Ep. 30: Paul Martinelli on The Key To Effective Personal Transformation

In this episode, David sits down with Paul Martinelli, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, and Coach, to discuss the key to effective personal transformation.

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Paul’s Bio:
Paul Martinelli is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, mentor, and coach who truly believes that if you can dream it, you can do it.

While many people know Paul as the Founding President and current lead faculty member of The John Maxwell Team, what they may not know is that he is a high school dropout who overcame a stuttering disability to share the stage with some of the biggest names in leadership and personal development – names such as John C. Maxwell, Seth Godin, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Nick Vujicic and Mark Victor Hansen.

Paul was raised by a single mother in a Pittsburgh lower class family.

In the late 1980’s, with just $200.00, a used vacuum, and a dream, he founded a small commercial cleaning company in South Florida. He combined smart sales tactics with personal development teachings and propelled his business to unbelievable heights. Just 15 years later, he sold his commercial cleaning company to pursue his passion and purpose of teaching people how to achieve success in their own lives.

His awareness and ability to apply the success strategies and principles that he has learned and taught to others, led to Paul’s success in life and business, including building 5 multi-million-dollar companies.

He now leads the Empowered Living community, a global platform of more than 1.8 million followers, providing personal and professional development training and education to help individuals and businesses build and grow beyond their current results.

Paul Martinelli may not have a wall of diplomas, but you can’t argue with his PhD in results.

Having worked his way up from mop bucket to multi-millionaire, Paul has practiced and proven what he preaches.

Paul’s Links:
Website: https://paulmartinelli.net/
Empowered Living: https://yourempoweredlife.com/
Empowered Living Community Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empoweredlivingcommunity/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paul.martinelli/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martinelli_paul/?hl=en
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@paul.martinelli?lang=en
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf2Piv-pqwFx2zPUx-HeMcA
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmartinelli/

Key Quotes:
1. “Most people are good people. And if given direction and influence they will do the right thing.”
2. “Habit is not a behavior. It’s an expression of a belief.”
3. “The starting point of personal transformation has to be that the person must see themselves complete and whole in relation to that which they want to change.” 4. “Transformation is an inside game.”
5. “Things don’t end well, they start badly.”
6. “Belief drives behavior.”
7. “Become a student of human potential.”
8. “Proximity is power.”
9. “You’ve got to model what you want seen.”
10. “Transformation isn’t an event, it’s a process.”
11. “The answer is really within us.”
12. “It all boils down to trust.”
13. “You can’t make it happen, you can make it welcome.”
14. “Never underestimate the compounding effect of consistency.” – John C. Maxwell

Links Mentioned In The Episode:
The Guardian Angels: http://guardianangels.org/
Empowered Living: https://yourempoweredlife.com/
“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill: https://amzn.to/3fnaxC4
Paul’s Website: https://paulmartinelli.net/

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Show Transcript

David Horsager: Welcome to the trusted leader show it’s David Horsager i’ve got a special guest today, he was a high school dropout he had a stutter he started.

David Horsager: He he started one of his first companies with a couple hundred dollars at your service.

David Horsager: Inc a cleaning company in Florida and sold at 15 years later, you might know him as the founding president of the john Maxwell team he’s done so much more and.

David Horsager: His energy is contagious he has built a massive community of people that are generous givers and learners it’s called the empowered living Community will give you everything on.

David Horsager: where you can find out about that at the show notes episode notes and trusted leader show.com we’re going to talk about it, how you actually change people and all that but welcome to the show Paul martinelli.

paulmartinelli: Thank you Dave Thank you so much, this has been a long time coming, and i’m so excited and congratulations on the upcoming launch of the book.

David Horsager: Authors paint Thank you well we’re excited about that and the lines a lot with empowerment, as you can imagine, trust and empowerment align it’s been a treat to be.

David Horsager: A part of your work and on your show in the past and connecting in so many ways, but you know tell us let’s just start out let’s get to know Paul tell us something maybe not everybody knows about Paul marinelli.

paulmartinelli: yeah I think one of the things is is that I was number two to curtis Lee who founded the guardian angels in New York City in 1979 and that’s surprising to a lot of people because I don’t guess I guess kind of 50 image of some.

paulmartinelli: Urban vigilante fighting crime in the New York City subway systems, but I did, that it was with probably gave me one of the most impactful things in my life.

paulmartinelli: Having you know courteously WHA and that mentorship in my life and his leadership.

