Ep. 27: Mark Victor Hansen on Why Your Dreams Could Be One Question Away

In this episode, David sits down with Mark Victor Hansen, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Member Of Multiple Board Of Directors, to discuss why your dreams could be one question away.

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Mark’s Bio:
Mark is widely known as an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer, author, serial entrepreneur, and member of multiple board of directors. He is best known as the founder and co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, with more than 500 million books sold.

In the area of human potential, no one is better known and more respected than Mark Victor Hansen. For more than 44 years, he has focused solely on helping people and organizations reshape their personal vision of what’s possible. His powerful messages of possibility, opportunity, and action have helped create startling and powerful change in thousands of organizations and millions of individuals worldwide.

You may know Mark as “that Chicken Soup for the Soul guy.” Mark and his business partner, Jack Canfield, created what TIME magazine called, “the publishing phenomenon of the decade.” With more than 500 million CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL books sold around the world, and over 100 licensed products in the marketplace, it is one of the most successful publishing franchises in the world today.

A passionate philanthropist and humanitarian, Mark teaches the principles of the four types of tithing: thinking, time, talent, and treasures. Favored charities are Horatio Alger Scholarships, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Operation Smile, OCEANA, the Wyland Foundation, March of Dimes, Covenant House and is currently Co-Chairman (with his beloved wife, Crystal) of Childhelp Global Fundraising Campaign.

In the year 2000, The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans honored Mark with the prestigious Horatio Alger Award. Each year, this association honors American leaders who personify the virtues and principles inherent in the success stories written by nineteenth-century American author Horatio Alger, Jr.

As an award winner, Mark Victor Hansen’s extraordinary life achievements stand as a powerful example that the free enterprise system still offers an opportunity to all.

Mark’s Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkVictorHansenFanPage
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markvictorhansen/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkVHansen
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markvhansen/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1WRGxfPQ5JMQL-NDa_jO8Q
“ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny” by Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen: https://amzn.to/3nmKej3

Key Quotes:
1. “I think everyone should take calculated risks.”
2. “Failure isn’t final. Failure’s just a learning experience.”
3. “If you don’t have dreams, you’re not alive.”
4. “We believe everybody was coded at birth with a destiny.”
5. “We get rid of our baggage by asking questions.”
6. “You’ve got to be a visionary leader who leads.”
7. “Lead yourself and then lead others.”
8. “Be an influencer of influencers.”
9. “The more you’re thankful, the more you get.”
10. “Every problem has a solution.”
11. “With vision we flourish.”
12. “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
13. “You got to know where you are.”
14. “Where do you want to go?”
15. “If you ask the right question, you can get anywhere in the world.”
16. “You should never retire.”
17. “What channel are you turned to?”
18. “Everybody needs to study the visionaries and become a visionary.”
19. “Everyone’s here to be a history maker, a record breaker.”
20. “You age at the level that you don’t take care of your body.”
21. “We can’t keep polluting the earth.”
22. “We need leaders that lead.”
23. “Everybody is an expert at something.”

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“The Miracle of Tithing” by Mark Victor Hansen: https://amzn.to/3tWTJI9
Freeport-McMorRan: https://www.fcx.com/
“The One Minute Millionaire” by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen: https://amzn.to/3vk5JUr
QCI: https://qci.com/ “You Have A Book In You” by Mark Victor Hansen: https://amzn.to/3eBCdTg
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Show Transcript

David Horsager: Welcome to the trusted leader show it’s David Horsager and I have an immensely special treat today, he is trusted by over a half billion people for sure, because you’ve sold that many books and I there’s a whole lot more we’re going to say but welcome to the show Mark Victor Hansen.

markvictorhansen: My great pleasure and honor, thank you for having me.

David Horsager: Well, I want to start out so many people know you know your work around the world philanthropist and author and leader to many, many, many.

David Horsager: But it is interesting to go back to some of that maybe not the very beginning, but you know 500 million copies of chicken soup for the soul, you are the Co creator and that and founder.

David Horsager: we’re going to talk about your new book yeah there it is we can all see it those that are watching my video I just for For those of you don’t know.

David Horsager: You know, dozens of books and he and his wife wrote the new one we’re going to talk about after bit there it is ask, and it is asked bridge from your desk dreams to your destiny that’s going to be a.

David Horsager: wonderful conversation and and a large part of this, but.

David Horsager: You might remember a few of these the one minute millionaire and how to make the rest of your life, the best life, the aladdin factor dare to win richest kids in America whole lot of other book series been honored to.

David Horsager: Be inducted into many halls of fame and has earned the horatio alger award which is just a fantastic honor, as we know.

David Horsager: I wanted to start with something though mark Victor Hansen one thing i’ve noticed about you as i’ve watched you been in the same room with you watch on stage but also.

David Horsager: As a you know just in speaking and writing and all these things, something that stands out about you, compared to many others is and you’ve said this one plus one doesn’t equal to it equals or.

markvictorhansen: It.

David Horsager: can look like 11 and what i’ve noticed in your collaboration, if there was another word I would, I would say about you, other than generous and giver and you know world changer with your leadership and work, you know you have had this affinity for collaboration welcome collaboration.

David Horsager: way that many people are protecting of their work, but even in the new book you’re shining the light on so many others stories and chicken soup as a whole, built on collaboration and you know.

David Horsager: Much of your this the new book ask you and your wife are collaborating on that, but, and now the the money you’re giving to try to create energy and.

David Horsager: You know efficiency water pure water to the world it’s a collaboration effort tell me where you got that just willingness to take a risk and collaborate and why that’s such a part of your life.

markvictorhansen: Well, first of all I think everyone should take calculated risks and and the collaboration.

markvictorhansen: If you read Napoleon hill who studied Andrew Carnegie and i’m scholarly and both, and I hope you watch the videos on both of my YouTube but.

markvictorhansen: Andrew Carnegie said hey look what you have to have as a mastermind lines and he saw that Jesus had 12 disciples all synchro mesh net he never did his first miracle until he had this synchro mesh.

markvictorhansen: Mind power, so I read that you know 50 years ago and 1974 when I went bankrupt and started speaking, and all this, I said wow.

markvictorhansen: If that’s true the rest of my life I gotta have a mastermind because you create a third new invisible invincible.

markvictorhansen: unstoppable mind and that’s what I have with my wife and that’s what jack and I had when we created chicken soup, and you know hundred 44 publishers all actually said hit the road jack and I said look it’s Okay, if you know, like.

markvictorhansen: A really nice guy know jack wonderful is you know and during this class at Harvard and all that good stuff, but the fact of the matter is, is it on the outside guy he’s the inside guy and and.

markvictorhansen: We were perfect mastermind to create you know chicken soup and get a little invisible publisher to be one of the biggest in the world, a ci which people think that means Hansen canfield think it’s actually health communications I wish that we don’t do that even better.

David Horsager: Absolutely well 144 knows you know I think back to my first book and the nose and finally being picked up by.

David Horsager: I think the biggest publisher in our genre in the world at the time, but I tell the story, sometimes of the nose and I don’t want to hear mine, but I want to hear yours about.

