Ep. 2: John Lee Dumas on The Common Path to Uncommon Success

In this episode, David sits down with John Lee Dumas, Founder and Host of Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast, to discuss what makes a great entrepreneur and his new book The Common Path to Uncommon Success.

JLD’s Bio:
John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire. With over 100 million listens of his 3000+ episodes, JLD has turned Entrepreneurs On Fire into a media empire that generates over a million listens every month and 7-figures of NET annual revenue 8-years in a row. His first traditionally published book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success is available for pre-order now with 5 amazing bonuses at UncommonSuccessBook.com.

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Key Quotes:
1. “Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value.” – Albert Einstein
2. “You have to become the single best solution to a real problem in this world.”
3. “An individual who is providing the best solution to a real problem. That is the best entrepreneur.”
4. “They don’t just wait to long to launch…they wait way too long” – Reed Hoffman
5. “Identify your big idea.”
6. “What is the piece of the world that you know that you can fix?”

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Show Transcript

David Horsager: Welcome to the trusted leader show it’s David Horsager. I’ve got a special guest today.

David Horsager: 1.4 million people, listen to him every week over 100 million people have listened to him.

David Horsager: and his show entrepreneurs on fire he’s got a new book coming out we’re going to talk about that, but what I it’s so fun when I find an authentic generous leader.

David Horsager: And then hear a little bit more about him, I mean he was he won a car on we got to talk about that just for a second you want a car on the price is right back about a decade ago he’s been featured on a Bollywood.

David Horsager: movie of the year 2009 his name is John Lee Dumas he fondly by his fans goes by JLD he grew up in a town four times bigger than mine, as you know, that is less than 2000 people for him because mine was less than 500 please welcome to the show JLD.

John Lee Dumas: David, you are a pro you dug deep into the archives, my friend, you pulled us some things that people haven’t mentioned for quite some time but.

John Lee Dumas: I will say, if you want a little chuckle just go to YouTube type in john Lee Dumas price is right and you’ll get 11 minutes of how I want a car, the price is right and it’s it’s funny 11 minutes.

David Horsager: that’s perfect I can’t wait and you know hey another little fun connection is you’re getting into pickle ball.

John Lee Dumas: I am officially a pickle baller I have the tennis elbow to prove it and I live in a Community down here and Paul miss del mar Porto Rico and we have a whatsapp group no names pickle del mar so you know that we’re the real deal.

David Horsager: that’s that’s awesome so we’re going to get into three things, especially I love more time i’m going to talk about podcasting down and talk about the new book today and I want to talk about the.

David Horsager: Well, just another section of just kind of trusted leadership like we talked about all the time, so i’m excited about this before I do you know, two more things we need to know about God.

John Lee Dumas: How man you pulled up the two that I would usually pick out at this moment, I mean the pickup ball, the Bollywood movie you know into my prices right thing, how about this, I have an amazing 10 month old dog.

John Lee Dumas: puppy specifically his name is Gus he’s a golden doodle I love him dearly he’s named after Gus mcrae from a lonesome dove if anybody’s ever seen that movie or read that book.

John Lee Dumas: And I would say the other thing is I just proposed to my 10 year girlfriends, who is now obviously my fiance because she said yes on Christmas Day.

David Horsager: and her name is Kate and she’s your partner in business and life.

John Lee Dumas: Yes, and I locked it down.

David Horsager: There we go good.

David Horsager: This podcast I mean since 2012 you know you’ve got these you know a lot of people start podcasts a lot of start people try to start media empires.

David Horsager: You did it and we know how you did it I like something you quoted a while ago and I actually I forget to quote my head, but basically you had a tipping point when someone said.

David Horsager: hey stop selling and start providing value tell me about that tipping point, because I think that was the tipping point in how you built this community that actually is so valuable now to you because you evaluate them first.

John Lee Dumas: i’ll back up a little bit from there to give you guys some context so as David mentioned, I grew up in the state of maine very small town less than 2000 people.