David Horsager: Well, you know and and the guardian angels actually didn’t always gain a perfect reputation everywhere, but in New York City.

David Horsager: They did some amazing work and we’re really loved and adored in many, many ways.

David Horsager: Tell us about that for people that don’t know about it.

paulmartinelli: yeah so in 1979 honestly what founded the guardian angels, he was a nighttime manager of a mcdonald’s in the south bronx.

paulmartinelli: And you know it was like a war zone in the south bronx you remember, this is the 70s, remember the movie the warriors was was out the 70s, and that was depicting New York City.

paulmartinelli: And there was a subway line that ran through New York and in the south bronx was called the muggers express and.

paulmartinelli: So what he was doing was he was taking five or six other guys and they would patrol the trains, the subway system.

paulmartinelli: And they would be on the subway system if they saw somebody be mug or being victimized they would literally step in and place people under citizen’s arrest.

paulmartinelli: And so, he started and founded this group, it has grown now internationally thousands of members mainly targeting inner city youth so in giving young younger, you know, men and women, primarily boys.

paulmartinelli: Who could either go the way of the gang but if steered in the right direction could take that energy that street smart and have them do something good rather than bad and.

paulmartinelli: You know, as you mentioned, I was a high school dropout my life was going in the wrong direction, and I was picking up speed.

paulmartinelli: I had been in martial arts, for a long time and date, the guardian angels in Pittsburgh came into work out at my dojo and that’s how I met them I instantly thought I want to do that.

paulmartinelli: and began to patrol cities, the city of Pittsburgh, and then, when I was 17 after failing out of school, I went on the road with curtis and started guardian angel chapters in Chicago and minneapolis and.

paulmartinelli: All through New York and Florida and Atlanta in Texas, and it was just a great experience to be able to go out and.

paulmartinelli: serve people, and you know grow in confidence it’s one of the ways that I overcame my stuttering problem was I had to do news, you know interviews and radio interviews so yeah.

David Horsager: Can you tell us a story, and we, you know we haven’t planned all this ahead of time we’re having a conversation with them, I.

David Horsager: Might for me, and it was an amazing person that’s just all about not only transforming your own life, but others, can you tell me a story about someone in that that you, you saw change because of the guardian angels.

paulmartinelli: Oh yeah I mean, I think the biggest impact we had was in our own lives to see you know, I was, I was often.

paulmartinelli: You, the minority in the group, you know, I was, I was headquarters at 126 and lexington and Harlem above the Amsterdam news building and that was where my headquarters was we called it for the patchy and and then I was spent time in cabrini green.

paulmartinelli: in Chicago and Robert Taylor homes.

paulmartinelli: I was in.

paulmartinelli: herndon homes in Atlanta, where the Atlanta child can leaves work and the biggest transformation, I saw were from our Members right young inner city youth.

paulmartinelli: Who who really, really wanted to do good I think most people do David I think most people are good people and if given if just given direction and influence.

paulmartinelli: They will they will do the right thing, and so I saw a young person at a young person, myself included, transformed.

paulmartinelli: And and gain confidence and a sense of self worth that you otherwise wouldn’t get there’s something really powerful that, when all of a sudden you’re being recognized for doing something good, whereas most of us were the kids that were getting in trouble for doing something.

David Horsager: And you’ve taken that from where you were, and now you know, President the john Maxwell team, you were and all the work you do just in your own organization now empowered living coaching mentoring speaking.

David Horsager: What does it take to transform as a person, you know we at least, I see a lot of people that.

David Horsager: In fact, I used to ask audiences when we do at our executive trusted events, how many of you want to change a habit.

David Horsager: How many everybody wants to do i’d say now how many have ever changed a difficult habit it’s a habit from from smoking to losing 25 pounds or more to you know some a signal.

David Horsager: Like 6% almost nobody actually has changed a habit how How can people actually do it, how can they actually change from from this whether it’s a habit or a.

David Horsager: You know way they’ve always been a mind shift, but how do they actually change people go to conferences, all the time they go to all kinds of things to hear a podcasting I want to Jay yes that’s gonna be me, you know and then January 2 comes right.

paulmartinelli: Oh yeah.

paulmartinelli: I laugh because January seconds my birthday, I always say it’s the worst birthday, because you know, on that day, you know, everybody quit smoking quit drinking quit eating good doing all the kinds of stuff January 3 would be a great birthday, because that’s when they start again right.


paulmartinelli: But they nobody’s eating the cake, nobody wants to go to dinner nobody wants to cheers.

