcript

[david_horsager]: Welcome, too, the trusted leader showed David Horsager, I have a special

[david_horsager]: guest and a friend. He’s one of the funniest guys I know, but more than that

[david_horsager]: he’s one of the kindest Uh. he’s great on stage, but he’s great off stage.

[david_horsager]: He’s a leader of his family and uh, in just a whole lot of other ways’,

[david_horsager]: written a great book. He’s got a great message that is relevant to everyone.

[david_horsager]: We’ going to talk about a little bit. Please welcome my friend Jason

[david_horsager]: Hewlett,

[jason_hewlett]: Hey, hey, thanks for having me, brother.

[david_horsager]: Jason,

[david_horsager]: Jason, Hey, you’re coming to us from Salt Lake City area, Utah. Uh, at your

[david_horsager]: home studio today and I’m grateful for that. You were one of the youngest

[david_horsager]: inducted. I think you might unsated me, but into the speaker hall of fame

[david_horsager]: you are. Uh, you know, you’ve been on the the Las Vegas strip as one of the

[david_horsager]: greatest entertainers and I think you are the funniest speaker I know, but

[david_horsager]: you have a solid, clear, powerful message. You’ve worked. Do a lot of work

[david_horsager]: with millionaires and billionaires. Give us just the quick background on

[david_horsager]: Jason. What’s the two minute that we don’t know

[jason_hewlett]: Well, first of all, what a pleasure to be here. I love this podcast Was

[jason_hewlett]: telling you how many episodes I’ve enjoyed lately with all of our friends and

[jason_hewlett]: tell you started my career in Las Vegas. Yes, as an impersonator I was

[jason_hewlett]: impersonated of Ricky Martin and Elton John in the same Legends and concert

[jason_hewlett]: show, So I got to impersonate you living in Avia Lua, Then I’m jumping into

[jason_hewlett]: the Eton John outfit and go,

[jason_hewlett]: Ma, so, and swans for you. So I figured out really quickly not only do those

[jason_hewlett]: people have signature moves that make them unique, but that I also had a

[jason_hewlett]: signature move for doing voices making people laugh, and created a career out

[jason_hewlett]: of that over twenty years ago, and through the process of discovering how to

[jason_hewlett]: find the essence of a person helped me also to realze. Every leader has

[jason_hewlett]: signature moves, and so how do we discover that, And that becomes our promise

[jason_hewlett]: to share it with the world, and so as a performer after dinner entertainer,

[jason_hewlett]: Those types of things for corporate events. I have performed in every casino

[jason_hewlett]: in Las Vegas and equally have transition from entertain after dinner to early

[jason_hewlett]: morning keynote speaker, fighting the slot with David Horsersgger,

[jason_hewlett]: and, and never winning, Because you’re always the one that takes the gig, But

[jason_hewlett]: I’ll tell you what, I’m a very happy, sloppy second for any client that wants

[jason_hewlett]: me.

[david_horsager]: you’? It’s amazing you know your work alligns with all that we do out of the

[david_horsager]: trustege leadership. inste your your message. Now the promise I want to get

[david_horsager]: into that. but before we do I didn’ ask for this ahead of time. And you know

[david_horsager]: what, it’s not going to do a justice when. If people are just listening and

[david_horsager]: not seeing you, you probably can’t do some of the moves you do with your

[david_horsager]: face that are unbelievable. But what? What’s a couple more impersonations?

[david_horsager]: you can give us to start out. Uh, before you get into even more the valuable

[david_horsager]: content.

[jason_hewlett]: Yeah, you know when I was a kid, finding out I could do voices that was a big

[jason_hewlett]: deal, like Uh, Py, Herman was a big one when you and I were kids, you know,

[jason_hewlett]: it was like

[jason_hewlett]: anybody,

[jason_hewlett]: and that’s obviously not allowed to do any morere in public. But then I

[jason_hewlett]: realized I could do Alvin and the Chipmunks masc, mouth, townow, Ma, you

[jason_hewlett]: know, and then I’m doing Louis Armstrong, and I think dema say I don’t want

[jason_hewlett]: there forward. Birr and I found out I could do funny things with my face for

[jason_hewlett]: the people that are going to view this online. But I found out that when I

[jason_hewlett]: practice those things, it made people laugh, even if even if they said it was

[jason_hewlett]: weird or ugly or bizarre, the laugh is what we leaned into. and so the next

[jason_hewlett]: thing I knew, I became known as the kid that spread joy, and that’s become my

[jason_hewlett]: life. Promise.

