Little Things, BIG Difference!

How does one make a lasting difference? By doing the little things consistently. James Garlow, in his book “Tested by Time” said, “If you don’t like who you have become it is because of the small seemingly insignificant decisions you have made over time. If you like who you have become it is because you have made thousands of seemingly little decisions well over the course of many years.”

To a large degree Garlow is right isn’t he? If I am a overweight it because I have had too many calories over time, not because I ate too much yesterday. If I am a good husband it is because I have loved, honored, respected and cared for my wife over time. It is not because I gave her diamonds and roses yesterday. Not that that wouldn’t help.

If I am a good leader I am continually doing the little things that share vision and care for my team. It is the little things that make the big difference. What are some little things that could change one’s life over time?

  1. Eat healthier ( has one good option for eating and exercize).
  2. Shut off the TV.
  3. Write one appreciation note a day to a client or coworker.
  4. Take 5 minutes to prioritize the day.
  5. Read good books.
  6. Spend some around wise people every week.

Keith Cunningham said, “Ordinary actions, consistently done, create extraordinary results.” Take a few minutes to list a little thing that would make a big difference in you physically, mentally, spiritually, at work, in relationships, and at home. Over time, you will see a significant impact.

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