David Horsager: bye I gotta jump in there, because my birthday is January 1.


David Horsager: i’m a new year’s baby so.

David Horsager: There we go 12121, of the one two punch today.

paulmartinelli: Right, we were both good from the taxes.

David Horsager: Although my dad said he lost so much money and farming that year, I did he didn’t need the tax benefit so.

paulmartinelli: You know here here’s here’s what I here’s what I kind of realizing and believe and know for myself and other people.

paulmartinelli: When we think of what a habit is I think that’s that’s important is is you know habit people saying lab is a behavior and habit is is is not a behavior it’s an expression of a belief.

paulmartinelli: it’s an expression of a composite made of three things are self identity or self image right the image that we hold ourselves and believe other people see in us.

paulmartinelli: it’s our self esteem our personal self regard how I value me and how I believe other people value me they can positive that forms as a self identity or self belief.

paulmartinelli: And we never outperform our own self belief, there was a worker Dr Maxwell multiple the book psycho cybernetics and so a habit is just an expression of an internal belief.

paulmartinelli: And I have always found that the starting point of transformation personal transformation has to be that the person must see themselves complete.

paulmartinelli: And whole in relation to that which they want to change if the starting point is is that i’m broken or I need fixed or and somehow i’m inadequate.

paulmartinelli: or i’m incomplete or something new needs to be added me, in other words, if I don’t see myself as fully resourced, before I begin the likelihood of me.

paulmartinelli: Being able to change is very slim to none, because what I will do is I will look at external conditions and circumstances and try to change from the outside.

paulmartinelli: And it doesn’t work transformation is an inside game it’s a you and you deal it starts with you.

paulmartinelli: And so I think the starting belief is really critical things don’t end well they start badly right, and so, if the starting belief is that i’m fully resourced.

paulmartinelli: that it would be impossible for me to be sourced with the awareness of this idea to change without being fully resourced from that same source that I got the idea to change.

paulmartinelli: It would be impossible for us to be able to have that idea and not be able to manifest it in our lives, so we are fully resource it’s about being able to get congruency in alignment with.

paulmartinelli: who we are, who we see ourselves as you know, who am I, you know you know who we are and who’s we are, and then the beliefs, that would support.

paulmartinelli: The expression of the behavior for that habit belief drives behavior period, end of story if you’re going to make a sustained period of time.

David Horsager: it’s so true we you know, I think.

David Horsager: Bernie brown made it more famous you got to belong first, then you believe, then you behave you know belief comes first, but even I remember you know basic psychology thoughts lead to disastrous lead to actions that always starts over here thoughts, it always starts.

David Horsager: Thinking about as a as a as a man think of the result woman think so, are they you know that we’re you know.

David Horsager: we’ve got to change our thinking to change their behaviors first So how do, how do we do that.

paulmartinelli: yeah I think I think there are several there are several great ways one is get around good people.

paulmartinelli: You know, you know I had an opportunity to do the last interview with Charlie tremendous Jones.

paulmartinelli: And, of course, he shared his you know his his favorite and most famous quote of you know you you your life is the sum total of the composite of the people you you spend time with the books you read the seminars you attend and so.

David Horsager: You know, being I will never forget, when he you know his.

David Horsager: hugging kiss.

David Horsager: Right.

paulmartinelli: He has got a world.

David Horsager: you’ll never forget that, I mean he everybody your tremendous and a hug and kiss that is unforgettable.

paulmartinelli: yeah yeah it’s a shame that so many so many people who are now kind of entering in personal growth in human potential movement missed him right.

paulmartinelli: said, you know many, many, many will miss sick but Charlie tremendous Jones was was a literal giant, but he was a giant and in this idea.

paulmartinelli: But I think you know, being part of this Community right being part of the you know trusted Leader Community so who who your around with I think also you know.

paulmartinelli: You know observational thinking you know what watching what other people do.

paulmartinelli: Really really become a student of human potential and because success does leave clues.