David Horsager: You know this this perseverance, because I think it gets a little bit to this, I don’t want to jump the gun too early on the book asked, but you are willing to keep on keeping on what kept you going.


markvictorhansen: go there, but I want to first hit the know that you did it’s a two part question you asked for my ears and and.

markvictorhansen: One of the guys we interviewed in our great book ask is Peter guber the world’s biggest movie maker 50 academy awards rocky Batman.

markvictorhansen: And bought a little thing we’re seeing with my dinner one night and after we’ve taken a vacation with him and he said well those sports team today and I go he’s older than I am, and I go right.

markvictorhansen: Okay, so I give up who and he said a golden state warriors I said really I said now remember I came out of poverty, so this isn’t like you know I thought, if I ever became a millionaire would be a big deal, but he said I bought deaths and so, how much do you pay 770 million.

markvictorhansen: Well, now it’s worth about 3.8 billion about seven or eight years later back to it, though, what Peter did is he interviewed me and go on YouTube and see Peter.

markvictorhansen: guber and market grandson and what’s beautiful is he said mark i’m not dyslexic but he said is so dyslexic that he thinks the word no means on.

markvictorhansen: And it does at some levels, because if you get rejected.

markvictorhansen: And you don’t take it personally you I teach a clean four letter word in our book ask any eckstein next.

markvictorhansen: Because you know, we had to go through 144 people that hit the road and we’re not taking your book and then a lot of them came up to my wife and I later and say boy.

markvictorhansen: That mistake cost me 10s of millions of dollars, I said it’s certainly dig his books done $2 billion.

markvictorhansen: In licensing I created licensing and books, nobody had ever done it before and we did a billion dollars there, so you know if you have trusted if you have gumption if you have.

markvictorhansen: Most importantly self determination to action and you’re willing to overcome and understand that failure isn’t final failures just a learning experience that you can go over under around or through every obstacle and get to the other side of you know how to act.

David Horsager: You know into this time because that speaks of the challenges of the saying no but we just came through a crisis here worldwide pandemic there’s some social unrest, you said under one in one of your writings crisis equals opportunity let’s that meant for you.

markvictorhansen: Oh boy okay so first of all, you know I worked in China, at times, I mean we sold 324 million books there and.

markvictorhansen: They have this sign everyone seen the Ying and Yang and that’s where it comes from it’s a 6000 year old symbol so it’s got juice to it crisis equals opportunity.

markvictorhansen: And in the stock market, they obviously sued volatility is where you make it you, you know when it’s down you buy it that’s called discount buying that’s what Warren Buffett.

markvictorhansen: If you read today’s news he’s got $250 billion on the sideline and he says look the markets, going to crash it’s inevitable I just don’t know when and when it does i’ll just buy.

markvictorhansen: Right, because then instead of paying $1 for dollar you’re paying 10 cents, or one cent for $1 and so john Paul getty book, the whole oil industry.

markvictorhansen: And a penny on $1 during the depression, the Great Depression and now I don’t want any of that to happen.

markvictorhansen: You asked two or three questions i’m putting it together, maybe too much, but i’m saying look crisis equals opportunity we’re in this cocoon.

markvictorhansen: And the only way out of the cocoon is, if you learn how to ask questions to find your the subtitle of the book is.

markvictorhansen: From the bridge to your dreams, all of us have dreams, hopefully to your destiny, if you don’t have dreams you’re not alive.

markvictorhansen: Right and no matter what your chronology with their little kid I dream of getting a bicycle or you’re a big kid I dreamed gone fishing or I dream of.

markvictorhansen: Learning a new language or getting travel, we need to make all that stuff happen again and everybody’s got to go to their destiny that’s what i’m recommending.

David Horsager: While we’re there now let’s talk about this book and then let’s jump back to leadership even more afterwards, because we’ve jumped in, and I think.

David Horsager: boy that that’s what it is ask bridge from your the bridge from your dreams to your destiny and there’s a there is there’s so many I can’t I can’t state enough, there are so many powerful concepts, I think you even said something in a video I watched about it that this have.

David Horsager: All these books and all this, this is your what you believe is your most important work why, why do you say that.

markvictorhansen: Well i’ve been blessed to sell you know 318 books.

markvictorhansen: Sorry 312 books done 318 by the end of the year and 59 times number one but ask is changing people at a time, they need to get change, people are.

markvictorhansen: We say there are seven roadblocks to asking and then go into those in a minute, but everybody’s sucked into this fear.

markvictorhansen: You know there’s the fear of general the malaise of fear and then there’s the fear of of just your neighbor now because we’ve been so divisional and when we need leadership to bring back trust to bring back agreement to bring back harmony.

David Horsager: So let’s let’s talk about those you know we can think well asking for our set, you have given different different pieces, you know, ask for my.

David Horsager: Self asked God, some of these different ways of asking but let’s talk about the roadblocks asking because we can’t get anywhere unless we get rid of some of these roadblocks.

David Horsager: blocks number one was unworthy and so it kind of starts with yourself, but he gives you a good night people need to get the book we’re not going to get through it all, but I want to just give enough.

David Horsager: So people see the value of learning to ask well and the power of asking, and you have a whole section on the benefits of asking but let’s talk just just give us a brief on these roadblocks so people can start to uncover some.

markvictorhansen: Good what we say there’s three channels to asking ask yourself ask others and ask God and in any given time.

markvictorhansen: Then we got seven roadblocks the first one you just hit was unworthiness, then you got dealt, then you got fear.

markvictorhansen: Then you got pattern paralysis, then you got naive and take, then you got disconnection and you got excuse ology and we can switch the order it doesn’t matter.

markvictorhansen: And we can talk to any one of them, but every one of us has felt, some of them and what our book does based on now.

markvictorhansen: We get all these gazillion readers around the world that are looking at a mirror, for the first time to go holy cow, this is the thing that stifled stop toward me.

markvictorhansen: And i’m saying hey wait a second i’m asking you to find out well my wife says every one of us has four times more talent abilities skills and genius inside then we’re using.

markvictorhansen: And the only way to bring it out as asking any only way to get over all the problems at all, I was reading David is if we start to ask, we ask wisely would love.

markvictorhansen: And we transcend our current human limitations and at some levels, they asked God means you go to a.

markvictorhansen: divine wisdom about your own life and your own destiny, because we believe everybody was coated at birth, with a destiny and maybe multiplicity of destinies it’s like when when wernher von braun which I got to meet when bucky was senior advisor NASA when I was a little kid and 21.

markvictorhansen: He said when we’re going to the moon 99% of the time we’re off target and we just got to keep reshuffling well that’s what questions do.

markvictorhansen: Right it’s like people say, well, how do you increase will have this greatest love affair, well, I say it’s like looking at this culture of David in Florence Italy.

markvictorhansen: And they said in Michelangelo mikkel how you make it David he said chippy out everything’s that David so.

markvictorhansen: We get rid of our baggage by asking questions about in our self worth and our worthiness and our self esteem and.

markvictorhansen: and making sure that we feel good about ourselves good about each other, because it says love your neighbor as yourself meaning you get a positive and correct real self love before you can love anyone else.

David Horsager: So we’ll listen listen answer yeah well that’s an answer that’s for sure that’s a good one.

David Horsager: But what let’s let’s take a look at some of the questions you have these golden nugget you know question.

David Horsager: questions that we can ask and some just a whole lot of takeaways that you can use in the book or or apply, but if i’ve got these roadblocks and in it like how do I start asking the right questions to maybe it’s to myself at first well.

markvictorhansen: Excellent question first of all, obviously you do to yourself.

markvictorhansen: And when you’re reading the questions in the book and ask yourself ask others ask God start to write them out, because when you write out the answers you have levels of illumination revelation insight wisdom.

markvictorhansen: And pretty soon when you ask those questions you go Oh, my goodness, I could do that and it’s a wake up, now the second thing to do.

markvictorhansen: Is you buddy up with somebody it could be your spouse, it could be a church brand it could be a business partner, it could be another leader.

markvictorhansen: It could be a telephone mentor a zoom link I don’t care how you do it, but if two people go through all these questions, they are transformative because our corporate symbol is you know, is a butterfly.

markvictorhansen: And what happens is everything caterpillar you can’t look at caterpillar and predict butterfly but we’ve all been in this coven.

markvictorhansen: lockdown which i’m going to call a cocoon rather than a chrysalis right now, and in a cocoon.

markvictorhansen: The only way to break through is with questions when I was bankrupt and upside down in 1974 and last $2 million a day.

markvictorhansen: I asked the wrong question I said oh my gosh What if I go bankrupt I checked the book at the library, how to go bankrupt by yourself.