[david_horsager]: And you know,

[david_horsager]: Speaking of that you, you’re really good at self depreating humor.

[david_horsager]: It’s just it’s not you know. bringing everybody else down, Really bring

[david_horsager]: everybody else up. So let’s get to the promise you know you. You’ve done all

[david_horsager]: this work in the promise you written on the prompt to get the proms. Now,

[david_horsager]: what? what’s the promise? What? what’s the brief? What’s that mean?

[jason_hewlett]: Yeah, I speak about promises, and I just ask the audience. You know what is a

[jason_hewlett]: promise to you, promises, essentially whatever you say you’re going to do,

[jason_hewlett]: and you do, and all these sales meetings that I go to in leadership where

[jason_hewlett]: they’re talking about goal setting and I love goals. I’ve said goals my whole

[jason_hewlett]: life, but I noticed a while back that if I said a go and I missed it, I just

[jason_hewlett]: set another one And so I say, Why set a goal and we can make a promise.

[jason_hewlett]: Because if you said a goal and you miss, you just said another one. But if

[jason_hewlett]: you make a promise and break it, that’s a one and done. So what are the

[jason_hewlett]: sacred goals? That are your promises, the non negotiables, the intangibles,

[jason_hewlett]: the hundred percent accountables. And so, I just say that there’s three

[jason_hewlett]: elements to the promise. The first is our audience, because we’re all

[jason_hewlett]: performers. Those are our clients or customers, And then there’s a promise to

[jason_hewlett]: our family, which is the family at work, in the family at home, and the final

[jason_hewlett]: one is the promise to the one, which is my book. The promise to the one is

[jason_hewlett]: yourself, and so I just say.

[jason_hewlett]: Well, you know you could, said a promiseed to your boss or or, or make a

[jason_hewlett]: promise to the customer. But what about the promises we make and break to

[jason_hewlett]: ourselves, And so writing a book about that first really established the

[jason_hewlett]: promise itself.

[david_horsager]: Absolutely? and you talk about speaking of promises and processes, You talk

[david_horsager]: about this. I c. M process Under the promise. Tell us about that. maybe with

[david_horsager]: what’s identity?

[jason_hewlett]: Yeah, so I see M when I, when I talk about S discovering your signature moves

[jason_hewlett]: or your personal brand. That, which makes you who you are, because as you

[jason_hewlett]: knows, we just talked about, I am an ex spurt at pulling out the essence of a

[jason_hewlett]: human in order to impersonate them, and so finding out that everybody has

[jason_hewlett]: those skills, and so forth, I was fascinated David. the first time I stood in

[jason_hewlett]: front of a group of leaders, very successful men and I said, Hey, what’s your

[jason_hewlett]: signature move? What makes you stand out in a sit down world And they were

[jason_hewlett]: like dear in headlights, And I said you guys don’t know. It makes you unique.

[jason_hewlett]: How are you a great leader and how can you help others discover that too? And

[jason_hewlett]: so we came up with the process called the I M process. To discover it. I see,

[jason_hewlett]: Em, stands for identify. Clarify, Magnify. And so we a, just sit down and I

[jason_hewlett]: really force these guys to do a challenging process, which is to just write

[jason_hewlett]: good things about yourself. Write what you identify you’re good at, And you

[jason_hewlett]: know, if I were to say Hey, right down, five things are good at. They have a

[jason_hewlett]: problem with that. That’s hard, but if I say right down five things you can

[jason_hewlett]: improve, they’re like. Oh, I got twenty simple. So I, I flip the script and

[jason_hewlett]: say, let’s try to write down a hundred

[jason_hewlett]: things that we are naturally good at have become our skill set even

[jason_hewlett]: aspirationally, and once they’ve identified as many as they can, we unpack

[jason_hewlett]: those and it comes up with a cool identified list for the person that’s going

[jason_hewlett]: through the process, Clarifies when you bring in other people, and that’s a

[jason_hewlett]: fun

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[jason_hewlett]: one. A, because,

[david_horsager]: Yeah,

[jason_hewlett]: then you’re asking people you trust They clarify for you what they see in

[jason_hewlett]: you. That makes you great. You don’t even see the signature moves that they

[jason_hewlett]: see in you, And so like

[david_horsager]: Absolutely,

[jason_hewlett]: I might say to M, You know, in my identified list I might identify am a funny

[jason_hewlett]: guy, but you, David might say to me, Dude, you’re not funny. You’re freaking

[jason_hewlett]: hilarious and I’m like, Oh, I like the clarification word that you gave me

[jason_hewlett]: better, so I’ll lean into that that I’m hilarious. Okay, I love that, and

[jason_hewlett]: then I can magnify this whole process by going out and working on each of

[jason_hewlett]: those traits that I come up with as my top ten or twenty. and it changes my

[jason_hewlett]: life the way that I bring my promised proclamation and everything I do. It’s

[jason_hewlett]: a really cool process

[david_horsager]: it’s a really cool process. I think the interesting thing about that clarify

[david_horsager]: before you magnify as often we don’t see. We think everybody is good at the

[david_horsager]: thing that we’re naturally good at. We think. Oh, that’s easy for everybody.

