Trust and Reliance: Forming a Stable Relationship | The Trust Edge

For a long time trust and reliance have been known to be related to one another. In the online business analysis, “Exploring Trust vis-a-vis Reliance in Business Relationships,” reliance can be considered to be positive expectations held by organization members that the focal organization’s specific needs will be fulfilled by its exchange partner given the proven capability and exchange standards in place. Trust is operated at the interpersonal level while reliance operates at the inter-organizational level.


It is discovered in the analysis that business relationships will not survive for a long period without considering the mutual benefits between a buyer and supplier. Reliance is found to be an “important additional determinant” of a successful and continuing business relationship.


When trust and reliance are combined, they form a stable relationship. Trust exudes a personal relationship while reliance exudes an expedient relationship. When the two come together, a stable relationship is formed. 


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