Ep. 70: Phil M Jones on The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

In this episode, David sits down with Phil M Jones, Master of Influence and Persuasion, Author, Producer, Speaker, Advisor, and Entrepreneur, to discuss the magic words of influence and impact.

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Phil’s Bio:
Phil M Jones is a master of influence and persuasion – the author of the best-selling “Exactly” Book Series with over 1 million copies sold – producer of the “Most Listened To” non-fiction Audiobook of all time – a trusted advisor for some of the world’s biggest brands – and entrepreneur since the age of 14.

Phil’s Links:
Website: https://www.philmjones.com/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/philmjonesuk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/philmjonessales/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philmjones/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/philmjonesuk

Key Quotes:
1. “If somebody else can do it, can somebody else be me?”
2. “Success leaves clues.”
3. “You have to earn the respect of others.”
4. “If you do not ask, you do not get.”
5. “Our success is in direct correlation to the quantity of quality asks that we make in our life.”
6. “The whole world wants to see themselves as open minded.”
7. “The person who is in control of the conversation is the one who is asking the questions.”
8. “Every decision that every human being has ever made has been made at least twice.”
9. “Sometimes one of the best ways to learn is through tripping up.”
10. “There is no greater teacher than experience.”
11. “A subtle change can make such a profound difference.”
12. “I believe it’s a mindset to be on the relentless quest for better.”
13. “I’ve never been wow, I’ve always been how.”

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Show Transcript

[david_horsager]: Welcome to the trusted Leader show. it’s David Horsager, I have a very

[david_horsager]: special guest. He’s a dear friend. I’m goingnna see a New York City coming

[david_horsager]: up. Thank you and welcome to the show, Phil M. Jones.

[phil_m_jjones]: David is the joy to be here. Thanks for inviting me to be part of this.

[david_horsager]: Oh, thank you, well, Phil. I mean, you know

[david_horsager]: so many people I talk to If they’re going to describe you with one word or

[david_horsager]: two, it is brilliant,

[david_horsager]: humble and kind, and it’s it’s true. You got this Th, this just brilliant

[david_horsager]: guy who you split your time. You’re a Brit, but you’re U, K, and U. S.

[david_horsager]: You’ve got four kids like I do? you know how to raise daughters? You get two

[david_horsager]: a little bit older to quite young, and the tw. the the twins, your uh

[david_horsager]: amazing wife, Charlotte, and just on the business front, I’ll give a quick

[david_horsager]: update. I want to have you jump in, but you know some of your clients are

[david_horsager]: some of the biggest in the world, everything from Keller Williams to G, M to

[david_horsager]: Fidelity, and a whole lot of eight hundred more. But um, you know you are an

[david_horsager]: entrepreneur to young age. We’re going to come back to that, but you, you

[david_horsager]: know you speak, you train you consult, you run a company or two. I think, Um

[david_horsager]: that, I want to talk a little bit about your newest book today, too, because

[david_horsager]: exactly what to say has sold over a million companies, this runaway

[david_horsager]: Besteller, and just so everybody knows Phil is going to be our closing

[david_horsager]: keynote speaker at the Trusted Leader’s Summit in April at the ▁j W.

[david_horsager]: Marriott at the Mall of America, so I wanted people to get to know you a

[david_horsager]: little bit more. We have an amazing line up at the summit and you’re closing

[david_horsager]: us. and uh I, I’m excited about that. so hey, give us a. Give us another one

[david_horsager]: or two. Th. three things about Phil Jones that we should know.

[phil_m_jjones]: Wow. I mean, you touched on somebody of the day, David. And and yes, I

[phil_m_jjones]: started in business as a kid. I started knocking on the doors of my

[phil_m_jjones]: neighbors, asking them politely whether they wanted to have their car washed,

[phil_m_jjones]: and I build a fairly lucrative little car cleaning business in my teens,

[phil_m_jjones]: so that I am, I didn’t go to school as often as I should by the age of

[phil_m_jjones]: fifteen because I was making more money than the vulc of my school

[phil_m_jjones]: teachachers, which was a a really fun position to be in, And I’ve always been

[phil_m_jjones]: building businesses. I always been leading others and I, I never even knew

[phil_m_jjones]: that this was a real thing. It was just a natural thing that that I wanted to

[phil_m_jjones]: go out to be out to do. and I have this innate belief system that if somebody

[phil_m_jjones]: else can do it, can somebody else be me? So I’ve lived in environments where

[phil_m_jjones]: I’ve been in awe of so many brilliant people and learned that success leads

[phil_m_jjones]: clues. And any time I’ve ever met anybody who was better at anything than I

[phil_m_jjones]: am, I’ve never gone like Wow. I’ve always asked a question how and what

[phil_m_jjones]: that’s allowed me to be at to do is is to fast track intelligence, Fas Strick

[phil_m_jjones]: into the experience, borrow the experience of others. So my career is Is is

[phil_m_jjones]: allowed me to have this both breadth and depth of working with over eight

[phil_m_jjones]: hundred different industries, training over two million sales professionals

[phil_m_jjones]: around the world, working in five different continents. Now written what?

[phil_m_jjones]: eleven books David, I was working at the other day. Eleven books I’ve either

[phil_m_jjones]: written or co authored in its entirety And it’s been a ride. because I never

[phil_m_jjones]: planned to do any this stuff. It’s always been organic from one opportunity

[phil_m_jjones]: to the next to the next to the next, and it is a joy to have come from such

[phil_m_jjones]: such earnest hard working background To now get the privileged position. I

[phil_m_jjones]: have to help. No lead some really big initiatives or influenced the leaders

[phil_m_jjones]: in big initiatives to make lasting change. So that’s kind of a a little

[phil_m_jjones]: potted history on me, and in not just what I’ve done by how I think, which I,

[phil_m_jjones]: i think is a fun place to start.

[david_horsager]: it’s a fun place to start and I think we, we could go one to two ways,

[david_horsager]: personal or business first. I, I can’t wait to get back to some personal

[david_horsager]: things be cause. I think you arere doing some great things to lead your

[david_horsager]: family in life, and I think great leaders tend to do that, at least seek to

[david_horsager]: do that well, even though none of us perectly. but let’s jump into a couple

[david_horsager]: of business things. I know you know. there’s a lot that people haven’t

[david_horsager]: heard. You help guiding Premier League football clubs. You help grow an

[david_horsager]: independent real estate business to knew over two and forty million a

[david_horsager]: quarter billion dollars. with just five people there, some great takeaways’

[david_horsager]: going to get here. Let’s jump into what you wrote in your last uh, runaway

[david_horsager]: Besteller, Exactly what to say at the you’. Going to talk about exactly what

[david_horsager]: to say To be trusted. but you know first of all, just give us a quick

[david_horsager]: background of the book. I love the content. I’ve got a few specific

[david_horsager]: questions here, but give us little background of the book.