markvictorhansen: And then for six months i’m sleeping in front of another guy’s room I think he probably heard me tell this story in a sleeping bag and I kept saying to myself ask yourself ask us God I didn’t really know that but I what am I want to do, and I said I want to talk to people that care.

markvictorhansen: But things that matter that would make a life transformative different I go to my three roommates in hicksville long island New York have breakfast I say guys.

markvictorhansen: I decided what I want to be, I think I want to grow up and be a professional speaker, do you know anyone that’s young that’s not a broadway actor because we’re.

markvictorhansen: In New York, not an actor actress a doctor or a lawyer or some sort of celebrity and bumped my age are a little older.

markvictorhansen: Guy said there’s a kid a little older to here’s my ticket I was going to go here them he’s phenomenal is chip college, you know, like.

markvictorhansen: I jump in my little beat up a Volkswagen a bankruptcy courts have not taken race out to hop on going on the order for three hours just kind of mesmerized everybody.

markvictorhansen: At the end of which I walk up to and I asked, I say chip a market grants and i’d like to may I asked you to lunch, I want to buy your lunch and you teach me how to do the speaking business.

markvictorhansen: He said look good chance you making this one 1000 you’re going to make it to go through a real business I said no, no, this is the one I want i’m convinced.

markvictorhansen: Let me decide, he said okay you stay out of real estate.

markvictorhansen: I own this business in the five boroughs area and you go into life insurance and I didn’t know I didn’t know what a life insurance was or premier or anything but I thought Okay, and I wrote notes.

markvictorhansen: called intend to the next day, the 10th guy he said, one in 10 would buy it what a great thing, and it was a giant I mean this guy weighed 450 pounds.

markvictorhansen: Naked to the know ink pen on I mean you just be use it on Tony i’m number one will not the ball from the number one company markets, the directory.

markvictorhansen: You call everybody there’s like seven at night, and you don’t big conical, and so I got talks like crazy, so I did a.

markvictorhansen: Tony robbins are talking once on a big seminar together and we talked backstage and each of us have done 1000 times a year, the first three years.

markvictorhansen: I mean, I was do the talking or selling talks in there, like 45 minute talks 20 minute talks, whatever they let me do and get paid for, and.

markvictorhansen: People kept saying, do you have that in a book and it’s amazing we did the book I don’t know where it is on the shelf here, but here it is like we did the book.

markvictorhansen: First book I did is called stand up speak out and when and.

markvictorhansen: I said to the audience and now remember i’m talking to six people 10 people never more than 50 and I said, this is not a new College so.

markvictorhansen: it’s not a national bestseller, but it is my best on, and I want to assign it to you, your wife your kids and if you got a dog, I want to put your dog in here.

markvictorhansen: David good this guy’s ridiculous, but all six of model six or 2720 would buy it I sold 20,000 copies from the little platforms in one year.

markvictorhansen: I went from zero to hero, again, I went from bankruptcy to earn 200,000 now today that’s like $2 million yeah and I thought oh man i’m in heaven i’m going to just go back and really right and think this stuff through and now 312 books later I think it’s going to work.

David Horsager: Well, and you know what’s interesting here is, I mean uncover something that people see the success now and certainly there’s perseverance in this work, we talked about doing the work.

David Horsager: But what was that, like on your family young kids all that I remember, I think a story, you told one time.

David Horsager: To me about just you’re both you know fall asleep on planes from one end of the country to the other when chicken soup was going going crazy I just think how did you, you know.

David Horsager: stay in touch with these the mentors you had the mastermind you had how did you keep up with your being a dad and whatnot you know.

markvictorhansen: By way i’ve never had anyone ask that question, but first of all thank you for the question and it’s true.

markvictorhansen: When jack and I first of all, nobody would take the book hundred 44 pills and an agent who you know I won’t name him.

markvictorhansen: But he fired us and that’s cost him like 10s of millions of dollars right so i’ll leave him out of this thing because there’s no reason to besmirch anyone ever if I can do it not do it.

markvictorhansen: We we went to the aba American booksellers We walked in and like we put together the best stories from different people and the first guy to come up to us.

markvictorhansen: We had a big beard and he look like Santa Claus except he was wearing a suit and I thought wow I think I kiss both cheeks and said boy, you really going to make it.

markvictorhansen: Let me look at your name tag who the hell, are you and it turned out to be a router Dr Robert full Jim the guy who wrote everything I need to learn, I learned in kindergarten which I mean.

markvictorhansen: i’m an addicted reader and remember, I was illiterate in school, you know from first grade two sixth grade, I was in remedial reading because my parents, we had no books that are also a guarantor Danish.

markvictorhansen: I lived in Denmark, I thought everybody went to the Danish brotherhood and Saturday night and.

markvictorhansen: A nice to filter and filter efficient stuff you don’t even know the names of and frack adele and stuff which is fine.

markvictorhansen: but luckily they taught me to read now morals best selling author, so it shows that you can track foreigners oh.

markvictorhansen: Any I said jack and I are there and the guy says you’re really going to succeed, big and he told me that jack jack or stand with me good, who is that I said that’s Dr phone tomorrow, one of our favorite.

markvictorhansen: He said why didn’t he talked to me you got me I don’t know I talked to me I didn’t look at once, and maybe it was just being nice to everybody, I don’t know.

markvictorhansen: Any so we get turned down by a lot more boots and then one little house health health communication at I took us because the guy said.

markvictorhansen: Yesterday you gave we’re there three days which we’ve been talking 17 days and rolling and I gotta go tell my wife oh my God.

markvictorhansen: you’re not gonna believe that i’m going over to the anaheim Convention Center for the next three days with jack and we’re bringing backpacks with a.

markvictorhansen: Three ring binders and we’re going to try sell ourselves because everybody fired up and they’ve already they’ve seen a pink slip back then there were a nice and wrote pink slips say kiss your butt goodbye.

markvictorhansen: Anyhow, that one of the Gary seidler the two partners said I read it, I cried all over my my shirt if you.

markvictorhansen: promise to buy them at $6 each and buy 20,000 copies, you know, over the next year will publish it will we were both doing seminars jack and I separately, about a quarter million people a year.

markvictorhansen: I was doing business people, mostly and heavy and life insurance and mlm big churches and jack was doing the educational market, so we had some big markets.

markvictorhansen: And we sold the seminars everywhere, like one of the stories we have in our asked book.

markvictorhansen: We just got to write for the book published Charlie green ones and man, I saw you at a mega church here in Kansas city said I couldn’t believe that he said.

markvictorhansen: You love the audience here, we had them spiritually alive and then at the very end, you said okay look I got this manuscript nobody’s going to take it.

markvictorhansen: I want you to pray that we’re going to sell a million copies of this book oh chicken soup for the soul, he said I couldn’t believe that everybody got prayed we did it stood up and praying.

markvictorhansen: And then, he said, you did the coup de gras which I really couldn’t believe there’s 5000 people and you say.

markvictorhansen: By the way, I don’t want to take away from the ties or love offerings but all of you have a little slip there, I want you to fill out an order form.

markvictorhansen: And when the book comes out, I promise i’ll sign it and send it to you and I get doctor came to do the same.

markvictorhansen: And I really wanted this book somebody’s going to publish it and I need you to trust me and he said to a person in the room, that means a very rich church obviously help fill.

markvictorhansen: In I mean good Charlie was only I mean he’s big in the Church, he was a deacon the Dickens or whatever the joke is but.

markvictorhansen: But he said I help collect he said I want your bucket full of weeds that couldn’t believe it, he said you were so bold, to ask, I said.

markvictorhansen: I have nothing to lose a minister liked me and the Church, the people thought wow I should grow up and be that courageous to go out and ask and do stuff that I haven’t been able to do, everyone needs to come out of this.

markvictorhansen: cocoon we’re talking about this coven cocoon to ask morning and we got to get back on track, it working and living and entrepreneurs and leading into people that you’ve got you’ve got to be visionary leaders, could I say either.

markvictorhansen: going to be a visionary leader that lead and you can’t hear.

markvictorhansen: I need us to be first place again mentally in lead yourself and then lead others.