John Lee Dumas: In what the College on an army scholarship so post college, I spent four years as an active duty officer did a 13 month tour of duty in Iraq in charge of four tanks and 16 men so.

John Lee Dumas: Pretty intense stuff and when it got out I spent the next six years, thinking that my life was set, but it was actually the worst six years of my life I call it my six years of struggle, because.

John Lee Dumas: I tried law school I dropped out for one semester, I was terrible I tried corporate finance I quit commercial real estate, not for me, like all these different things.

John Lee Dumas: I cannot find success, so I started to educate myself, and this was towards the end of those six years, by the way, of all these failures by reading business books audiobooks.

John Lee Dumas: And this one quote jumped off of a page when I was reading this book and the quote was from Albert Einstein.

John Lee Dumas: try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value and it was like somebody back slapped me which I needed and I said wait a second i’ve been chasing success and obviously only finding failure but i’ve been chasing success and what am I doing.

John Lee Dumas: To provide value in this world, and I looked in the mirror and the hard reality was, I was not providing value in this world in any way, shape or form.

John Lee Dumas: So in that moment I committed to whatever my next venture would be, it would be providing free valuable and consistent content to this world.

John Lee Dumas: I did not know what that was going to be, but I kept on with my journey learns started listening to podcast because that was free so that was awesome.

John Lee Dumas: And I fell in love with a medium I just loved podcasts.

John Lee Dumas: And to fast forward the story just a little bit David I essentially finally said hey I want to find a daily podcast at interviews entrepreneur, so I can listen to it every day and get inspired.

John Lee Dumas: And the show did not exist, and I was shocked that this show does not exist, it was so obvious me this needed to exist in the world.

John Lee Dumas: So I pulled the page out of gandhi’s book excited to be the change, you want to see in the world, I launched the first daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs.

John Lee Dumas: not ashamed to say it, David the day that it launched, it was the best daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs.

John Lee Dumas: It was the worst daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs, it was the only daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs, I was the only game in town, so of course.

John Lee Dumas: I one on my level, there is no competition if you wanted a daily podcast which enough people did this was the only one doing it, seven days a week interviewing entrepreneurs and.

John Lee Dumas: As you and I speak now, as you mentioned a little bit in the intro 3000 episodes 100 million listens 1.4 million listens every single month and growing that’s the media empire I built off of that one concepts, how can I fill that void you’ll.

David Horsager: This is perfect, yet you know filling a void giving value.

David Horsager: you’ll find, by the way, we’ll put all this in the show notes, he oh fire.com and you can find podcasts you’ll will be talking about that brand new book i’m excited about in just a few moments I just ordered it myself.

David Horsager: The bonuses are amazing you know, we have our own book trusted leader comes out march 30 but.

David Horsager: This is you’ve got you’ve got an amazing set up going i’m really excited to get into that before we do podcasts.

David Horsager: there’s all kinds of now you started at a time when there wasn’t you know, a decade ago there was a few less podcasts but you got good tell me about the best or one of the best interviews yet 33,000 interviews tell me about one of the best what and what made it great.

John Lee Dumas: One of the best sources by a gentleman named Aaron Walker and he came on my show, I had no idea who he was he came recommended.

John Lee Dumas: He really had some great connections he’s in a mastermind with Dave ramsey and Dan Miller and some other awesome people.

John Lee Dumas: But i’d never heard of him before I started interviewing him, and she was just so genuine so real and then he shared this one quote.

John Lee Dumas: That I needed to hear at the time it was earlier on in my journey, but I was definitely having success and I started to wonder like.

John Lee Dumas: Is this all there is like success like i’m having success and making six figures, a month, but i’m having success and notoriety and this quote, that he shared really set me up for even more success which was.

John Lee Dumas: Try to go from success to significance that was like that’s it I got to success now when a move towards significance and that’s kind of been one of my major focal points going forward is that.

John Lee Dumas: I could have retired long ago sipping MAI tai’s by my Caribbean pool right here loving life like doing nothing but it’s all about significance to me it’s all about.

