Kauai Harley’s Commitment to Quality | Trust in Business

All the cars were rented the day we were hoping to cruise around Kauai, so I put my motorcycle license to use. Harley-Davidson is not only one of the most trusted brands in America, it has been one of the top American stocks over the last 30 years for good reason. HD is committed to quality and to their riders. What do they get in return? Commitment right back.

When I met Rowdy, the assistant GM, I found a real life example of The Trust Edge. Dealing with the paper work at Kauai Harley made renting a car feel like you had to  take the ACT. It was fast, pleasant and filled with trust. Very little paper work, a quick run-through of the bike to make sure I could drive this particular Harley safely (only because I asked), and we were on our way cruising the coastline, spotting whales, and enjoying the wind in our hair–and some rain. Where there is trust, everything gets done faster and more efficiently! Thank you for the trusted service www.kauaiharley.com.

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