How to build a strong reputation

How to build a strong reputation

The only way to build a strong reputation is sameness, consistency, for good or bad. Like I said, late all the time, trust you to be late. Sameness matters. Some of you new come in cardinal. Others have come in recently. You’ve got to help us. You have to help us have the same feel. You’ve got to understand these three H values.

You need to understand our five push forward initiatives right now because we have got to have consistency because we all lose if we don’t have consistency in some way. In companies, we call it a brand, that’s consistency. In people, we call it a reputation. You have a weak reputation if you’re late sometimes and on-time sometimes.

You have a weak brand if I interface with this group over here, the app development group, and they were really great and then I interfaced with the channel group, supply and chain, whatever, and then they were this way. You’ve got to help us have consistency if we want to have strength and growth over the next decade. Consistency matters.


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