Ep. 63: Gerry O’Brion on How To Become The #1 Choice In A Crowded Market

In this episode, David sits down with Gerry O’Brion, Marketing Expert and Keynote Speaker, to discuss how to become the #1 choice in a crowded market.

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Gerry’s Bio:
Gerry O’Brion has helped thousands of CEOs, executives, sales teams, and franchisees become the #1 choice in crowded industries.

Gerry is the creator of The Because framework of influence that reveals how to become the #1 choice, even in a crowded market.

He is currently authoring a book about the framework – They Buy Your Because – Closing the sale in a crowded market, which shows companies how to clarify their message, stand out in the sea of sameness and close more sales.

Gerry spent his career as an executive for brands like Procter & Gamble, Coors Light, Quiznos, and Red Robin. He has an MBA from the University of Michigan, a BBA from the University of Wisconsin and spent 8 years in the military.

Gerry’s Links:
Website: https://www.whatbigbrandsknow.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerryobrion/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhatBigBrandsKnow

Key Quotes:
1. “If you make a promise with no proof, you don’t finish the sentence of influence.”
2. “Your brain needs a rational reason to make the emotional decision.”
3. “Finish the sentence of influence.”
4. “Your why is the inspirational rallying cry behind why your company exists.”
5. “Talk to your customers! Be a listening organization.”
6. “The big mistake is making a promise with no proof.”
7. “People are afraid of making a bad decision.”

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Show Transcript

david_horsager: Welcome to the trusted Leader show. it’s David Horsesgger, I have a special

david_horsager: guest with the day. He might be the most brilliant mind I know. on branding

david_horsager: and marketing. He’s been an executive and everything from Proctor and

david_horsager: Gamble, the coors Light to Red Robin to ▁quiz knows. he’s led some amazing

david_horsager: initiatives such as the I know it, ▁quiznos, the Sammy, uh, Sammy’s

david_horsager: initiative, or the the One million sub, Uh, Give away. He’s done some

david_horsager: innovative projects. He loves the farm like I do, and even as goats he lives

david_horsager: in this, this property that he is designed. I. he’s kind of architect on the

david_horsager: side, which is really cool. but he’s just a great down to earth guy and I

david_horsager: get to call him friend. So grateful to have you on Jerry O’brien.

gerry_obrion: Thank you so much for having me. This is fun. exciting.

david_horsager: Oh, this is. this is superbl. That’s all for my head. By the way, if I

david_horsager: actually would

david_horsager: have read a bio on you, we would be here for a long time. so um, anyway,

david_horsager: that’s uh. it’s It’s really cool and you’ve been traveling around the world.

david_horsager: You help people find there because you help people with branding and

david_horsager: marketing. You’ve been recently. were talking about it. I’ve got a good

david_horsager: flight of Vienna next week. You’re you’re in Bahrain. Um, you know recently,

david_horsager: or’re not even in your home city today, But um, let’s let’s jump in first of

david_horsager: all. Just kind of give us a a quick. Who’s Jerry O’brion.

gerry_obrion: so uh, you know it’s so funny. who’s Jerry Brown? grew in a small farm town in

gerry_obrion: Wisconsin, and now I travel all over, speaking to Ceo’s executive sales teams

gerry_obrion: about how to influence people to say yes to them. Whether it’s we need to

gerry_obrion: influence people to buy from us, which is a lot of what I do, But now even

gerry_obrion: more so, how do we influence employees to work for us? More and more people

gerry_obrion: are trying to figure out how do I become the employer of choice. How do you

gerry_obrion: influence people to work for you? Some companies, How do we influence

gerry_obrion: investors? You

gerry_obrion: know, and you know, you’ve got some politicians on here. How do you influence

gerry_obrion: people to vote for you? So I have a framework of influence that I’ve created

gerry_obrion: and honed over. Uh, thousands and thousands of of executives and sales teams

gerry_obrion: over the last decade, and that’s what I do now.

david_horsager: that’s so fun. Well, we’re going to jump in that. we’ll get personal a

david_horsager: little bit later, but I think we should just Stmp, jump into this framework.

david_horsager: I mean, I’ve heard you, Uh, we’ve been on the same stage together. You’ve uh

david_horsager: got an amazing message and I know you go deep in this in workshops and

david_horsager: consulting. But this whole idea about the because, First of all, give us a

david_horsager: little. you know that you, you say they buy your because, and may even

david_horsager: differentiate. There’s a lot about the Y these days, the y, and it seems

david_horsager: kind of similar, so maybe give us a little bit of the because. we’ll jump in

david_horsager: the framework in a couple of minutes, but just kind of that overall. And and

david_horsager: even how those two are different.