David Horsager: Speaking of leading yourself a lot of great leaders are you know we talked about the slot trust leadership, they they.

David Horsager: they’re leading yourself there if you’re going to lead others you tend to lead yourself well, what did you.

David Horsager: What do you do, do you ever teens habits worried, this is what I do to leave myself what am I, you know what am I doing daily weekly, monthly lead myself, because you have a massive voice of leadership to others, what are you doing to lead yourself, or have you over the years.

markvictorhansen: Perfect I love the question I want to go to the macro and into micro what I actually do, but the macro is in psalm 72 Solomon said the job of you and I, as leader is to be an influencer of influencers I when I read that I highlighted it nice put a star, by the way.

markvictorhansen: I could be an influencer an employer Sir sorry it’s I started but that’s it so every day good, let me go back to a story, we put into book.

markvictorhansen: When crystal our fall in love long long ago we’re sitting at the mothers marketing coach makes me feel in California, we now live in loves scottsdale Arizona.

markvictorhansen: Guy sit next versus the old man of the cloth mean serious mature guy 97 he said look I can’t help but interrupt you guys are so in love you mind if I tell you the secret to staying in love.

markvictorhansen: And like i’m going to say no, I don’t want to know any secret, he says i’m had a billy Graham relationship ministries for last 70 years i’m 92 years old, I said well congratulations father.

markvictorhansen: yeah I said, what is it, he said, people that pray out loud together is the only thing we found that keeps people together, so my wife and I, you know did before we got married and obviously everyday sense and we spend an hour every morning praying and meditating and visualizing what is.

markvictorhansen: Asking each other all the questions, how do we unfold today to be more magnificent more wonderful for each other and for our kids or grandkids our family our city or state or country and the world.

markvictorhansen: And source and service levels that has never been sourcing served it like we are.

markvictorhansen: Co Chairman of child hope, right now, which is busy raising a billion dollars and we’ve helped 10 and a half million kids get out of abuse neglect.

markvictorhansen: and child trafficking that’s one of the things we’re doing and I think, then, the second thing we’re doing is.

markvictorhansen: we’re about to do a podcasting and invite you to help us with hopefully get 15 million people help but.

markvictorhansen: What we’re going to do is because the library has been closed off for a year, which is not okay with me just like bookstore is going out of business, not okay I love those all those people in the book business and.

markvictorhansen: they’ve been superior to me, so this is not an indictment on anybody it’s it’s uh let’s get back to work guys and ladies.

markvictorhansen: And we’re all the libraries have agreed that we’re going to have this wonderful day and we’re going to America is becoming a literate because people are reading too much.

markvictorhansen: Too much facetime on on their cell phones kids i’m talking about 75% of kids in in California can’t read when they graduate high school and.

markvictorhansen: I don’t know where you’re at, but I have to believe that you agree with me that that’s not okay.

markvictorhansen: So what i’m going to do is ask one third of the seniors and baby boomers guys and ladies like me will take now in the ratio, I take 10 kids and mentor them a year but.

markvictorhansen: i’m going to ask everybody to take just one kid go to the library read teach him or her, how to read it’s not it is a doable.

markvictorhansen: assignment in America, and then we got to change that and expand the whole world, because I believe, and I think you do as a leader.

markvictorhansen: You know the cliche I think it was john F Kennedy who said it all great readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers and if it wasn’t john I don’t know who it was, but we look it up and you want to claim.

David Horsager: lots of people have said it and lots of people have claimed it.

markvictorhansen: But remember jack and I are in the business and trying to do attribute you know, but who the heck knows right i’m.

David Horsager: pretty sure was Abraham Lincoln but you know.

David Horsager: Denise everything great.

David Horsager: Well, you know this this gets me thinking about it, you know we’re going all over this the way I do it because you jog my mind on so many things, but you kind of a framework.

David Horsager: Your as far as philanthropy Europe passionate giver these days and you’re doing a lot of great things with your time talent treasures, but you talk about four types of types of tithing thinking time talent and treasures.

markvictorhansen: Right.

David Horsager: We get treasures quickly we get talent quickly we get time quickly, what about thinking.

markvictorhansen: Oh, first of all, I wrote a whole book called the miracle of tithing right which is really good the miracle of giving and that’s where I quoted all that and I said then, the fifth one two bonus one is being thankful.

markvictorhansen: You got to have the more you’re thankful for the more you get we, the reason I sell more books anybody is that we tie then every book.

markvictorhansen: And you know that’s a front end guaranteed, you know, open up the windows of heaven a $40 ritual or but all you gotta do is fine cause related charity winter in trouble, and let me just give you two that were example so.

markvictorhansen: Elizabeth goal, who would have been a great President, by the way, said hey mark i’m head of the Red Cross and you got these crazy ideas and sometimes I work.

markvictorhansen: I should thank you and she says i’m on a blood and I said well let’s get it from the mdm they watch blood and guts every day and make sure it helps you said i’ve tried 570,000 mth they won’t help.

markvictorhansen: In other words, I think, by the way, now i’m doing my position i’m on my soapbox.

markvictorhansen: But if you are your kid needs blood, I think you ought to go and get 10 of your friends to give blood back to report we don’t have anything called pseudo blood.

markvictorhansen: So if you go to the hospital and you need blood that’s, the only thing that is blood compatible, for your blood that makes sense.

markvictorhansen: yeah so she said well come up with another idea it’s at how fast you needed yesterday that’s a good one week, she said, you can do that I said, one of my markets is chiropractic I have gotten.

markvictorhansen: I get 10 honorary doctorates three from chiropractic colleges at life and in Cleveland and Parker so I said.

markvictorhansen: I know all 77,000 chiropractors, I teach them how to have high volume massive practices in cash practice know that.

markvictorhansen: i’ve never asked him for anything i’m going to ask him to call all their old patient and bring them in and the.

markvictorhansen: Patients and get an adjustment or an activated gun or getting massage or whatever they do at the practice and a lot of these practices are.

markvictorhansen: multimodal practices and they hire mbas to work for them so it’s great stuff but they see 25 million patients, a week.

markvictorhansen: And I said guys and ladies you’re in trouble, right now, because insurance stop paying you i’m going to make sure you get paid because I just done this set of audio tapes right interviewed all the people.

markvictorhansen: The best chiropractors make over a million a year by doing cash only no insurance.

markvictorhansen: And we saw a lot of those but we gave a copy of chicken soup for the soul treat everybody that came in, to give blood well we get enough blood to be cryogenically frozen for a year and a half in advance, we took two negatives, and you remember in math and negative times negative is a.

markvictorhansen: Positive positive right we get chiropractic in trouble because they’ve just had their funds cut right follow the money we had.

markvictorhansen: we’ve had the blood saying a lot of people are dying nine people a minute we’re dying because there is no blood at the end no blood at the hospital sorry I shouldn’t use a spiritual of reference hospital, I spoke, I never did that, before I apologize.

markvictorhansen: I don’t want to miss merge anybody, but the point is there’s every problem has a solution that’s why we’re saying in our ass book.

markvictorhansen: What you gotta do is get somebody that’s willing to think out of the box and do stuff that no one’s ever thought about before.

markvictorhansen: And and ask bigger questions like right now we got eight a billion people unemployed in the world somebody’s got to think at a new level and that’s why the last part of the book where you and I started, even before we started the recording.

markvictorhansen: We got Peter diamandis, who is a PhD md Harvard md PhD MIT genius X prize creator and Peter says, what do you personally going to do during this decade to positively affect 1 billion people.

markvictorhansen: that’s the question everybody when you drink that question in as a leader you start saying hey wait a second I gotta quit being amateur hour here.

markvictorhansen: You know I got to be a visionary leader and remember what Solomon said, is without vision we perish if you put that in English with vision we flourish.

markvictorhansen: So I really want to help a billion people learn how to read that don’t know how to read now do I know how to do that heck no.

markvictorhansen: Do I know that I am taking a crazy leadership position that i’ll get attacked for by some people saying we can’t do that, by the way, that’s fine with me, because any leader as a.

markvictorhansen: target on his or her back, I think you know that right.