[phil_m_jjones]: Well, there’s a few things that to where the book came from, and one of the

[phil_m_jjones]: most interesting things to me as a young leader was that I was in the unique

[phil_m_jjones]: position of leading significant experience teams in my early twenties,

[phil_m_jjones]: working with some of the biggest retailers in the U. K. And there’s a

[phil_m_jjones]: difficult position to be in when you’re leading from a position of being

[phil_m_jjones]: really youthful. And I was. I was like in my early twenties at the time, and

[phil_m_jjones]: it’s hard to be able to gain the respect of others and I learnt real quickly

[phil_m_jjones]: after to earn the respect of others. so for me to be at a lead change, What I

[phil_m_jjones]: was often doing was looking for the examples of people who were doing things

[phil_m_jjones]: brilliantly, capitalizing upon their brilliant example and sharing their

[phil_m_jjones]: brilliant example with somebody else to help them raise their game. and I’d

[phil_m_jjones]: do this on repeat, on repeat and repeat. So I of studying peak performance by

[phil_m_jjones]: accident,

[david_horsager]: How did you study them? By the Waycause, Not everybody around as a young

[david_horsager]: leader Where leaders did you read about them? Watch him listen to them. How

[david_horsager]: did you? How did you get around them?

[phil_m_jjones]: all of it anything, all of it is in in my direct workplace. I was. I was that

[phil_m_jjones]: sneaky manager. By walking about, You know, I was looking to better to catch

[phil_m_jjones]: examples of brilliance. I was staying just far enough back to be out to hear

[phil_m_jjones]: things articully, but not close enough to distract, and I would do a huge

[phil_m_jjones]: amount of debef. And what happens when you sit down with a smart person at

[phil_m_jjones]: the end of them just achieving something impressive and you ask them how and

[phil_m_jjones]: what happened here? Exceptra Quite often they don’t know until they’re asked

[phil_m_jjones]: And when Naras, they started me on pack in, you learn to be a reverse

[phil_m_jjones]: engineer Things. Now I did that for a lot of times, and then created training

[phil_m_jjones]: materials in all of my employed positions that would help those organizations

[phil_m_jjones]: much of that train material that’s still existing to day. Then when I started

[phil_m_jjones]: my consulting practice back in two thousand and nine, two thousand and ten, I

[phil_m_jjones]: started to get this transparency of more and more different industries and

[phil_m_jjones]: you’d teach them principles, you teach them strategies, you teach some

[phil_m_jjones]: skills, and quite often what they’d come back with us. I say yeah, but for

[phil_m_jjones]: what what exactly should I say or they? they feel like like this all sounds

[phil_m_jjones]: great. but I wish I had you like on my shoulder or in my pocket or somewhere

[phil_m_jjones]: I could draw from in all of those critical conversations where it mattered

[phil_m_jjones]: and at the time I enjoyed that right ego players. Like that’s cool. They

[phil_m_jjones]: think I’m more so my God skills they haven’t got, but over time it became

[phil_m_jjones]: like

[phil_m_jjones]: Ha, we’ going to do something for this, and when I realized from training

[phil_m_jjones]: more than two million sales professionals around the world is the difference

[phil_m_jjones]: between those that do good and those that do great is the ones that really

[phil_m_jjones]: crushy of, put the time into knowing exactly what to say when to say and how

[phil_m_jjones]: to make it count. They know the worst time to think about the thing they’re

[phil_m_jjones]: goingnna say is in the moment when they say it, and they put time effort and

[phil_m_jjones]: energy into being out of prepare for life’s critical conversations ahead of

[phil_m_jjones]: time. That’s what they’ve done and they doney on repeat what it does is. It

[phil_m_jjones]: doesn’t make them feeling like they’re coming from a position of a script. It

[phil_m_jjones]: actually allows them to show up for the moment and be in the moment with more

[phil_m_jjones]: presentsence ’cause they’re not worried about what’s next. They’re not all up

[phil_m_jjones]: in their head. They understand that, regardless of what somebody throws at

[phil_m_jjones]: them, they’ve already thought about this scene that imagined it ahead of time

[phil_m_jjones]: so they can steer there, un, choose their own adventures. So this fascinated

[phil_m_jjones]: me, and when I started delivering to my Keynos, two thousand and twelve, two

[phil_m_jjones]: thousand and thirteen is, I used to deliver like sprinklings of what I would

[phil_m_jjones]: call magic words.

[phil_m_jjones]: They were handfuls of examples of words, but they were always a takeaways.

[phil_m_jjones]: People loved the speech, but they laughd like the magic words. right. They

[phil_m_jjones]: loved that piece and all this was fun. Then what happened was? I went to a a

[phil_m_jjones]: mastermind group, Um, where the group of other speakers of mine may be, you

[phil_m_jjones]: know. Just not long after delivering one of these speeches and we were

[phil_m_jjones]: talking about writing books

[phil_m_jjones]: and they said, Um, it’s so hard to publish a book nowadays, and me and my big

[phil_m_jjones]: mouth got me into trouble. Said you could publish a book like real quick like

[phil_m_jjones]: three weeks. I could turn something around into day’s age with what exists

[phil_m_jjones]: and I took it a great book. I’m took in, but like self published, turn around

[phil_m_jjones]: quickly and this is two thousand eleven.

[phil_m_jjones]: Um,

[phil_m_jjones]: So what I did as I got myself into trouble by saying that I should put my

[phil_m_jjones]: money where my mouth is, And what I did is, I took a two day pi, a two page p

[phil_m_jjones]: d F. that had delivered to a telecom’s company the week prior. There was

[phil_m_jjones]: seventeen sequences of magic words to help you influence an impact, and I

[phil_m_jjones]: blew that p. d f up into a short book and published it within two and a half

[phil_m_jjones]: weeks to prove my friends wrong.

[phil_m_jjones]: Here we are. Then eight weeks after me sending it Go alive. We got a hundred

[phil_m_jjones]: and twenty thousand downloads from a free Kindle promotion. I’ve got people

[phil_m_jjones]: like like reaching out to me from all corners of the earth saying this is

[phil_m_jjones]: amazing. This is really helpful and I like tripped over this thing.