John Lee Dumas: Continuing to provide value to this world and seeing other people live in love and thrive, because of that, and not because of the words that are always coming out of my mouth, but because of.

John Lee Dumas: The conduit that i’m giving with entrepreneurs on fire, allowing other people to come on my stage and share their genius their zona fire with other people that’s what I do on my show I shine the spotlight on others who have amazing stories to tell that was powerful.

David Horsager: that’s been one of my favorite things about this, you know, I was flying 100 times a year, a couple hundred flights, a year.

David Horsager: hundred events, a year and I was like I can’t do a podcast I can’t make my you know try but asked for one people, we talked about on the as far as our team.

David Horsager: Doing this the gift is I get to talk to people like you I get you every time I learned i’m inspired i’m changing and that’s the fun of keeping on learning.

David Horsager: you’ve had a whole lot of interviews, this is a question I have for you answer the same question, by the way, and he just passed away, not long ago I had for Larry King when I was invited to his home, I said, you know here’s a guy who’s invited.

David Horsager: All these people interviewed all these the kings and Queens and presidents and I said what’s your favorite question to ask and i’ll get to what his favorite question was but what’s your favorite question to ask.

John Lee Dumas: what’s something that you believe right now that you did not believe, six months ago.

David Horsager: And so we got to finish the finish the circle, the question is back to you what is something you believe right now that you didn’t believe six months ago.

John Lee Dumas: that there could be an audio only APP in the world’s that would absolutely be a powerhouse.

John Lee Dumas: And, six months ago that APP did not exist, I would not have believed that if you told me it, and now I see what’s happening in the world with clubhouse and i’m like wow I was wrong clubhouse is here to stay, it is awesome and I kind of love it.

David Horsager: So clubhouse for those of us for some even listening it’s really new.

David Horsager: In fact, one of the blogs that maybe the best blog i’ll just shout it out right now go to Eo fire look at jail these blog he’s got a whole blog on it, explaining.

David Horsager: and talking about it we’ve been talking about around here for a while, but you can look at that blog if you don’t know what clubhouses and why, at least God thinks it’s different and better.

David Horsager: than many others that have gone away like periscope, but we can think of all the others right so perfect will go there with that what’s the what’s the best question you’ve been on a lot of podcasts you what’s what’s one of the best questions you’ve been asked.

John Lee Dumas: What is something that you believe, about being successful that most people disagree with.

David Horsager: What is something you believe, about being successful, so this is great because we just make up questions on the fly alright so let’s break that one down for me can, by the way, so i’m going to put that one back to you.

John Lee Dumas: have your.

John Lee Dumas: questions.

David Horsager: Exactly we’re learning as we go right, one of the exactly i’ll stop doing this after this question, I think.

David Horsager: What i’m not gonna make promises, because then you won’t.

John Lee Dumas: Start serving up softball Oscar.

David Horsager: what’s the what’s the answer.

John Lee Dumas: So one thing that I believe about becoming successful that most people disagree with is that you have to become the single best solution.

John Lee Dumas: To a real problem in this world, and what I mean by that is a lot of people are saying, going to spread your wings try a lot of things you know be you know.

John Lee Dumas: ready to flex and do this and do that, and you know go one mile wide one inch deep try these things out.

John Lee Dumas: You will fail, in my opinion, and try to become successful with that mentality, you need to find one real problem in this world that you want to solve and become the number one best solution to that problem, doing nothing else until you achieve that goal.

David Horsager: love it.

David Horsager: find one real problem in this world bb best solution to that problem.

John Lee Dumas: A key addition to that, that I did add, which was that you want to solve, because you shouldn’t solve just any old problem that’s out there, you need to want.

John Lee Dumas: To solve that problem which goes into my whole 17 separate about that I know that will be getting to in a minute here, but the key is that i’m talking about it’s got to be in your big idea it’s got to be in your zone of fire and we teach you how to get that great.

David Horsager: Okay, we are going to get to get those seven.

John Lee Dumas: not yet Oh, we get to hear about your king’s favorite question.

David Horsager: yeah we gotta get we got him on the hook so Larry King said.