gerry_obrion: Yeah, absolutely so. so my framework is simple. You start with. who are you

gerry_obrion: trying to influence? What do you know about them? The insights Question One,

gerry_obrion: who are you trying to influence? Question too, what are your insights? What do

gerry_obrion: you know about what they want more of or less of, or really what they’re

gerry_obrion: hoping to achieve, or what they fear when they’re buying from you? Yp, Yup,

david_horsager: Okay, slow down. so go back to number one Really quick. Who are they? who is

gerry_obrion: who are they?

david_horsager: that who do you want Influence? Is it is that kids kind of influence them to

david_horsager: clean their rooms, Or is it you know

gerry_obrion: I? I always joke. It’s uh, influencing your kids to put the bulls face down in

gerry_obrion: the dishwasher, not face up. Yeah, so it?

david_horsager: there you go exactly, but in influencing influence start of sale influencing

david_horsager: constituents. Frankly, Republicans and Democrats here on the U S side of the

david_horsager: world, influencing others They. we, just you know a big bill was pass and

david_horsager: you had to have some from the other side, join each o each other’s side on a

david_horsager: few of other things, which is Um. So how number one it

gerry_obrion: who is your target? who are you?

david_horsager: is. who’s the target who? the audience? Number

gerry_obrion: who? who?

gerry_obrion: What are their insights Right? And this is great a political example. What do

gerry_obrion: they really care about? And there’s a lot of things going on that they care

gerry_obrion: about, everything from relection to serving their constituents to. Those are

gerry_obrion: all the things that they’re hoping for or what they fear right when you’re

gerry_obrion: influencing a customer to buy from you. What do they hope will happen if they

gerry_obrion: buy from you? What do they fear will happen if they buy from you even

gerry_obrion: another way? What do they fear will happen if they don’t buy from you? But

gerry_obrion: they buy from your competitor. They buy from some one else. So those that

gerry_obrion: mindse piece. Once you know who you’re trying to go after that mindset hopes

gerry_obrion: fears, uh insights. Then we get to question number three of the framework, I

gerry_obrion: know who I’m going after. I know what’s on their mind, what they care about.

gerry_obrion: what’s your outcome. What’s the promise you’re going to make? I’ll give you an

gerry_obrion: example here. if you

gerry_obrion: only promise an outcome. Here’s what’s in it for you. Here’s what’s in it for

gerry_obrion: you if you buy for me. If you only promise an outcome and you don’t what.

gerry_obrion: Finish, what I call the sentence of influence, and I’ll talk about your,

gerry_obrion: because is the ending of your sentence of influence. If you only make a

gerry_obrion: promise, we’ll give you an example. I’m Jerry. I’m goingnna open up a pizza

gerry_obrion: place and my marketing is this. Hey, come on into Jerry’s pizza. Our pizzas

gerry_obrion: Yeah, we. well, you know what we want. Better pizza. We all want better pizza.

gerry_obrion: We all want a better experience. we all want a better product. Hey, David, By

gerry_obrion: our product, it’s higher quality

gerry_obrion: right. Everybody says it. If you make a promise with no proof, you don’t

gerry_obrion: finish the sentence of influence, it, Y you get left hanging right. So the

gerry_obrion: question number before is your, because there’s great research out there. The

gerry_obrion: two thousand two Nobel prize winner in economics was not an economist who is a

gerry_obrion: psychologist that unravellled what happens in our brains when we make

gerry_obrion: decisions, And what he was able to show is that

gerry_obrion: your brain is looking for what I call a rational reason

gerry_obrion: to make the emotional decision. We have emotional side and a rational side of

gerry_obrion: our brains Right. And if we only give you the promise, Hey, our pizz’. Better,

gerry_obrion: our brain is looking for the proof. The, because, the ending of the sentence,

gerry_obrion: the rational logical side, I say, your brain needs a rational reason to make

gerry_obrion: the emotional decision. No, our pizza’ better because

gerry_obrion: take Papa Johns, for example, our pizza is better because we have better

gerry_obrion: ingredients. We never even look into what makes their ingredients better. But

gerry_obrion: they’ve finished the sentence of influence. That’s your. because, Question

gerry_obrion: three, your outcome, your promise question For what’s your? Because, what’s

gerry_obrion: your piece of proof And what we see, David in most marketing in most

gerry_obrion: companies, beat B be to C. Politicians, you name it, we don’t finish the

gerry_obrion: sentence of influence, we make you a promise, but we don’t give you any proof.

