Personal Mission Statement – How to Create Yours

What is a personal mission statement? A personal mission statement is something to continually strive for. Everything you do in life should come back to your mission and your personal mission statement. If this is not the case for you, maybe it’s time to change your mission.

A Personal Life Mission Statement:

    1. Gives focus.

    2. Keeps us accountable.

    3. Encourages us to do the best things rather than just the good things.

    4. Simplifies our lives.

    5. Increases productivity and morale.

Create a personal life mission statement based on your deepest convictions and beliefs. What are your objectives? What do you want to be known for?

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One of the simplest and fastest ways to write a personal mission statement is by thinking in terms of your obituary. What do you hope people will say at your funeral?

Download and print the full worksheet, here.

Don’t think of what they will say, but rather what you most hope they will be able to say. For instance, you may hope your spouse will say, “He was person of integrity and an example of someone who always did what was loving and right.” To make your mission statement out of your obituary you simply put the word “To” in front of the sentence. In other words, the above line as a part of your mission would read, “To be person of integrity and an example of someone who…” This would be the statement under number 1.

Once you have written your first draft take some time to think through it. Can you make it shorter or clearer or more memorable so that it stays on top of your mind? Can you make it more actionable? Have you covered the important areas of your life? Do you need to add something that is unique to you?

Sticking to your Mission:

1. Put it in a visible place (on your bathroom mirror, in your car, etc.)

2. Read it daily

3. Share it with others. This will increase accountability.

4. Plan times to review and revise it either semi-annually or annually.

Download and print the worksheet here


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