David Horsager: My favorite question is why, because when I can ask why I it gets to motivation it’s the motivation, people have for the it’s the purpose they have for things it’s it’s they just answered differently than when I asked him.

David Horsager: You know something’s how did they do that or something about history like.

David Horsager: Not just your history not just who you are but well why, why did you choose that and.

David Horsager: I thought that was fascinating, I think, why is the big motivator plenty of our friends plenty people you know, Simon centric others talk a lot about the why.

David Horsager: I, are you, it is not the key question that the the most overlooked question that actually drives strategic clarity.

David Horsager: But people know that from me and they can get on my show and here’s what I think are the top three questions that drive.

David Horsager: Strategic clarity that actually give hope that take an idea to an action.

David Horsager: I do agree with him and cynic and others that believe, why is the key motivator, the problem is they got a why and there’s many ice are seeing kumbaya right off the cliff cliff because they’re not asking the three questions.

David Horsager: We talk so much about as far as trusted leaders, we want to get back to you So here we go.

David Horsager: let’s go to one more because it’s entrepreneurs on fire, you heard all this great advice, what do you think makes a great entrepreneur.

John Lee Dumas: In individual who is providing the best solution to a real problem that is the best entrepreneur, the ones that are successful now today and in the future.

John Lee Dumas: are providing the number one solution to a real problem in they have the following, which is a quote, that I love.

John Lee Dumas: They have created a barrier so high that there’s low competition they have built a moat around their business that is not easily.

John Lee Dumas: replicated in fact it is incredibly difficult to replicates great example entrepreneurs on fire.

John Lee Dumas: My barrier was so high, if you weren’t doing a seven day a week show you weren’t competing with me, because that was my competition.

John Lee Dumas: But nobody could get up to that barrier, because it was too much work, so I had no competition my barriers are so high, I didn’t have low competition, I had no competition, I had built a moat around my business and I won as a result.

David Horsager: I think of our work at the beginning, even you know 20 some years ago, I had to argue.

David Horsager: That how trust affected the bottom line because people thought was a soft idea where we’re taking an interest now forces may trust the business where the year best place to work, but as the you know number one metric for best place to work.

David Horsager: But we’ve been talking about researching driving trust and that became you know the we solve the trust issues in the world and business and corrupt issues in East Africa that you know it’s our.

David Horsager: I don’t know of anybody who does more research and application of of building trust the leaders and organizations, the world I haven’t looked at it, the way you just.

David Horsager: revealed it, though, and thanks for that, I think there is there is this true just and thinking about this it’s not just it’s the.

David Horsager: it’s the you could have a unique channel and where you could have a unique content or message or solution right.

David Horsager: Absolutely so number one either okay well with that we’re about to get to the book, but before we do hey there’s a producer have a question today I do hey john so.

John Lee Dumas: what’s up bro.

David Horsager: I was wondering if since you talked with a lot of entrepreneurs.

David Horsager: what’s a common mistake that entrepreneurs make that you’ve seen people do that if they could avoid it, they could maybe get to where they’re hoping to go faster, more efficiently or be able to make a better impact.

John Lee Dumas: They don’t just wait too long to launch their product their service their idea their concept there, whatever to the world, they wait way too long that quote by Reid Hoffman could not be more true it’s not more true.

John Lee Dumas: If you waited to launch your product until it’s perfect you waited way too long, those words are so true and I see so many entrepreneurs cowering in fear.

John Lee Dumas: Behind perfectionism behind procrastination in they just want to live in that world of pre launch they want to live in that fake world of this might work this might not work.

John Lee Dumas: But this might work and that’s a really comfortable cozy place because it might work it really might.

John Lee Dumas: But man you’ve got to get it out to the real world you’ve got to have a trial by fire you’ve got to get real feedback from real people on your real products if I don’t if your actual.

John Lee Dumas: solution is a meaningful solution to a real problem that people will parts with their hard earned dollars for and if it’s not find out sooner than later, what needs to be tweaked adjusted pivoted.

