Miller’s Bar | Trusted Company of the Month

Trust, not money, is the currency of business and life.

Dearborn, MI, the home of the World Famous Ground Round Burger, only found at Miller’s Bar is a trusted find. If your taste buds are craving a fresh burger this bar is the place to get it, and don’t expect to be treated as something special.  One review says, “Simple burgers. Don’t ask for anything fancy because you ain’t gettin’ it.” Another customer said, “It was so simple yet….so amazing.” This place is a no-frills, humble place; you get exactly what you pay for. The hamburger is delivered on a bun brought to you on a piece of waxed paper. Need a pickle? Pick it out of the pickle jar on the condiment tray.

If it sounds like a dive, and in many ways it is. But its reputation exceeds the simplicity of the burger and its table settings. Customers rave “the simple menu makes it unique!” But what truly sets Miller’s apart is its form of payment. Miller’s uses an honor system. The patron tells the bar tender what they had and the bartender sums up the total in his head, takes the cash and makes change. No credit cards, no plates, and no tableware. Miller’s Bar has established an environment of trust. Miller’s Bar agrees with my research, when trust is established, customers pay more, tell others, and come back, and in Miller’s case, people come from all over the world to eat a famous Ground Round Burger.


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