David Horsager: So, how would I do that, how would I do that read a book well how would I, how would I observe.

paulmartinelli: yeah I think I think you know proximity is power, so I think you can do whatever you can do to get as much proximity if the starting point of your proximity is a book get the book.

paulmartinelli: You know I have traveled i’ve traveled all over the world to be able to find you know, a speaker and i’d go anywhere if I could hear a speaker if that speaker had something that I wanted that that speaker and results that I wanted, I would go.

paulmartinelli: You volunteer you put yourself in proximity, most of the people that we would want to be around.

paulmartinelli: Have charities that they are very close to, so we can we, we may not be able to get in the front door of working with their business.

paulmartinelli: But if we were to work in the back door by going into a charity that they love our cause that they love and making a substantial impact there that would lead to an introduction you know that’s how I got to meet.

paulmartinelli: Rich the boss, you know, for me, I mean you talk about you know, a giant, and it really sucks I mean if you want to model someone I mean he was a great one, and you know so so beat being able, being able to.

paulmartinelli: Create that proximity, so if it starts with the book it’s it’s a book if it’s watching their biography then that’s what you do you do whatever you can do you have to be in the relentless pursuit of of getting proximity.

David Horsager: So you know there’s a couple of questions here, because you have created a Community empowered living community.

David Horsager: Where people get around great people and you encourage just tell us a glimpse about what that’s like and how that Community I think people are craving community and if they you know get the right Community they become better because of it right.

David Horsager: So, give us a glimpse of your why you started that and now you know 1.8 million people are a part of it or more probably today, but you know the impact of that community and why even started in the first place.

paulmartinelli: yeah the Community is growing at a 2.3 million people, and it is a, it is a community of tribes, so it is you know, there are the page the Community.

paulmartinelli: started as a Facebook page years and years and years ago, even before there were ads on Facebook, when you could really grow a page, you know now it’s now it’s difficult in social media to really grow a platform.

paulmartinelli: And so that was one of the advantages of you know of the Community was it was an early adopter you know.

paulmartinelli: Seeing seeing this idea of Community and tribes before seth godin wrote the book tribes right.

paulmartinelli: And before the concept was there.

David Horsager: was so first, why did you do it.

David Horsager: Why did you create that Community and then and what now are people getting out what Why are people still coming in it’s growing immensely.

paulmartinelli: For me, I think the reason I started is because.

paulmartinelli: Community was so powerful to me when I was in the guardian angels, it was so powerful, for me, when I was in the dojo and the community within just my my karate association.

paulmartinelli: It was really into when I looked back at my life when was when was when was Paul at his best IT wasn’t when I was alone right, it was when I was with other people and and it was also when I was lifting other people up.

paulmartinelli: You know I always say you know i’m a really good number two so here’s number two to curtis Lee well, I was number two to Bob proctor I was number two to to john Maxwell right.

paulmartinelli: i’m a really good and does number two is les brown i’m a really good number two and of helping other people.

paulmartinelli: You know, get their agenda express and helping you know, helping other people, I think, is what most of us, you know, most of the people who, who are.

paulmartinelli: Probably in your audience would identify themselves as an agent of change right somebody wants to make a difference maker in the lives of other people.

paulmartinelli: they’re not doing that for themselves they’re doing it because at some level they really believe in this idea of being of service to other people and so.

paulmartinelli: I realized that I had you know I had, I had a bigger platform than most people have, and I wanted to give that platform and give people who otherwise would never get a shot a shot and so that’s why I started it.

David Horsager: And what’s that what’s there to keep people I mean it keeps growing what how do they connect like you know you see lots of people trying to.

David Horsager: build social communities and whatever, but it doesn’t last that somehow this one like people there’s a generous feeling there’s a connection there’s the give like what are just a couple of things that are happening there that just keep building community and impact.

paulmartinelli: I think you’ve got a model what you want, seen right.

paulmartinelli: And so you know, one of my one of my life principles is tithing I live my life by it, I talked about it, I teach on it.