John Lee Dumas: Or that it’s just not going to work and listen i’m right here in front of you saying I did that, for a month for 35 days I coward behind that fear in that wall of perfectionism and I paid for it, it was a huge huge mistake in my life.

David Horsager: that’s so true isn’t it we see it all the time.

John Lee Dumas: all the time.

David Horsager: You said something you know people something about I remember there’s something about being you know people have been lied to by experts, especially in the online business world, what do you mean by that.

John Lee Dumas: you’ve been lied to you been lied to David i’ve been lied to every single person who’s hearing our voice and sing our faces they’ve been lied to.

John Lee Dumas: Because there are people that are out there that are spreading the message that the path to success is tricky it’s complicated it’s hidden its secrets.

John Lee Dumas: Believe me, I will tell you right now, it is not an easy path to get you uncommon success.

John Lee Dumas: But it’s not secret it’s not hidden it’s not complicated in fact it’s the concepts in my book it’s a common path.

John Lee Dumas: To uncommon success, a very common path tried and true principles specifically 17 steps that we have all taken and by we I mean successful entrepreneurs.

John Lee Dumas: That we’ve taken to get to our version of uncommon success, but people they want you to think that they have the key.

John Lee Dumas: That they know the secret hidden path that they’ll reveal to you for 1900 and $97 and 97 cents we’ve all seen it we’ve all seen it if you scrolled instagram anytime in your life, you have seen that promise in this ally, it is a common path.

David Horsager: The book is the common path uncommon success we got to get into this and you know everybody’s gonna find out exactly where to find it.

David Horsager: In the show notes and we’re gonna find out let’s jump right here, where can we find out about it, and I want to get into some questions around that but where’s the best place because I know get bonuses and a whole lot more, I mean where we’re at.

John Lee Dumas: The whole nine yards brother, I mean we want to reward people who are action takers So if you head over to uncommon success book.com you’ll see an awesome video describing the whole book.

John Lee Dumas: you’ll see five amazing endorsements from Gary van der chuck seth godin Neil patel dorie Clark Eric and mandy you’ll see five amazing bonuses amazing bonuses just one of them, by the way, David.

John Lee Dumas: i’m shipping to the door of every single person that pre orders all three of my journals $150 worth of journal value the freedom journal, how to accomplish your number one goal in 100 days.

John Lee Dumas: The mastery journal mastering productivity discipline and focus and then the podcast journal, how to create and launch your podcast and 50 days.

John Lee Dumas: All three of those journals i’m shipping to your door at my expense for one single pre order if you’re in the USA.

John Lee Dumas: it’s on me if you’re outside the USA you’re getting emails the digital versions of all three of those journals that are beautiful film there’s four other amazing bonuses I won’t get into details now, you can find them out at uncommon success book.com so do not wait pre order.

David Horsager: There we go right now let’s get into it, you talk about this 17 step roadmap let’s you know everybody’s gonna want to buy the book everybody’s gonna do it, but let’s let’s get to the sauce you’ve even said it, the secret sauce is no longer a secret give us the sauce let’s go.

John Lee Dumas: Listen, this is that combination i’ve been mentioning of the 3000 interviews i’ve done i’ve learned from every single guest of mine i’ve learned i’ve studied.

John Lee Dumas: i’ve put down all the fundamentals I boil them down to the 17 steps i’ve put them chronological step one to step 17, this is a step by step revolutionary roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment, it is clear.

John Lee Dumas: It is common, it is not easy, so if you’re looking for easy go somewhere else, but it is very doable following this process we’ve kind of flirted around with step one already i’ll just talk to a little bit more about it, identifying your big idea.

John Lee Dumas: If you are not having uncommon success right now very likely, you are not getting up every day and working on and being in living in your big idea you’re just not.

John Lee Dumas: you’re not in your zone of fire when you see David on stage that guy is in his zone of fire that’s what he’s meant to be doing in this world.

John Lee Dumas: And not everybody’s meant to be doing that or doing what I do, or whatever other people, you see you’re doing.

