Why You MUST Do The Little Things Consistently

It’s Little things done consistently make the biggest difference, not the big things. If I’m overweight it’s because I’ve had too many mocha lattes over years, not ’cause they ate too much this morning for breakfast. If I’m a good husband, I’ve loved and honored my wife over years, not ’cause I gave her that one beautiful ring or package one time, not that that wouldn’t help.

If I’m a good leader, I’m doing the little things, little things consistently. If you’re a manager here and you’re not sharing these values every 14 days, nobody knows them so they’re not making decisions by ’em, so you don’t have consistency across the inside organization.

People say, oh, we got clarity. We got these three H’s. We got these five initiatives, we got these things. If you’re not talking about ’em, you just talk about ’em at the annual meeting, you lose.

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