2 Ways to Build a Culture of Trust

Two ideas on how you can build a culture of trust. It can be difficult to build a culture of trust. Trust must be the foundational piece of building a strong, lasting culture.

2 Ways to Build a Culture of Trust

Number one, you gotta be clear about what a high-trust culture looks like, here. You gotta be clear about the why. Why do we want this kind of culture? We know high-trust cultures, lead to the highest performance but what does that look like here? What are the components, specifically?

Number two, you gotta consistently systemize that kinda culture. We know atrophy is guaranteed without intentional action. In my body, it stops losing performance if I’m not putting the right protein, the right vegetables, the right amount of water in, if I’m not exercising, if I’m not putting in the right vitamins and that’s the same with your culture.

You gotta consistently put the right things in and you gotta systemize that, so you’re not only putting the right things in but you’re systemizing toward high-performing cultures by, as an example, asking the right questions. Every quarter, every year, are we creeping away from the culture we want?

You know, even Enron had a beautiful mission statement, beautiful value statement, but they creeped away from the very culture they wanted, so, number one, be clear. Number two, be consistent and systemize that consistency. Those two will take you long way in having a high-trust, consistent culture.

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