John Lee Dumas: you’ve defined your big idea not Dave is big idea or my big idea and launch a week hail imitation of what we’re doing you’re going to fail, obviously.

John Lee Dumas: But if you find your big idea and identify that and get into your zone of fire and live there.

John Lee Dumas: that’s step one and we teach you exactly how to do that exercise is templates step by step, I mean this is a book that’s going to put you to work, so if you don’t want to do the work.

John Lee Dumas: don’t buy this book don’t read this book your life, hopefully, is great how it is because that’s how it’s going to stay and that’s fine.

John Lee Dumas: But if you want to do the work if you want to really get to where this financial freedom and fulfillment is, which is after step 17.

John Lee Dumas: This is step one, this is the first step, and it is a process, it is very doable every chapter, by the way, David three sections so Chapter one section one.

John Lee Dumas: how to do it what it is the steps to process the exercises section to how I did it in the details, so you can get a real world example.

John Lee Dumas: And then I said of the 3000 people i’ve interviewed for Section three of the 3000 people that i’ve interviewed in my journey, so far, who best exemplifies this step and I brought in for this example step one how rod.

John Lee Dumas: Who has the miracle morning and how rod comes in, tell us how he identified his big idea how he applied it became successful and how we recommend you do the same, so you get another perspective as well.

John Lee Dumas: And I do that for all 17 chapters three sections in it is so unbelievably valuable and then you move on to step two and you’re ready.

David Horsager: We got to get a couple more steps in as a tease give me a jump around a little bit or take us on a on the journey, a little bit further.

John Lee Dumas: Sure, well, let me just go to step two and then we will jump around after that, because this is where so many people get it wrong they’re like okay i’ll have my big idea now let’s do this.

John Lee Dumas: hate to break it to you, your big idea, it probably is a great idea I really believe that it is.

John Lee Dumas: But other people have had great ideas to and they’ve had probably your your great idea your big idea.

John Lee Dumas: And they’re crushing it that’s your competition you can’t go in there, right now, because you’re not ready you’re just starting on your journey.

John Lee Dumas: So step two is discovering your niche within that big idea, the void that’s not being filled right now in that big idea.

John Lee Dumas: You can get into dominate start to get traction momentum and actual progress.

John Lee Dumas: And then maybe down the road you are going to branch out and get back out to this more broader niche of your overall big idea which you can’t start there, and so we teach you how to discover and uncover reveal your niche.

John Lee Dumas: And really get into that place, you need to be before you move on to step three Now I will skip ahead a little bit here.

John Lee Dumas: Man time every every chapter is about three to 5000 words three to 5000 so between 3005 thousand the whole book 71,000 words so very meaty big beefy book so again.

John Lee Dumas: If you don’t do the work do not get this book like don’t get it, but if you want to do the work this book has everything you need in the 17 steps and I sat down for step seven.

John Lee Dumas: I wrote and then I wrote and then I woke up the next day and then woke up the next week and I was like i’m still writing the same chapter and then I.

John Lee Dumas: I did a command command all and and I did a word count 13,500 words for this one chapter, it is a monster it’s five times longer than most of the other chapters and is a business book in and of itself.

John Lee Dumas: And it made me realize this is actually why my business with three virtual assistants, by the way.

John Lee Dumas: Has netted over $100,000 a month for 89 months in a row not eight months, nine months at nine months in a row we’ve netted as a business over $100,000 every month for 89 months in a row it’s because of this step which we’ve crushed, creating a content production plan.

John Lee Dumas: i’ll call David out real quick, the reason why David when he was traveling the world speaking everywhere didn’t also have a podcast that would have been growing another amazing.

John Lee Dumas: Part of his business and building his brand out because he didn’t have at that time and amazing content production plan in place for that podcast if he did he would have been able to get home.

John Lee Dumas: jess record four episodes and then take off again and there’s a weekly podcast i’m going to crush it or he would have had a second MIC on him, while he was speaking on stage.

John Lee Dumas: And he would have repurpose those amazing talks into a podcast and would have been zero extra work.