David Horsager: I you know I.

paulmartinelli: unabashedly I don’t hide from it.

paulmartinelli: I don’t hide that i’m a person of faith but I don’t I don’t beat people up about it, but I model that, and you know we’ve been able to.

paulmartinelli: really create a big impact when you’ve got that many people if everybody, you know the old you know if everybody gave five bucks we could do something here, you know.

paulmartinelli: And so I was on I was on a trip a leadership development program in Paraguay with john Maxwell and ran across two young kids than 23 years old, and they were 3D printing hands for kids like hank like arms.

paulmartinelli: Very good.

paulmartinelli: And they could print an functional arm for 100 bucks in about two days so Kim would come in they’d measures two days later, the kids running around with with a hand.

paulmartinelli: And thinking for 100 bucks right, so you know I took $50,000 donated it, but then didn’t match with the Community and said, you know i’ll match the first $50,000 and I don’t know, I think we raised close to $200,000 think of think of the just think of the change just you know it’s a hand.

David Horsager: yeah wow.

paulmartinelli: spend, spend the next five hours with your right dominant hand in your pocket and see how how the day goes right and then imagine pulling it out that’s freedom right yeah.

paulmartinelli: No, I think, because we model that in the Community and and we don’t have lots of rules in the Community.

paulmartinelli: And you know you don’t have to you don’t have to sneak ugly promote yourself if you’ve got something you want to promote the scheduled time and we give you the platform for 15 minutes.

paulmartinelli: You know, sell whatever you want, and when we don’t we you know we don’t do affiliates we’re not an affiliate for any of them.

paulmartinelli: So as long look as long as it’s, something that would add value to people, you know, is an alignment with you know our values, you know, is an integrity and we know that you’re going to deliver on it will give you the slot.

David Horsager: mm hmm tell me about this, you know I know you’re known for kind of a.

David Horsager: High Level mastermind group and way that you help people transform over the course of a year and i’m just interested in how people change, you know that’s all we’re about is trying to create.

David Horsager: more trust in the world more higher trust leaders higher trust cultures higher trust global governments are trying to you know.

David Horsager: Be world changers for good, but you have a way you do it, you take leaders through a process, what does that look like, as much as you can share in a moment or two.

paulmartinelli: Sure, it is a year long program because transformation isn’t an event, you know you know that’s it’s a process it’s all really about, if you think about it.

paulmartinelli: From the filter trust it’s about learning to trust yourself that I truly believe that you know the answer is really within us.

paulmartinelli: That you know if we seek ask a knock and look at the kingdom within us it’s all there for us, and so it starts with a two day retreat at my home with about 15 people.

paulmartinelli: And then each person is assigned to coach where their their coach two times two times a month for a whole year, a group meeting once a month, and then a one on one with me.

paulmartinelli: And it’s about understanding our our potential code our model, each one of us has a unique model about how we create a navigate life to create achievement and success.

paulmartinelli: that’s based on a learn model all learning models are based on our awareness our belief in our understanding and application of the principles within the model.

paulmartinelli: And so we’ve kind of taken what call young said, where he said into you make the unconscious conscious that direction, like and you call it fate we’ve kind of taken that approach, where.

paulmartinelli: We guide people through a interactive process where they can look back at their life tweet out those times, where they’ve been successful and then identify you know.

paulmartinelli: What was their model what was what was their motivation, where they moving towards or away from something where they be in a decider or a condenser.

paulmartinelli: Where they when they look at distinctions of sorting were they looking for similarities differences or exclusions, how do they how do they get what is that thinking process.

paulmartinelli: And once they realize that they actually do have a habit of thinking process, and if they can tweet that out, they can see well this code works when I apply this.

paulmartinelli: It works and then it’s about well, then why are you playing small and that’s true if you knew it would work then then let’s let’s dream bigger.

David Horsager: What I love about this is you’re doing it in Community so just back to.

David Horsager: You know guardian angels to to everything in life, like we we say it often you know if you’re doing leadership alone you’re doing it wrong, I mean we need to be together, we need to be.

David Horsager: Where and better things happen doesn’t mean we don’t need individual coaching or help or whatever our coaching Community i’m so proud of it around the world, these these coaches make each other certified trusted coaches, they make each other better, they make their.

David Horsager: Leaders better, but a big part of that is because of togetherness right because.

David Horsager: We can sharpen each other.

paulmartinelli: And you know look I think i’ve built the largest coaching certification program in the world, fair to say, I think your coaches are probably the most resource to coaches you’re going to find in terms of if a if a if a coach needs to be fully equipped and resource right.

paulmartinelli: From soup to NUTS right from soup from beginning to end, I had an opportunity to really look at your program and, as I told you, I mean blown away by by far there isn’t another program that has a richness of resources that that are.

paulmartinelli: That are, I want to say evidence let’s call it evidence base I don’t wanna say science base but let’s say evidence based right, and I think that’s that’s what that’s what establishes the trust right is that you know, trust and verify and your program has all of that.