gerry_obrion: And if when we finish that sentence when we give you the proof, our products

gerry_obrion: are higher quality. That’s because

gerry_obrion: you can E, assure that you have better pizza. That’s because I was the brain

gerry_obrion: manager of Coor’s Light, I created one of the most famous becusses in the beer

gerry_obrion: industry. ever. Have you ever seen the bottle that turns blue when it’s cold

gerry_obrion: enough to drink? I launched.

david_horsager: this is. Yeah, that is an amazing story. I mean, I think it’s

david_horsager: let’s talk about this. I want an example story. Let’s talk about this

david_horsager: because you’ sitting there. You got these certain reasons people buy beer. I

david_horsager: wouldn’t be a good example. Here be cause I’m not a big beer fan. But, but

david_horsager: um, anyway, it’s what it’s call it

gerry_obrion: yeah, so so let me walk you through just really quickly. The framework. right.

gerry_obrion: So who are you going after? Well and beer? We’re going after twenty one to

gerry_obrion: twenty four year old men. Now people will say no, but older men drink beer.

gerry_obrion: women drink their. Yes, that’s all true. Seventy five percent of the beer in

gerry_obrion: the United States consumed by men, twenty one to twenty four year old men

gerry_obrion: drink eight times more light beer than all other men. They’re very high volume

gerry_obrion: users, so let’s just say we’re trying to influence men. Question one, twenty,

gerry_obrion: one, twenty four year old man, Question two, what are their insights? What do

gerry_obrion: they care about? We had eight insights about what people want from light beer.

gerry_obrion: They want it to be, Uh, you know, low calorie low carb. they wanted to be

gerry_obrion: socially acceptable, they wanted, they wanted to have funny advertising they

gerry_obrion: want. Uh, you know, Uh, all wants to be refreshing. They want it to be a good

gerry_obrion: value right, low price right, And then we found out they said Well, we want it

gerry_obrion: to be colder. We’re like great now. Just picture this, David.

gerry_obrion: Insight is we want our beer to be colder, Case of the outcome. Now the outcome

gerry_obrion: so your audience knows how to do this comes directly from your insights. If

gerry_obrion: the inside is we want colder beer. Our promise. our beer is colder.

gerry_obrion: Do you see how much that sounds like marketing fluff, and no one will believe

gerry_obrion: you. now. By the way, If I can make you believe that my beer is colder, you

gerry_obrion: guys can sell anything right.

david_horsager: two kids have

david_horsager: coming out of the same bridge, But I think what’s

david_horsager: interesting is basically what you said. The competitors met their light in

david_horsager: Budli. They basically had the other key insights covered.

gerry_obrion: yeah, so people say we wanted to taste Great Millerite from Nineteen seventy

gerry_obrion: Four has been saying Great taste less filling right. So they already had that

gerry_obrion: covered. Budlight was doing funny ads of dogs, frogs, spuds, Mackenzie horses,

gerry_obrion: All the funny things that they do funny ads socially party party beer. All

gerry_obrion: beer was being sold on emotion, but there was no pieces of proof right, so we

gerry_obrion: say. Oh, well, they say they want their beer to be colder. Well, how is our

gerry_obrion: beer going to be any colder than other beer in your same refrigerator? We

gerry_obrion: needed to find a. because, a piece of proof. So we created innovation after

gerry_obrion: innovation to give beer the same beer pieces of proof. The first thing we

gerry_obrion: launched was called the Frost brew liner. Can We put a blue liner inside the

gerry_obrion: can, David. The secret of the blue liner that’s inside the can is that every

gerry_obrion: can has a liner. They always have had one. They’re clear. Nobody knew they

gerry_obrion: were there. We turned ours blue and gave you proof that we were protecting the

gerry_obrion: refreshment of your beer. We sold an extra hundred million dollars of beer in

gerry_obrion: cans. The first year we made the blueliner. Then we came out with a bottle

gerry_obrion: that turns blue. The mountain’s turn blue when it’s cold enough to drink.