John Lee Dumas: He didn’t have the content production plan that you need to have in place that’s the reason why.

John Lee Dumas: i’ve been 3000 episodes in nine years and i’m on emails and social media, and I speak all around the world to, and I do this and courses and.

John Lee Dumas: For self published journals and now my first published book in three people, and I have a life, by the way, I actually really only work typically five or six actual days per month like they’re full days, believe me.

John Lee Dumas: But only really five days of actual hard make grinding work and then 2526 days of not so much is because of our content production plan that chapter will make your head spin off your neck, because it will show you what it takes.

John Lee Dumas: To do what it takes for financial freedom and fulfillment and it’s not rocket science, but it is work but it’s laid out for you, step by step by step.

David Horsager: love it.

David Horsager: And there’s more.

John Lee Dumas: David I didn’t mean to call you all brother, but you know.

David Horsager: it’s true.

John Lee Dumas: it’s easy prey right there.

David Horsager: I was, and you know what you’re passionate about which there’s a whole lot of a whole lot of things around, we could say about that.

John Lee Dumas: we’re doing now.

David Horsager: And we’re we’re changing the world with trust, but love it, this is valuable for everybody, you know it’s such it’s valuable content, if you want to change the world if you want to share a message if you want to change the world if you.

John Lee Dumas: find that a little bit just, from my perspective, because, like.

John Lee Dumas: That was awesome but again I think sometimes people get intimidated when it’s like change the world impact the world for my experience and for me it’s.

John Lee Dumas: What is the piece of the world that you know that you can fix what is the one problem that’s out there, that you know that you can solve better than anybody else.

John Lee Dumas: Just start there like start there and see where it goes, maybe you always stay there, and that’s a comfortable awesome place but maybe like David said that crack something open for you, and now you are changing the world in ways you never thought.

David Horsager: Absolutely, so I think of that it’s kind of like you, you take this core unique.

David Horsager: Your uniqueness your best of and it’s interesting opportunities actually open to that like I didn’t think we’d be touching with our trust work, you know corruption issues around halfway around the world.

David Horsager: But i’m passionate about that now, but i’m passionate about the trust work and how that can change something and it doesn’t maybe i’m not changing everything but me and i’m passionate about where we’re using it so.

David Horsager: let’s you know the book is out or it’s the book is coming out you’re still absolutely passionate about that, what are you learning now what’s what what are you writing on thinking about learning now of course you’re learning every podcast you you host but what do you think about now.

John Lee Dumas: Well, first off I hope when you’re hearing this or seeing this that the book is not out yet, because if it is you’ve missed the five bonuses i’m sorry about that, but we no longer can offer those amazing bonuses that.

John Lee Dumas: I would literally be bankrupt, if I did, I mean it’s just insane what we’re doing for pre order so if it is still before March 23.

John Lee Dumas: now’s the time the bonuses will disappear march 23 this after March 23 Hello it’s $16 invest in yourself, I promise you are worth it go get the book it’s on believably fantastic promise you.

John Lee Dumas: What am I learning now I am learning that’s life is shorts but also that life is long, I love a Tony robbins quote I was actually.

John Lee Dumas: One of tony’s top five affiliates last year, so I got to go spend four days with him at his resort in the molly art in Fiji.

John Lee Dumas: Just myself Tony and nine other people, and it was unbelievable and something he said there really kind of impacted me is that you know.

John Lee Dumas: Most people they overestimate what they can do in one year they set way to bigger goals for one year, but they understand what they can do in 10 years.

John Lee Dumas: And I think that’s important to realize, is that you know you can do a lot in a year but, like let’s not get overwhelmed like let’s just take a one step at a time.

John Lee Dumas: But man in 10 years you can accomplish amazing thanks so go big they’re like stop the under-estimating of the decade, because life is short, but at the same time it’s long you can get a lot done in that time huh.

David Horsager: What a treat well it’s time for the quickfire questions.

David Horsager: quickfire question go so as we come toward the clothes so much more we get asked so much more we could talk about i’ve loved so much of this genuine and real.