David Horsager: Thank you well we’re passionate about it that’s for sure and that’s partly because of that not just evidence, but doing the ongoing research, I remember.

David Horsager: You know now I don’t have to convince people so much, but 20 years ago and I started that Grad work, it was like.

David Horsager: Oh trust just a soft skill doesn’t really affect the bottom line that groundwork is what tipped it for people that saw the M and N and actually tip my heart and mind to see the impact of trust you know so.

David Horsager: Tell tell me how does you know, a big word for you is empowerment big word for us is trust they go together, how do you see it.

paulmartinelli: yeah absolutely I don’t really know that you could ever live an empowered life.

paulmartinelli: Without trusting yourself and without without people trusting you at the end of the day, you know.

paulmartinelli: If everything is sales right you talk to a salesperson they’ll say everything in sales if they talked to a leader they’ll say everything is leadership, but it all boils down to trust doesn’t it.

David Horsager: I mean absolutely and empowerment.

David Horsager: Or you know, I think, trusting yourself, you know we believe and know that the the the truth of love your neighbors yourself right which kind of this thing of what if you know people who don’t love themselves at all, they have a hard time loving others well.

David Horsager: And that’s the same with trust.

David Horsager: If you don’t trust yourself at all, you have a hard time building in teams and others, you know it’s like I mean.

David Horsager: I don’t share this very often but I made this commitment when I was losing the 50 pounds in five months about I don’t know 10 years ago I said to my team, if I don’t give you.

David Horsager: If I don’t make it there, you know to this my high school weight by May 1 i’ll give you 2500 bucks you know each and and and of course I knew.

paulmartinelli: My biggest problem wasn’t.

David Horsager: paying the check the biggest problem is I said it and committed to it, and if I don’t get there i’m going to stop trusting myself as much because I made a commitment and didn’t keep it right so anyway, we we want to be leaders that empower others that that do trust themselves.

David Horsager: And we want to be leaders that.

David Horsager: empower others, so they can build trust in their teams and communities and everything everything else I think something interesting you as a leader and you’ve led multimillion dollar several multimillion dollar organizations.

David Horsager: What about you, what about what habits, we find that you know.

David Horsager: least high trust leaders they’re leading themselves, and you know I think Socrates said you don’t lead yourself well it’s hard to lead others or know yourself right he said no yourself so.

David Horsager: We know ourselves, we build trust with ourselves we’re able to lead others well what kind of routines or habits, do you have to lead yourself, while you’re certainly leading a whole lot of others, what do you do is a routines or daily things that you do to lead yourself well.

paulmartinelli: yeah well, thank you, I think there’s probably some big rocks there right I I make a commitment to myself to work out every single day 30 minutes a day you know serious sweat right.

paulmartinelli: and

David Horsager: What do you do I want to come back to other teams, but what do you do because.

David Horsager: Everyone says, I believe in work out, I believe, an exercise but oh I just don’t have time so I don’t really know you know what do you do, how do you make that happen.

paulmartinelli: I have in my in my home, I have an escalator stairs machine like a stairmaster machine, but you know it only goes up.

paulmartinelli: yeah my level level 12 to 15 every day for 30 minutes a day.

David Horsager: you’re not going down I like yeah.

paulmartinelli: You burn you.

paulmartinelli: burn 500 calories in 30 minutes is most effective exercise, you can do and what the reason I choose that exercise is to pre code I try i’m on the road, probably 180 days a year so.

paulmartinelli: in hotels, you know, everybody everybody’s at the gym nobody’s in the stairwell, especially in America nobody’s in stairwell, and so I could I could easily get safe, clean quiet.

paulmartinelli: You know temperature control it’s always cold in the stairwell and up and down and up and down and up and down and i’m done in 30 minutes and you get the best workout of your life.

David Horsager: This is amazing to me because i’m just reading the book by jj virgin she’s a celebrity fitness coach and done all these things she said exactly the same thing to me this week.

David Horsager: stair step stair steps stair step so.