[phil_m_jjones]: That little book went on to be a giveway for lead capture on my website was

[phil_m_jjones]: give away on the back of events and promotions, small little upsell when it

[phil_m_jjones]: was occasional. But then when I moved to the U. S, geographically in Um, two

[phil_m_jjones]: thousand seventeen inch, Um, my wife and I were deciding that we were going

[phil_m_jjones]: to make the U S. our primary home base, opposed to the U. K, and I thought I

[phil_m_jjones]: gotta do something big here so that I can move from having a global

[phil_m_jjones]: enterprise to having more of a North American based enterprise, So I decided

[phil_m_jjones]: I’m going to write a brand new book, and then in a moment of inspiration I

[phil_m_jjones]: went, Don’t be an idiot, Phll, Why are you trying to write a brand new book

[phil_m_jjones]: when you’ve got a great book that wasnt written properly in the first place,

[phil_m_jjones]: So I went back and I recreated one of my greatest hits and then we called

[phil_m_jjones]: that exactly what to say so. Exactly what to say is magic words To point out,

[david_horsager]: Mhm.

[phil_m_jjones]: it wasn’t me launching a new idea. It was me refining an old idea. it was me

[phil_m_jjones]: adding substance. an old idea. Not only that it. Since me first releasing it,

[phil_m_jjones]: now I had workshop this material. I’d work with organizations from all from

[phil_m_jjones]: so many different ways, Like it was so tight. it was so distilled and so

[phil_m_jjones]: compact. And what really was the magic in it? David is is,

[phil_m_jjones]: and I only know this from reverse engineering. Don’t think I was smart enough

[phil_m_jjones]: to know at the time

[phil_m_jjones]: is I wrote the biggest little book possible. How can I cram all these deep

[phil_m_jjones]: rooted psychological principles This decades of experience, thousands of

[phil_m_jjones]: different industries, and put into a book you can read in seventy five

[phil_m_jjones]: minutes? What I learnt was If I teach people the example, they’ll learn the

[phil_m_jjones]: principle. If I teach people the principle, they’ll struggle to find examples

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[phil_m_jjones]: that relate to their own world. So that’s what we got with the book. Exactly

[phil_m_jjones]: what to say is twenty three precise sequences of words that allow you to show

[phil_m_jjones]: up to life’s critical conversations with more confidence and competence. But

[phil_m_jjones]: what you learn from the book is principles. What you learn is principles of

[phil_m_jjones]: influence of persuasion. Without realizing that’s what you learn. and when

[phil_m_jjones]: you get the confidence to bring these into your daily life, you understand

[phil_m_jjones]: the power reciprocity, you understand the power of labeeling. You understand

[phil_m_jjones]: that it’s pull and not push right, You learn all these things by accident, So

[david_horsager]: so let’s jump in. We got a lot there’. A this is, you know, and it took off

[phil_m_jjones]: that’s really the

[david_horsager]: and it, and um it’s It’s been an amazing, genuine, uh, global and North

[david_horsager]: American besteller And you know I love it because it is quick easy to read.

[david_horsager]: It’s got tips I can think differently about tomorrow and so let’s just jump

[david_horsager]: into a few. Everybody. The book is exactly what to say. He’s got. Uh. you’ve

[david_horsager]: got some other uh work coming out exactly how to sell in some future work.

[david_horsager]: but this, this is for everybody. They they should start. I think start with

[david_horsager]: this exactly what to say, And you’re telling you’re teaching people exactly

[david_horsager]: what to say in sales or leadership or real estate or whatever, But let’s be

[david_horsager]: for leaders today. Let’s jump in here and let’s let’s think about or let me

[david_horsager]: let you start where you? What what would be? Uh first, I, I’m looking at

[david_horsager]: your list. I want simple swaps and two types of people and a favor just out

[david_horsager]: of curiosity. Even some the things you talk about. But where would you start

[david_horsager]: if you said, let me let me give a couple of tips and takeways that would wet

[david_horsager]: people’s appetite and have them you know. Give them something like could use

[david_horsager]: tomorrow morningt.

[phil_m_jjones]: well. If we’re going to go straight in for something that people can use to

[phil_m_jjones]: Morrow morning Is it is quite often you want to um, ask somebody to take a

[phil_m_jjones]: look of something, but you’re fearful of rejection, so we all know that If

[phil_m_jjones]: you do not ask, you do not get. We also know that our success is in direct

[phil_m_jjones]: correlation to the quantity of quality asks that we make in our life. we know

[phil_m_jjones]: those things to be true. Yet still the biggest reason that most people don’t

[phil_m_jjones]: get whether’d like to go in life is because they’re afraid to ask for it. Why

[phil_m_jjones]: because they’re fearful of rejection. So fun place to start might be just to

[phil_m_jjones]: share some examples of a rejection, free, opening formula, Sects of words you

[phil_m_jjones]: can use to ask just about anybody just about anything, and it be completely

[phil_m_jjones]: your rejection free. See if I wanted somebody to consider my idea. I wouldn’t

[phil_m_jjones]: ask them directly to consider my idea. I’d preface the ask with the words,

[phil_m_jjones]: I’m not sure if it’s for you.

[phil_m_jjones]: But

[phil_m_jjones]: so why would I do that specifically if we go slow if somebody presented an

[phil_m_jjones]: idea to you and said, I’m not sure if it’s for you. What with the little

[phil_m_jjones]: voice in subconscious, Say,

[david_horsager]: I want to know

[phil_m_jjones]: Well, it would actually do two things. Is what it would do David to do two

[phil_m_jjones]: things. First thing it would do is it will say. Well, well, I’ll be the judge

[phil_m_jjones]: of that,

[phil_m_jjones]: takes full personal responsibility for the factor decision needs to be made,

[phil_m_jjones]: and that decision as mine to make.

[phil_m_jjones]: Second thing it does is curiosity is Pete. What is it like? You naturally

[phil_m_jjones]: want to lean in to find out more about it. Now there’s a three letter word on

[phil_m_jjones]: the end of this example that carries huge power, and I’m not sure whether it

[phil_m_jjones]: was Peter Parker or Uncle Ben that once said it, but they said with great

[phil_m_jjones]: power comes great responsibility. Same is true as leaders how we use the

[phil_m_jjones]: word, but

[phil_m_jjones]: see people often think the word Barany gates what was said prior to it.

[phil_m_jjones]: That’s what we talk. It’s not actually true what the word, but actually does

[phil_m_jjones]: As it shifts the focus to next. You cannot help but look at what’s next When

[phil_m_jjones]: the word buddies used doesn’t negate what was said Prior shifts the focus to

[phil_m_jjones]: next. So if I wanted somebody to consider my idea and I said, Hey, I’m not

[phil_m_jjones]: sure if it’s for you, but little voice says well, I’ll be the judge of that.

[phil_m_jjones]: What is it full? We’re looking at it. How

[david_horsager]: M

[phil_m_jjones]: do you use that as a leader? Say, for example that you’ve got. Um. The need

[phil_m_jjones]: to meet are to get some of your teens to provide some extra commitment in

[phil_m_jjones]: time, effort for energy hours towards a project. Hey, I’m not sure if it’s

[phil_m_jjones]: for you, but we have a dead line of hitt this on Friday and I could really do

[phil_m_jjones]: with some extra attention.

