Top 10 Trust Inhibitors | Trust in Leadership

Trust. It’s becoming a prevailing word in society. We know we need more, but where does one start? One important initial step is to identify some of the inhibitors. Check out this list and consider your team’s greatest current challenges. How can you and your company or family break through them?

1. Vagueness or ambiguity 
2. Lack of transparency 
3. Lack of accountability 
4. Unfair power relations 
5. Gossip 
6. Self-centeredness or ego 
7. Lack of integrity 
8. Inability to include others 
9. Closed-mindedness 
10. Dishonesty


  1. As a leader in a school district building trust within teachers and administrators is critical to the success in providing the best education for all students. This blog struck a chord with me. Leaders in school districts are often pulled like teachers in multiple directions by different initiatives. Of the top 10 inhibitors, lack of accountability or the degree to which we are evaluating the fidelity of the programs and initiatives raises to the top of the list. We often have implemented projects and or initiatives and left it at that. We then move onto the next project and or problem and focus on that, without paying attention to ensure that staff are implementing the current initiatives with fidelity. Accountability causes administrators to reflect and work to correcting the concerns. Doing so builds trust with staff. They know it is important instead of another thing “I have to do that no one will know if I do it or not”. As leaders, we have to be clear to those implementing what we the expectations are and how we are holding EACH OTHER accountable.

    Thank you for allowing us to reflect

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