David Horsager: This is a this is fascinating.

paulmartinelli: yeah well, I made a similar columns I lost 65 pounds five years ago and it kept it off.

paulmartinelli: But it did daily commitment right the compounding effect for consistency so so there’s that i’m coached i’ve had the same coach for 10 years and i’m coached every single month so i’ve got somebody who and.

paulmartinelli: I don’t ever bring like you know, an agenda to my to the session, the agenda is one thing one thing only challenge my thinking.

paulmartinelli: JASMINE thinking so I just I just, I just wanted, you know because I, you know I don’t have I don’t have like probably much like you know if you’re the boss if you’re the leader, you know.

paulmartinelli: You don’t have people that necessarily really challenge your thinking or stretch your thinking so I pay somebody to do that, I pay them well and they’ve been with me for 10 years, so they know my bs right they know my beliefs.

paulmartinelli: My beliefs, we know where I limitations are.

paulmartinelli: So there’s that and yeah I mentioned tithing as a practice, you know visualizing praying talking to myself.

paulmartinelli: You know daily.

David Horsager: Tell me about prayer you’re a man of faith tell.

David Horsager: me about prayer for you.

paulmartinelli: yeah so prayer for me is.

paulmartinelli: It is anywhere and everywhere, when I get when I when I get time.

paulmartinelli: alone and and I, and I get time alone every single day, so in between, you know calls, you know I usually have a 10 minute window, that is a fantastic time.

paulmartinelli: And really for me prayer I always viewed prayer as the sacred communication between the finite mind a man in the mind of God, and so it is, it is a communication sometimes i’m talking and asking and sometimes i’m listening.

paulmartinelli: And it’s usually best when I listened.

paulmartinelli: And so I i’ve learned to pray and questions you know you know what what what do I need to know now what am I missing what would make me a better person.

paulmartinelli: How can I serve at a higher level, you know where where, am I going wrong in it like a moral code, not just like a company with this like where, am I going on what am I what am I blind to.

paulmartinelli: So I have a lesson I teach in the process, I use called authentic journaling so it’s just my own model I came up with where I where instead of journaling.

paulmartinelli: i’m transcribing what i’m thinking so I start with a with a big question and then I just write any thought that comes in my mind, sometimes the thought is you know don’t forget to do the laundry don’t forget to.

paulmartinelli: You know, get gas in the car and I write until those jumping monkeys kind of get out of my soul, I quiet that part of my mind down.

paulmartinelli: And then you know God steps in right, and you know when you make space, I always say you can’t make it happen, but you can make it welcome so writing is that is that space for me.

David Horsager: You know wasn’t it, I think, was Mother Teresa on Larry King Larry King asked you know what’s what’s prayer what’s what are you doing you pray and I think she said she said, well, I listen to, well then what’s God do he listens.

David Horsager: Right, so I think I interesting that was just talking, I mean just one hour ago talking to a horse schmaltzy the founder of.

David Horsager: ritz carlton and now he’s you know created one of the most luxurious different capella the one of those luxuries hotel brands in the world and just a fascinating amazing.

David Horsager: gentleman as well, but he had a real call back to morality, think about how do we like we don’t people in the world don’t think about morals there, we have a divided world we can’t listen and we don’t think and we don’t think about the moral impact of you know decision so that was.

David Horsager: A part time.

paulmartinelli: yeah how fascinating.

David Horsager: fascinating that you know you and he built his whole real service on on thinking about others really loving others that’s the whole bill of ritz carlton brand is is how do I love them.

paulmartinelli: I mean a ritz carlton home I bought I bought a.

paulmartinelli: Rich call home and then to like everything with rich rich girl is the best leg brand in the world, I mean, for that reason, you can trust it right its integrity it’s you know.

David Horsager: exactly right well, you have been very generous with our audience and every one listening and I am grateful that you’ve been generous friend to me and i’m grateful for that it’s time for a quick lightning round quick answers and.

David Horsager: let’s let’s go for it right now, what is your favorite book or resource Paul.

paulmartinelli: Thinking grow rich by Napoleon hill.

paulmartinelli: yeah but reading reading this book and this copy this book for 25 years.

David Horsager: If you can lead to become.

David Horsager: Go ahead.

paulmartinelli: I read it once a year, I teach it and i’m in the middle of teaching it for free right I teach it for free every year.

paulmartinelli: And it changed my life.

David Horsager: And it’s it’s, by the way.

David Horsager: For those of you that are just listening by podcast Paul was holding it up.