gerry_obrion: Notice that we didn’t uh, change the beer. We change the amount of information

gerry_obrion: you have about your beer. You know, when it’s cold enough to drink, People

gerry_obrion: want more certainty in their lives. Things like really important things. I

gerry_obrion: give my beer cold right. It is a big deal. when you’re drinking beer.

gerry_obrion: We created an incremental, two hundred and fifty million dollars a year in

gerry_obrion: sales. By finishing the sentence of influence. Your beer will be colder.

gerry_obrion: That’s our promise, because it’s got. It’ll be more refreshing because it’s

gerry_obrion: got a blue liner in the can. It’ll be cold enough to drink. That’s because the

gerry_obrion: mountains turn blue. when it’s cold enough to drink. We finished and gave you

gerry_obrion: pieces of proof in every business. Ninety five per cent of the companies I

gerry_obrion: work with be to bee companies. They’ve got a promise. they’ve got a product

gerry_obrion: that. It’s better. We need to give them the proof. And so that’s what

gerry_obrion: I. I spend my time doing with companies is four simple questions that change

gerry_obrion: everything. Now you asked about the why people say? Oh, I spent. I have c, e

gerry_obrion: Os. tell me this all the time. I spent all this time finding our Y. now,

gerry_obrion: David. I work in industries like attorneys, industrial moulds, technology

gerry_obrion: firms building out new technology. You name it. Do you know I work with a big

gerry_obrion: tire manufacture. Does any onee care why you sell tires?

gerry_obrion: Not one bit. They don’t care why you sell tires. They care what your tires do

gerry_obrion: for me, and what makes them different than every other tire on the road?

gerry_obrion: You’re intallars. What makes your installers of the tires different from all

gerry_obrion: the other installers that are out there? I’m not. I don’t really care why

gerry_obrion: you’re in a tre installer. I care what you do for me, and how you do that

gerry_obrion: differently, or better than every one else. the pieces of proof. So your’re

gerry_obrion: wise is the inspirational rallying cry behind why your company exists and why

gerry_obrion: people come to work every day Simon sent. It comes from the h. R side of the

gerry_obrion: business. It’s an inspirational, wonderful beautiful thing, especially when

gerry_obrion: you’re recruiting employees. But when it comes to people giving you the money

gerry_obrion: signing the twenty million dollar contract, they care about your, your proof.

gerry_obrion: You’re because. the reason why I believe you’re going to deliver this better

gerry_obrion: different than everyone else. That’s why they hand over the money. So that’s

gerry_obrion: the difference.

david_horsager: I. I think this is really interesting. so there is a four step P framework.

david_horsager: You know who you going after it is? I think number two the key insights and

david_horsager: I think some giving life to those. How do I find those key insights? I think

david_horsager: two think you said hopes and fears. But what are a couple of questions? I

david_horsager: would as to get the key insight

gerry_obrion: Yep, and people ask us all the time. How do you find out your insights in most

gerry_obrion: companies? D,

gerry_obrion: I came from Protctor Gamble. We drove everything based on insights from our

gerry_obrion: customers. We were famous for doing focus groups, deep dive, one on one

gerry_obrion: interviews, huge based surveys. The truth is the fastest easiest way to get

gerry_obrion: insights is talk to your customers. Become a listening organization. In my

gerry_obrion: book that’s coming out this spring. I do an interview with the guy that used

gerry_obrion: to be the C e o of the excavator division of Caterpillar,

gerry_obrion: And he tells this story about how he went around and no one was buying their

gerry_obrion: hybrid excavator, couldn’t figure out why he went to these c e os, these big

gerry_obrion: construction firms, and they told him everything they hated about his piece of

gerry_obrion: jug, hybrid excavator. He took it back to the engineering team, cancelled the

gerry_obrion: entire project. Uh, initiated a new project and it turned around the future of

gerry_obrion: the entire division of Caterpillar and the entire company

gerry_obrion: of Caterpillar, by listening

gerry_obrion: to customers frustrations, hopes, fears, um. what they want. more of what they

gerry_obrion: want less of,

gerry_obrion: And it’s not that hard to say. What do you like about our products? What do

gerry_obrion: you not like about our products? What do you like about our competitors

gerry_obrion: products? Here’s one forty, David. You want to get really good answers. Go to

gerry_obrion: a customer that used to work with you, left you and went to your competitor.

gerry_obrion: There’s where the answers

gerry_obrion: are. What did they say that got you to think they were a better solution for

gerry_obrion: you than we were. What mistakes did we make? What did they proactively do?