[david_horsager]: I bet. so that’s not really unique. And yet that thing can be very unique

[david_horsager]: and others see it in us often before we might see it in ourselves. So I.

[jason_hewlett]: so well said perfect. Yeah, and and you know it’s a S. It’s a superpow that

[jason_hewlett]: we don’t even even recognize in ourselves that we have another. see us do it.

[jason_hewlett]: and we’re They’re like, Dude, You need to do that every time and you’re like.

[jason_hewlett]: I just naturally do that. I don’t know why you think it’s so special, but it

[jason_hewlett]: truly is and that’s what makes us awesome.

[david_horsager]: yeah, So this promsed proclamation. Tell me about some pe. Give us a little

[david_horsager]: more clarity to it and then I want to ask some examples of people that have

[david_horsager]: really made a promise and kept it. What have you seen out there when you’

[david_horsager]: help people do it, or what have you seen or ones that you have made? But

[david_horsager]: first give us a little more clarity that promised proclamation.

[jason_hewlett]: Yeah, so when it comes to the magnification portion, that is where the

[jason_hewlett]: promise comes into it. So if there are words such as my wife gave me the word

[jason_hewlett]: thoughtful, you’re thoughtful and I was like. I didn’t know I was thoughtful.

[jason_hewlett]: I didn’t think enough to know I was thoughtful and I thought I’m going to now

[jason_hewlett]: proclaim that is part of my promise. And so how can I be thoughtful in every

[jason_hewlett]: dealing with every client? How can I be thoughtful with my children? How can

[jason_hewlett]: I be thoughtful even with myself? And so now I’m a little bit more

[jason_hewlett]: accountable to the things and the actions that I do. It changes

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[jason_hewlett]: the way that we live every single day how we interact with our customers. And

[jason_hewlett]: that’s why I like to say that A a promise is the highest level of engagement

[jason_hewlett]: we commit to in any experience. Because I don’t care about the goals you, you

[jason_hewlett]: know, you set.

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[jason_hewlett]: I. I care about the promises you make and keep and so keep a promise with me

[jason_hewlett]: When it comes to M, magnifying that I just say, what are the proclamations

[jason_hewlett]: you want to have in your life? And eventually we can come up with a a

[jason_hewlett]: proclamation that leads everything. So for me it’s been. I promise to spread

[jason_hewlett]: joy in every interaction. And so if

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[jason_hewlett]: I’m at a restaurant and the waitress walks up and hands me some food, I’m

[jason_hewlett]: going to say something that will bring her joy, whether it’s complimenting

[jason_hewlett]: her uh, efforts, or do something silly with my face,

[jason_hewlett]: you know, or maybe be like. What’s in this drink. It just ruined my voice,

[jason_hewlett]: you know, and then they laugh. But I am spreading joy wherever I go, and that

[jason_hewlett]: becomes a promise I could easily hide that all day it’s it’s

[david_horsager]: Mhm, Mhm,

[jason_hewlett]: easier to just lay back. Keep it in a drawer, but when we can share and

[jason_hewlett]: magnify that promise, it makes a big difference. and seeing that you know you

[jason_hewlett]: asked the question, How’s this helped other people

[jason_hewlett]: as they’ve magnified their promises. Well, it’s been amazing to watch people

[jason_hewlett]: who have struggled with weight loss, for example, when they have all these

[jason_hewlett]: resolutions and goals, you know, here we are recording this and the end of

[jason_hewlett]: January, but think about it, My goodness. the ▁jyim was busy the first week.

[jason_hewlett]: I went this morning in middle of January and I’m like, Where is everybody?

[jason_hewlett]: You slackers go on me. But then I thought you know what. It’s because we had

[jason_hewlett]: a goal set that didn’t get hit. And when we set a goal it’s a deadline. But

[jason_hewlett]: we make a promise. It becomes a behavior becomes something

[david_horsager]: Hm it,

[jason_hewlett]: we are. And so you know, we can make a promise and and do something unique,

[jason_hewlett]: And so, watching people that say, I’m going to make a promise to get healthy

[jason_hewlett]: this year. What? what is healthy look like? Well, that’s when you set the

[jason_hewlett]: goals. Goals are particulars, promises or proclamations. So what are the?