David Horsager: overestimate what you can do in a year underestimate what you can do in 10 years life is short and long this whole idea around not being.

David Horsager: go from success to significance and be the change Gandhi and Einstein don’t become a person of success, become a person of value and a whole lot more you’ll see it in the show notes, here we go lightning round starts now.

David Horsager: what’s your favorite book or resource, right now, other than your own.

John Lee Dumas: Little lifestyle investor by justin donald’s.

David Horsager: one sentence about that book.

John Lee Dumas: Your money will work for you, if you’d let it.

David Horsager: This will also all be a trusted book show I excuse me trusted leader show.com you’ll find all the details.

David Horsager: best advice you’ve ever been given.

John Lee Dumas: try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value worst advice I was ever given fake it till you make it terrible advice be genuine be open, honest transparent take people with you on your journey they want you to be real.

David Horsager: You know something you said a moment ago, made me think of the farm my dad would often say.

David Horsager: You know, on the farm you got to do the work if you said that you know the pile doesn’t shovel itself the hay bales don’t bail themselves the corn doesn’t the tassel itself or cultivated stuff you got to do the work so.

David Horsager: That just reminded me i’m another piece of.

John Lee Dumas: advice that.

David Horsager: You gave you got to do the work.

John Lee Dumas: Do the work.

David Horsager: Even if it’s just five days a month.

John Lee Dumas: And by the way, do things that don’t scale it’s kind of like go on top of that, like for this book launch.

John Lee Dumas: Man if I worked hard, I created 300 individual videos that you wouldn’t actually talked about before the interview started here, where I was personally asking.

John Lee Dumas: The top 300 influencers in my life for three really important things to make this launch a success, and it was.

John Lee Dumas: So much work just multiply 300 times four minutes because you have a DVD was four minutes.

John Lee Dumas: that’s a ton of time and that’s, just like the actual recording imagine, I had to download it uploaded into the email and send it as a whole thing.

John Lee Dumas: But I did things that don’t scale, and this is why my book, launch is going so well, one of them went to one of david’s friends in that guy sent it to him and said, this is how.

John Lee Dumas: You do a book launch right and now i’m here on David show, so I mean having this exponential effect because i’m doing things.

John Lee Dumas: As a multi millionaire with eight figures of net worth in the bank right now i’m still putting in this kind of work i’m still doing the work i’m still doing things that don’t scale because I love it be, I want to nc I know I have to if I want to be a success.

David Horsager: do things that don’t scale what’s a favorite I love it what’s what’s a favorite favorite APP or technology or gadget right now.

John Lee Dumas: schedule, once it is the calendar that I use to book everything it is been an absolute godsend for 10 years now, and also a lot of bonus one boomerang in gmail if you know how to use it it’s the best.

David Horsager: schedule one and boomerang.

David Horsager: All right, before the final question of the show where can they shout out your websites of other things you’ll find it on the show notes, but tell us where can we best find john Lee Dumas.

John Lee Dumas: uncommon success book calm and if you’re looking for another podcast to listen to, because the average podcast listener listens to seven podcast i’d love to be one of your seven entrepreneurs on fire.

David Horsager: Entrepreneurs on fire it’s fantastic here we go it’s the final question we are the trusted leader show who is a leader you trust and why.

John Lee Dumas: Gary van der chuck is a virtual leader mine I watch his content they consume what he puts out there and it’s interesting because i’m not trying to build the business or life that he has whatsoever.

John Lee Dumas: But that’s not the advice he gets his advice which I love is very consistent, you need to do you and it’s given me a lot of confidence and strength over the years to craft my life which I now have.

David Horsager: Very good.

David Horsager: Well, you can find everything and more at trusted leader show.com you’ll see every all the ties to jail, the.

David Horsager: jail, the god Thank you thanks for sharing your wisdom your time your Community just thank you.

John Lee Dumas: Any thanks.

David Horsager: we’re grateful to have you on this has been the trusted leader show until next time stay trusted.

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