gerry_obrion: That was right. That convinced you. Um, and what are we? What are? What are we

gerry_obrion: doing that that? Now that you’re with them, that you wish that they were doing

gerry_obrion: insight, insight, insight. That’s what drives everything.

david_horsager: And that drives the. because,

gerry_obrion: Then, yeah, then yeah, then your. Your outcome is clear. Oh, you want this,

gerry_obrion: this, this and this, and what I generally do, David is what? What I do this

gerry_obrion: with the company. We’ll end up with thirty to sixty insights. Pieces of

gerry_obrion: information about what customers care about. Those will get narrowed to six to

gerry_obrion: ten that really drive decisions. Then you? That’s where you make your

gerry_obrion: outcomes. Your promises come from those top six, seven, eight insights. Now

gerry_obrion: they might be different throughout the sales process. The c e O might care

gerry_obrion: about something different than the C. f. O than the engineering team. There’s

gerry_obrion: all different insights you might be dealing with, but you take that and then

gerry_obrion: you turn it into a promise. What we hear you saying is you want this. We

gerry_obrion: promise this. That’s because you insert your piece of proof, Easy, easy, but a

gerry_obrion: lot of companies don’t do it

david_horsager: right, I can totally see it all over the place. Can you tell me a few

david_horsager: others? Can you give us a few more examples of like Papa Johns, Oh,

david_horsager: Thecause, we get it right away. Are there some other examples you can throw

david_horsager: out there? and I know everybody needs to know this by your people because

david_horsager: they buy you, because this is the book coming out this spring? Everybody

david_horsager: needs to be

david_horsager: looking for. We will be amplifying it and letting people know I love this

david_horsager: message. but by they bu, the bacause,

gerry_obrion: and you will start to see this everywhere. Wh, why I? You know if you’re

gerry_obrion: watching, you know football or whatever, and you’re watching T V ads. I know

gerry_obrion: everyone hates T V commercials, but watch one.

gerry_obrion: any T V commercial from a big major billion dollar brand will have pieces of

gerry_obrion: proof in it and you’ll see it all the time. Oh, because you know I. i. i, and

gerry_obrion: it’s great if you’ve ever seen like a a commercial for say, uh, uh, like

gerry_obrion: shampoo, and they’ve got the visual of how it’s going to go in and do. It’s

gerry_obrion: the little pieces of proof. Oh, there’s one Uh, that came out recently for

gerry_obrion: like an, an aspirin, or tylonolll, or something, And you’ll you’ll You might

gerry_obrion: even remember this. It says Because we have laser drilled holes. It like makes

gerry_obrion: your head it go away. laser drilled holes. Now, let me give you an example

gerry_obrion: that I just reminded me of myself of. I do this with my audiences. I say,

gerry_obrion: let’s take a low interest category. How about

gerry_obrion: floor mats for your car? Now, David. you’re an audience of one here. Can you

gerry_obrion: name any company that makes floormats for your car?

gerry_obrion: Okay, you can’t now in. I mean even tiny audiences. they always say one name

gerry_obrion: and all the all your listeners are reviewers are. S saying this right now,

gerry_obrion: Weather tech. Whether David weather tech, now you’ve heard of Weather Tech

gerry_obrion: floorliners, right, David?

gerry_obrion: Do you? And so we’re looking for there? Because now I want your audience to

gerry_obrion: think about this. Well, why would you buy and I asked my audiences this all

gerry_obrion: the time. Why would you buy a weather type floor liner versus any other floor

gerry_obrion: liner? And regularly they all say the same thing. Because, and if you’ve ever

gerry_obrion: seen one of their T V commercials, one hundred percent of their T V

gerry_obrion: commercials have this in them, they say, Because theyre laser measured

gerry_obrion: and you go. And And but what? Well, what’s the outcome? Well, the outcome is

gerry_obrion: it fits your car perfectly, so the snow and the mud stay in your car and not

gerry_obrion: on your carpet. That’s because weather tech flowor liners are laser measured

gerry_obrion: to fit your exact model of your car. Perfectly

gerry_obrion: okay. let’s be real, David. Do they really need to laser measure? No, they can

gerry_obrion: just get the speck from the car manufacture. I’m sure right, but no, that is

gerry_obrion: their piece of proof and they have built a massive company that now makes all

