How to Have More Productive Meetings

Here is an example of David speaking to a healthcare organization about how to have more productive meetings.


One of the biggest healthcare organizations in North America. I’m with the top executives, we’re at a private getaway. They’ve said to me ahead of time, David we’ve had these other consultants in, but we’ve never done anything differently. David we need to do something differently, we’re losing HCAP funding, we’re losing patients. We need help doing something.

It is top executives, they’re at round tables like this, it’s just 100 of them, private location. They’ve got the letters behind their name. PhD, SVP, CEO, ADD. Got through a whole half day of Trust Edge work, they understand the eight pillar framework, we’re getting to solving problems.

This table right here, it’s the top. Top of the top. I said what pillar, if you built a little bit more of that you’d build more trust with your team or with customers. We picked one specific audience. I’ll never forget.

The team leader stood up in front of everybody and said, clarity. We need that one. We need to be more clear. I said, how you gonna do it? He sat down. He talked to his brilliant team. When he was ready, in front of everybody, he stood up and said, we’re gonna communicate more. I said, how? He sat down. He talked to his brilliant team. When he was ready, he stood up in front of everybody and said, proudly, we’re gonna hold each other accountable.

After I threw up in my mouth, I said how? He sat down. I know what that means! I’m not gonna do a darn thing I’ll blame everybody else! I said how? Finally they got to a how they’re gonna do something differently today or tomorrow.

How, How, How, How, How?

Stop having meetings where you don’t ask someone how until somebody is gonna do something differently today or tomorrow. You’re wasting our life! How, how, how? And by the way, people will argue with me. Well we can’t do anything about it, that’s a CEO, that’s a chairman, that’s them.

Every time with every group I’ve had around the world, every time, that table can get to somehow, they can do something about by next week they can start to solve that problem. We push people to create a how that they’re gonna do starting today or tomorrow. I don’t trust them unless they do.


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