Why Clarity is Vital for Change

Why Clarity is Vital for Change.

I started asking people, anybody that travels around the world like I do and sits on planes and goes to banquets, the nice ones you had last night, and I say, “How do you stay so fit on the road?” I mean, I would ask everybody. Not creepy, “How do you stay fit?” But you know, so… So I said, “How do you stay fit? “How do you do this?” Everybody around the world said the same thing.

Four words. “Eat less, exercise”. MORE. That wasn’t clear enough for me. How, but how, how, how. So I asked how on people ’til I came up with about seven ideas I could apply today or tomorrow. I’m gonna give ya one idea and not because you should do it, you shouldn’t probably.

But, it shows how clear you need to be to change anything. This doctor, 80 years old, fit as could be, his wife next to him glowing and fit as could be, came up to the stage one event, and by the way I wanna learn from people look like the way I wanna look, said David, “I don’t know if you’ll do this idea, “But it’s an idea. “Most men in America, if they just wouldn’t drink their calories, they could eat exactly the same and they’d lose 30 to 50 pounds in one year”.

My jaw dropped. Well, it’s a clear enough how if a how is I’m not going to drink a calorie. I can look at it every time, that’s a final how that I can act on today or tomorrow. Now, the truth is as far as alcohol, I have no legalism about it but I just don’t… I never loved it… College, any time, I never was drawn that much to it. Now you might see me once in awhile again, but I said, “Okay, for 90 days “I’m not going to drink a calorie. Not gonna drink a drop, fine”.

You said I can never have ice cream again, that’s not gonna work. So you gotta pick a how that you will do. I started to think about juice. I said, “Doc, what about juice? Shouldn’t I drink juice to get my vitamin C and not catch a cold?” He said, “You wanna catch a cold, drink juice. It’s a big lie, it’s full of…

Sugar. Sugar. Kills your immune system. People get sick all the time because they drink juice. Stop it, drink a glass of water”. “Okay”. I haven’t had juice for seven years and I haven’t been sick, either.

“But Doc, what about soda?” Now y’all here are sophisticated, you call it soda, some of you in Atlanta you call it Coke no matter what it looks like. In Minnesota we call it pop ’cause we can spell that. So… So, pop, I said… I grew up in the poorest county in Minnesota. That’s one thing we did not get to have. Except for once every year at the county fair, we got to have one can you share with all six kids. That’s fun. And it wasn’t Coke or Pepsi like the rich kids, what was it?

Not in Minnesota, but I know where you’re talking you’re from. Shasta. Nickel a can, baby. That was so special to me, I started flying more 20 years ago, that flight attendant says I can have my very own can, I cannot say no. I go back to childhood.

I used to say Coke, then I’d say two. That’s a meal, Doc said. So I’m automatic. You sit next to me today on the plane home, I’m automatic. What’s the calorie-free on Delta? Fresca or Diet Coke or water, but who wants to do that? That’s no fun. I’m automatic, Fresca, Fresca, Fresca. One out of ten I’ll do a Diet Coke. I know someone’s gonna stand back there, “Oh David, that’s bad for you too, it’s got aspartamane, aspertane, I can’t spell it but it’s got”- Leave me alone, I had to make one change at a time!

The point is not anything except for I’ve asked how until I can act on it today or tomorrow. How? Okay, no calorie, I can drink it. Your final how must include the who, when and where if needed.

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