gerry_obrion: sorts of different products on one specific, because being because their laser

gerry_obrion: measured, and there’s example after example out there of people finishing the

gerry_obrion: sentence of influence, and a lot of times audiences will say well, Jerry do? I

gerry_obrion: just need one because, because it’s got a blue liner, because it’s laser

gerry_obrion: measured, Because we use better ingredients

gerry_obrion: in real companies that sell real things in complicated markets. You might have

gerry_obrion: six or eight different becauseuses that get used during your the course of

gerry_obrion: your sales process, depending on who you’re talking to. If you’re uh getting

gerry_obrion: out getting employees, you might have a few different becas. You might have

gerry_obrion: three or four, five different things that make your company special versus all

gerry_obrion: the other companies where people are considering Uh working. So what I want

gerry_obrion: the audience to think about is who are you influencing in the moment?

gerry_obrion: What are their insights and what is the pieces of proof that you can deliver

gerry_obrion: on those insights. Now that might vary throughout the course of your sales

gerry_obrion: process, There might be two or three things that person cares about and can

gerry_obrion: you deliver proof on each one of those things? The big mistake is making a

gerry_obrion: promise with no backup,

david_horsager: no proof.

gerry_obrion: no proof, because it sounds like fluff.

gerry_obrion: Ah, and so so you’re You’re in? I. I give this example of time and you’re in

gerry_obrion: the trust world. I mean, you’re the expert on trust.

david_horsager: Yeah, I got a little problem with you. You built the whole course thing

david_horsager: basically at, but it isn’t any cold than anywhere else. And yet you sold a

david_horsager: hundred million accent and it’s not real. It’s like you. Just you know.

gerry_obrion: I? Yeah, so, but the the worst thing you can say and people put this on their

gerry_obrion: websites. Hey, you should do business with us because you can trust us and

david_horsager: Yeah. No, just trust me that. Yeah, nobody trust the person that says. Just

gerry_obrion: your brain goes.

david_horsager: trust me

gerry_obrion: Just trust me Right until you give the piece of proof. Oh, you can trust us

gerry_obrion: because you know we special. I, I give an example of a tiny little auto repair

gerry_obrion: shop and here’s an example of how you can create A. because David tie little

gerry_obrion: lot, a repair shop. He opens up his doors and he serves in his sign. He

gerry_obrion: specializes David in two kinds of cars. The big sign says imports and

gerry_obrion: domestics, Yep, Brit’s pretty much everything right. And so he didn’t have

gerry_obrion: very many customers And then he realized the customers that were coming in the

gerry_obrion: neighborhood. A lot of them drove Audi and Volkswagens, so he ended up

gerry_obrion: specializing and narrowing his focus to say we specialize in Audiian

gerry_obrion: Volkswagens. Well then he got the big insight, he said Jerry. The big inside

gerry_obrion: is, there’s a lot of customers out there that don’t want to pay to go to the

gerry_obrion: dealership, but they do want to go to someone who specializes in their kind of

gerry_obrion: car. He tripled his business in eighteen months by narrowing his focus and it

gerry_obrion: get it. Get people are afraid of making a bad decision. And if you narrow your

gerry_obrion: focus and you do something specifically for them, Oh, you specialize in Audi

gerry_obrion: and Volkswagens, I can trust you. I believe you. I believe you can fix my car.

gerry_obrion: I believe you can probably fix my car more efficiently than someone else, and

gerry_obrion: I believe you’re going to be less pricey than the dealership specificity is an

gerry_obrion: of how you can create it because an increased trust and increased certainty

gerry_obrion: that you’re not making a bad call right. So

david_horsager: so good.

gerry_obrion: that’s Those are examples of how you can create a. Because, out of out of thin

gerry_obrion: air, really, and

david_horsager: Tell us the book titles going to be what the book titles going to be again.

gerry_obrion: it it’s go to be called, They buy. your. Because, closing the sale in a

gerry_obrion: crowded market, I work with a lot of industries that are very crowded. very

gerry_obrion: commodized. I mean plumbers, roofers,

gerry_obrion: home builders, um, techn. I mean technology. everyone is building the latest

gerry_obrion: greatest kind of technology Right. What makes yours? What’s makes your

gerry_obrion: identity verification different than the one down the down, the Internet,

gerry_obrion: right, Um, a law firms, I mean, everyone’s out there saying you know, we’ll

gerry_obrion: get you millions of dollars. What? Why am I going to pick one firm versus

gerry_obrion: another firm? Um, crowded crowded industries.

