Explain the “Why” | Building Trust with Gen Y Series


Explain the “why” when delegating projects. (2 of 9 in series)

Gen Y works best when leaders clearly explain how their work helps to expand the greater mission and purpose. They are the most educated generation in world history, so they’re conditioned to asking and understanding “why this” and “why that”. Influenced by their parents, who were impacted by the Hippie movement’s backlash against top-down dictation, Gen Y isn’t used to command and control styles of leadership. They are skeptical and used to being sold to. When their leaders dig into “why”, they buy-in passionately. They want to feel the value and importance for their actions. And, they want to understand how systems work so they can work efficiently and improve them. Dig to “why” with millennials, and you’ll gain more buy-in, improved systems, and better results.

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