David Horsager: You want to be critiqued for living lead something.

markvictorhansen: yeah.

David Horsager: or write a book.

David Horsager: or or give a speech right you’ll get.

markvictorhansen: It the world’s best selling author and you got a lot of.

David Horsager: arrows coming at you, and a lot of them.

markvictorhansen: And I always write my critics back way if I see it, and I say thank you very much, I just really appreciate that I don’t agree with anything you said because blah blah blah but.

markvictorhansen: here’s what I, this is what i’m doing and, by the way, when you got a credential that you really can now if they get something legitimate to say I will Rebecca.

markvictorhansen: i’m coachable that’s one of the things a good leader is, I think, and i’m coachable and I accept coaching and Trent and we say, one of our 38 points is.

markvictorhansen: He backs breakfast of champions but, but if you have something asinine I don’t like it, because of the way you look I can’t do much about that.

markvictorhansen: Right i’m bald it’s the way it is cow.

David Horsager: How do we start to how do we start like that there’s so many places, I could go and I can highlight different you know i’ve highlighted a bunch of.

David Horsager: a bunch of parts of this book we’re not going to get through it all people got to get the book asked, but how do we start to ask the right questions, how do we start to this journey it’s like some people think Oh, they just ask you just good at it or not, how do we start.

markvictorhansen: there’s no such thing as good at it or bad, first of all those little kids you ask everything I don’t know if you’ve got any kids or grandkids you’ve got in kids.

markvictorhansen: For or they see you know, I was one of four crystal is one of nine and then we got five and six grandkids we’re big on kids.

markvictorhansen: The point is, is that you’re going to know where you are because, if I call uber here to my house they got to know where you are Where are you today, and you gotta ask yourself and then go through all that stuff.

markvictorhansen: And then the second part is one where everybody’s stumbles almost 99% appeal stumble where do you want to go.

markvictorhansen: Right and I was stumbling until I said look, I want to grow up become world’s best selling author, which people said you haven’t even written a book, can you want to be let’s get out of here.

markvictorhansen: It did you go to the nth degree what what actions are you going to have to take to get from here to there.

markvictorhansen: and obviously what you asked about it before and I may not have done it like we’re going on to today’s show there’s Longo and with oprah and all that and jack and I are.

markvictorhansen: Getting up in the morning good media all day doing a lunch and talk during the late night talk before.

markvictorhansen: All that travel restrictions, you can get on a plane at 11 go to the next place and start all over again, but we.

markvictorhansen: get to New York got five though tell like one o’clock he still has three piece suit we had no money so we’re sharing same room.

markvictorhansen: Different beds, of course, and he’s sleeping in a three piece suit and I got to wake them up at three o’clock us at five o’clock you got to be at NBC begins on katie couric and matt lauer.

markvictorhansen: And and most people don’t know that right you’re going to be there for three hours, but you got to be there, an hour early and i’m saying jack you gotta get up and he was saying nasty words to me, and he said.

markvictorhansen: I suggest you don’t want to be katie Kirk you don’t have to me.

markvictorhansen: I didn’t go and do it alone i’m big enough, I can handle it.

markvictorhansen: And we were exhausted, and it was exactly what you said, if you’re going to do a real leadership job you got to ask yourself, who I am.

markvictorhansen: Who am I becoming and where do I want to go what is my full fledged flat out destiny and you got to ask all the way and then, if you got problems, you asked.

markvictorhansen: Hopefully you got a great mentor and your mentor mentee relationship and hopefully you’re mentoring and then you got to ask your staff.

markvictorhansen: When it comes to you with a problem you said, David if you’re coming to me with whatever problem, it is in a company, I said, well, what are the three solutions you have and come back to me tomorrow or an hour for now, and tell me the best one of those three solutions love it.

David Horsager: You know it’s funny I was just talking to just had someone else on the show, and she was given also a biblical reference of back to your mentor piece, she said, we need to have a Paul we get wisdom from we now Timothy.

David Horsager: We need to have a.

David Horsager: Someone were pouring into.

David Horsager: An a you know we need someone that’s going to challenge us like Nathan, we need somebody.

David Horsager: that’s going to encourage us like barnabas and this this tribe, that we need as leaders and we often say it around here if you’re doing leadership alone you’re doing it wrong, we need others and that’s a back to your.

David Horsager: start as a collaborator to some people, that seems you know oh my destiny is this is all about me i’m asking questions, for me, and it seems selfish, what do you say.

markvictorhansen: It has to be.

markvictorhansen: let’s just take you know when I was in with bucky I wrote my hundred year goals, all the stuff i’d like to do i’m going to be 120 seventh options will know, because you get to write down all your living living on.

markvictorhansen: The cake, the richest man in the world, right now, is one of my heroes Elon musk, whether you like him or not is irrelevant to me, but you gotta admit his leadership style is solid.

markvictorhansen: I mean here’s a guy is still no you can’t build a more tesla’s here at whatever it is fremont California and say says Okay, I understand what you said, Mr Governor, but let me see what I gotta do.

markvictorhansen: Calls up 3am company and says hey guys you haven’t got the ability to make enough ventilators I have 3D printing.

markvictorhansen: i’ve got manpower I got metal sitting out there just give me the thing and we’ll split 5050 and tell me how many want and I haven’t done like that.

markvictorhansen: Except that when he did it David he’s a real leader see we don’t have any real leaders now as far as i’m.

markvictorhansen: i’m now in dating some people i’m asking them to wake up, be a real leader and i’m a real leader so i’m glad to skin and confronting window.

markvictorhansen: But I am here’s my he’s my hero right he made 90,000 cards became the richest man in the world.

markvictorhansen: And now, this week, he says look in six months i’m going to have two things are going to have a battery about the size of your thumbnail that goes a million miles and your car is going to be so light we’re going to have a new flying car it’s going to be.

markvictorhansen: Equivalent robo taxi because of spacex, which is one of the five companies, he is you know he made 500,012 years old and with his brother and then he did PayPal with the Peter Teal then.

markvictorhansen: goes to Stanford he economics undergraduate degree, and you know it is just amazing what he has pulled off and then.

markvictorhansen: You know, he says, because of spacex I figured out how we can have a vertical liftoff vehicle negotiate straight ahead.

markvictorhansen: And people are saying no you can’t do that Well, no, no, they can’t do it Boeing can do it like he can’t do but he’s not locked into the same.

markvictorhansen: metaphysics and, by the way the top physics bucky always use teachers metaphysics thinking consciousness awareness and you know going into God and saying hey God show me how to do this.

markvictorhansen: And, and it turns out that alone is exceedingly spiritual in an elevated ascended consciousness like his hero Nikola tesla if I go I probably went too far again tonight.

David Horsager: it’s your we want to hear from you so yeah so what what gets is I mean part of this is, you know Elon musk is asking different questions right.

markvictorhansen: I did all of us have the same 24 hours, all of us start off with the same value of $1 and the dollar is invaluable and to figure out how you ask yourself how am I going to use this.

markvictorhansen: to advance myself and he had to sell all of his real estate with the last year just to keep this company, going so he and I admire the guy because.

markvictorhansen: When I had a hiccup back in 2008 I have to click crazy watches, and I have a cell every watch to stay afloat and.

markvictorhansen: You know just what you have to do you got to do and and everyone thinks well you’re rich and successful and you sold all those books, you can have a money problem.

markvictorhansen: You try to borrow serious money from your friends and you find out that you do have a money problem because.

markvictorhansen: Only serious friends will lend you serious money and most of my friends, who I thought would lend that kind of money and add it wouldn’t do it, so it taught me a serious lesson who’s real who’s not.