[jason_hewlett]: what are the goals? The little goals that need to be accomplished each day in

[jason_hewlett]: order to come up with your promised proclamation. To be healthy.

[david_horsager]: Hm, I. You know people have heard this before and you know a big challenge

[david_horsager]: for me is just sta fit. And so it’s a good example. So T you know twenty

[david_horsager]: eleven, Uh, I, I said, uh, I’m gonna get to my high school. Wait, or I’ll

[david_horsager]: give you to. This was to my staff twenty five hundred bucks each, and that

[david_horsager]: was a big deal. Even bigger deal than when I have you know. it’s a. uh. I

[david_horsager]: knew it was a big deal. My wife is like. What are you talking about and she

[david_horsager]: knows Um, like responsibility is a big deal for me. If I say something, I’ll

[david_horsager]: do it, and now I’ve I’ve done this with other people and they haven’t got

[david_horsager]: the promise, but I know if no matter what if I’m not at that weight, I’ll

[david_horsager]: give out the twenty five hundred dollars or I’ll have lost the weight Li.

[david_horsager]: I’ll keep the promise one way or the other, and I was a big motivator for me

[david_horsager]: and that they. I mean, I was like. You know, That’s fifty pounds or whatever

[david_horsager]: it. it. It was like ha. at the very end it was like three pounds under. and

[david_horsager]: I’m like, Oh, you know, but I would. I was aware. I would have not eaten the

[david_horsager]: last week if I had to, I think, but, but, um, but it was a. It was it. It

[david_horsager]: mattered for me, but it kept kept me focused. That the the commitment, the

[david_horsager]: prompt, there is something about saying that rather than and I just kind of

[david_horsager]: have this go. Hey, I’m committed. I’m promising and for me I’m promising.

[david_horsager]: I’ll give you something I don’t want to give. Um if I’m not at this at this

[david_horsager]: weight. One of the things we we talk about with trust too is how do you? How

[david_horsager]: do you rebuild trust? How do you rebuild trust once you’ve lost, and one

[david_horsager]: thing we found is you never rebuild it on the apology you, you never rebuild

[david_horsager]: trust by K. By apologizing that doesn’t mean don’t apologize. That certainly

[david_horsager]: doesn’t mean don’t be humble. But the only way to rebuild trust is to make

[david_horsager]: and keep a new commitment or promise. the only well I’ ever rebuild it. And

[david_horsager]: so, um, I think the biggest problem on the on the health example that I gave

[david_horsager]: is the biggest problem with not um, making that wait by May first, or some

[david_horsager]: of these kind of things is I lose trust in myself whenever I make a goal and

[david_horsager]: don’t keep it, and even more when I make a promise and don’t keep it, And so

[david_horsager]: um, that’s that’s a. You know, we’re trying to increase trust. We see the

[david_horsager]: value of trust everywhere, and if we don’t make and keep promises, we don’t

[david_horsager]: trust ourselves. and it’s kind of like not to jump here. but you hear the

[david_horsager]: idea of love your neighbors yourself. You find someone who doesn’t love

[david_horsager]: themselves at all. You, you find someone who’s not very fun to be around.

[david_horsager]: It’s the same with people that don’t trust themselves. They breed poison all

[david_horsager]: over. And why don’t people trust themselves Because they don’t make and keep

[david_horsager]: promises.

[jason_hewlett]: That’s beautiful. Well said like somebody whose researched and spoken about

[jason_hewlett]: trust for a long time. David. Well done.

[david_horsager]: Well, I mean, it’s just your. Your work align so much with what we talk

[david_horsager]: about, and I just love it and I love what it means to us on the stage. I

[david_horsager]: love what it means to us as leaders or in boardrooms, and I love what it

[david_horsager]: means to us, especially in family and faith in in many ways. So

[david_horsager]: you know what? What do you? What are you working on these days? What are you

[david_horsager]: learning these days?