David Horsager: it’s ripped to shreds there’s no binding anymore, he just got it can basically barely held together but give everybody one.

David Horsager: Three sentence paragraph on the impact of that book.

paulmartinelli: I went from high school dropout janitor earning $20,000 a year when Patrick he gave me the book three years later I was a millionaire.

paulmartinelli: And I followed the process and the principal he says in the book there’s a secret in the book if you can apply the secret to your life can have anything you want, and the secret is is to find what you.

paulmartinelli: want what you desire and to make it an all consuming obsession.

paulmartinelli: And all consumed you can’t want wish you know it, not even a burning desire that’s not enough it’s got to be an all consuming obsession you became you became obsessed with the word trust.

David Horsager: yep.

paulmartinelli: And I still on there you go.

David Horsager: And here we go exactly what’s the best best piece of advice you’ve got so much, but what’s the best piece of advice for trusted leaders.

paulmartinelli: um I heard john Maxwell tell rush limbaugh this, I was in a room when we were buying a million and a half dollars worth of advertising off rush and rush asked john what’s what’s one thing and john said never underestimate the compounding effect of consistency.

David Horsager: And there we go and that’s the final pillar in the pillar framework eight pillars of trust your trusted for whatever you do consistently you’re late all the time i’ll trust you to be late.

David Horsager: You love people all the time.

David Horsager: I trust you love people you know right love it consistency hey Paul you’ve had an amazing life you’ve affected a lot of people and impacted a lot for good what’s one thing left to maybe it’s bucket list, maybe it’s just a hope for the future.

paulmartinelli: yeah I want to really take everything that i’ve done and create kind of a a a micro lab where I could really take.

paulmartinelli: Whether it’s a Community or a neighborhood or a school i’ve been fascinated recently with these people who have.

paulmartinelli: taken over a neighborhood or a school and said i’m going to commit my life for someone think everybody, I know, all my resources and i’m going to create a change and i’ve never done that, like.

paulmartinelli: From now that i’m not that i’m successful and wealthy and now I can do something I haven’t done that yet, and that is my bucket list is to find a neighborhood of school.

paulmartinelli: i’m not clear on what it is, but I know the feeling ton of it and we.

David Horsager: Talk about it later i’ve got some ideas of where you might want to do that.

paulmartinelli: But.

David Horsager: You know, I was just talking to somebody about the transformation that happened in Detroit, of course, a lot of our work in in East Africa there’s a.

David Horsager: Really fun transformation happening in certain places there, but that is wonderful love it you’ll find a whole lot of ways to connect with Paul mark Nelly in the show notes, but tell us just verbally, where is the best place to connect with you.

paulmartinelli: You go to just stop all my le.net Paul Martin le.net is my website and, all things are there yeah.

David Horsager: Perfect this has been a gift, we have one more question the final question.

David Horsager: Unless there’s something else you really want to hear i’m open people can reach out to you.

David Horsager: it’s the trusted leader show who is a leader you trust and why.

paulmartinelli: You know I, I would say, in the last decades the Leader that’s impacted me the most has been john Maxwell.

paulmartinelli: And i’ve had an opportunity, as his business partners his friend to be you know, in the audience with all the other thousand fans and i’ve been able to be in the back of the car.

paulmartinelli: i’ve been able to be you know at the luggage carousel i’ve been able to be you know, in the green room and he’s he’s the real deal and he walks his talk and so, for me, john john would be.

David Horsager: You know I just have to affirm that it was a transformational conversation we got sued together at a banquet a couple years ago it changed the way we created our coaching certification and business that you talked.

David Horsager: spoke highly of, and that was a moment of change, for how are we going to you know.

David Horsager: Certified coaches, so that they can impact others and help them impact the root cause the real issues, the challenges in a way that is built totally an abundance thinking you got everything.

David Horsager: You had access to everything, and that was, by the way, a tipping point was a conversation with john and of course we’re especially grateful that he.

David Horsager: endorsed the book on the cover and the new trusted leader book, but I can’t affirm that more and I just um yeah I agree.

David Horsager: Paul Martin le what a treat to be with you can’t wait to be together again I hope in person before along, but thank you, thank you, thank you, thanks for sharing your insights your wisdom.

David Horsager: there’s so much here we’re going to put it in some great notes and pull up the highlights, you know where you can all find out more, this has been the trusted leader show until next time stay trusted.

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