Get-a-ways Can Realign | Building Personal Trust



This fall has had me traveling plenty and sharing a message I am passionate about. However, I am also passionate about my family and faith. Last weekend I took my youngest daughter to Camp Shamineau for Father/Daughter weekend. Two weekends ago I went to a hermitage (Pacem Iin Terris) for a silent retreat. Both were powerful, fun, refreshing and realigning. It is so good to get away, step back, and realign with what is truly important. I believe I am called to my work and my family and my God. And it is worth getting away and checking alignment on all priorities from time to time. For work, consider getting away to an inspiring conference. For family, consider going to a marriage conference or on a camping trip. Getting away can lead to clarity on priorities and can also inspire one to take action on the little things that make the biggest difference in every area of life.

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