[phil_m_jjones]: Say, for example, you’re looking for somebody to be able to commit to a new

[phil_m_jjones]: opportunity is. Hey, I’m not sure if it’s for you, but there could be an

[phil_m_jjones]: opening for a promotion for you in another division of the business.

[phil_m_jjones]: What if this is you looking to be at a leader Cha, through your suppliers is

[phil_m_jjones]: hey, I’m not sure if it’s for you, but I would love to explore the

[phil_m_jjones]: possibility of us doing more business at a lower rate.

[phil_m_jjones]: See what it allows us to do. It allows us to table a conversation

[phil_m_jjones]: and by tableling a conversation charts Are, we can have that next

[phil_m_jjones]: conversation easily and people think the conversations are difficult. My

[phil_m_jjones]: experience is often getting to the conversation that’s difficult, not the

[phil_m_jjones]: conversation itself and while we’re running it this quickly, let me give you

[phil_m_jjones]: one more rejection free opening formula. That’s super useful, David. You can

[phil_m_jjones]: play along with this because you know the speaking world better than I do is

[phil_m_jjones]: if there were a thousand people in an audience and I asked the question

[phil_m_jjones]: whilst raising my hand. who in this room would see themselves as open minded.

[phil_m_jjones]: How many hands do you think we will shoot the sky?

[david_horsager]: eighty to ninety percent

[phil_m_jjones]: Yeah, eighty ninety percent right, Some li. most of them with with the

[phil_m_jjones]: remainder probably not raising the hand regardless of what was offered

[david_horsager]: right. A

[phil_m_jjones]: like cash, cookies’s cake. They’re not going up regardless. So what we’ve got

[phil_m_jjones]: here is a fact. The fact is the whole world like to see themselves as open

[phil_m_jjones]: minded. That’s the fact that fact is useful when applied to another

[phil_m_jjones]: principle. And the principle is this. All leaders should know. This is that

[phil_m_jjones]: the person who is in control of the conversation is the one who is asking the

[phil_m_jjones]: questions.

[phil_m_jjones]: So if you know that principle, apply it to the fact that the whole world

[phil_m_jjones]: likes to see themselves as open minded. You’ve just stumbled across a

[phil_m_jjones]: rejection free opening formula, which would be the question. How open minded

[phil_m_jjones]: would you be to

[phil_m_jjones]: how

[david_horsager]: M.

[phil_m_jjones]: open minded would you be to revising your pricing? How open minded would you

[phil_m_jjones]: be to take on some more responsibility? How open minded would you be to

[phil_m_jjones]: finding some time for us to talk about how you could raise your performance?

[phil_m_jjones]: How open minded would you be to understand what our competition are up to

[phil_m_jjones]: right now so we could raise our game? I mean, how hardper minded would you be

[phil_m_jjones]: to using the words How open minded are you more often?

[david_horsager]: great, A great couple tips, open minded. I think that there’s a ton of truth

[david_horsager]: in here. Let’s get down to you know, number five. By the way, my, my, Uh,

[david_horsager]: one of my top speech coaches, Um, in the history of I been coached all the

[david_horsager]: way through you and I just jumped into a hall of fame not too long ago. but

[david_horsager]: she said her favorite opening. The Patricia She’

[phil_m_jjones]: y?

[david_horsager]: on the show is

[david_horsager]: just iagine, just

[phil_m_jjones]: Yep,

[david_horsager]: imine, because it brings people into an experience. So

[phil_m_jjones]: correct.

[david_horsager]: how do you use that phrase? Just imagine.

[phil_m_jjones]: Well, it can be used in a variety of different ways. What we firstly have to

[phil_m_jjones]: understand is that to make decisions

[phil_m_jjones]: that every decision that every human being is ever made has been made at

[phil_m_jjones]: least twice.

[phil_m_jjones]: Note that what I’m really saying is we first make decisions in our mind’s

[phil_m_jjones]: eye. Hypothetically, speaking, we choose it up here before we choose it in

[phil_m_jjones]: reality. So if you can get yourself to get other people to see themselves in

[phil_m_jjones]: a situation before you invite them to choose to be in that situation, the

[phil_m_jjones]: chances of them choosing to be in that situation is significantly higher.

[phil_m_jjones]: Apply that to the fact that what we know as leaders about motivation is

[phil_m_jjones]: people would do things for one or three reasons. Reason why is sun to run

[phil_m_jjones]: towards are y, and incentsive reason too, is something to run away from

[phil_m_jjones]: something they’re scared of. Reason three is something that makes our own

[phil_m_jjones]: heart seening, because largely we were all selfish creatures, Right like

[phil_m_jjones]: that’s the three things that we will do things for towards away yourself and

[phil_m_jjones]: knowing that, Or what can I use the words? Just imagine to do well, I can use

[phil_m_jjones]: them to paint pictures in other people’s minds of alternate future realities.

[phil_m_jjones]: Hey, just imagine we don’t make this move right now and our competition make

[phil_m_jjones]: the move before us. Where does that leave us?

[phil_m_jjones]: Hey, just imagine we do put this extra time energy and effort into this

[phil_m_jjones]: initiative, allowing us to take a step out in front. Finally take that market

[phil_m_jjones]: leading position that we’ve been looking to take for such a period of time.

[phil_m_jjones]: Just imagine that was true. I just imagine by making this changes, it buys

[phil_m_jjones]: you back time. Put in a position where you could not only be the business

[phil_m_jjones]: leader that you’ve been hop to be beli, to be the father,

[phil_m_jjones]: the husband, the spouse, the community member that you’ve been looking to be

[phil_m_jjones]: too, Because of the fact that what you’ve done is that you’ve systemiz.

[phil_m_jjones]: you’ve automated and you’ve taken control. Just imagine that was true.

[david_horsager]: Just imagine what. Which one of these to use the most? And there’s a host of

[david_horsager]: everybody in the book. There is at least twenty three and there’s just

[david_horsager]: amazing examples and principles. But what do you use most in Uh parenting?

[phil_m_jjones]: Um, well, I, I’ll answer that a couple of ways is yes, These tips do relate

[phil_m_jjones]: to all areas of life. The hardest thing I find is I’m the guy that wrote the

[phil_m_jjones]: book. Exactly what to say?

[david_horsager]: Mhm?

[phil_m_jjones]: You can’t bring that person home every day and expect it to be the same way.

