How do you build trust with yourself?

People often ask me, “How do you build trust with yourself?” And, you know, it is really hard to build trust in your team, in your organization, in your family, or anywhere else if you don’t trust yourself at all. The only way is to make and keep a commitment.

You hear the idea, love your neighbor as yourself, well, if you don’t love yourself at all, it’s hard to love your neighbor. People sometimes ask me about the weight loss when I lost over 50 pounds in five months, and, I think, one of the many things I did to try to lose that weight was I made a commitment. It wasn’t a bet, just a commitment and the commitment was to my staff.

The commitment was, “If I’m not at my high school weight by May 1st, I’ll give you $2500.” My wife was not excited about this idea but I knew I had to make a commitment. Now, what’s the problem if I wouldn’t have kept that commitment? Well, I would’ve lost trust in myself. So, making and keeping little commitments that you will keep, that’s the step to start trusting yourself more.

When you trust yourself more, you start to build that muscle so that you can build trust in others, in your team, in your organization, build trust in your family, or anywhere else. But in order to built trust with others, you have to start to be able to trust yourself. So, picking some little thing that you can make as a commitment that you will keep will help you start to build more trust with yourself.


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