David Horsager: You know, in the in the end of toward the end of the book you talk about questioning everything tell us about that.

markvictorhansen: Well, give me a topic and i’ll show you how to question it from my point of view at least.

David Horsager: Well, you know what i’ve got two of them that I really highlighted, in fact, one of them was your you know how you keep your romance and love life, like you, vibrant and so maybe a couple thoughts there and then just the whole.

David Horsager: i’ll jump into the second one, when you answer something about that about that.

markvictorhansen: Let me wind it back just a little bit I went through a very painful divorce and I thought i’d never married again and told a lot of my friends that I wouldn’t and I wrote down 267 things.

markvictorhansen: In my ideal world for qualities or values of virtues of characteristics, we had both be totally monogamous we both had she had her own business, because I don’t want somebody marrying me from a wallet.

markvictorhansen: We had to have exactly the same values and what I wanted was a soulmate and what I got was a twin flame somebody the mirrors me 100% like we can finish each other’s thoughts and.

markvictorhansen: she’s young girl by 14 years she’s beautiful she’s wonderful and our kids had to get along and we decided that we’re going to make.

markvictorhansen: happily ever after our happily ever after every day and so every day during meditation and prayer that we do together every morning like clockwork.

markvictorhansen: Early usually before podcast once while we have early podcasts in foreign countries and then do it afterwards, but we’ve never missed a day and and decades so.

markvictorhansen: We decided we’re going to our relationship with each other is paramount, now we figure out what that means, with our kids grandkids businesses and because we’re involved in a lot of stuff a lot of charities we you know help out and we say this is what I think we can do and.

markvictorhansen: We can make it happen and let’s talk this through.

David Horsager: So, so you, you tell us tell me another level of like okay to my partner my wife 24 years married what what would I, how would I use questions to.

David Horsager: deepen our love.

markvictorhansen: Good asked her what question she should be asking you that you’ve been naive dash.

David Horsager: Perfect spot to start.

is a nice place loving.

David Horsager: Jesus asking questions back and forth here don’t answer, by the way, there’s never a time that you won’t have a wife tell you what you should be asked, never.

David Horsager: Well, something another part that was, I think, is relevant to everybody and you make this comment in the book.

David Horsager: I don’t have the page, I have my notes on this part, so I can’t go through all of it but don’t try to sell ask what they need.

David Horsager: And you have a client a strategy I think that’s beautiful with questions that we would just ask you know.

David Horsager: Ask about them first ask about their problems, ask what the ideal would be asked asked about you know what’s the perfect scenario for them tell about that process because everybody here.

David Horsager: is listening, you know we are growing businesses are have businesses are leading businesses, and I think some people take that wrong.

markvictorhansen: Okay, so we go into the biggest company here in Arizona is called as they manufacture most the copper for the world right.

markvictorhansen: For report MAC Moran I mean we’re talking about $15 billion profit here we’re talking about a major company and i’m not one selling but.

markvictorhansen: Preston weeks we wrote the story about goes in and and this lady is so powerful in this company, you know, to get.

markvictorhansen: You personally gotta pay homage and because I do my homework before we go and I knew that she was an Africa for eight years in the Congo.

markvictorhansen: And you know, to me, that is just exceedingly exciting I could care less about her business, I went all ever told me about the Congo, so, first of all, we build a report relationship, but then.

David Horsager: My wife, by the way, was a missionary kid in Congo Well now, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

David Horsager: yeah wow.

markvictorhansen: Congratulations and tell her Thank you.

David Horsager: yeah cool.

markvictorhansen: By the way, I did it’s irrelevant anything but i’m you know, one of the guys, I read wrote the book Congo and Michael not that not that the guy wrote every kind of.

markvictorhansen: blinking is a crime, Michael crichton wrote the Congo and I don’t know if you read it, but it just in a.

markvictorhansen: Great way anyhow back to the thing so Preston just does this whole thing of asking questions and you’re going to give us 20 minutes, and she did 20 minutes and just the Congo and then.

markvictorhansen: Now he now an hour and a half, two hours is gone by and they said.

markvictorhansen: We gotta tell you yesterday a $64 billion company came in and said pop up up up up up up, we got this this this this, this is what you need.

markvictorhansen: Is what you got to do and and they said we kicked him out for guys that were seasoned professionals that were insulting to yes, there are $64 billion company yes we’re $15 billion profit come in, but you just don’t put.

markvictorhansen: right they had no relationship ability questions are always going to be the answer, but if you ask the right question, you can get anywhere in the world kind of give a quick personal story.

David Horsager: anyways please love it.

markvictorhansen: So when I met crystal we’re at I did the author, one on one and number two VIP room and grounded by people late at night on a Saturday night and she’s across the way and Lady.

markvictorhansen: hits a glass of red wine my wife and drinking and wiped out or white pants well, I see this I parked the car grab her hand I said I know where the the.

markvictorhansen: The whatever that stuff is it gets rid of a stain and pants and here not.

David Horsager: scarred or something.

David Horsager: What scott’s got or.

markvictorhansen: No, no, no.

David Horsager: it’s looking.

markvictorhansen: Anyhow, I remain on blank on but that night, I had the answer.

markvictorhansen: I asked her along a megan short guy take you to dinner, and she said yeah we get to the best place in Hollywood.

markvictorhansen: And I mean aligned 50 people long and I go $100 bill is going to get any insight there, I will just charge up to the gatekeeper and he sees how beautiful my wife is I mean she’s been a top marlin Star and all that a lot to magazine covers and stuff and says Okay, I give up who issue.

markvictorhansen: I said you don’t recognize your num goofing around.

markvictorhansen: And not getting any way.

markvictorhansen: and his mind’s going on steroids, and through people magazine and install and vogue and you can’t figure out he thinks she’s a movie star good she has a she has supper.

markvictorhansen: presence and effervescence and Pluto trueness just emanates out every pore of my wife’s being and anyone who doesn’t.

markvictorhansen: can go look at the pictures on the line with us and you’ll see that you know I pale in comparison and I, you know i’m so blessed anyhow so guys is OK, I give up, who is she now we’re both of Danish to set so i’m goofing still I say she’s a Queen of Denmark.

markvictorhansen: He says no she’s not this oh my gosh she is who are you back to questions I said, who travels with the Queen or the King hold on.

markvictorhansen: We had the best table in place and chefs coming out with a homeschool fan.

markvictorhansen: And club soda is what gets stains blood and sorry I couldn’t you know my mind was so far from telling you that anyhow so.

markvictorhansen: And we just we started talking and just cheap gone through divorce I going through divorce was like.

markvictorhansen: we’ve been best friends forever and i’m saying for those that are single out there, there is some perfect person, no matter what your chronology know assuming.

markvictorhansen: you’re over 21 and probably marriageable you know there’s somebody out there for you there’s a billion peoples of 4 billion or women more or less so, you know play a chance.

David Horsager: Plenty chance wow this has been fascinating I could ask questions all day and i’ve got an honor your time here, this is um wow.

David Horsager: I might one of my favorites the last five minutes was questions are always the answer there we go questions that if you haven’t put that I don’t remember that in the book.

markvictorhansen: But it was one of those lines and area just is great yeah and I didn’t put it in my quote book a long time ago and I hope I didn’t steal that from somebody that being an omnivorous reader, it is possible, but I did it and.

David Horsager: Abraham Lincoln.

markvictorhansen: By the way, he was a trusted leader and had a tough go of it and.

markvictorhansen: I have to come from his home state at least what they claimed it was his home state of Illinois so i’m i’m scholarly in him and low levels and Dale Carnegie wrote a book about them, and you know when I was there, so I even know that stuff so.

David Horsager: How do you keep you know i’m just gonna just open up here just to touch base on a little bit of leadership and just some things i’m thinking about you stay.