[phil_m_jjones]: I’ve got reps in this space that are beyond anybody else’s compare. And what

[phil_m_jjones]: I have to manage and tether myself on is is sometimes one of the best ways to

[phil_m_jjones]: learn is through tripping up, falling over and then coming for consultation

[phil_m_jjones]: or counsel after the fact, and learning from others. So what I try and

[phil_m_jjones]: encourage people to do is is to make mistakes,

[phil_m_jjones]: and and allow those lessons to then be unpacked. There is no greater teacher

[phil_m_jjones]: than experience and

[phil_m_jjones]: is what I’ve learned from from the number of times people have asked me a

[phil_m_jjones]: bow. You know, how do I learn these words? How do I you know? Embrace these

[phil_m_jjones]: into my everyday life is when they become yours are not mine. The become out

[phil_m_jjones]: of your head than just become part of your day to day and people seem like

[phil_m_jjones]: use some of these things, or the Thomas A Green, like. I’m not trying to win

[phil_m_jjones]: the hero award for the fact that you’re using Phil’s words. I’m looking to be

[phil_m_jjones]: able to give people the power to understand that words can have influence.

[phil_m_jjones]: words can have meaning. words can make a change. So what I use the most? I

[phil_m_jjones]: have no idea.

[phil_m_jjones]: I really have no idea. and inevitably I’ll use lots of these all the time.

[phil_m_jjones]: Where do they show up? I think they show up everywhere, David. You know me

[phil_m_jjones]: well enough that I’m a product of my product. This isn’t an act. Um, this is

[phil_m_jjones]: what we do and knowing that this is what we do, this is the only way we can

[phil_m_jjones]: do it.

[david_horsager]: Let’s let’s touch on a couple more before we get to some other leadership

[david_horsager]: things. but I’m I think intrigued by simple swaps.

[phil_m_jjones]: Ah, I got to play with that for fun. Um, and I think you know there’s a lot

[phil_m_jjones]: of truth in In In just the principle around. simple swaps how a subtle change

[phil_m_jjones]: can make such a profound difference. A quick one I’ll give. just for

[phil_m_jjones]: everybody. from a leader’s point of view, Is’s some words you should stop

[phil_m_jjones]: using one is pleased. Do not label things as a problem. You cause something a

[phil_m_jjones]: problem. You’re go to win as many friends as saying that somebody has an ugly

[phil_m_jjones]: baby. Right. That’s what’s going to happen. A problem is head to head, which

[phil_m_jjones]: means’s an argument, which means as a winner and a loser, which means if

[phil_m_jjones]: you’re the winner there, the lose and nobody wins. When the other person

[phil_m_jjones]: feels like a loser. Swap the word problem for the word challenge, and now all

[phil_m_jjones]: of a sudden we side by side. This is as versus it versus me versus you. So

[phil_m_jjones]: there’s a simple, simple swap. Let me give another one for. Let us see word

[phil_m_jjones]: that you should ban when speaking to anybody in your organization,

[phil_m_jjones]: particularly when speaking to consumers, and the four letter C word is. Of

[phil_m_jjones]: course, the word cost when you say it costs to me what you’re saying as it

[phil_m_jjones]: hurt me

[phil_m_jjones]: when somebody says how much does it cost. You’re accepting that this is

[phil_m_jjones]: something that’s going to inflict pain on somebody else

[phil_m_jjones]: if somebody is going to give you money for your product service ad Vice

[phil_m_jjones]: experience. I’d like to think you bring returns on that

[phil_m_jjones]: if you deliver returns on that money they spend in my world. that’s called an

[phil_m_jjones]: investment.

[phil_m_jjones]: So I know some of the great work that you do, David. Through your programmes

[phil_m_jjones]: with Um, the institution, and through trust Edge, and through all of the

[phil_m_jjones]: great work you do is people invest in creating more trusted leaders. It’s not

[phil_m_jjones]: the cost of your programe, While the cost of your software or the cost of

[phil_m_jjones]: your solution is a completely different thing, tiny, tiny, tiny, other, big

[phil_m_jjones]: fun, simple swap, Because this one’s hilarious one people see unpacked. I’m

[phil_m_jjones]: guessing at some states in your life, David. I’d like you to own up for this

[phil_m_jjones]: for the benefit of your listeners. At some point in your life, maybe even

[phil_m_jjones]: twice

[phil_m_jjones]: you’ve finished a presentation with the question. Do you have any questions?

[david_horsager]: Thankfully, I learned a long time ago not to do that.

[phil_m_jjones]: But you have done it at least twice in your life,

[david_horsager]: Yes

[phil_m_jjones]: right. There’s also a possibility that at some point in your professional

[phil_m_jjones]: career, to day you’ve delivered a presentation finish with that question, And

[phil_m_jjones]: that’s then resulted in somebody giving you the objection. I just need some

[phil_m_jjones]: time to think about it.

[phil_m_jjones]: We’ve heard that at least twice, too, and there’s a strong possibility that

[phil_m_jjones]: knowing many of us have heard that at least twice that you might well have

[phil_m_jjones]: been the root cause of the creation of that outcome. And the reason that you

[phil_m_jjones]: might have been the Rue Calls is because of the fact you ask a question. Do

[phil_m_jjones]: you have any questions? If you ask a question? Do you have any questions?

[phil_m_jjones]: What are you suggesting the other person should have

[phil_m_jjones]: Now if you’ve done your job right delivered. the more the information they

[phil_m_jjones]: need to make a decision. Delivered a great presentation. What should they not

[phil_m_jjones]: have?

[david_horsager]: questions questions

[phil_m_jjones]: But you’ve suggested Tom. They should have yet the feeling that they don’t

[phil_m_jjones]: have because you did such an awesome job. And now the challenge that we’re

[phil_m_jjones]: faced with is really quite like profound, because they’re confused and

[phil_m_jjones]: they’re wondering whater I miss whater I miss. What did I miss? Whether they

[phil_m_jjones]: miss? I should be out to, as on the intelligence. Here, I got nothing. I got

[phil_m_jjones]: nothing. I got nothing. I must be missing information. Therefore, because

[phil_m_jjones]: they feel that they have insufficient data Because you inserted the

[phil_m_jjones]: confusion. They say, I need some time to think about it and go away for

[phil_m_jjones]: another day. What if we make a tiny little simple swap, the tinest, the

[phil_m_jjones]: little simple swap, and let’s see how obvious this plays are instead of

[phil_m_jjones]: finishing a presentation saying, do you have any questions?

[phil_m_jjones]: Reframe the question to what questions do you have for me

[phil_m_jjones]: Now? What’s the typical answer?

[david_horsager]: something they want to as specifly that person.

[phil_m_jjones]: Yes, See the so that iss very much front of mind. And if it’s not that it saw

[phil_m_jjones]: no questions,

[david_horsager]: Yeah,

[phil_m_jjones]: Which is good news

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[phil_m_jjones]: Now If they say no questions and have been in power to say they good, No

[phil_m_jjones]: questions. What if they realized they’ve realized they got all the

[phil_m_jjones]: information to make a decision? Which means they’ve already made a decision.