[jason_hewlett]: Oh man, so much is going on. It’s been really fascinated to go through coved

[jason_hewlett]: and the pandemic. I made a career for over twenty years on stages in front of

[jason_hewlett]: thousands of people at a time, and I never had a backu plan. I never had

[jason_hewlett]: online courses or coaching or any of these other things. It would have been

[jason_hewlett]: really smart to have created before a pandemic hit. but I’ll tell you, as I

[jason_hewlett]: scrambled and became a virtual speaker Once my calendar was wiped out in

[jason_hewlett]: March of twenty twenty, That showed me that I have other signature moves. I

[jason_hewlett]: didn’t know that I had such as resilience, creativity and technology,

[jason_hewlett]: Uh, just the ability to have energy that is almost unsustainable for a normal

[jason_hewlett]: person to be able to work endless hours and still be connected to my family.

[jason_hewlett]: To still keep my promise to be present with them. And I do like that hash tag

[jason_hewlett]: B present concept, especially with family. but uh, yeah, of late, meaning of

[jason_hewlett]: the last two years losing all the work recreating it for virtual, and then

[jason_hewlett]: saying I will accept some coaching clients and meaning I have a lot of people

[jason_hewlett]: that come to me and say hey, help me come up with my promised legacy project.

[jason_hewlett]: And uh, you know, if they’re a little bit older and successful, then they’ll

[jason_hewlett]: hire me to help them come up with that, which they, you know, they’ve already

[jason_hewlett]: accomplished a lot. but I like to say okay, let’s say the plane is going

[jason_hewlett]: down. What’s the one thing that you wish you had accomplished before you’re

[jason_hewlett]: gone? Let’s work on that. And so that’s what I’ve been helping some people

[jason_hewlett]: do, whether it’s creating a better speech, working on their messaging.

[jason_hewlett]: Writing a book, whatever it might be, It’s that thing that we want to leave

[jason_hewlett]: with somebody, and it becomes a great promise to live towards. So

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[jason_hewlett]: working on that and writing consistently. I. I write a blog weekly. That’s

[jason_hewlett]: one of my promises. It’s one of those things where you like. I’m going to

[jason_hewlett]: write it on Monday, because it comes out Sunday, and then on Saturday night

[jason_hewlett]: at midnight. I’m like go. I got to keep the promise. you know

[david_horsager]: wherey working people working people find the blog

[jason_hewlett]: Blog is just at my website, which is Jason Hewlett Dot Com and the blog page,

[jason_hewlett]: but they could also access it if they wanted just through their phones by

[jason_hewlett]: typing two to eight to eight, and then typing in the letters ▁j h E. for

[jason_hewlett]: Jason Hewlett entertainment. So that’s a. That’s a cool way to do. You know

[jason_hewlett]: reminders of promises and fun stories

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[jason_hewlett]: videos that I share. So yeah, two, two, eight to eight. That’s the number

[david_horsager]: so that that all be in the show, Not trusted Leader show dot com. you’ll

[david_horsager]: find Jason Hewlett exactly how to spell his name, and of course you’ll also

[david_horsager]: find how to get to the blog and the little two number that you can text.

[david_horsager]: Say that one more time, too.

[jason_hewlett]: two to eight to eight. Yeah, ▁j H, e.

[david_horsager]: All right, that’s awesome. So would give us one story like one of these that

[david_horsager]: you’ve told in your blog of somebody who’s kept a promise.

[david_horsager]: You know what? what that look like? How did that change the lives? What?

[david_horsager]: What’s an example?

[jason_hewlett]: Oh man, there are so many that have been been cool of late. I’ll say that,

[jason_hewlett]: Uh, there are people that do uh incredible things each and every day. In fact

[jason_hewlett]: I saw something that was real Ne. recently. And it. it was the video that I

[jason_hewlett]: found out was a couple of years old. but there was a there were you know ice

[jason_hewlett]: skaters. They all won their first second and third place. The Japanese guy

[jason_hewlett]: gets first place, the Canadian gets third place. They’re standing next to

[jason_hewlett]: each other on the podium. Music for the Japanese national anthem starts

[jason_hewlett]: playing, and all of a sudden the Canadian who took third place

[jason_hewlett]: realizes there’s no Japanese flag in front of this champion for him to salute

[jason_hewlett]: or bow. So what does the Canadian do Just out of the kindness of his

[jason_hewlett]: impromptu thinking,

[jason_hewlett]: he literally grabs the flag that’s behind both of them, the Japanese flag by

[jason_hewlett]: the corner and holds it up as the shocked champion uh, turns around and bows

[jason_hewlett]: to his flag that’s now being held up by a Canadian.