david_horsager: This is great and I’ve heard you before and seen this, and it just

david_horsager: brain bending for me. So there’s a lot more to us, but Jerry. We’re going to

david_horsager: get personal for a second before we do. Where can people find out about you?

gerry_obrion: What big brands? No Dot Com? So it’s a long, U. r. l. And if you type in

gerry_obrion: Jerry O’brion with an O n, o B r i o, n. I’m like the only one in the world.

gerry_obrion: So but what big brands know, Dot Com is my website. and uh, there’s videos

gerry_obrion: videos there. There’s a Bec video that. If you click on the little box on the

gerry_obrion: home page, Uh, it will take you through a five minute, um, live, uh session,

gerry_obrion: keenno, where I clipped out the because part because that’s what everyone

gerry_obrion: wants to see. I. I. I. I put it on Link, and it got like eleven thousand views

gerry_obrion: in the first week. I’m like. Wow, People really want

gerry_obrion: to know. This information is pretty fun.

david_horsager: well, you, you know, everybody can find out more than just go to trust the

david_horsager: Leader show Dot com. All kinds of show Notes from this episode links to Jerry

david_horsager: O’brion. We’re going to be seeing him more coming up. but let’s let’s uh,

david_horsager: just a a few minutes here on personal because I think I have a big belief.

david_horsager: Of course, all we deal with is is trust in leaders brands organizations

david_horsager: around the world, and most of the leaders I work with that are doing well

david_horsager: that are influencing others well, are also leading themselves well. So what

david_horsager: are you? What do you doing in Personally Mean you get. you got to be on some

david_horsager: big stage stages. You going to be in some significant boardrooms. What do

david_horsager: you? What do you do to lead yourself well personally, physically

david_horsager: emotionally. What do you know?

david_horsager: health wise? I don’t know.

gerry_obrion: yeah, so so you know I, I’ve been a runner since high school and all that

gerry_obrion: and physical and workout, But you know what has been great for me, David. and

gerry_obrion: you, uh, love animals and being out on the farm. And and so I have a little

gerry_obrion: property in Denver, Colorado. It’s in the metro, but it is a grandfathered

gerry_obrion: little horse property. but I don’t have horses. I’ve got four Nigerian dwarf

gerry_obrion: goats and I’ve got ducks and chickens and two behives and bunnies. that that

gerry_obrion: uh that run around the property. And uh, lately I learned here’s a piece of

gerry_obrion: trivia for you. Do you know what a group of rats is called? It’s called a y.

gerry_obrion: I. I had no idea I looked. It’s call a mischief. I have a mischief of pack

gerry_obrion: rats who have decided to live underneath my chicken feeding pens, so I’m

gerry_obrion: trying to figure out to do with them. So I have all these animals and what I

gerry_obrion: discovered especially drink covet. So I walk my goats and I live kind of in

gerry_obrion: the cities, But there’s dog, uh, trails and horse trails and all this stuff

gerry_obrion: all over the place. So I walk my goats and this is the funniest thing. I walk

gerry_obrion: them off leash. And you can see these people walking their dogs. They’re far

gerry_obrion: away and they’re looking. They’re going well, Gosh, Why is his animals awful

gerry_obrion: all off leash? And they get closer and they realize they’re not dogs. They’re

gerry_obrion: goats and then they’re like. I wonder if there’s a leash law for goats and

gerry_obrion: they nobody knows, And then they’re just so distracted by the fact that

gerry_obrion: there’s four goats walking along and then they all go Gosh. Your goats are

gerry_obrion: better off leash than my dog is on leash.

gerry_obrion: And so I spend a lot of time with my animals and walking with them and drink

gerry_obrion: covet. Especially, I realize it was so great for me. Like that connection to

gerry_obrion: animals is something I’ve discovered in the last few years and it has really

gerry_obrion: been emotionally a great balance for me.

david_horsager: fun. What about any? any resource? as far as input that you like to put in

david_horsager: either a good book lately or great podcast or something you’re putt in to

david_horsager: keep standing, fresh, relevant and capable. As far as you know what you’re

david_horsager: thinking about,

gerry_obrion: Well, you know what? I, um. I th. The truth is I don’t follow a lot of

gerry_obrion: podcasts and I get what I do from my c, e os that I’m I’m in in, literally

gerry_obrion: board roomoms every single week, and I’m get at keeping my pulse on the world

gerry_obrion: through people that that I’m interacting with, So I don’t spend a lot of time

gerry_obrion: uh with with listening to a lot of those things. I’m li. I’ve created a

gerry_obrion: listening organization of listening to the people on the front lines, and you

gerry_obrion: know and you, we’re all hearing the same things. How do I hire? How do I hire?

