The Blame Game: A Lack of Competence | Trust in Government

The election is all about trust. Outside of the electorate, the only reason anyone gets voted into office is because they are the most trusted to do the job that is required of them.

A recent poll found that the U.S. Congress has the lowest trust rate since Gallup Poll began polling, 38 years ago. Here are a few reasons. First, the American people want solutions not blaming. Last year in the midst of the economic downgrade, the term “Tea Party Downgrade” was coined by President Barack Obama. On the opposing side the GOP leaders called the economy an “Obama Downgrade”.

Second, there is a gap in competency. The majority of legislators have laws degrees, but too few are fiscally competent, and yet they are called upon to organize one of the biggest budgets in the world. The House of Representatives members currently hold 167 law degreesand only 22 MBAs. The Senate members hold 55 law degrees. Members of Congress may have the right heart but a trust problem develops when there is not proper education to have the ability to clearly see the future impact of financial decisions.

Third, legislators used to spend time after hours on the floor over a dinner or a drink, today every extra ounce of time often goes to raising funds for the next election. There becomes a lack of contribution to the work that they were elected to. Without connection time outside of work, civility and trust go down. The most precious resource for any individual, organization, or government is trust. If you would like the greatest efficiency, earn trust. A lack of trust really is your biggest expense.


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