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It didn’t take long for me to see the impact of trust at one of the biggest schools of its kind—Alliance Academy International(AAI). The impact of an AAI education and experience is powerful. The English Speaking School in Quito, Ecuador educates students from thirty-two nationalities this year alone. The nearly 200 faculty, staff and board are multinational. A student might be a general’s son, a pop star’s daughter, or a scholar-shipped child from the Amazon jungle. 

How does AAI build trust that impacts so many lives in the face of such diversity?

  1. Leadership has a common vision, faith and purpose. The staff sacrifices what they could get paid in other jobs because they feel called to be a part of the great AAI mission. That mission unifies amidst differences of culture and background. 
  2. They have formed a community that shares experiences inside of school as well as outside of their formal jobs. I heard of staff members meeting to eat at each other’s homes, going for a jog together or taking a tour of the amazing Ecuadorian culture and life zones together.
  3. The senior leadership works hard to continue to offer development opportunities. There is a humility and openness to keep listening and learning that has benefited everyone and increased trust. During a more intimate meeting I was a part of I watched individuals share a variety of opinions and heartily disagree on certain items, but never without respect or love for each other. That willingness to engage and work through issues openly shows trust and creates an opportunity for greater solutions.

Just like AAI, your team consists of people that vary greatly, whether it appears that way or not. What could you do today to build a more united and trustworthy organization?

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