gerry_obrion: How do I hire

gerry_obrion: right? And that’s what’s going on right now for people. that. uh, so I don’t

gerry_obrion: have a great list of Re sources that I that I point people to.

david_horsager: No problem. So what about one big hope? Any, Any hope for the? let’s say the

david_horsager: next five or ten years for Jerry O’brion

gerry_obrion: Oh, yeah. well, I, the as I do. and this is something I’m going to ask for

gerry_obrion: David’s help with My framework has been honed for a decade. C, E O’s executive

gerry_obrion: sales teams are loving it and starting to implement it. Really, a many, many

gerry_obrion: companies are starting to implement the framework. I need to take that to the

gerry_obrion: next level so it can expand faster without me. So how my big hope is that I

gerry_obrion: get. I. The framework gets beyond me. Other people can start to implement and

gerry_obrion: help companies do it. Because it. it’s working and now I wanted to expand

gerry_obrion: beyond me. That’s that’s the last thing I want to do in my career. I want to

gerry_obrion: get this out there so everybody can use it and implement it because it works

gerry_obrion: and I don’t need to be the one to

david_horsager: Mhm, Mhm,

gerry_obrion: do it. I needed to be to live a life beyond Jerry O’brion. That’s my hope.

david_horsager: that’s been mine for two decades on trust Right, how

david_horsager: do we get the Pi framework and trust to go much beyond me And it’s been fun

david_horsager: to see that start to happen around the world. So

david_horsager: last question,

david_horsager: Remember trust the Leader show Dot com For the show, notes all the links to

david_horsager: Jerry’s cite, and exactly how to spell his name correctly,

david_horsager: and this a little bit more about this framework. So, last question it, the

david_horsager: trusted leader show who is the leader you trust and why?

gerry_obrion: I’m going to give you someone off the beaten path, someone that

gerry_obrion: most people probably haven’t heard of when I graduated from undergrad

gerry_obrion: University of Wisconsin. My first job ever was in in real estate appraisal, I

gerry_obrion: appraised manufacturing facilities all over the country, and the gentleman who

gerry_obrion: was the president of the company. His name is Andy Groonick. He was the kind

gerry_obrion: of leader who cared You knew he cared about you

gerry_obrion: about the individual about the person.

david_horsager: How do you know? how do you know?

gerry_obrion: Well, and it turns out that it’s really true because I worked for his company

gerry_obrion: for four years and I still have a relationship with him. In fact, he is a

gerry_obrion: leader that is, has gone beyond his original. He eventually sold the company

gerry_obrion: in La. Maybe three years ago, whatever the number of years goes, he ran for

gerry_obrion: governor for the state of Wisconsin,

gerry_obrion: And you know there was, you know, fifteen people in the primaries and he

gerry_obrion: didn’t make it all the way through to the end, But he would be a great leader

gerry_obrion: because he’s a leader beyond

gerry_obrion: it, it’s about the people and the things that matter. It’s not a. It wasn’t

gerry_obrion: never about the only about the money. it wasn’t about the business, it was

gerry_obrion: more about. I want to help you grow, and when I, I remember the day I told him

gerry_obrion: I was leaving the company and he couldn’t have been happier for me to go off

gerry_obrion: and go to business school and go to the next adventure. And he stayed in touch

gerry_obrion: with me for my whole life.

david_horsager: Hm, hm, hm, Hm,

gerry_obrion: A guy who’s the president of a company, the first one that ever gave you the

gerry_obrion: Yep, you get to work here, the first job straight out of school. That’s the

gerry_obrion: kind of leader I want to be. Somebody really actually cares about the people

gerry_obrion: and stays in touch with him. And it’s for real. It’s not just. Oh, you were

gerry_obrion: great while

david_horsager: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

gerry_obrion: you were here, but now I don’t care.

david_horsager: that is a good word. Well, Jerry O’brion thank you for being my friend.

david_horsager: Thanks for being on the show today. That has been the trusted leaders show

david_horsager: until next time, stay trusted.

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