Why Consistency?

Consistency. is why we trust McDonald’s. Even if we don’t like them. I’ve had the same exact burger on six continents. This pillar is why we cannot stand moody people, right?

What are you gonna be like today? Happy, sad, mad, stressing me out! I would rather have an angry curmudgeon every single day than a moody person. Wouldn’t you? I can manage that consistency. I can’t manage this. Sameness, in our office we say it’s the little things done consistently that make the biggest difference and that’s true of your store every single day. Little things done consistently.

If I’m overweight it’s ’cause I’ve had too many lattes over years, not ’cause I ate too much this morning for breakfast. If I’m a good husband it’s ’cause I’ve loved and honored my wife over years, not ’cause I gave her a diamond ring and dozen roses one time, not that that wouldn’t help.

If I’m a good leader I’m consistently sharing the vision, consistently appreciating my team, consistently building this store in the freshest possible way, because consistency is trusted. You’re trusted for whatever you do consistently. The only way to build a reputation is consistency, the only way to build a brand is consistency.

When I walk into that store and that greeter is great, and then I talk to the next person, they don’t know where anything is, and then I talk to the next one and it’s clean over here, and then the magazine is terrible, and then there’s, if you have up and down you have no brand. Consistency is trusted. They wanna have the same experience every single time.

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