[phil_m_jjones]: Which means you don’t have to ask for a decision because you both know you’ve

[phil_m_jjones]: just made it, so all you now do is take your responsibility as the leader in

[phil_m_jjones]: this situation and know that people are looking for leadership when they

[phil_m_jjones]: consult with you when they invite you to be out of, Engage in a discussion.

[phil_m_jjones]: Then looking for leadership, so lead the dance, and all you have to do is to

[phil_m_jjones]: tell them what happens next, and if you’re looking for the words to help them

[phil_m_jjones]: understand what happens next, I just gave them to you twice. Is’s the words.

[phil_m_jjones]: What happens next is.

[phil_m_jjones]: If you’re in any one comfortable with those, try the words. The next step is,

[phil_m_jjones]: and look how what it does is, it just reduces friction. It allows you to take

[phil_m_jjones]: control in a situation without manipulating, but influencing, ethically

[phil_m_jjones]: removing the friction, leading people towards an outcome that you both

[phil_m_jjones]: believe was right, as opposed to insert in friction because of the fact that

[phil_m_jjones]: you lack leadership.

[david_horsager]: So this is a great one. It’s critical and it really helping solve quicker’s

[david_horsager]: like,

[phil_m_jjones]: Yeah,

[david_horsager]: let’s move to the solution. Actually, I wanted a solution. Let’s move there

[phil_m_jjones]: correct,

[david_horsager]: so we could talk about the book a lot more. There’s so much here just to wet

[david_horsager]: people’s appetite. The chapter ten, The two types of people,

[david_horsager]: some great phrases, some great words, some, uh, some more great magic words.

[david_horsager]: Who might just have to have you on, but everybody can come here. Fill at the

[david_horsager]: trust. The leader summit Want to talk about you as a leader because you’ve

[david_horsager]: built some amazing organizations you’re running. You know you’, speaking and

[david_horsager]: and training and all this. But you’re also advising and you’re running a

[david_horsager]: whole. Another agency. that Um, you know you’ve got basically youve. youve

[david_horsager]: really helped develop other leaders to lead, And so Let what? what, At least

[david_horsager]: what I found is leaders that I trust, leaders that are leading others well,

[david_horsager]: are leading themselves well in some way, and you work to lead your family.

[david_horsager]: Well, you work to lead your fitness well, but if if you’ going to think

[david_horsager]: personally, do you have some of some routines daily or weekly that this is

[david_horsager]: so I stay relationally spiritually physically fit. because I do, and I’m

[david_horsager]: able to leave better because I do these specific routines. anything. Uh,

[david_horsager]: come to mind,

[phil_m_jjones]: I’m in the same struggle with this as I think many leaders are, and yes, I, I

[phil_m_jjones]: get a lot done.

[phil_m_jjones]: I also relentlessly believe that I’m inadequate of this, so don’t feel like I

[phil_m_jjones]: play from a position of strength, which I think is another quality that a lot

[phil_m_jjones]: of leaders share. and I believe it’s a mindset to be on the relentless

[phil_m_jjones]: ▁quest. for better.

[phil_m_jjones]: I think that’s why many of us choose to leave, because we’re on the

[phil_m_jjones]: relentlessquest For better is never satisfied, never satisfied satisfied and

[phil_m_jjones]: it’s hard to find peace with that, but I believe that that’s where I’m at Is

[phil_m_jjones]: is if there’s a habit or a routine that I have is. I have never for more than

[phil_m_jjones]: twenty years of my professional life blamed anybody for anything,

[phil_m_jjones]: so I take full personal accountability, full persontal responsibility for

[phil_m_jjones]: everything is happening in my life, And I tell you what that allows me to run

[phil_m_jjones]: a pace that is different, Most

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[phil_m_jjones]: cause. I’m never pointing a finger. I’m never wondering whether it should

[phil_m_jjones]: have been different and I’m not looking at somebody else’s inadequacies or

[phil_m_jjones]: somebody else’s performance as their effect on my performance, so I think

[phil_m_jjones]: that is a habit that I that I feel very disciplined and come from a place of

[phil_m_jjones]: confidence on. I also believe massively

[phil_m_jjones]: in

[phil_m_jjones]: your circle

[phil_m_jjones]: who who the people are that you have that you can learn from, and I’ve worked

[phil_m_jjones]: very hard to get myself into rooms of people that stretch rooms of people

[phil_m_jjones]: that can ask questions of me that I’m not brave enough to ask myself who I

[phil_m_jjones]: trust enough to be able to give insights and answers. And I’ve done that for

[phil_m_jjones]: the last twenty plus years of a leader. As I think I started this interview

[phil_m_jjones]: that I’ve I’ve never been Wow. I’ve always been how, and I then has allowed

[phil_m_jjones]: me to get to a position as a leader. The the people that I once looked up to

[phil_m_jjones]: are now my Pierce.

[phil_m_jjones]: and that is

[phil_m_jjones]: is wonderful and something that. I’m always going to be humble enough to be a

[phil_m_jjones]: keep shooting. For us to say that there is so much wisdom around, and if you

[phil_m_jjones]: can

[phil_m_jjones]: choose who you take advice from,

[phil_m_jjones]: understand that advice and opinion are two different things,

[phil_m_jjones]: and

[phil_m_jjones]: give yourself the blessing of of being somebody who shows up for those people

[phil_m_jjones]: well enough. That means that then they’ll show up for you when you need them.

[phil_m_jjones]: That almost hidden team that nobody else gets to see

[phil_m_jjones]: is probably

[phil_m_jjones]: a habit that I’ve invested in in the dark hours in the shadows that nobody

[phil_m_jjones]: else sees has probably served me more than most.

[david_horsager]: you’ve built some amazing relships. I know your mission and it’s simple is

[david_horsager]: to help great people get better, and you’ve certainly made me better Full

[david_horsager]: disclosure. with everybody. There’s five of us that are part of a mastermind

[david_horsager]: group. We will be meeting in just a week, I think in New York, and we meet

[david_horsager]: multiple times a year. We all business owners that are trying to change the

[david_horsager]: world for good through practice or our companies.

[david_horsager]: Um, you love seeing other people do better. I’ve seen you start. I think

[david_horsager]: something that I. I think white people might be interested in giving to you,

[david_horsager]: Is you. You’re so willing to start with generosity. Start by giving, start

[david_horsager]: by by helping and Um in our industry, at least

[david_horsager]: multiple shared friends. Like if I’m going to ask people, Phil is a giver.

