Apple, Google, Coca-Cola | Most Trusted Global Brands


Apple & Google surpassed Coca-Cola on Monday as the best global brands. Interbrand’s annual findings showed 28% and 34% brand changes for the two tech giants. Coca-Cola’s minor 2% growth was  just enough to keep them in the top 3, after holding the #1 position for 13 straight years.

As the world’s most valuable global brands, consumer votes prove them to be the most trusted as well. How do they do it?

Here are a few tips they’ve used that you can apply right now:

1.) Develop a genuine and attractive mission statement, vision, and values.

2.) Integrate this strategy into what you deliver.

3.) Assure consistency.

4.) Listen to and allow your followers to become part of your brand, while maintaining your core.



  1. Branding or Creating a Mission and communicating that mission with all the stakeholders with consistency and transparency is critical. These companies have done so with extraordinary success. As a leader in a school district, I have worked tirelessly with my team in creating our identity. This is not something that I create for them. This is something that we as a team create together. It guides our work! It prioritizes our work! It allows us to stay focused and work toward meeting our goals. I believe the success of the three mentioned in this blog is the fact that their mission is not a secret. It is communicated with all to see. Our team will be taking our newly created mission and sharing it across for all to see and and to be part of the brand. We are excited how it will provide direction and focus! Thank you for sharing your blog and the book The Trust Edge

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