[david_horsager]: Hm, Hm,

[jason_hewlett]: I love that story. You know, here

[david_horsager]: yeah,

[jason_hewlett]: are two competitors and to have the respect for somebody else to do that in

[jason_hewlett]: without even thinking twice, he just did

[david_horsager]: hm,

[jason_hewlett]: what should be done in competition in sport. just like you and I, we. we

[jason_hewlett]: could be called competitors. We get gigs that I should get and you should

[jason_hewlett]: get, and we might get it one year or the other. David. I’m going, refer you

[jason_hewlett]: all daycause. I know you’re a champion. I know you’re the best they could

[jason_hewlett]: have, and I love that. I love that thought

[jason_hewlett]: and

[david_horsager]: Mhm, Mhm,

[jason_hewlett]: so that was just one story of recent that I shared that I was like. I love

[jason_hewlett]: that that Canadian did that, And they said in the newspaper they’re like this

[jason_hewlett]: might be the most beloved person in all of Japan. This Canadian bronze

[jason_hewlett]: metaalist. You know,

[david_horsager]: that’s awesome. I love that and we love and we need to see more stories of

[david_horsager]: good. Actually, we don’t have to be divisive. We can care for each other and

[david_horsager]: encourage one another and even be so less. Um. So what a great example,

[david_horsager]: Heyj, Jason, I know you have habits when I, when I generally see leaders

[david_horsager]: that I respect and look up to in many ways, and I know. Um, there’s many

[david_horsager]: things you’re leading. not to mention, I know some of the Pe people you’re

[david_horsager]: coaching now have exited companies and are worth billions or millions, and

[david_horsager]: they’re asking you to kind of help build their their uh legacy promise. But

[david_horsager]: people like you that are touching others well, that are kind of the same on

[david_horsager]: stage and off. even though you’re really funny. Um, you’re this humble. you

[david_horsager]: know, as I know you as a just a a down earth guy. It seems like they have

[david_horsager]: some habits. Uh, maybe maybe it’s health habits. You said you’re in the gym.

[david_horsager]: But they have habits they do about every day to keep in touch with their

[david_horsager]: family. To whatever it is, what are? what are a few habits that you have or

[david_horsager]: repeaters. We call them that you do to you know, keep you ready to be

[david_horsager]: leading and influencing others.

[jason_hewlett]: I appreciate that question and I appreciate that you shared your health

[jason_hewlett]: journey as well, because I never knew you at the way you were talking about.

[jason_hewlett]: I’ve only knew you as Mister fitness man, and so I love that you’ve got this

[jason_hewlett]: question going on because I, too have had the struggle with the weight, but I

[jason_hewlett]: found out that if I had you know, if I wake up every single day and I’m

[jason_hewlett]: waiting to go to the gym, I feel this burden all day and I work out way

[jason_hewlett]: better in the afternoon or evening. just because of my, when I was a kid, was

[jason_hewlett]: easiest. So what I did is I changed my sleep in the last year. I change this

[jason_hewlett]: habit of. if I’m going to wake up and work out, I’m just going to get up and

[jason_hewlett]: go for it. And so five o’clock I go to the gym every daye I love it. I

[david_horsager]: Hm.

[jason_hewlett]: take a cold shower after

[jason_hewlett]: and not just because Weim Hoff tells us we should jump in a nice bath every

[jason_hewlett]: morning, but because I notice that this actually works, it energizes me. It

[jason_hewlett]: gets me rollin for the day, and if I can live these things that I’ve been

[jason_hewlett]: challenged to do in some ways and others have found that it actually works

[jason_hewlett]: for me. I’m now intermittent fasting, which I prefer over eatating. All you

[jason_hewlett]: know, seven or eight meals a day in the small meals, Like I was coached. Now

[jason_hewlett]: I’ve lost the weight and I’m keeping it off. Uh, I like to journal a lot. I’m

[jason_hewlett]: a every day journaler pretty much. I also listen to podcast when I work out,

[jason_hewlett]: and those kind of things that really inspire me, And so when there’s

[jason_hewlett]: congruance on and off our stage, whether we’re a performer, a speaker, or the

[jason_hewlett]: stage of being in sales and leadership. If we’re incongruent, it will be

[jason_hewlett]: noticed because our integrity is our harmony, and so we must be the same on

[jason_hewlett]: and off Staage. That doesn’t mean I have to be hilarious all the time. I can

[jason_hewlett]: turn it up to an eleven when it needs to be, But I, it’s always there.

[jason_hewlett]: There’s always a tinge of it there, and then another habit that I had say is

[jason_hewlett]: been really helpful, Has been a personal touch point with each child. Every

[jason_hewlett]: day I have four children.

