World Wide Travel Inc. | Trusted Company of the Month

Few firms can say they have too many customers. Even fewer travel agencies are thriving in the current economy because of the new “book-your-travel-online” culture in which we live. Not so for Joe Kimbell, president of  Wide World of Travel, Inc. He started selling travel from his post-college basement apartment in the mid 1990s and now it has become a multimillion-dollar agency that sends hundreds of groups to the far reaches of the globe every year. How did he do it? Trust.

Kimbell created a clear niche that he is passionate about, group travel. He also sought wisdom from a great mentor. But most importantly, he built long-term relationships by consistently delivering what he promised time and time again. Making personal phone calls, taking time to listen, talk, and follow up, even when things are busy, and quickly responding to inquiries and questions are just what clients have come to expect from Kimbell. Known for high integrity, if he ever makes a mistake, he is quick to make it right. If his clients ever make a mistake, he always works hard to make it right for them-frequently at the expense of his own company. He not only builds client relationships, but he also makes friendships based on trust.

Kimbell goes out of his way to make sure his clients have the highest level of confidence in what Wide World of Travel will offer, every time. Kimbell says, “Serving the client, keeping their best interests in mind has paid dividends.” What kind of dividends? Long-term friendships, more clients than he can handle, and a fun, guilt-free life, knowing he habitually does what is right. 


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