3 Daily Health Tips

Over the years, David has built routines into his life in order to stay healthy daily. Here are 3 daily health tips that David focuses on to stay healthy on the road.


People often ask me how do I try to stay healthy especially traveling so much and I’m not perfect at any of this but three ideas come to mind.

3 Daily Health Tips

1. Never Drink a Calorie: I rarely, if ever, drink a calorie. I make sure I’m drinking water, I certainly don’t drink juice. I certainly try to stay away from drinking my calories.

2. MOVE:  Try to move in a way that works for you. You know I do some crazy exercises, I walk on treadmills with weights in this way that I learned to do it that’s kinda crazy, but one of my good friends, Rory Vaden, for the last four years, every single day, whether he’s sick, not sick, hardly got any sleep with his newborn baby, whether it’s Christmas Day, every single day, every day for four years he’s broke a sweat. Some days he says it’s 12 minutes, I’m often just going for 12 minutes, but every day he does something that makes him break a sweat. Whether it’s in the health center or in the hotel room, whether it’s pushups and sit ups or it’s getting on the elliptical, try to move a little bit more.

3. Greet Everyone:This isn’t about being an extrovert or introvert, but one of the most interesting new studies about longevity, long life, ahead of tobacco usage, drinking too much, the number one metric for long life was connecting with the regular people you’re around every day. So I try to make a habit of with the flight attendant, saying hello, to my seat mate, saying hello. Not cheesy, not weird, like I’m gonna talk the whole flight because I don’t necessarily wanna talk the whole flight either, but greeting people, saying hello to people, connecting with people, especially those you see every day. Three little ideas. Don’t drink a calorie, move every day, and connect with everyone, at least greet them every day.

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