[jason_hewlett]: Three of them are in their teens, And then we have one. that’s ten. And how

[jason_hewlett]: do I influence them on a daily basis? Whether it’s I’m home and I’m walking

[jason_hewlett]: by and asking how they’re doing and we have a quick connection or I’m on the

[jason_hewlett]: road and I’m sending a quick video or a text that I know will connect with

[jason_hewlett]: them. Uh, having that one personal one on one touch every single day with my

[jason_hewlett]: children and especially my wife. That makes all the difference in my habits.

[david_horsager]: Mhm, Mhm, both have four children. We both uh, challenge each other in some

[david_horsager]: of those ways, and I think some things go through a flow like I remember. it

[david_horsager]: was very intention. for a few years. I give a video every day when I was on

[david_horsager]: the road, flying two hundred times a year, or whatever. Every single morning

[david_horsager]: I’ give a little encouragement and uh, sometimes Bible vs, and to my to my

[david_horsager]: family, and thening, course, what’s the new thing? And then I would get do

[david_horsager]: this and I would. do. you know. there’s sometimes there was things I didn’t

[david_horsager]: Um. there’s some things I think are absolutely stick with And there’s some

[david_horsager]: things Um did for years and then okay, they’re teenagers. They’re in college

[david_horsager]: or there, whatever, and let’s try something. Uh, something else. So anyway,

[david_horsager]: that’s I love it, boy, five a m and a cold shower or cold, iced iced path? I

[david_horsager]: guess I might have to try the new one. Hey on Intermitt. And what’s your?

[david_horsager]: What are your hours? like you? wait? Tiil, After when do you first eat or

[david_horsager]: what’s the hours that you eat? Well, how’s your intermit and work?

[jason_hewlett]: Mostly it’s two to six and I prefer that and uh, and I might only eat one

[jason_hewlett]: meal or I might eat two good meals and I don’t necesarily do that every

[jason_hewlett]: single day, because I think that’s unsustainable in a lot of ways. There are

[jason_hewlett]: some days when we might have a fun thing with family, so I just go off it

[jason_hewlett]: completely for the day, but I’ll continue to eat my healthy way, which is

[jason_hewlett]: very, very low, carb and no sugars at all, So yeah, that’s worked for me,

[jason_hewlett]: man, it’s been amazing.

[david_horsager]: Love it. No sugars. I’m telling y, ice cream. That’s just tough.

[jason_hewlett]: I think the last time I was

[jason_hewlett]: there with you we were having some like Minnesota custard or something and

[jason_hewlett]: was like where

[david_horsager]: exactly.

[jason_hewlett]: ice cream?

[david_horsager]: It’s funny thing you know, I, I might said this Bavs’, going to be

[david_horsager]: redundant, but I believe at least at one point, and I believe still today

[david_horsager]: Minnesota’ the highest per cappit ice cream eater in the country, Uh, per

[david_horsager]: person, And and people wonder why would they still eat ice cream in the

[david_horsager]: winter and everything else. I think partly. it’s because dairy ▁queen’s

[david_horsager]: headquarters Uh, are up here in every little town is a dairy. ▁queen, but

[david_horsager]: Um, there might be some other reasons too. so, um, there’s so much more we

[david_horsager]: could say. what E. I, one question before you get to one of the final

[david_horsager]: questions. What you know? You are so amazing on stage. If people haven’t

[david_horsager]: seen you, Y, your, the power of you or message is powerful. But you are an

[david_horsager]: amazing entertainer. I mean people that we know. I mean, like, really, like

[david_horsager]: the best.

[david_horsager]: How how do you prepare or how heavy Over the years prepared

[david_horsager]: you know for

[david_horsager]: doing that, Especially when you had to do it every day. you got to come in

[david_horsager]: fresh every day,

[jason_hewlett]: Yeah, I remember asking a Las Vegas headliner who was very very famous and I

[jason_hewlett]: said, How have you done this for forty fifty years in a row. Same thing over

[jason_hewlett]: and over because essentially the act didn’t change very much for them and

[jason_hewlett]: they said you know, each time somebody shows up, it’s the first time and it

[jason_hewlett]: could be the last, and that’s what keeps me rolling. And

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[jason_hewlett]: they would also make a promise to themselves to have fun with it each and

[jason_hewlett]: every time as if it were the first time performing it, even though it was

[jason_hewlett]: perfectly rehearsed, and so a lot of my confidence on stage uh, comes from my

[jason_hewlett]: practice and the amount of time I have put in to it just being automatically

[jason_hewlett]: good. And I mean, I can still go back to the routines that I’ve created years

[jason_hewlett]: and years ago that are now retired because of vocal issues or physicality.