[david_horsager]: and I think that’s that’s a part of. that’s a habit that you have not to

[david_horsager]: press into this too much. We got. We got to land the plane soon, but

[david_horsager]: anything, just personally. that. If you’re going to open up the personal

[david_horsager]: commono, said, this is something I do regularly just as a leader to have a

[david_horsager]: better marriage to stay uh, healthy. To be a better dad

[david_horsager]: consistently,

[phil_m_jjones]: I think consistently, Um

[phil_m_jjones]: is to not bring the work version of me

[phil_m_jjones]: home that often

[david_horsager]: H,

[phil_m_jjones]: is

[phil_m_jjones]: in our line of work and as dynamically as we push it, I’m often the person

[phil_m_jjones]: that’s looked to find the answers. I’m often the person that is responsible

[phil_m_jjones]: for change that

[phil_m_jjones]: attribute that I talked about earlier of taking full personal responsibility

[phil_m_jjones]: for everything

[phil_m_jjones]: can have negative impacts if I bring it into my marriage or bringing into who

[david_horsager]: mhm,

[phil_m_jjones]: I am as a father.

[phil_m_jjones]: and I I think consciously being out to flip that switch and something a lot

[phil_m_jjones]: of people don’t know about me David is, is, Um,

[phil_m_jjones]: what I’ve done over a period of time is is my middle initial in my brand has

[phil_m_jjones]: become meaning something to me. so Phil M. Jones is the person that people

[phil_m_jjones]: meet on stage, as the person that somebody meets in the boardroom, They, the

[phil_m_jjones]: person that somebody can call on and ask for help when I find optimistic

[phil_m_jjones]: solutions in just about any given challenge to their circumstances.

[phil_m_jjones]: But Phil Jones can cry, can be weak and not no answers. can um, have

[phil_m_jjones]: frustrations, have fears, have reservations and

[phil_m_jjones]: can let my wife help me. I’m feeling confused or scared. Um can show signs of

[phil_m_jjones]: honerability that don’t necessarily sharp in other areas of my life, and and,

[phil_m_jjones]: and being able to actively choose between those two characters is is

[phil_m_jjones]: something that I’ve grown into a habit of And

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[phil_m_jjones]: it’s not that ones me, and one’s not me. The’, just just just two different

[phil_m_jjones]: faceets of how I choose to operate and I think that allows me to be better at

[phil_m_jjones]: home,

[david_horsager]: no doubt,

[phil_m_jjones]: cause otherwise, yeah, I just see it as a as a as a tussle. A. And and more

[phil_m_jjones]: recently, another habit was the realization that that I lived a good number

[phil_m_jjones]: of my years saying that it was.

[phil_m_jjones]: You know. it was like work, first, work, first, work first, Um, and then you

[phil_m_jjones]: know if I can find some time for family and find some time for health, then

[phil_m_jjones]: then good, happy days. I’ll get there one day. I’m still young and I started

[phil_m_jjones]: real young in this world. But what I’ve learned over time is that that that

[phil_m_jjones]: should be reversed like it’s health first, because without that I don’t have

[david_horsager]: mhmm.

[phil_m_jjones]: the ability to show up for anybody. Then it’s family, because otherwise

[phil_m_jjones]: what’s the point A and then work becomes the place Ba. Underneath that allows

[phil_m_jjones]: you to be other than deliver towards those attributes. And I think so much of

[phil_m_jjones]: work that I’ve fallen foul of in the past is is I treated it as a Sprn,

[phil_m_jjones]: A. And I’ve learned maybe over the last three, four five years is to better

[phil_m_jjones]: slow that down and think about a distant journey that we can go on that

[phil_m_jjones]: delivers joy over a period of time, as opposed to chases toward a

[phil_m_jjones]: predetermined finish. Learn

[david_horsager]: you’re almost a decade younger than me, and uh, you’re going to have to keep

[david_horsager]: pressing into the health one. Right as you go. Youve been Li.

[david_horsager]: as I was thinking about, I was chasing my kids and having a uh, this summer

[david_horsager]: and had a mountain bike accident trying to keep up with Uh. I. I learned

[david_horsager]: something by the way. I’m not just. I’m not the best athlete in the family

[david_horsager]: anymore or the second or the third or the. I’m worse than the twelve year

[david_horsager]: old. As far as aticism now, so um, but I, you know Ro in Jackson Holl, I was

[david_horsager]: actually speaking to Consul there and we end up doing the the downhill

[david_horsager]: mountain biking and and it takes a lot longer to heal at almost fifty. Um,

[david_horsager]: but uh, but I do think it’s interesting because I’ve had to become more

[david_horsager]: intention about certain things. I also can’t agree more. I know you know

[david_horsager]: everybody is different, but for me, you know Lisa and I, my wife and I

[david_horsager]: started this this business together twenty two years ago or so. And um, it

[david_horsager]: really

[david_horsager]: together. Even though she’s not in the out office with the team or that kind

[david_horsager]: of thing, she’s a a major part in decision making and processing, and just

[david_horsager]: also that, just home and and balance and be able to talk about other things

[david_horsager]: and actually be vulnerable Is certainly, I, I appreciate us, the the team.

[david_horsager]: You know, the the Ma mind we have. There’s real vulnebility, genuine

[david_horsager]: vulbility of another group of Uh, a group of accountability partners that

[david_horsager]: I’ve met with for twenty eight years, Um. That have also been significant,

[david_horsager]: but I really appreciate that. What do you? What are you learning right now?

[david_horsager]: What are you most curious about right now?

[phil_m_jjones]: what I most curious about right now is is

[phil_m_jjones]: exploring the question. enough.

[phil_m_jjones]: How much is enough? What’s enough?

[phil_m_jjones]: Where is that line and Withs’s leaders so often that more is better. More is

[phil_m_jjones]: better and more is better, and I’ve seen enough examples of that not being

[phil_m_jjones]: true to know that more isn’t always better.

[phil_m_jjones]: which,

[phil_m_jjones]: Yes, it’s okay to then say. how do you create space on what’s less, But the

[phil_m_jjones]: the curious question they have in all areas of life is like. What? Enough

[phil_m_jjones]: like? I can put relentless focus on the thing and I can make it better. No

[phil_m_jjones]: troub. But how do I find the answer to enough? whether

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[phil_m_jjones]: it’s financial, whether it’s health, whether it’s the size of the friend

[phil_m_jjones]: group, whether it’s the number of accolades, whether it’s quantity of

[phil_m_jjones]: speeches in the yearce,

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[phil_m_jjones]: what’s the magic metric of enough

[david_horsager]: Hm,

[phil_m_jjones]: in in all key areas of life? And I’m ridiculously curious about trying to

[phil_m_jjones]: find an answer to that question?

[david_horsager]: we’re going to talk about it next week. I’ve got a couple of thoughts for

[david_horsager]: you.