David Horsager: How do you stay so fresh and creative you’re reading well that’s one thing you keep reading you’re not just a writer you’re a reader but.

David Horsager: What are some of the things you do to just stay, you know fresh you’ve you’ve written on so many things, financial and relational and life, and you know you become an expert in several different businesses, how do you keep this a little bit Elon musk ish.

markvictorhansen: yeah Well, first of all, I think you should never retire I did write the book like he said with art linkletter how to make the rest your life better life and he was 98 the only reason he died is not as help he missed his wife, who had.

markvictorhansen: I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or but she got alzheimer’s and he couldn’t handle it and she died, and then you know she wasn’t with them, she didn’t remember him in.

markvictorhansen: Like a month before he died he called crystal I up because he loved us or Daddy on other Kentucky fried chicken and Mexico, with which I did not know until you know we were up there, that was not my you don’t ask what is your Daddy on right.

markvictorhansen: You know what do you do I just I mean I met her dad and the first thing he did, is he put his hand in the bag and pulled out a pro handle a gun and I Idaho and I said well look i’m a pretty good shot myself, but I would like a gun if we’re gonna have a shootout you’re over your doctor.

markvictorhansen: And he and I became great friends, he was a superstar.

markvictorhansen: Wait where’s your question I.

David Horsager: Totally, so I think there’s just a piece here I think it’s.

David Horsager: Interesting to me how do you keep innovating me keep I could answer some of it for you, but you keep fresh some of that’s books some of that’s that you’re asking the right questions, but just staying so creative any any other anything else.

markvictorhansen: The people you hang out with your you’ve got to be alive like and I gotta tell you that, because you’re a podcaster and a great one.

markvictorhansen: Is it is it I believe podcasting is a new when I grew up in the 50s we had the first TV and a block my dad.

markvictorhansen: Financing for the rest of his life for $700 and back then nose and 50,000 giant money right, but everyone will come and watch our TV in or three channels.

markvictorhansen: It turned the question is what channel or you turn to and if your turn to positivity and stay positive.

markvictorhansen: And i’m saying everybody’s got to shut off the negativity and the news now it’s just it’s too blatantly painful.

markvictorhansen: and distressing and depressing and it takes you down rather than up so if you listen to positive stuff like i’ve got all kinds of stuff on audible like i’m sure you do.

markvictorhansen: And you listen to all that stuff and the stuff from Nightingale conant new stuff that brings out the best in you, and then you hang out with really positive minded people natural I was going to go.

markvictorhansen: I have it may just be who I am but all the podcasts that have accepted us and put myself for myself crypto on every one of them has been positive, everyone have been uplifted every like we’ve done three today, and they were just all of them, it were exalted spirits they’re not dull boring.

markvictorhansen: Because I can tell you that in the old days when jack and I did it we used to have to carry the radio shows like we would do.

markvictorhansen: Once we are doing media, sometimes we do five or six would call foreigners.

markvictorhansen: A day and those guys they never read the book they never saw the book they didn’t know what the book was, and you know so they’d asked you a question well how are you today i’d say the reason we wrote check chicken soup for the soul tell you how to have a good day each and every day.

David Horsager: I I I gotta jump here just because it just came in from my face was the practice leadership group out of New York, and this is biblical drew to it’s a guy to Harvard die, you probably know it, but he was just I was just listening to him this week, and he was talking about how.

David Horsager: We brought up a lot of biblical this time so Christians, he said, basically they’ve been known for these seeds, in the last decades they condemn or they critique or they.

David Horsager: You know just consume stuff but the only way to change things for the better is to create or cultivate, we have to be about it can’t just be about condemning we.

markvictorhansen: can be blurry eyed add a third see they got to curate.

David Horsager: There you go and you’ve got your contribute and charity, so we got to get to the lightning round I I just you’ve been such a massive gift and such a.

markvictorhansen: Love every second.

David Horsager: yeah well I got it let’s get some quick quick takeaways and lightning round one.

David Horsager: A favorite tip for everybody, or advice financial.

markvictorhansen: Well, the question is obviously earn more than you spend, but the other read my one minute millionaire book, because what I do is I say hey look i’m here to create a million millionaires and there’s a million ways to make a million and there’s one white perfect easy.

markvictorhansen: acceptable way to each of us, and today you’ve got to have a million for every reason and many millions of minimal if you ever want to retire and I don’t want anyone to retire on put on new tires and go out and do better direction.

David Horsager: Right perfect one best piece of advice for leadership.

markvictorhansen: I would ask everyone to consider going into the deepest secret place of the most high inside their consciousness and figure out what are they as the biggest visionary leader that they could be in.

markvictorhansen: Today we’ve talked about Elon musk but i’ve read 5000 biographies and autobiographies i’m i’ve been hired to write a big biography.

markvictorhansen: And i’ve never done it for and i’m really excited but this guy was a visionary that I can’t talk about yet because we got an nda but.

markvictorhansen: Everybody needs to study the visionaries and become a visionary everyone’s here to be a history maker a record breaker the Bible says you’re.

markvictorhansen: In the Asians you’re god’s greatest masterpiece if you’re god’s greatest masterpiece you’re supposed to do masterful things not minimal things and, yes, the church did some terrible things because.

markvictorhansen: anytime you got a full group you’re going to have some corrupt people some few percentage, but if you look at them, then you become like that, so, if you look at the best the brightest, why does the mother teresa’s she says i’m just a pencil in the hand of God, what a great line.

David Horsager: Absolutely what is of.

David Horsager: me i’m going to ask you this because you know my parents are in their 90s still continual learners.

David Horsager: still run.

David Horsager: They still run the farm definitely not retires but I love how they’re learning even to talk to their grandkids and now great grandchildren to technology and other things what’s a favorite tech or APP or gadget for you.

markvictorhansen: Well, first of all, art linkletter not when he was in 96 when we wrote the last book together and then he said look we’ve taught her kids how to read, they got to teach us how to use technology and I just thought that’s so cool art.

markvictorhansen: And he did kids into darkness things and people are funny and house party.

markvictorhansen: That my favorite I would say, I live too much on my cell phone just because I carry with and and when I I actually six to seven days a week aggressively.

markvictorhansen: Because I think it’s part of the fountain of youth that plus extraordinary nutrition so.

markvictorhansen: I am listening to extraordinary podcast by guys like Brian Scott net that just he has taken all the historical classics and put them together that, and all this stuff by Dr Tracy Jones.

markvictorhansen: Well i’m sure you know, is Charlie tremendous Jones his daughter, and is a great leadership profound military superstar you know come trainer power exxon’s.

David Horsager: What is it’s been that what is that well let’s go here you just said it what’s your what’s some exercise habit that you have.

markvictorhansen: I do well, first of all, we live at the top month on month we climb the mountains, a couple times a week and it’s just big tech, as I look out my window here my office.

markvictorhansen: is spectacularly beautiful I gotta tell you right now it’s 70 degrees Arizona, as in right now we’ve had so much rain it.

markvictorhansen: Our mountains or green our arrows pristine it just there’s very few people here Arizona is a basically empty states as big as Israel, as you probably know.

markvictorhansen: So yeah I do mountain climbing, but we also we bicycle and I were part of the villages, so I do every kind of calisthenics and muscle training because.

markvictorhansen: You age at the level that you don’t take care of your body and Peter guber is at and looks 40.

markvictorhansen: You know the first time I went to his $62 million third house.

markvictorhansen: We arrived and it’s 930 on a Saturday night, and it goes to suit up and I thought oh my gosh am I supposed to have a tuxedo this is, I got aloha shirt and he said no, no, get on your exercise clothes.

markvictorhansen: And I said, what do you tell me, he said, Peter want you in a gym and in 10 minutes and I said okay I got gym clothes with it’s easy.

markvictorhansen: And, and he exercised twice a day and that’s why you look so good, and you know he’s really vigorous I mean.

markvictorhansen: we’ve run together played rugby together slam together we traveled around the world together just you know the guys in superb shape and you know he’s at and most people at at a gun I need my cane, you know that old think.

markvictorhansen: where’s my.


