The Value of a Trusted Mentor While Surfing in Kauai | Trust in Leadership

I have dreamed of surfing since I was a teenager. One problem – I grew up in Minnesota. My state is the furthest from any ocean in North America, so waves were not easily accessible. Having been recently invited to speak on the island of Kauai, where surfing originated, this bucket-list opportunity was primed. On top of that, my wife Lisa’s childhood friend, a school teacher and surfing instructor, now lives in Kauai.

As we walked along the beach, numerous surfing outfits and locals greeted Jill who clearly had become a well-loved local. I didn’t know how hard it would be, or if I would ever stand on the board. I had heard stories of people renting a board and struggling for hours. Brian Foote said, “The key to achievement is having a mentor.” Brian was right. Jill had us surfing in no time. She knew the right place, the right waves, the right board for each of us to use, and the best way for us to enjoy early success – this included her watching the waves while we laid in “paddle-ready-position” until she shouted, “here it comes, okay, go, go, go, paddle… stand…” Her expertise and mentoring is what made the difference.

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