[phil_m_jjones]: I’m excited you hear to hear. Lay down

[david_horsager]: Yeah, I’ve had some shifts. It’s definitely in my part and head over the

[david_horsager]: years, and uh can’t wait to be together. Where’s the best place to find out,

[david_horsager]: you know and and watch you, Phil M. Jones, Dot Com is the central website

[david_horsager]: where you can find out mores, or anywhere else we should look.

[phil_m_jjones]: from there, you can find all the other links that would be useful Is social

[phil_m_jjones]: network wise. I guess I’m more personally active on both link in and on Instg

[phil_m_jjones]: than any of the other platforms. And yeah, keep me abreast of of your

[phil_m_jjones]: journey. You going is one of the greatest things I can hear on Social is is

[phil_m_jjones]: either you’re working on something and you hear a road block and cannot

[phil_m_jjones]: provide some clarity. or that you’ve tried something used in. It’s working

[phil_m_jjones]: and it’s delivering for you that you’ve implemented and it’s made you better

[phil_m_jjones]: as a leader. Those are the greatest gifts that you can reach out to people

[phil_m_jjones]: like us with. I love your book, but more so, I took something from your book.

[phil_m_jjones]: I

[david_horsager]: Mhm.

[phil_m_jjones]: used it. It made a difference in my world, and I thought you’d like to be

[phil_m_jjones]: able to know about it, and that that keeps us creative. It keeps us pushing.

[phil_m_jjones]: So any of those kind of bouncebcks would be very much appreciated

[david_horsager]: So it’s Phil M. Jones Dot Com and everywhere else you can find him from

[david_horsager]: there. One very interesting, innovative, uh thing that you did, Actually my

[david_horsager]: book, The The Middle, Bookook Daily Edge. We did kind of what was unique at

[david_horsager]: the time where we had video and and stuff in it. It didn’t take off in that

[david_horsager]: way, but in a new way you’ve been one of the first in a new way to kind of

[david_horsager]: have a a docu book or a video book. and uh, one of the first of its kind

[david_horsager]: produced this way. Yeah, and it’s super cool. I’ve seen and it, Um, and by

[david_horsager]: the way, just who everybody knows as much as we know, great leaders are

[david_horsager]: great readers and all this kind of thing. The average number of hours at

[david_horsager]: least the last time I checked a person watches junk, T. V or junk video, not

[david_horsager]: email, just junk screen time annually is twelve hundred and eight seven

[david_horsager]: hours a year. Average of books in American reads in their lifetime, not

[david_horsager]: after their formal education, Whether you know that was the high school

[david_horsager]: degree or a, you know whatever, or a uh, or a ph, h, D. Average books in

[david_horsager]: American reads in the lifet time is one book. It’s

[david_horsager]: and So what that means is most people reading ▁zero. Because you reading a

[david_horsager]: hundred, my brother reads a. or it is. of course it books over a hundred

[david_horsager]: fifty pages. So good night Moon does not count, but in that study, but the

[david_horsager]: bottom line is

[david_horsager]: you know great leaders do tend to be great readers, but you’ve come with

[david_horsager]: another way of of injecting information. So I mean, I want to land the

[david_horsager]: plane. But one minute about this cool video book and people should go to

[david_horsager]: your site be cause they can jump there from it. But just give us a one

[david_horsager]: minute on what you did,

[phil_m_jjones]: Are so much funine. I partner with an organization called Lit Video books,

[phil_m_jjones]: ▁l. I. T video books. There are a a really dynamic young Startu company. The

[phil_m_jjones]: Uh, a keen about visual learning, achieving Um, better impression rates when

[phil_m_jjones]: it comes to being out to turn biselling books into something else. Emy winn.

[phil_m_jjones]: In producers, great camera crew, great scripts and crew, And they, they took

[phil_m_jjones]: my book. We worked in partnership with them. We created a forty seven minute

[phil_m_jjones]: documentary that teaches people in both storytelling, interview, actor based

[phil_m_jjones]: scenes, plus um, animated graphics. We teach the core principles of the book

[phil_m_jjones]: in a forty seven minute video that people can watch, and I think from a from

[phil_m_jjones]: a business point of view that what we have here is something that could start

[phil_m_jjones]: to shake out the future of what online learning looks like. Where we. we’re

[phil_m_jjones]: starting to be out a play with a. an area that I call in phottainment, Where

[phil_m_jjones]: where what this is is is information delivered in a way that were already

[phil_m_jjones]: preromed. to want to be out to absorb it. And if you can learn something from

[phil_m_jjones]: you know the latest games on Thrones, I’m I’m guessing you can probably learn

[phil_m_jjones]: more from you know, a an hour long watch of of a well packaged well presented

[phil_m_jjones]: non talking head version of a book that has be put in new way, Say’s lit

[phil_m_jjones]: video books. I think if you go live video books, forward, slash exactly, or

[phil_m_jjones]: land on a landing page. And I think if you do it right now while they’re

[phil_m_jjones]: still in this startup mode, because Im book five of all the

[david_horsager]: Mhm,

[phil_m_jjones]: books they’re going to go do is they get like a crazy offer Like you had to

[phil_m_jjones]: try a video book for like five bucks or nine bucks or some something insanely

[phil_m_jjones]: stupid. So if you even intriued byo, look at it. if you don’t like it, then

[phil_m_jjones]: I’ll buy it back from you.

[phil_m_jjones]: However, that might work.

[david_horsager]: and it’s yeah, it, in this attention span deprived culture. Hey, it’s a way

[david_horsager]: to to pour in great content. So hey, it’s a trusted leader. Show it’s got

[david_horsager]: it. We. we end with the final question every time this is the only one

[david_horsager]: that’s the same. And uh, So who is a leader you trust? And why?

[phil_m_jjones]: Who’s a leader I trust and why

[phil_m_jjones]: there are lots and the ones that will jump to mind the names that will not be

[phil_m_jjones]: known by anybody here on this this school.

[phil_m_jjones]: But the thing that I, I always learned to trust in the leader’s consistency

[david_horsager]: Hm?

[phil_m_jjones]: is how do they keep showing up? How do they keep showing up? How do they keep

[phil_m_jjones]: showing up? And

[david_horsager]: Yep,

[phil_m_jjones]: sometimes I trust the fact that they are pain in the Us. But but I definitely

[phil_m_jjones]: trust them if they’re consistently that and you know what you’re getting and

[david_horsager]: Yes, if you’re late all the time, I’ll trust you to be late. Consistency,

[phil_m_jjones]: you know what you’re getting into.

[david_horsager]: Hey, it’s it’s it’s the. Uh, The the cornerstonone, final pillar of the

[david_horsager]: eight pllar framework or eight pills of trust? Certainly, um, we, we believe

[david_horsager]: in it. Ph. it is. Uh, just been a joy to have you on Even more of a joy.

[david_horsager]: Count you as a friend. That has been the trusted leader show until next

[david_horsager]: time. stay trusted.

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