David Horsager: I think this is where my dad could could keep up dead mom i’m.

David Horsager: so proud of them it’s like 40 below zero up there, right now, and they’re like yeah I, I have to do indoor exercise when it gets the 10 below so they um.

David Horsager: Anyway, then they just yeah so favorite favorite book or resource, right now, other than ask bridge the bridge from your dreams to your destiny some other book or resource it’s inspiring to you right now.

markvictorhansen: Right now, I just got the dollars want you it’s an old classic book costs $4 on Amazon is inspired me to write the whole new iteration i’m writing right now, you money wants you in medical title.

David Horsager: it’s cool.

markvictorhansen: It could be it’s going to be a big book, I was reading what I wrote last night, a couple hours to my wife and she said.

markvictorhansen: wow that was totally inspired I said I just saw that guy’s title and I thought we had to redo it because.

markvictorhansen: You know how to have self mastery of opulence is a subtitle because everyone look God only knows abundance he built the universe 15.7 billion years ago if that’s the true number i’m not a geologist or a.

markvictorhansen: Cosmetic dentist or cosmologist but you know i’ll buy that term and built the earth 5 billion years ago if all that stuff got created and it’s perfect, then you and I have got some perfection, and we can spirit can figure out how to solve any problem that exists, I really believe.

David Horsager: what’s left for mark Victor Hansen what’s it what’s one hope for the future bucket list or just to hope.

markvictorhansen: i’ve got 10 mega goals and and everything for like how’s on how do humanity expeditiously an admin considerably before i’m 127 and.

markvictorhansen: Take all trash and turn it into cash and we i’m part of a company called QC is Manfred the chairman call me today but we’ve got.

markvictorhansen: They spend a million dollars in Michigan and figured out a QC I how to.

markvictorhansen: Turn glass back to glass metal to metal, plastic plastic water water and we can take the 10,000 landfills and turn it back into a resource, because we can’t keep polluting the earth that I got to the privilege opening the pyramids down in Guatemala.

markvictorhansen: With the head of anthropology and archaeology at Harvard if i’d write something for National Geographic which I thought.

markvictorhansen: I let me get your degree I didn’t ever think I get right for it, you know it just it tickled me and for two weeks we sweat her butt off 220 degrees.

markvictorhansen: But we’re talking about a culture that had 10 million people to build these great pyramids as great as is Egypt and we are 200 feet on the ground, a.

markvictorhansen: long story, but the point is is that they killed themselves because they didn’t think through their own pollution pollution killed, I mean doctor said, turn out say every morning we’d argue about what.

markvictorhansen: You know, questioning each other what kill these people wasn’t a temperature and virgin was a an asteroid hit the earth what the hell that killed that many people that long ago they had six lane I way these guys.

markvictorhansen: And we don’t have any we can’t read cache and this guy would stand on top of a pyramid there was one every 30 miles, if you look at it.

markvictorhansen: Look at this stuff on everyone knows, to call or if you study anything about pyramids it’s bigger than any of this.

markvictorhansen: Egypt pyramid but he had written and concrete something but but bill can’t indicators eternal said look mark, can you think that is it.

markvictorhansen: Now i’m pretty good at linguistics but I know, English and I know, German and I know, Danish and Hindi or two, but I know you got me here I don’t have a clue and nobody knows what the hell, the language was because they all died all the ones.

markvictorhansen: You know i’m saying I said to bill, and what we wrote, as my supposition is that they didn’t know about germs and germs and all that so they polluted themselves just innocently but you know you know you put 10 million people together he’s gonna have a lot of garbage.

David Horsager: So there’s one of your 10 mega goals well there’s, this is a, this is a good inspiration have mega goals to change the world.

David Horsager: It has been a huge honor I have one more question for you, even though i’d love to talk.

David Horsager: All evening.

David Horsager: I go well yeah i’m gonna keep I could keep going but.

David Horsager: I i’m so so grateful for your time our audience the trusted leaders are grateful for your time today and.

David Horsager: Before I get there, though, where can we find out more, we have all the links to you on the chat at trusted leader show.com but where would you especially like us to find out more about mark.

markvictorhansen: With your permission, so number one is I want everyone to get a copy of as.

markvictorhansen: A meeting up to copies and given to a friend and go over it, please.

markvictorhansen: Ask the bridge from your dreams your destiny at Amazon for sure, and any bookstore that’s open that have them we’d love to have that and then number two and then number two is it.

markvictorhansen: I want everyone that leader to write a book, because then they find out who they are, and i’ve just finished a book called you have a book and you and you can get it really inexpensive if you go to Hansen.

markvictorhansen: institute COM Hansen institute COM and we are helping everybody now from soup to NUTS everything up with the title i’ll help you with the book will help you speed write it in 90 days.

markvictorhansen: Because we need leaders that lead I.

markvictorhansen: beat on you throughout this thing David I hope not too hard, saying we need more visionary leaders I don’t think you disagree, if you do i’d be surprised running a show like this.

markvictorhansen: But what if everybody really started delete them so started to discipline themselves started to grow started to learn started to share because.

markvictorhansen: Everybody is an expert at something and everybody can write something to somebody that that nobody else can share because they don’t know it.

markvictorhansen: And we need to have that elevated consciousness, because everything comes out of ideas and consciousness and we’re at the first time in history.

markvictorhansen: Where we can share a conscious thanks to back to our friend Elon musk he’s putting up right now 40,000 satellite in building a new Internet that’s going to be on hackable unbreakable military group cyber group and you got to say that’s like way cool and very gutsy and very expensive.

David Horsager: Absolutely, you know I knew, you were writing that new book i’m glad you put it in there we’ll put that in the show notes absolutely.

David Horsager: But I think there’s several things that happen on your second book there that the when you write a book you do learn about yourself, you have a book in you right.

David Horsager: You learn about yourself, which helps you that back to Socrates, you know yourself to if you’re going to lead yourself, you know yourself and then you can share that vision with others, so.

David Horsager: last question, unless you want to say anything else to us today, this.


markvictorhansen: Go ahead.

David Horsager: Give your all ears.

David Horsager: last question is hey it’s a trusted leader show who is a leader you trust and why let’s move beyond alon you’ve got a lot of them, but but who’s a leader you trust, right now, and why.

markvictorhansen: By the way, i’ve got so many that I that I like love trust respect and admire in my business there’s a guy who’s changing the book business invisibly to you and most people Joseph todo es to he makes a fortune, but he’s created funnels and he’s created how to make sure.

David Horsager: I do know him, by the way.

markvictorhansen: Okay well.

markvictorhansen: He will write them a note.

markvictorhansen: When we’re done and asked him to interview you, but he doesn’t do many but he’s a genius and he’s.

markvictorhansen: i’m thankful to say he’s a great close friends, I mean the people like back to what you said about collaboration of people that i’m working with blow my mind, because or I listened to, but I go yeah yeah yeah.

markvictorhansen: i’m good i’m so thankful we’re at a time when, because of transportation travels zoom Internet we weren’t able able to get with people literally around the world and it just and they’re all they’re wonderful.

David Horsager: Well, that that was a fun and I know there are so many you could have named but i’m going to text Joe right after this and and let you know, let him know that he is.

David Horsager: we’re you know we’ve hired him we he was a friend before that we were in a mastermind group before that and.

markvictorhansen: I had no idea.

David Horsager: You know, and I know that that’s fantastic so.

David Horsager: check out the show notes at trusted leader show calm you’ll find everything about mark Victor Hansen, please say hi to crystal Dwyer Hansen, and just a huge thanks to her and her contribution to the world and through these books and everything you’re doing.

David Horsager: As a partnership so we just are grateful and just a huge huge huge, thank you, this has been the trusted leader show until next time stay trusted.

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