[jason_hewlett]: That I can’t do it anymore and I can still throw those down. It’s crazy, but

[jason_hewlett]: it’s because it’s muscle memory. It’s the same

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[jason_hewlett]: as a great basketball player that stands at the line and shoots a free throw

[jason_hewlett]: in the games on the line. You You really want your mind to go blank and then

[jason_hewlett]: you just perform. But

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[jason_hewlett]: that’s the power of showing up every day doing the work and I’ll tell you,

[jason_hewlett]: David. tougher to do a show in front of twenty five people than it was twenty

[jason_hewlett]: five thousand. That’s for danger, because

[david_horsager]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[jason_hewlett]: you get the energy from the audience. You’re pomped up. pumping yourself up

[jason_hewlett]: in front of a group of twenty five people, or even even two hundred and fifty

[jason_hewlett]: people is rough after you just got off the stage in a stadium or Marna. But

[jason_hewlett]: that’s been

[david_horsager]: especially virtually.

[jason_hewlett]: part of the promise. Yes, especially

[david_horsager]: Oh,

[jason_hewlett]: yeah. Yeah, but I love it, man. I, I love getting stage and I I love teaching

[jason_hewlett]: yeah. Yeah, but I love it, man. I, I love getting stage and I I love teaching

[jason_hewlett]: people how to be better on stage. It’s really. It’s really a beautiful

[jason_hewlett]: people how to be better on stage. It’s really. It’s really a beautiful

[jason_hewlett]: process and I do think you have to have a screw loose in some ways, and

[jason_hewlett]: process and I do think you have to have a screw loose in some ways, and

[jason_hewlett]: that’s important. The right kind of screw loose. To be able to say, I’m

[jason_hewlett]: that’s important. The right kind of screw loose. To be able to say, I’m

[jason_hewlett]: confident enough to get up here and do something incredible or weird or

[jason_hewlett]: confident enough to get up here and do something incredible or weird or

[jason_hewlett]: amazing, but I’m also humble enough to work my tail off to make it awesome

[jason_hewlett]: amazing, but I’m also humble enough to work my tail off to make it awesome

[jason_hewlett]: for you.

[jason_hewlett]: for you.

[david_horsager]: M.

[david_horsager]: Well, this has been fantastic. Lots more we could talk about, but I have

[david_horsager]: huge respect for you for everybody listening. Look at the show. Now, Trust

[david_horsager]: the Leader show Dot com, Jason Hewlett Dot com. You can find everything

[david_horsager]: about Jason about the promise that promised his family the proms to the one,

[david_horsager]: and uh, just plain the promise. So grateful to have you Un grateful to call

[david_horsager]: your friend. Our last question,

[david_horsager]: trust leader, show who is the leader you trust in why?

[jason_hewlett]: Well, this person will not listen to this podcast because she’s too busy

[jason_hewlett]: dealing with our children. But let me talk about my wife,

[jason_hewlett]: my favorite leader. The best one. I think I have ever seen somebody who can

[jason_hewlett]: help the neighbor and at the same time influence the lives of our children.

[jason_hewlett]: Somebody who

[david_horsager]: H.

[jason_hewlett]: has a strong and deep faith and somebody who can still

[jason_hewlett]: hang along with me while I put us through heck over twenty twenty and twenty

[jason_hewlett]: twenty one, trying to figure out pandemic life. And yet she still says. I

[jason_hewlett]: believe in you. A great leader like her is very rare to find. I believe they

[jason_hewlett]: can be made. I don’t think leaders just have to be born. I think we can

[jason_hewlett]: become a great leader, listing a podcast like this, reading books like you’ve

[jason_hewlett]: created, and so forth, But to have a wife named Tammy who is my trusted

[jason_hewlett]: leader. Whatever she says, I believe if she

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[jason_hewlett]: tells me I’m not present because I’m my phone too much. I delete those apps

[jason_hewlett]: and I get present. I’m grateful for her as my trusted leader.

[david_horsager]: Hm. Tammy is amazing, Mom’s as a whole, By the way, in the research, Uh, the

[david_horsager]: person that people trust the most in the world is not the Pope, Oprah or

[david_horsager]: Denzil. It is in fact, Mom. Uh, So I know your kids trust her too, But, but

[david_horsager]: your wife is an amazing and amazing mom, leader and friend, so we can’t go

[david_horsager]: far from that. This has Ben the trusted Leader show, special guest Jason

[david_horsager]: Hewlett, He’ is amazing on stageing off. Thank you so much for being on

[david_horsager]: Jason until next time, stay trusted.

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